Where are we, after 52 years of Merdeka?

We received this through the e mail. It is something worth while to ponder:


1.1      Most of us today are not getting what we want

·        Not from our jobs

·        Not from our endeavors

·        Not from our families

·        Not from our government, and most important

·        Not from ourselves

1.2      Something is missing in our lives

·        Part of what is missing is Purpose

·        Values

·        Worthwhile Standard which our lives can be measured

·        What is also missing is a Sense of Relationship

As a result, we suffer in isolation from one another

1.3      In a world:

·        Without purpose

·        Without meaningful values

·        Without worthwhile standards

·        Without a sense of relationship

What have we to share is but our emptiness: the needy fragments of our superficial selves





1.4      As a result, most of the scramble about hungrily seeking distraction in:

·        Music

·        TV

·        People

·        Drugs

·        Other social ill activities such as ‘Lepak’, ‘Mat Rempit’, ‘Ragut’ etc.

1.5      And most of all we seek things

·        Things to wear

·        Things to do

·        Things to fill our emptiness

·        Things to shore up our eroding sense of self

·        Things which we can attach meaning, significance, life

We have become a world of things and most of us are being buried in the profusion.

1.6      What most Bumiputras need then is a place of community that has purpose, order and meaning.

·        A place in which being human is a prerequisite, but acting human is essential

·        A place where the generally disorganized thinking that pervades the Bumiputra culture become organized and clearly focused on specific worthwhile results

·        That place where words such as:






can be used as action steps in the process of producing worthwhile result for the Bumiputras.


2.1     It is not too late for us to start designing a way forward (creative, constructive, innovative) for the Bumiputras.  Roadmaps for the future of the Bumiputras.

2.2      What we need is:

·        To use action steps to produce worthwhile results for the Bumiputras

·        To start designing programs to bring back what is missing in the lives of the Bumiputras. (Purpose, Order, Meaning)

·        To start designing more creative, constructive and innovative programs to suit the needs of the new millennium.

·        To design a better way forward for the Bumiputras, design whose outputs is value.

2.2      Complacency is no longer an option for the Bumiputras. Too many change factors have been set in motion. They all have their own momentum. Sitting still does not mean the world around will also sit still. Keeping up is a choice. Moving ahead is an even better choice.

2.3      A wakeup call for all Bumiputras: The downside is that we are marginalized, disunited and become puppets in our own country.

*The writer of this ‘reminder’ is someone who was handpicked by Prime Minister II Tun Abdul Razak Hussein to implement the New Economic Policy. His immense contribution, as far back as 1971, revolutionized the education system which enabled the underdeveloped and rural Malays undergone a process of exploratory ‘learning by discovery’. Ten of thousands Malay teenagers benefitted from the program he started and continued till present day and still by far, the best process to educate persons previously left outside development.





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  1. Someone sent me an email, reminding me not to forget how to be thankful to my Creator – not to take for granted the power most high.

    I emailed back – In matters of State, why me? I am just an ikan bilis.

    He emailed back saying that nobody has any ear left for such thing.


  2. dal good one he he he

  3. I like the articles in your blog. They are insightful.

    I am also a blog writer for the country. My focus is on race and racism in Malaysia. I am wondering are you from east Malaysia?

    Would you like to help me on my next piece on Bumiputras voices?
    I am planning to write about how the government talks about championing bumiputras but they fail to listen to them.


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