Latest ‘Level Four’ legacy living on gets attention

The story on Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yasin’s intention to appoint a close Khairy “K J” Jamaluddin aide as his Press Secretary, published here twenty four hours ago somehow created a degree of ripple about town. Suddenly, more common people realized that the newly elected UMNO Youth Chief’s tentacles are far reaching, despite being ‘cut out’ recently.

Many fellow journalists contacted us here at BigDogDotCom to present their case about Rashid Yusof being a professional and is able to deliver well for Malaysia’s tenth Deputy Premier, given his wealth of experience and exposure. On the other hand, an equal amount of media professionals expressed their grave concern on what seems to be another ‘Level Four’ development in the infant Prime Minister VI Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s administration.

“Two years under the service and being so close to the Rembau MP already tells it all!”, said a  senior writer of a major English daily. “Could we expect ‘professionalism’ from someone who has been ‘eating’ from the palm of an UMNO Youth Chief candidate who was found guilty of money-politics?”.

We have to agree on these points. People do change because of money, regardless who they were before. Coupled with power, its a damning combination.

“Rashid should take a ‘cooling-off’ period before jumping into mainstream politics again. It suspiciously illustrate the eagerness of KJ wanting to be part of the ‘game’ “, said another renown political journalist.

“This time last month, he was so busy campaigning for KJ! Now that (Dato’ Seri) Najib don’t want him (KJ), should Muhyiddin bring him on board instead?”, ask one respectable former journalist. Rashid was also said to be defensive about Khairy, even amongst friends.

Nowadays, anything branded “K J” is something a lot of persons want to avoid.


Tan Sri Muhyiddin should really reconsider his intention. Being associated with anything remotely ‘Level Four’ is something that should be a taboo in Dato’ Seri Najib’s administration. The maxim of “We not only have to be clean but being seen to be clean” is so pertinent at a point where UMNO is at its lowest ebb and being plagued by the money-politics so blatantly, across the board. The recently concluded UMNO party elections demonstrate it so clearly when Khairy, who has been found practicing money-politics by the Disciplinary Board and incoming seventh UMNO President stern reminder on the issue, gets elected by 304 UMNO Youth delegates to ascend a post of a Vice President equivalent.

Let us not come to a point where Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad needs to mention or insinuate in blog, again. More over on issues pertaining to persons involved in money politics. At their level, UMNO leaders must be able to remind each other of the ‘dos and donts’, in today’s highly informative and critical society. The blogs are playing a more prominent role in shaping the internet savvy minds.

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  1. hmm..what about Omar Mustapha Ong, I think he is one of the main 4th floor guys, and he has considerable influence in Najib’s office. Sila bagi komen.

  2. why is that DSN cabinet are so afraid to get rid of KJ and his cronies.

  3. Bro Biggy,

    Rite agree on ur statement ‘The maxim of “We not only have to be clean but being seen to be clean” ‘ but wat else can I say wen my new PM dus not seem to b clean, wat I meant is not d ‘Mong’ case but womanizing case,..heheh.. is it true or anothr spin off frm d enemies since b4 being elected as d DPM, neway honestly speaking I foresee problems coming up in Malaysia in d coming futures as if DSN dus not control d mouth & way DSR goes about den he’ll be trapped by his own spouse’s attitude,.. I jst hope I’m wrong but thr again I cud b rite, Gess u guys closer to the Corridors of Power group den U noe better,..heheh,.. as for En.Rashid my gess is he cud b eithr way but i sumhow or rathr tink he is a mole fer KJ to check on TSM n not DSN as d next on line to d premiership is TSM,.. wat if, i sincerely mean if n its not dat I want it to happen but thr again God is Merciful & Compassionate & all Powerful, wat if sumting happens to DSN b4 his tenure ends, of coz TSM who seems to b clean( 4get bout TSM’s tenure as Johor MB) n of coz must b clean will b d next PM,.. so its still dangerous as thr r element of doubt about d relationship between rashid & kj.. Yes I read Hard-T’s article of support 2wards Rashid as he considers Rashid as a pro but prof r d one mostly blurred by d Green Bags,..heheh,..wat else can I say bro,.. So to b safe TSM shud find sum1 else to replace bro Rashid even it mite b a harsh decision but trust only dos u know n vet them.. apo nak dikato,..(“,)

    p.s. Bro Biggy, wat about d ‘Whisperers’ whispering dat Rashid woz a mole planted by TD on bhalf of UMNO & TDM to gathr info bout KJ & now is bac to whr he shud b dat is TSM whom TDM has high hope to reform UMNO & BN thus making Malaysia again wat she woz b4 d MUTALic PLah took ovr d Premiership & tarnish UMNO’s image to d core,.. I hope alls well ends well, I dun believe in any1 more den 60% now,..wat else can I say,..(,”) our greatest enemy mite b our conscience, no,.. 😉 … my apology if dis comment coz any probs to any1 but we agree to disagree rite, or is it we disagree to agree,..heheh..watever,..

