Dubus: Part of Anwar’s conspiracy to ‘kill’ Najib


This is an interesting revelation. Rocky’s expose on Dubus’s Liberation and the story is on the same avenue as Raja Petra’s attempt to rubbish Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in the sordid attempt to ‘destroy’ public confidence on the upcoming Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak has an uncovered twist conveniently attached to it. It boils down to a story of conspiracy.

It seems that Liberation paper is owned by Edouard De Rothschild, the Jewish financial baron from the high and mighty Rothschild family. They have been the ‘invisible hand’ in the western financial world, ever since post Battle-0f-Waterloo’s day.

The story of how the Rothschild empire started was about  crafty planning and manipulation. Nathan M. Rothschild apparently sent spies at the June  1815 Belgian battle which saw the final defeat of Napolean Bonaparte. That night, Rothschild’s spies rode and sailed back to London. By morning, he had the advantage of the actual news and manipulated it in such that he spread the news of Wellington’s humilaiting defeat instead. That saw a panic selling on the London Stock Exchange, which saw many companies’ shares crumbled. By mid day, the German born Jewish immigrant started to buy these profitable companies literally at a song. When the actual news of Wellington’s victory eventually reached Fleet Street, Rothschild was in control of the British Empire’s most wealthiest trading houses.

That was the beginning of the Rothschild empire. He and his children then onwards control much of the western world by financing all the governments. The legacy has been maintained till present day. This was the basis of Tun Dr. Mahathir’s reminder just before he left office, which the western world deemed as anti-semitic.


Edouard De Rothschild apparently has a close relationship with party-less Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. They have been close friends since the former abuse-of-power convict was involved directly with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. This is also the same time he made friends with Wolfowitz.

Anwar’s Neo Con Jewish connections are very clear. In fact, being the darling of the Jews, including the Zionists is so apparent. This is something Malaysians should probably be wary about. His ability to mount hate politics strategically using propaganda, is very much the integral part Jewish political bag-of-dirty-tricks, which the Americans are so famous more.

Anwar has been sordidly attempting to kill DPM Najib’s credibility since April 2007 Ijok’s by-election. This  was and is  still Anwar’s only hope to ascend back into power, especially PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s leadership has been vehemently opposed and detest by so many Malaysians, including within the ruling party UMNO. Since PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah poor management and scandals of family and cronies are thought to be self-destructive, had opened Anwar & co. the opportunity to strategize and execute against destroying DPM Najib’s credibility and integrity, with one slanderous unmitigated accusation after another.

Apparently, damaged has been done. A sizable portion of internet savvy and educated Malaysians actually buy into these “conspiracy theories on Najib being an evil leader”. This is something uphill for DPM Najib and his people to undo. However, time is the best way to tell. The thirteen million Ringgit question is that, how much time  and opportunity does DPM Najib has before as the sixth Prime Minister and BN Chairman, he has to face an increasingly more informative Malaysian voters?

Malaysians should also never forget to include Anwar’s propensity to lie compulsively, despite his mesmerising oratory skills facade. Especially his ‘Black 14’ promises, which lead to the over-exposed-but-yet-to-be-fulfilled 16 September 2008 ‘coup d’etat’. His inability of tasting-his-own-medicine should also be considered, before Malaysians ever consider giving him any shred of power.

The speed of Dubus’s article in French being translated and uploaded to pro-Anwar Malaysian blogs simply proven the conspiracy theory. Malaysians should expect more, when Najib ascends to power soon and has to face the multiple high adrenaline by-elections.

These next scenes of the episode to ‘kill’ Najib should be another thread of conspiracy game that Anwar & co. will play, within the next three years. Drama King Anwar, being a master conspirator, had relied on the ‘conspiracy theory’ as his defense mechanism during the power-of-abuse and sodomy case trials. Again,  when the Saiful Bukhary sodomy trial will commence, the world should be expecting the same show-boating legal ‘tai-chi’ from their team of lawyers.

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