DAP Leaders KURANG AJARNESS is over bearing!


More on Karpal Singh’s  KURANG AJARNESS in the Dewan Rakyat. It seems he was trying to put forth an argument based on inadmissible evidence. The DAP Chairman even use profanity in his argument!

Considering that he is lawyer by profession, this attempt is trying to mock and insult the system of law enforcement, judiciary and parliamentary process and protocol. Karpal even use the phrase “KEMALUAN BESAR” in describing the Chief Justice of High Court Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak, someone within the legal profession who has been appointed and commissioned by HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong and HRHs Rulers. He also insulted HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong by stating his letter was not entertained.

Who does Karpal think he is? Isn’t this seditious, when an MP questions the Monarchy, Judiciary and Executive, in that tone? Isn’t there a limit what an MP can bring up in the augur Dewan Rakyat?

This KURANG AJARNESS of DAP Leaders is getting over bearing. It is almost that they simply want to provoke and test the patience of the majority Malays.

On another note, DAP Johor Assemblyman Dr Boo Cheng Hau’s recent statement in DUN Johor is a slur attempted to create another social unrest, that will start some form of political instability.

Bernama.com has the story:

Southern Region News

February 26, 2009 20:00 PM


MB Hits Out At Opposition For Equating Bumiputera Policy With Apartheid

JOHOR BAHARU, Feb 26 Feb (Bernama) — Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman hit out at the Opposition chief in the State Assembly today for equating the policy on Bumiputera, which is practised in the state, with apartheid in South Africa.

He said the opinion by Dr Boo Cheng Hau (DAP-Skudai) in questioning the provisions enshrined in the country’s constitution was extreme and narrow.

“We can see that the DAP is purposely using this assembly to raise certain matters with an intention that they (matters) will be disseminated outside (the assembly) through the media (reports) which has the tendency to create sentiments of provocation among the public,” he added.

Earlier, Dr Boo, in his adjournment speech, said there were some politicians in the country who still believed the concept of bumiputera gave them absolute priority in obtaining government assistance.

He also equated the bumiputera policy with apartheid to describe his disappointment over the higher interest rate on loans from the Johor Fund obtained by non-bumiputera investors.

Such an economic policy was not an affirmative act based on the sosio-economic status of the loan borrowers, but apartheid as it was based on racial politics where assistance was given to the dominant group he added.

Abdul Ghani said the action by the opposition was to ignite negative sentiment towards the government among the country’s multi-racial society.


His unfair slur is really inappropriate because to equate Bumiputra policy to the South African apartheid is absolutely irrelevant, wrong and manipulation  facts. The Bumiputra policy is a policy to improve and provide betterment for the majority, who are the indigenous population on these waters. The policy on Bumiputra is based and intepretations of Article 153, which is cast-in-stone in the Federal Constitution, something upheld from the democratic process.

On the contrary, the apartheid policy known for being oppressing, was upheld by the immigrant minority whites, for their greed for power and economic reasons and oppress the majority indigenous Africans. Apartheid policy went on into practices of brutality, which was condemned globally. Even it was brought up to United Nations General Assembly.

It seems that the DAP Leaders lately try their best consistently to create social and racial unrest in this country. This most recent statement will only stir up emotions, especially the majority Malays. This will only compound further heating up of emotions, of the Malays, especially pertaining to actions and statements of DAP Leaders of late.

Will they go another step and start to insult Islam? What is their agenda? Are they acting on behalf of people who really wants to rise in the destruction of Malaysian spirit of tolerance, muhibbah and compromise for the betterment for the bigger picture?

DAP is now behaving exactly like PAP, when Singapore was admitted into the Federation of Malaysia in 1963. After the expulsion of Singapore from Malaysia on 9 Aug 1965, PAP activated their operatives here in the form of DAP. The founder, later became the President of the island state. What PAP Lee Kuan Yew started as soon as he was Malaysianised was carried on by DAP and the results  of boiling the emotions of Malaysians via racial sentiments were shown clearly in the racial riots of 13 May 1969.

