MIC threatens to leave BN: Isn’t Samy Vellu a bane for the Indians?

MIC President for thirty years Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu was reported to be upset for not being appointed a Senator and made a Cabinet Minister in Prime Minister VI Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s new administration line up, announced on Thursday 9 April and sworn in on Friday 10 April.

Malaysian Insider has the story:

Upset at not being made minister, Samy Vellu threatens BN

By Baradan Kuppusamy

KUALA LUMPUR, April 11 — Embattled MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, whose wish to return to the Cabinet was rejected by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, is playing his final gambit by threatening to withdraw the sole MIC minister.

The Malaysian Insider understands Samy Vellu has little support except from party vice-president S. Sothinathan in this gambit which was sparked after Najib rejected all hints last week to make Samy Vellu a senator and put him back into the Cabinet as works minister.

Samy Vellu complained to his supporters that if Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon could be made a senator and minister, he should have been accorded the same privilege.

Samy Vellu is also unhappy that Selangor Gerakan chief A. Kohilan Pillay has been made a deputy foreign minister, a high-profile post for an Indian.

He feels it should have been given to one of his nominees.

After failing to get himself re-appointed, Samy Vellu tried to propose two additional deputy ministers posts for Sothinathan and Senator Loga Chitrakalla, according to MIC sources.

The sources said a close aide of Samy Vellu had leaked the story that Samy Vellu was considering pulling out Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam and deputy ministers Datuk S.K. Devamany and Datuk M. Saravanan, to put pressure on Najib to give additional positions in the Cabinet.

The leaked story is said to be timed for the MIC central working committee meeting on Thursday where Samy Vellu has two choices — to work up his loyalists into making a “do or die” stand over the issue or deny the leaked stories and walk away from the issue.

MIC leaders are divided on whether he will carry out the threat.

“Except for Sothinathan, Samy Vellu is alone in this gambit,” said a senior MIC leader. “He has been asked to wrap up and hand over power in the party by mid-year and that has upset him. He wants to put his man as deputy and serve his three-year term as president before handing over.”

“Najib has told him not a day longer than necessary,” the sources said. “This is the real spark for the rebellion against Najib.”

Samy Vellu, who seriously believes he can make a comeback, was elected president for an 11th term last month and wants to complete the three-year term before handing over to a yet unnamed successor.

The Malaysian Insider understands from aides that the party’s government representatives were shocked and perplexed by the threat.

Samy Vellu’s plan to pull the ministers out of the Cabinet but keep the MIC in the Barisan Nasional coalition, party insiders said, is a scheme hatched out of emotional disappointment with the Cabinet outcome.

“What is the rationale for pulling out of the Cabinet but remaining in the Barisan? If he pulls out of the Cabinet, then MIC must also pull out of the various state executive councils in the country,” the MIC leader said.

Former MIC vice-president Datuk M. Muthupalaniappan, when contacted by The Malaysian Insider, said he takes the threat seriously.

“It is not advisable to pull out of the Cabinet because we will be rendered blind on how the government is thinking and the decisions that are being made,” he said.

“It will be a great disadvantage to the Indian community,” he said.

Another former MIC leader said on condition of anonymity that there would be stiff resistance to the idea at Thursday’s CWC meeting.

“This is one matter Samy Vellu cannot carry through,” he said. “There is too much fear and self interest involved. They will not allow Samy Vellu to carry out this threat.”

But other MIC leaders said a desperate Samy Vellu is capable of even pulling out of the BN and joining the Pakatan Rakyat.


So many factors affected PM Dato’ Seri Najib’s decision. One, the new sworn in Prime Minister needed not only to maintain a clean administration team, but also perceived to be clean. Samy Vellu has been plagued with so many scandals throughout the years, both as a Cabinet Minister and MIC President. The most damning is the unsolved issues of Maika Holdings.

Two, the performance of Samy Vellu as the MIC President and de facto leader of the Indian community left much to be desired. Generally, the Indian community loathe his leadership and blame him for the complex social issues that is still plaguing, such as high drop out and unemployment rate of Indian youths and their tendency to be involved in crime.

