Have these Ketuanan Rakyat Crooks no decency at all?

There should be a limit where one can take up on their vested interests. Especially, not against the ‘system’. Somehow, for the Ketuanan Rakyat advocates, that is not the case. Yesterday, despite being barred from organizing an unsanctioned Special Assembly at the Perak State Assembly in Ipoh, which is against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan’s explicit consent (as per interpreted by the State Assembly Speaker), Speaker Sivakumar and his band-of-bandit-ADUNs staged an ‘assembly’ under a tree yards away from the parameters of the augur hall.

The Star:

Wednesday March 4, 2009

Pakatan reps hold meeting under raintree

Perak State Assembly emergency sitting

IPOH: Under a raintree and the scorching sun, Perak Speaker V. Sivakumar created history by convening an emergency meeting of the Perak “State Assembly” in a vacant plot a stone’s throw from its usual venue.

The 27 assemblymen who turned up – all from the Pakatan Rakyat – stood around Sivakumar, who had earlier donned his robe, and convened the sitting at 10.20am.

The 28 Barisan Nasional and three Independent assemblymen were not present.

Dressed in black suits, as they would have in the State Assembly, the assemblymen who turned up took the conducted matters of the House seriously and were oblivious to the heat and cheering crowd which had turned up to watch this latest twist in the tussle between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat for control of the state.

The police left them alone and did not move away from the State Secretariat building.

The emergency meeting was held under the tree as police had barred all elected representatives from entering the State Secretariat where the State Assembly is located.

The Pakatan reps did not play to the “gallery” despite them cheering and holding up placards in support, and passed the three motions which were tabled within 15 minutes.



They were motions to support Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as the rightful Mentri Besar; to dissolve the State Assembly, and to adopt the order made by the Rights and Special Privileges Committee to suspend Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six executive councillors.

After the sitting was adjourned, part of the excited crowd were seen posing for photographs with the raintree which is said to have been there for decades.

Earlier, supporters from both Pakatan and Barisan had gathered peacefully in front of the heavily police guarded State Secretariat as early as 8am.

The situation turned chaotic when Barisan supporters formed a human chain at the building’s main entrance in an attempt to deny Pakatan assemblymen, who turned up at 9.45am, from entering.

Supporters began shouting, pushing and shoving each other, triggering a stern warning from Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Azisman Alias that anyone, including the elected representatives, would be arrested if they refused to disperse.

The police did not arrest anyone as the crowd backed off when the Federal Reserve Unit was preparing to fire a water cannon.



It seems these defiant Ketuanan Rakyat ADUNs are only interested in getting into power and not to do what they are supposed to do: representatives of the rakyat and make law for the state. The law stipulates that the group that has the majority support in the augur house shall form the Government. On January 2009, they lost this advantage and turned over to BN. These selfish power crazy politicians simply refused to give and went on a defiance-spree, trying to disrupt everything and anything possible, physical, legal and even unlawful.


As the result, the Perak State Government is impaired. There have been no new approvals made by the Exco. The newly sworn on MB Nizar and Excos have no time and resource to do anything but deflect of all these unproductive attacks and sordid attempts.

Have they no decency at all?

The rakyat is the one who is suffering and will suffer. At the dawn of the global financial crisis, which inevitably affect Perak, the Ketuanan Rakyat Crooks are more interested to get their power-craze craving rather than serve the interests of the people, tactically and strategically. Never mind in the process to regain power, they disrupt the machinery of the state government. Its them coming back to power which is more important!

Apparently, this is the same tone and modus operandi that party-less Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim did when he was sacked as the Deputy Prime Minister on 2 September 1998. Malaysia was facing a critical regional financial crisis then and he was more interested bringing then Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s Government to its knees, prop himself up and throw anything and everything, in sundry, the planning and process of achieving his sordid dream to assume power.

‘Reformasi’, something then a familiar setting in Jakarta, was brought into the Malaysian shores. Young Malaysians were exposed and systematically taught to embrace ‘street demonstration and violence’ politics and do away with civility. For the first time also, politics were taken into the Malaysian cyber scene in an exponential growth.

This ‘under the raintree’ drama is exactly the kind of attention these sordid people crave for. Former abuse-of-power convict Anwar Ibrahim is known for being a ‘Drama King’. Somehow, this ‘infectious disease’ is getting to other power crazy people.

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