Then again, circumstance was much different then, especially when movement of information and communication is far more sophisticated and efficient now. What the chauvinistic DAP Leaders do now could have more far reaching affects.  This is strategically damaging for Malaysia and it appears some people is trying the capitalise in their sordid attempt on ascending to power, as they would not able to do it on their own through the usual civilised and democratic process.

This civil-anarchy is something Malaysia should vehemently avoid, in a complex social fabric system so many managed to build and trust forstered through time, with too many variables incorporated. If this  ‘social and racial unrest using political channel’ is what DAP Leaders set out to achieve, then the right tool to prevent should be deployed.

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  1. apa pemimpin melayu boleh buat. setakat cakap dan buat kenyataan akhbar saja. lebih dari tu tak payah mimpi. dari yang atas, yang tengah dan yang bawah sama saja. macam peribahasa kokok bergegar-gegar tapi ekor penuh tahi. sampai ketahap orng melayu diHINA disegenap peringkat di parlimen, di dewan undangan negeri dan di blog sama ada oleh pembangkang atau ahli bn sendiri tiada apa yang boleh dilakukan oleh pemimpin melayu.

    tak sampai 50 tahun dulu singapura keluar, lagi tak sampai 50 tahun pulau pinang pulak. lepas tu malaysia akan jadi republik.

  2. we need leader like Tun Dr Ismail…but right now unfortunately we don’t have…

  3. Woi Sangap, lu tada otak ka? In your cheap Malay skull, no fucking brains?

    Again and again you’re talking about DAP and Karpal. That Ox-brained KJ is laughing the crap out of his life.

    The UMNO elections is THIS MONTH, when there is ”perpecahan”, i.e. Cina VS Melayu, the Melayu will bersatu, menentang Cina. They will will forget about their internal PARASITES. The more you’re writing about CINA/KARPAL, the more you’re forgetting about that bigger penderhaka, penjual Maruah Negara, that MAMAK, Khairy Jamaluddin.

    KJ had done worse for the country compared to Karpal. Tepuk dada tanya selera. You should be focusing on the PENGKHIANAT PALING BESAR, not an opposition politician. fucktard!

  4. Saudara Big Dog,

    Theres a famous saying ‘KALAU BAPAK KENCING BERDIRI ANAK AKAN KENCING BERLARI’this is the latest situation that is happening in DAP.

    Now every bloody fool in DAP is making a very uncalled for statement about the Malays,the Kurang Ajar SINGH IS KING with his CELAKA PEMUDA UMNO,and now a bloody STUPID Dr Booooo comparing NEP with APERTHEID of South Africa.

    Believe me more provocative and Racist statement will be uttered from DAP Leaders if situation left uncheck.

    The current Government under Pak Lah looks like a lame duck,very timid to take drastic action.The question now is what should the MALAYS do to tackle this bloody racist and disrespect remarks about the Malays.For me the best answer is to called all Malays to unite and did what the THAIS did to The THAKSIN Government.Every weekend hold a massive rally either at DATARAN MERDEKA,ISTANA OR PARLIMEN HOUSE.Show to the DAP that we the MALAYS to can unite an fight any battle,anywhere and anytime.

    The time now is not to talk but to act and act fast !

  5. I just read this

    BATON ROUGE, La. – Widely panned for his national TV address, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal offered his first defense of the speech Monday, saying he sticks by the message, while acknowledging shortcomings in his delivery.

    “Look, I get that people thought I could have spoken better. I get that. That’s fine … What’s important to me is the content. I’m a policy guy. You guys know that. I’ve always been a policy guy, always will be a policy guy. The ideas are important. The substance is important,” Jindal told reporters in the state Capitol, a day after returning from a family vacation.

    The 37-year-old governor, regularly touted as a presidential contender, said he outlined a critical philosophical distinction between the views of Democrats and Republicans as he gave the national GOP response to Obama’s first address to Congress last week.