The acid test is simple. Had Samy Vellu done reasonably well as a Cabinet Minister for 29 years, in the context of representing the Indians, the HINDRAF episode would not have happened.

Three, the Malaysian Indians are diversely split. For an ethnic group that represent only 7% of Malaysians, they are actively involved in several political parties, namely MIC, Gerakan, DAP, PKR, IPF, PPP and KIMMA. Hence, they find it with much difficulty to get their act right, especially being splintered far too wide.

Who is Samy Vellu trying to threat? What has Samy Vellu or MIC contributed lately that qualify him the demand to be made a Cabinet Minister three days ago? Isn’t Dr Subramaniam already representing the Indian community and MIC in the Cabinet, since 12 GE 8 March 2008? Is this about representation of MIC and the Indian community in the Cabinet or Samy Vellu’s own personal agenda, despite already been part of three Prime Ministers over 29 years?

Four, the fact is that, MIC did poorly the General Elections XII on 8 March 2009. DAP and PKR combined would produce 8 times more representation of the Indians in the Dewan Rakyat. Samy Vellu inadvertently lost his ‘currency’ to demand anything, more over on the BN platform.

At this point in time, MIC is actually unable to make any demands, nor threats. If MIC really crosses over to Pakatan Rakyat, it is actually no loss to BN. However, it is a significant loss to the Indian community. Crossing over only reflects that this is all about Samy Vellu and not the Indian community, nor MIC.

For the record, this not the first time an Indian based BN component party threatened to ‘cross’ to the other side. PPP President Dato’ M Kayveas did the same sometime last year. It was about their concern on the reforms for ISA. However, till present, PPP is still with BN.

MIC is one party that really needed serious “Dare to change” program. Over the years, Samy Vellu ‘autocratic’ management had ‘weeded out’ all the personalities who offered credible alternative to represent the Malaysian Indians. The leaders and delegates should really consider throwing Samy Vellu out of the helm. He is a bane for the Indian community.

Post scriptum: We at BigDogDotCom remembered clearly on the fateful Saturday night of 8 March 2008, some very senior UMNO leaders actually were glad  to learn that Samy Vellu lost in Sungai Siput.

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  2. just one thing, be careful with Malaysian Insider. Mereka akan buat apa sahaja untuk kepentingan politik. Saya tak dengar pun Samy cakap apa2, tapi sesetengah pihak ada control terhadap media2 dan mengunakan media untuk kecohkan keadaan supaya kita lupa tentang peranan Jabatan Displin selepas ini,….

    Bro, tak mungkin Samy akan bising, dia tahu MIC ade problem.. dan if you read that report properly, it says ”sources has said” one million times, kenapa dia cakap macam tu? sebab memang perbuatan orang yang tak bertanggungjawab.

    MalaysiaToday dan Malaysiakini saya harap semua orang jangan baca atau layan.

  3. Salam,

    MIC did very poorly in the last GE. Subramaniam won in Johor (P140-Segamat, kalo tak silap).

    Cuba soh dia bertanding kat tempat lain selain kat negeri johor…. ampeh!

    Sama la mcm MCA. Nak berkawan time heppi hour jek. Time susah nak demand2 macam2. Poor performance, no ‘bonus’, enuff said!

    aka MP-MelayuPuchong.

    Kami amat setuju.

    Mudahnya orang lupa dan tidak sedor kedudukan sebenar mereka merasa diberikan kedudukan dan kuasa.

  4. Component parties of BN must face reality that they themselves were the main factor behind the loss of support from the people. Many were quick to point fingers at UMNO.

    Previously, TDM was able to rally the support of the people regardless of race. This had made it easier for other component party leaders to just ride along. Those days are gone and they need to go down to the ground and connect with the rakyat.

    Also, the problem with our politicians is that they just don’t know when to call it quits and end up jeopardizing the stability of the party.(Sigh..)

