The crack in ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ is real

The conundrum of crack in Ketuanan Rakyat is more apparent. The rumour about Deputy Chief Minister II Penang quitting become a reality.

The Star has the story:

Fairus quits as Penang Deputy CM 1, Guan Eng (Update2)



GEORGE TOWN: Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has resigned effective April 8, Chief Minister Lim Guan said.

Lim said Fairus also quit his position as state executive councillor but declined to disclose the reason to reporters at the press conference held in his office in Komtar Saturday morning.

However, later in Petaling Jaya, de factor PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim told reporters that Fairus, who has two Masters degrees, had received offers for further stuidies and planned to take up one of those offers.

In the Penang press conference, Lim said he received a resignation letter from Mohammad Fairus this morning stating his intention of stepping down as both Deputy Chief Minister and state executive councillor.

“After discussions with him, PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and state party chairman Datuk Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, I have decided to accept his resignation which will be effective from April 8,” Lim said.

“As Mohammad Fairus is on leave and not in Penang, the letter was faxed this morning,” he added.

He said Mohammad Fairus would stay on as the Penanti assemblyman.

When asked about the reasons for the resignation, Lim said it would be announced by Mohammad Fairus at a suitable time.

“Everything else will be announced later. I just got the letter this morning and so let us do the necessary transition.

“Let him answer at a time he sees fit,” Lim said.

Asked whether the resignation had anything to do with state PKR’s internal investigations into allegations that two of their leaders were involved in illegal activities with quarry operators, Lim replied, “I do not want to comment on matters that are not in relation to what I am announcing.”

Speculation was high about an announcement on Mohammad Fairus, Penang’s youngest Deputy Chief Minister at 33, who has been in the centre of controversy since the end of last year under allegations of under-performance, clashes with other PKR members and most recently, misuse of power.

It was announced on Friday that the double Masters degree holder had taken leave until the end of the week.

In the last-minute press conference Friday, which Lim conducted with Zahrain, Lim said Mohammad Fairus’ leave would be extended until his resignation took effect.

Meanwhile, Lim said Mohammad Fairus’ position as the state Entrepreneurial and Co-operative Development, and Information and Community Relations Committee chairman would be left vacant for the time being.

“Any issues regarding his portfolio can be forwarded to his personal assistant or the Chief Minister’s Office and we will inform the necessary departments involved,” Lim said.






The dismissal of DCM Fairus almost demonstrated DAP’s attitude towards the Malays. From 8 April 2009, Penang is only left with one Malay Exco YB Kassim Hussain. This attitude towards power share with the Malays will add to the complexity of Pakatan Rakyat’s ‘marriage of inconvenience’, which won by capitalising solely on the anti BN sentiments.

There have been issues of backstabbing conspiracies, crack in comradeship and disgareement on policies and stance. Pakatan Rakyat is really what reflected in the word; pakatan, which connotes the ‘association to do something not right’. 

 This ‘marriage of inconvenience’, between the three parties with adverse dreams, wants and approaches is really a testimony that Pakatan Rakyat and all those who believed in them were just kidding themselves. In less than a year, it has problems in ALL the states they managed to capture in the last 8 March 2008 General Elections. 

Now is the best time for the rakyat to evaluate the mitigating points why they would rather throw their valuable votes against Barisan Nasional (BN) in favour of these ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ clowns. Within nine days time, the disastrous PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will no longer be UMNO President and BN Chairman and slightly under two weeks, DPM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak will swear in as the sixth Malaysian Prime Minister.

Rakyat should consider progress and people who can actually deliver, rather than people who made utopic promises based on unrealistic idealism which is very hard to implement in a complex and sensitive multiplural Malaysia.







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  1. Mudahnya menguruskan parti
    Anwar menentukan nasib ahli
    Si Fairus telah diarah berhenti
    Timbalan KM 1 dikosong kini

    Hingga 8 April, kata KM lagi
    Bebeza berita TV sebelum ini
    Maklum Fairuz hanya bercuti
    Letak jawatan tidak dibayangi

  2. Mudahnya menguruskan parti
    Anwar menentukan nasib ahli
    Si Fairus telah diarah berhenti
    Timbalan KM 1 dikosong kini

    Hingga 8 April, kata KM lagi
    Bebeza berita TV sebelum ini
    Maklum Fairuz hanya bercuti
    Letak jawatan tidak dibayangi

  3. Dear Big Bro,

    Tak pasal-pasal Fairuz kena masuk sekolah balik. Nuar … Nuar!

  4. A case of a basket full of bad apples (UMNO) blaming a bad apple in the basket full of good apples (PR).

    Other than having lots of dirty money, UMNO has no moral conscience to say the least.

  5. Ha ha ha

    Perasuah cakap hal moral…amende la lu ni…parti gerombolan Bik Mama tu betulkan dulu…

    Yg beri rasuah terpilih pilih kena…

    Yg terima rasuah buncit perut kenyang…makan kiri kanan atas bawah…

    ha ha ha

    • sapa guna nama aku tanpa izin ni?

  6. Dear sir,

    I have noticed lately even blogger is becoming racist in their writing….

    Why we have to higlighted that DAP or PKR or PAS or BN that their representatives is Non-Malays! We live in this country for so many generations and i believe we dont need to reminded that we are malays,Indian, chinese or etc….

    We have come so far to be a nation…and how did it happen!!! because we the peoples believe a race is NOT dominant….

    cina makan nasi
    melayu pun makan nasi
    india pun makan nasi

    buat apa nak kacau orang punya periuk nasi.


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