  4. Could the almost-too-eager too-soon-too-much steps taken to the “renovating and resculpturing” of Kementerian … Keusahawanan … Pembangunan … Kooperasi AND the more recent liberalization of the 30% equity in ?????? be the indirect offshoot of the “well-meaning advice” of these tentacles?

  5. Dergak Dergak… tahniah la atas lantikan… I know you but you may have forgotten me. Whatever it is, I hope you know who your masters are… Always remember that Dergak. Ask yourself why you are there?Is it for the greater good or at somebody’s behest?

    Anyway Dergak, kalau kawan lama talipon, jawap la. Kawan lama kalau talipon sekadar bertanya khabar, bukan macam kawan baru kalau talipon nak mintak duit. Jangan memilih. Just because you strategise for Khairy does not mean you cannot answer phone calls from old friends. Tapi aku tak nampak pun strategi menjadi, khairy kantoi gak… Apa ra…

    You have changed brother, from the humble ex-hack that I used know to someone that don’t answer phone calls from those yang cakap melawan your thoughts. Baru kerja dengan khairy kau dah sombong dengan kawan kawan kau. Ingat beb, masa di julang memang sedap, tapi bila jatuh tengok la siapa yang sambut? Kawan ketawa atau kawan menangis? Kita dalam kancah politik ni brader, tiada kawan. Kalau jatuh duduk la kau kat kedai mamak minum teh tarek sorang sorang… orang yang kenal nampak kau pun nanti lintas jalan nak mengelak kau.

    If you continue doing this, habis la kau… You only hear what you want to hear but choose to ignore the dissenting views… Tugas press secreatary is to present the views as is, not your views. Lepas tu jadi apa brader? Abis abis kau kena sindrom maharaja… cakap kat boss semua ok tapi sebenarnya tak. Jangan kau buat muhyidin macam pak lah dah la… beritahu yang elok je… yang sumbang sembunyikan… macam bebudak tingkat 4 dulu la…

  6. Hi Big Dog

    In times like this, the new regime can’t ill-afford to make or slight the perceived enemies.
    It will not sit well with Najib’s 1Malaysia concept.
    If he can embrace all races, why cannot he court the factions in Umno.
    And for a master strategist like Najib, politik cantas-mencantas is simply not it.
    To detractors, KJ may be Pariah. But to others, he is Brahmin.
    Why muse being Abdullah’s son-in-law still be an albatross around his neck.
    We can accept sons of ex-premiers. On the other political divide, we have three political dynasties – Anwars, Lims and Karpals.
    So whar is one more. The more the better.
    KJ just cannot be erased. He’s still young.
    To paraphase Frost he got miles to go before he sleeps.
    P.S. If he really is guilty of money politics, why is MACC still dragging its feet?

    • Politics is about PERCEPTION. Whether or not one can be proven in court (something which MACC is looking into as their SOP, as a rule of law), majority Malaysians already concluded that KJ is ‘dirty’.

      That is enough!

      Rashid was part of KJ’s machinery. That is why we are vehement about opposing his entry into Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s office.

      Our contention is Rashid is just another former journalist. There are many equally if not better persons for the job. Why does Muhyiddin got to recruit someone who has been with someone else ‘tainted’ and ‘plagued’ with so many issues?

      Muhyiddin should start fresh. Its as simple as that.

      • “majority Malaysians already concluded that KJ is ‘dirty’ ”

        hahahaha…its lines like this that amuse me most. Worse than Fox News. You cant just jump in and make such claims. Patut la jadi blogger. No need to verify.

      • Politics is about PERCEPTION, kata Big Dog. Ketawa terbahak-bahak apabila saya membaca ayat itu. If it’s about perception, all of UMNO needs to go walk the plank, starting from Najib, and not just Muhyiddin’s new press secretary.

        Please lah. We all know what you’re trying to do. Like Madhathir slamming Abdullah, some people are willing to just come up with any and all sorts of frivolous excuse to condemn. When Khairy’s buddy gets appointed as press secretary, bukannya main-main tuduh rasuah dan menekankan kepentingan persepsi. Tapi bila melibatkan Khir “Mr Disneyland” Toyo ataupun Ali Ketam dan “AP Queen” Rafidah kena lantik masuk supreme council, semuanya diam aje~~~

  7. if u got balls , relese this comment ma…… Biar pembaca yang pertimbangkan. just wait , will see when time comes ,kuda botak you akn tumbang,

  8. KJ ni persona non grata bagi PM.

    Baguslah kalau TSMY tak ambik dia.