    Republican party leaders have touted the Oxford-educated Jindal, son of Indian immigrants, as the future of the GOP, generating lofty expectations for his debut national address. Jindal said he wrote the speech himself.

    pl click…

    Please note Jindal is being referred here as SON OF INDIAN IMMIGRANTS…In USA is not an offensive words, no objection from Jindal…but in Malaysia if you refer Kapal or anybody else as SON OR GRANDSON OF IMMIGRANTS YOU CAN EXPECTED THE PROTEST…
    I asked my friend who works in Dublin,Ireland as there are Chinese too, what sort of business the Chinese do in Ireland.He said ” selling phone cards…no other business, some Chinese from Malaysia do have take-away Chinese foods stall ..thats all…”
    Some of my Chinese friend’s children do migrate to other countries such as Australia, mostly are working as professionals but as wage earners( not businessman as their millionaire Dads back home in Malaysia).Malaysia is still heaven for business , nobody stops you from become millionaires, all my engineers friends (15 Chinese and 3 Malays )who were small air conditioning contractors in early 80’s are all millionaires now… So if you not happy with the atmosphere in Malaysia please do migrate…don’t try to create havoc as you all know the conditions and the laws and the constitutions of the country when we achieved independence …Singapore is much better? Because Malaysia support them all the way, most of the goods coming to Malaysia are through them first, going out of Malaysia are also through them …Lets try to stops these out/in flows, the Malaysian Chinese would protest first… By the way Singapore is special gift to the overseas Chinese from our Father of Independence! But you all forget that…very ungrateful indeed!
    When tragedy of racial clashes in May 13 1993 I was still a student at Technical College (UTM, Now) at Gurney road (Jln Semarah). at that time non resident Malay students stayed near Kampung Baru…still remembered vividly the tensions when one day after General elections we students gathered in one of our friends house, start tallying the seat wons /loss by the candidates for elections that year… We all felt uneasy when the final result came in …People were not happy and worst when our Chinese friends started bragging about their winning…and of course you know that tragedy..most of my friends were caught in Kampung Baru, the centre of events, during the curfews and I was lucky managed to escape to my brother’s house near Kinrara, Puchung which was quite safe.However we kept watch at nights…the situation was real bad …I am telling this for for those who still not borne yet at that time…My point here is please dont’ ever start it again…Not worth it.

  6. correction….May 13 1969

  7. Pertama, siapakah Altantuya? Pentingkah Altantuya sehingga Anwar sibuk pasal kematiannya? Macam dah tak ada insan lain yang perlu dikisahkan di Malaysia ini. Altantuya, gadis Monggolia, sebuah negara Komunis! Adakah Altantuya seorang Komunis? Adakah Altantuya seorang agen Rahsia? Apakah peranannya di Malaysia.

    Kiranya seorang Malaysia nak bunuh Altantuya, perlukah beliau dibom di Malaysia? Kiranya pemimpin besar negara yang melakukannya, bagaimana mudah sahaja ianya dibongkar? Masih ingatkah kes Memali? Apakah bukti penglibatan kepimpinan negara terdedah seperti kes Altantuya?

    Apa yang boleh dibaca umum di media hanyalah bukti-bukti yang tiada asas penglibatan orang-orang di Malaysia? Kenapa Azilah dan Sirul terperangkap? Siapa yang memerangkap?

    Altantuya tu agen siapa? Dan apakah agen luar yang “membunuhnya”? Adakah CIA biasa menggunakan kaedah dalam penghapusan bukti menggunakan C4? Kenapa Anwar yang beria-ia dan bagai tahu macam-macam? Apakah Anwar bersekongkol dengan CIA? Atau CIA yang memberikan maklumat kepada Anwar? Tiada mustahil Anwar mempunyai akses dengan CIA? Semua telah kenal dan tahu siapa Anwar?

    Ada kebarangkalian Altantuya dibunuh CIA. Suatu perancangan halus yang secara tiada sengaja Sirul dan Azilah terperangkap! Isu ini jua akan terbongkar kemudiannya!

    Siapakah pembunuh Altantuya? Kenapa dibunuh? Dan Altantuya juga adalah ancaman besar buat Malaysia. Sekiranya rakyat Malaysia kenal siapakah Altantuya sebenarnya, ramai juga akan bersetuju beliau dihapuskan. Namun begitu beliau juga dihapuskan oleh pihak musuhnya, atas sebab-sebab yang musuhnya sahaja yang mengetahuinya.

