Latest ‘Level Four’ legacy living on gets attention

The story on Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yasin’s intention to appoint a close Khairy “K J” Jamaluddin aide as his Press Secretary, published here twenty four hours ago somehow created a degree of ripple about town. Suddenly, more common people realized that the newly elected UMNO Youth Chief’s tentacles are far reaching, despite being ‘cut out’ recently.

Many fellow journalists contacted us here at BigDogDotCom to present their case about Rashid Yusof being a professional and is able to deliver well for Malaysia’s tenth Deputy Premier, given his wealth of experience and exposure. On the other hand, an equal amount of media professionals expressed their grave concern on what seems to be another ‘Level Four’ development in the infant Prime Minister VI Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s administration.

“Two years under the service and being so close to the Rembau MP already tells it all!”, said a  senior writer of a major English daily. “Could we expect ‘professionalism’ from someone who has been ‘eating’ from the palm of an UMNO Youth Chief candidate who was found guilty of money-politics?”.

We have to agree on these points. People do change because of money, regardless who they were before. Coupled with power, its a damning combination.

“Rashid should take a ‘cooling-off’ period before jumping into mainstream politics again. It suspiciously illustrate the eagerness of KJ wanting to be part of the ‘game’ “, said another renown political journalist.

“This time last month, he was so busy campaigning for KJ! Now that (Dato’ Seri) Najib don’t want him (KJ), should Muhyiddin bring him on board instead?”, ask one respectable former journalist. Rashid was also said to be defensive about Khairy, even amongst friends.

Nowadays, anything branded “K J” is something a lot of persons want to avoid.


Tan Sri Muhyiddin should really reconsider his intention. Being associated with anything remotely ‘Level Four’ is something that should be a taboo in Dato’ Seri Najib’s administration. The maxim of “We not only have to be clean but being seen to be clean” is so pertinent at a point where UMNO is at its lowest ebb and being plagued by the money-politics so blatantly, across the board. The recently concluded UMNO party elections demonstrate it so clearly when Khairy, who has been found practicing money-politics by the Disciplinary Board and incoming seventh UMNO President stern reminder on the issue, gets elected by 304 UMNO Youth delegates to ascend a post of a Vice President equivalent.

Let us not come to a point where Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad needs to mention or insinuate in blog, again. More over on issues pertaining to persons involved in money politics. At their level, UMNO leaders must be able to remind each other of the ‘dos and donts’, in today’s highly informative and critical society. The blogs are playing a more prominent role in shaping the internet savvy minds.

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