The Singaporeans’ agenda?

The Singaporeans are at it again. This time, they connivingly want to pit newly sworn in Prime Minister VI Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak against the wish of Prime Minister IV Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who has time and again voiced very critically against PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ‘Flip-Flop’ decision on the Scenic Bridge (replacing the Johor Causeway) project.

The Straits Times has the story:

Bridge project no rush

Any review of plan to be decided only after talks with Singapore, he says

By Hazlin Hassan, Malaysia Correspondent


KUALA LUMPUR – PRIME Minister Najib Razak on Monday said the government was in no rush to revive an aborted ‘crooked bridge’ project in Johor.

‘I don’t know what is the point of reviving the crooked bridge project.’
Political analyst Agus Yusoff
‘The bridge will be a landmark for Johor Baru to attract more tourists to the city.’
Johor Baru Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Soh Poh Sheng


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Datuk Seri Najib told Johor Umno at a closed-door meeting that any review of the scrapped plan would be decided only after discussions with Singapore, an influential state leader who attended the meeting told The Straits Times.

Mr Najib’s comments indicate that he does not want a crooked bridge to replace the ageing Causeway that links Malaysia to Singapore, said the state leader.

He said it could also be a sign that Mr Najib wants to make his own decision and not to simply agree with former premier Mahathir Mohamad, who first mooted the idea of the crooked bridge.

‘He’s showing him who’s the boss.’

Earlier on Monday, two Johor lawmakers said a new bridge should be built but it should be a normal, straight one.

Johor Baru MP Shahrir Samad said Malaysia and Singapore should work together to build a straight bridge.

He said many Johoreans were ‘hopeful that our new Prime Minister and Cabinet will revive the crooked bridge project’.

‘(But) the public must understand that bilateral ties between both countries will suffer if the project is revived,’ he said.

Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, also a Johor lawmaker, said Tun Dr Mahathir had hopes of reviving the crooked bridge project now that Mr Najib has taken over as Prime Minister, replacing Tun Abdullah Badawi, who was against it.

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Tun Dr. Mahathir vehemently against PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah abrupt cancellation of the Scenic Bridge two years ago. Especially when PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah lied about Johoreans not wanting the bridge project.

We in BigDogDotCom doubt the purpose for this reporting. The suspicion is not without an ulterior motive to pit the two Malaysian leaders, who have been known to have great relationship, to go against each other on a politically sensitive project. Infact, Tun Dr. Mahathir as a Statesman time and again defended PM Dato’ Seri Najib openly, against malicious lies thrown to doubt his credibility and integrity.

The Straits Times quoted AP on this story:

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April 21, 2009

Mr Najib succeeded former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was pressured to retire after the ruling coalition retained power with its weakest parliamentary majority ever in March 2008 general elections. — AP

Dr M slams anti-Najib stories


KUALA LUMPUR – FORMER Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad accused the international media on Tuesday of trying to demonise Malaysia’s new leader, who is battling opposition accusations of links to corruption and murder.

Mr Mahathir’s defense of Prime Minister Najib Razak reflects concerns within the ruling party that the leader’s reputation has been tarnished because of unproven allegations by political adversaries.

Mr Mahathir said many articles published in the Western media when Mr Najib took power earlier this month were ‘anti-Najib stories’ that highlighted the accusations against him.

‘From France to Britain to Australia, the articles are identical and carried the same message,’ Mr Mahathir wrote on his blog. ‘I cannot believe that this demonisation by so many at the same time is a coincidence.’

Mr Mahathir – a strident critic of the Western media during his 22 years as prime minister before stepping down in 2003 – said Najib should brace himself for more foreign criticism, but added that it was ultimately with Malaysians ‘that Mr Najib has to clear his name.’

Mr Mahathir holds no government post, but still commands wide respect and his views often receive attention from leaders and members of the ruling party.

The prime minister recently said he has been a victim of personal attacks in the media, referring to allegations by opposition leaders and bloggers that he was involved in a shady government contract to buy submarines from France.

He has also been accused of links to the murder of a Mongolian woman, who was the estranged lover of Mr Najib’s friend. He has denied the allegations.



If the Singaporeans are able to cause a perception there exist a rift between the two via media, then all the detractors of the Malaysian Federal Government and ruling party, shall benefit. Especially Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders, namely former power-abuse-convict Anwar Ibrahim, whose strategy to rise to power is thorugh discrediting PM Dato’ Seri Najib with consistent malicious and unstantiated lies. Never the less, some Malaysians, especially the younger generation and iternet savvy news addicts shown that they actually ‘bought’ into these fictitous slanders.

Conveniently, Penang Chief Minister who is also DAP Secretary General met Singapore Prime Minister Brig. Gen. (NS) Lee Hsien Loong, who is also the PAP leader, over the weekend in Singapore.

Channel News Asia has the story:



Penang Chief Minister meets

PM Lee
By Teo Chia Leen, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 18 April 2009 1325 hrs  









SINGAPORE: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who is in Singapore to meet investors, called on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Friday.
A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office on Saturday said the two discussed the regional economic situation and opportunities for business collaboration between Singapore and Penang at the Istana.
It added that the meeting is in line with Singapore’s efforts to nurture friendly ties with Malaysia, both at the national level and also with the Malaysian states.
Mr Lee told the Chief Minister that he encouraged more links and economic exchanges between Singapore and Penang, and said he welcomed Singapore to invest more in Penang.
Mr Lim was accompanied by Deputy Chief Minister for Penang Prof P Ramasamy, and MP for Bukit Bendera Liew Chin Tong.  