    Kematian Altantuya adalah strategi serampang dua mata. Satu pihak perlu membunuhnya dan satu pihak boleh mengambil kesempatan pembunuhannya untuk kelebihan politiknya dengan menuduh musuh politiknya sebagai pembunuh! Mudah untuk difahami!

    Kini mereka yang bersekongkol dalam isu “kematian Altantuya” ialah sesorang yang suka talk big… Siapakah orang itu? Dia adalah orang yang tak kisah apa saja, samada pluralisme, liberalisme, komunisme dan sosialisme, asalkan matlamat politiknya tercapai.

  8. ******,

    kau punya blog banyak betul internet warrior. dlm internet semua orang boleh cakap benda ngarut, tapi depan-depan kecut telor. Aku suka Karpal sebab dia cakap betul, Pemuda UMNO ni kutu haprak. Lahabau. Kalau kau rasa macam bagus aja nak konon-kononnya menjaga maruah Melayu kau bagi nasihat sikit kat budak-budak mentah UMNO Youth tu. Dorang tu numero uno perosak maruah Melayu. And to all those Malay internet warriors, kau ingat semua Melayu sokong kau ke? bodoh! Jgn jadi Mat Rempit Internet. Nak buat rally konon. Election pun tak boleh menang. Pirah…




  10. Assalamualaikum

    Dear bro

    It is much wise for us to relax ourselves and do not retaliated with the Baboons and Orang Utans that currently making nuisance both in the parliament and all over Malaysia. Responding with them is making us a joke in the eye of the world. Let them be the joke themselves and we just laugh at them.

    YB Karpal can’t even speak proper malay so he had some trouble to say his mind using the national language. He can certainly conversed in bahasa pasar , that why the tone is quite harsh for us that can properly spoke more politely. Or maybe orang tua tu dah buang tabiat.. Just let him be happy. Kesian dia…


  11. Satu lagi propaganda pendatang, yaitu Apartheid. Pedulikan apa celaka ini nak cakap, Sebelum ini pun mereka kata rasuah, kroni, samseng, DEB menindas dsbgainya.
    Dah banyak yang mereka kata, jadi tak payah malu dan terhina dengan itu semua. Jangan kita terkeliru dengan helah mereka mengalih perhatian dengan memperlekehkan melayu supaya kita semakin lemah dan berpecah.
    Sikit sebanyak daayah mereka menjadi dan ada melayu terasa ‘insaf’ dan nak bertaubat atas titah nasihat ‘Raja Celaka’ si Karpal, Lanun Lim KitSiang- Guan Eng, dan pendatang2 tak sedar diri ini.
    Jadi bagi saya, kalau nak bergaduh bergaduhlah! Tapi biarlah kita tahu mana satu lawan nak yang ditentang perlu kita utamakan. Barulah nanti ternampak di mana titik pertemuan kita dapat bersama..
    Ada sesiapa tali barut di sini yang sokong pendatang??

  12. Rakyat umum sudah mulai memahami atas cara yang kotor yang masih digunakan oleh UMNO selamanya. Pada saat kritical, UMNO akan terus menggunakan isu perkauman agar orang Melayu ingat seolah2nya orang bukan Melayu yang berbuat kesalahan. Wahai, itu tidak lagi saktu faktor lagi dari pandangan kebanyakan orang Melayu. Sebenarnya orang bukan Melayu lebih menghormati orang Melayu dari orang dari UMNO sekian.

    UMNO bukanlah UMNO asal yang kita kenali pada saat ini. UMNO dengan sedaya upaya akan cuba mengkelirui rakyat terutama orang Melayu, untuk apa, selain dari kepentingan diri mereka sendiri.

    Dengan rumusnya, persaingan sekarang boleh dikatakan penentangan UMNO terhadap semua rakyat Malaysia, tak kira kaum atau agama. Boleh dikatakan tak hairan lagi, UMNO memang zalim.

  13. […] DAP Leaders KURANG AJARNESS is over bearing! […]

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