    Personally, I have high expectations of Gerakan through Tsu Koon, in reaching out to the Chinese and Indian community. If they play their game right, then BN will have a strong chance of a successful PRU13 campaign.

  5. Tuan Big Dog,

    S Samy Vellu ni pemimpin yang korup!

    DSNR memang patut nyahkan orang macam gini dari Jemaah Menteri. 30 tahun jadi presiden MIC, apa kemajuan dia bawak utk org India?

    Org India meluat pada BN/Kerajaan lagi ada!

    Saya cadangkan, DSNR mintak MACC buat siasatan atas S Samy Vellu. Terutama kontrak projek spt MRR II.

    Mesti kantul punya!

    Pengamatan yang tepat dan cadangan yang amat bagus.

    Ramai rakyat Malaysia lupa hubungan Mantan Menteri Kerjaraya ini dengan skandal MRR II.

  6. When you are strong, you can be in a bargaining situation.
    But MIC is at its lowest ebb with most seats lost and Samy himself vamoosh.
    They should know beter.
    Najib has given them moe than enough with Umno leaders being sacrificed.

  7. Kalau Samy Vellu jelas perasuah maha hebat

    Kenapa demikian lama di Barisan Nasional takde pun pemimpin lain di Barisan atau UMNO suruh Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah bertindak ke atas Samy Vellu?

    Takut ke nanti Samy Vellu pecahkan rahsia yg pemimpin UMNO yg lain semua pun makan rasuah?

    Kalau UMNO hebat sangat kenapa tak tangkap Samy Vellu dari dulu dulu lagi?

    Inilah budaya rasuah UMNO…… semua disorok sorokkan…..

    baik aku sokong Pakatan

  8. Message for MIC President

    Before you continue with your views about other matters, what kind of democracy did you allow in MIC all these years?

    When you pitted Palanivel against Dato Subra, you did not allow for a clean fight but went about campaigning openly for Palanivel. But look at your relationship with Palanivelu now? Honeymoon over?

    This is not the first time you behaved like this?

    Others who suffered like this are -Govindarajoo, Vigneswaran, Muthupalaniappan, Pandithan and the list goes on. Support them to get rid of another and then get rid of them as well.

    The funny thing is, you will give the impression that you have patched up with such people LATER, but they do not know that this is your cunning way of befriending them and then finishing them off for ever.

    All because, you do not want any challenge to your position in the party.

    How long more you want to hold on to the position?

    Your party does not even represent the majority Malaysian Indians.
    Look at the increasing numbers in PAS supporters club, DAP, PKR and PPP.

    And what about UMNO? The mamaks just change identity from Indian Muslim to Malay and they are accepted in UMNO.

    And you are still dreaming that even your own MIC members will be voting for Barisan or for that matter MIC specifically?

    Sorry, you are very mistaken.

    Your own members have let down BN because of you and you in particular, at the way you select candidates to stand in elections, appoint in local councils, appoint as senators and even appoint to be on the board of GLCs and other organisations where MIC is given an opportunity.

    And even if you let them have a go in these places, you still insist on overall control – you do not encourage creativity if it does not factor you in the initiative.

    Look at the PA to Human Resources Minister now. Your former staff? Why? To report to you on all that the Minister is doing?

    Even when you were busy planting hair on your head in Perth, you wanted every statement to be in your name or to have your name mentioned as though the thing was all due to your involvement.

    See how false things have been like your hair?

    If it was actually your effort in every small thing that went to the Indians in Malaysia, why are they so unhappy with you now?

    You have a very stupid way of looking at things.

    In your MIC assemblies you gloat when the BN leaders sing praises of you, saying that you have done a lot for the Indians. The same thing happens when its time for general elections.

    And you get carried away and go around telling your members that you have soild support of the BN leadership.

    The true test of leadership, if ever you still command such thing in your party, is to sincerely nurture proper succession plans when you are riding high. That was in the 1990s. But you did not let such things happen. Because you tasted power and want to hold on to it you are cremeated.

    You still have a chance to show such gentlemanly behaviour in this aspect, as you are going downhill like now. But you are stubborn – thick skinned, worse than a buffalo or an elephant.