For the record, DAP is a spinoff of PAP, which was left behind after the expulsion of state from Federation of Malaysia on 9 August 1965 for dishonouring a gentelmens’ agreement between Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra and Lee Kuan Yew. DAP had continued to carry on the legacy of anti-Malay chauvisnitic policies of PAP, till present day and they are now an integral part of PR.

The same article also quoted former Domestic Trade and Consumer Minister Dato’ Shahrir Samad’s thoughts that Malaysia should work with Singapore on the Scenic Bridge proposal. Three years ago when the Johorean public outcry against the abrupt decision to cancel the Scenic Bridge, Shahrir’s stance was the opposite. Did Shahrir change his mind now or its the Singaporeans who are trying to stir up the shit-storm, especially Johor is heart and mainstay of UMNO support in Malaysia?

Lets follow any further developments on this and other issues relating somewhat ‘deferring’ thoughst and stance between PM Dato’ Seri Najib and Tun Dr. Mahathir and how it would be played and spun. Our guess is, it will be colourful.


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Slot machines: Gambling gambit

Gambling is the most chronic social addiction illness existed in most societies, ever since mankind figured out the challenge of taking risk and hedging winnings as a ‘sport’. During the post-Christ Rome, lives of man and beast were the stake for the most brutal sportertainment  ever recorded. Of course, the adrenaline produced when one gambles is the kick which evolves  into addiction and eventually, obession.


Malaysian societies, especially amongst the Chinese have been plagued with this disease of the mind. Many social illness derivatives like illegal money-lending (Ah Long), prostitution and underworld related crimes developed and flourished from gambling. It is important that gambling is critically analysed and eradicated from our system, completely.


After more than 50 years of Merdeka, the Malaysian Government has still not got it right with the creation of a strong citizenry and inculcation of positive social values. One example that can be cited in this article is the encouragement of gambling by the Government.


The fact that gambling is a legalized and flourishing industry in the country is indisputable; especially when one can see the number of the various lottery draws that happens in a week.


It is a major myth that Genting Highlands is the only official gambling spot in Malaysia. The well hidden truth will surprise and possibly shock many. There MANY gambling spots spread all over the country. In the Klang valley alone there are more that 75 legal gambling clubs whose licences are approved by the Finance Ministry.  These licences oddly have three-month validity period but are eternally renewed! This kind of validity period has given rise to credible speculation that it assists in the “collection process”. For the past many years, the only officer who signs the gaming licence is a person called “Boniface Anak Edwin Manung”.


These gambling clubs offers slot machines, the worst among the gambling games. In the Klang Valley, each club has about 15 slot machines. Many are under the misimpression that the collection from the club is used to improve the “member’s” facilities. Wrong. It is pure gambling business at its best – cash, unaccounted, extremely low cost of operations. The machines just wait to be played largely dependant on addiction.


These gambling clubs run under the disguise of social clubs that offer so-called privileges like eateries and gym workout but the main focus is the gambling business. For common and addicted patrons of the slot machines, the clubs even offers them credit limits up to as high RM100,000.00. This means the patron is effectively trapped to gamble his income away at these clubs. Some of the most respectable, distinguished and matured sports and social clubs benefitted immensely from the slot machines, commonly known as “One arm bandit” by the members, allowed and licensed their premises, for decades.


On a bad night, each club can make up to RM300,000.00 which means that a poor collection for the month will add up a net collection of RM10,000,000.00 PER CLUB. One can then imagine the overall collection of all the clubs in the Klang valley for the year – and it is all CASH. It is interesting to note that the slot machines clubs are monopolized by three well known Chinese businessmen with strong connections. Obviously, one does not need to stretch one’s imagination to know why these clubs have a free hand and are expanding!


We are slowing become a gambling nation, if we have not become one already.  The are many cases of families being wrecked, lives being destroyed and along problems due to the slot machines business which the government seems to tacitly encourage. Even though the patrons cut across racial groupings, the majority of them in the Klang Valley are, ironically, Malays. Ironical because, outside the door of every slot machines club is a sign that says “Perjudian adalah haram bagi orang-orang beragama Islam”.  Even the Islam Hadhari era dared not approach this social malady! This is Malaysia where money speaks louder than rules and regulations.


Slot machine industry has become so entrenched involving powerful people such that the negative effects on the people are being completely ignored. Many of the patrons are addicts who will only stop if the Government takes the proactive step of curbing, controlling or even banning these clubs. In fact many of the patrons are hoping just that to be saved from their addiction. Many new and potential addicts are being recruited by offering them free credits as much as RM500.00 per visit.


It is a social issue that cuts across racial and religious lines and it reflects on the Government’s consistency in creating a strong social fiber. It also reflects on the Government’s sensitivity in tackling industries that cater only to the negative addictive nature of some of us.  It is a shame that despite the often pronouncements by the Government such as “Islamic country”, “Islam Hadhari”,  “cultivation of human capital” and so on, even secular India has completely banned all forms India for years. You do not even have lottery in India!


The slot machines industry must be banned – unless of course there are compelling “other” reasons why the relevant persons do not want the tap to stop flowing!


Can the new Finance Ministers please seriously look into this?

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