    You will never give up your President’s post.

    Remember, you are now a spent force.

    And look at the following that haunts you till this very day.

    a. School land in Damansara now in your name!

    b. MIC University in your name, is riddled with problems.

    c. You take revenge on Chitrakala who reports about irregularities in MIED.

    d. Your lobbying with Indians to get funds for MAIKKA Holdings has turned sour. And you are claiming no responsibility and not taking initiatives to return the monies to the people who contributed.

    e. Your son, who already has been questioned on the many irregularities involving Sujatha’s death and MAIKKA holdings, is now holding a key position in MIC – bypassing so many other eligible members. Where did this position surface? Why no chance for others who have been serving the party for many years?

    f. Why did you orchestrate the demise of IPF? If you had left them alone, they could have sorted out the matter themselves.

    g. Why no Hotel yet in the land adjacent to the present MIC HQ in K.L? Under whose name is the land now?

    h. Where is your elected reps KPI for the Malaysian Indians to see? You only prefer to have fancy statements and come out with claims that they are answerable to MIC members only, but at the same time go around bragging that you and your party represent ALL the Indians! So far, your elected reps KPIs after 8 March 2008 – any significant achievements that the community should be proud of?

    i. Remember you were so proud to have forced the resignation of a DAP state assembly rep in Penang and then won that seat for BN? Now how many seats does MIC have in Penang? See how the cycle come back to you?

    j. When two HINDRAF reps were released from ISA, you quickly claimed credit. But no squeak after that when these two were put under restricted conditions. You do not want to take credit for this? So, in the first place the release was because of MIC’s request? Is this not very stupid of your thinking? Hurriedly trying to take credit, but when it is not in your favour – you come up other things to distract people’s attention.

    k. You stand in the HINDRAF issue itself is a laughing matter. In 2007 you condemned them, After losing in the 2008 elections, you ask the government to release them. In between put statements in your family paper that the wives of the detainees had pleaded with you for their release. That was real bull shit because the wives later gave out statements that they did not ask you such things.

    l. By the way, any more new Tamil schools being build in this country as a result of MIC’s initiative?

    I am not asking about new buildings for existing Tamil schools.

    What I mean is really new schools that make up for an INCREASE in the number of Tamil schools in the country – if thats the only way to make you understand.

    Example (example only – not actual) , if there were 100 Tamil schools a few years ago, has there been a increase in terms of new schools where the sum total of existing plus new schools shows an increase by more than 100?)

    So what is the policy of the BN on this matter, where your MIC is the ‘3rd largest partner’?

    You will not answer this – because you even strangle the existing schools out of existence.

    Look at the land in Damansara that was for a school but now under your name. Your party secretary said it was a mistake for it to be in your name, but what has happended after that? Was this rectified? If it had been, it would still be in the MICs name – but not returned to the school. Right? And you are the champion of Tamil schools in Malaysia, doing such things?

    With all these bull shit not cleared, you want a senator’s post?

    And when you do not get it, distract people’s attention that MIC was not given an important ministry?

    Did you also ask for your son to be appointed as senator and be given a government position that was refused by the PM?

    (If you thought this could be done and your son can escape from the Sujatha’s death enquiry and MAIKKA issue, sorry it does not work that way – at least for the party that is under your leadership).

    Your son was trying to interfere in Kugan’s post mortem case lately? It should have been consistent from the day Kugan was taken alive into police custody.
    Why is he not showing same concern for Sujatha’s death abut keeping very low profile?

    Its clear – you are not sincere and have nurtured a son who is exactly following your footsteps while fooling all the Indians in thsi country.

    The only way to repent is undo all the constraints you and your son have ‘slapped’ on this community.
    Return the MAIKKA holdings funds to the investors with proper interest. Perhaps at least three times what they originally invested . Do it now, before your loot stacked away becomes someone elses property.

    Hand over the party to the next in line. Let them manage the party from now on with the rest to set a new dynamic direction.

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