  9. I agreed, majority of Malaysian convicted KJ, therefore he is UMNO’s liablity. We don’t need MACC, he’s guilty as charged. A modern ‘Raja Mendeliar’ who bring downfall to UMNO

  10. Same old, same old

    All the best to her.

    Read my interview with Nuraina A Samad here


  11. Dear Big Bro,

    I’m with you on this. How come I heard negative statement from kpmu here, Is there differences between kpmu and kmu?

    • Definitely.

      KMU was started to combat ‘Reformasi’, back in 2000. KPMU is a mirror created by KJ’s boys, when KMU was intensely whacking PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Badawi, KJ and ‘Level Four’.

      KPMU is funded by KJ’s people and they form the famous cybertroopers that so many blogs talk about.

      Look at the writings. No substance. Just personal attacks.

      However, their readership is very low and quality of articles and postings are very poor. Hence, they hardly attract any viewership.

      That’s why you never heard of them!

  12. Terdapat yang syok sendiri
    Konon dirinya hebat sekali
    Hakikatnya gelojoh pameri
    Tokoh begini liabiliti parti

    Ego gelojoh tak sedar diri
    Lagak dia punya majoriti
    Hakikat sokongan minoriti
    Kesan tanding tiga persegi

    Untuk dapat kesatuan ahli
    Usaha naik kerusi dipatuhi
    Lemah pimpinan minoriti
    Lainlah dulu ada payungi

  13. sudah lah Zakir. Rashid Yusof is good man. Janganlah baling pasir ke dalam periuk nasi orang.

    • Yang baling pasir dalam periuk nasi sendiri ialah Rashid Yusof, bukan orang lain. Dia sendiri yang terima pelawaan untuk bekerja dengan Khairy “KJ” Jamaluddin, bukan ada sesiapa yang paksa dia. Jadi, dia tanggunglah kalau dia dikaitkan dengan KJ.

      Apakah Rashid Yusof sebagai seorang wartawan dan Set Akhbar yang begitu berpengalaman, tidak sedar apa akan terjadi sebagai sebab (consequence) apabila menerima pelawaan bertugas dengan seorang politikus yang sangat kontroversi seperti Khairy Jamaluddin? Kalau takut ombak, mengapa berumah ditepi pantai?

      Tanggungjawab kita ialah ingatkan bahawa Rashid ini, sehingga 28 Mac 2009 (semasa KJ disahkan sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO), masih lagi bawah senarai payroll KJ.

      Terpulanglah pada Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yasin untuk buat keputusan, mahu teruskan Rashid sebagai Set Akhbar atau cari calon lain, yang sama layak atau lebih baik (Bukannya tiada wartawan lain yang boleh buat kerja itu, yang tidak pernah cari makan atau dikaitkan dengan KJ).

      Soal ‘dikaitkan dengan KJ’ ini amat penting, bagi Tan Sri Muhyiddin. Sensitiviti PM Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak mengenai KJ amatlah jelas. Mula mula ucapan Berani Berubah semasa Perasmian Serentak Wanita, Pemuda dan Puteri UMNO. Lepas itu, Khairy Jamaluddin walaupun menang Ketua Pemuda UMNO, tidak disenaraikan sebagai anggota pentadbiran pada pengumunan Kabinet 9 April 2009. Ironinya, Naib Ketua Pemuda Dato’ Razali Ismail dan calon Ketua Pemuda yang kalah Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir diangkat sebagai Timbalan Menteri. Ini JELAS MENUNJUKAN PM Dato’ Seri Najib tidak selesa dengan Khairy Jamaluddin!

      Apakah orang kanan KJ juga akan ‘diterima’ dan dikira sebagai anggota yang ‘selesa’ dalam Level 4 Barat Perdana Putra?

      Tan Sri Muhyiddin ialah Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Presiden UMNO. Menjadi anggota pentadbiran berterusan semenjak 1983. Masakan blog macam BigDogDotCom boleh pengaruhi keputusan seorang politikus professional sebegitu?

  14. Heran jugak… Satu orang punya lantikan, a relatively low level post pun orang nak kecoh gak..

    Walhal nak kata Rashid tu extraodinary tak jugak… For so long I’d known him (until he stopped answering my calls because he works for KJ) I don’t see him as being a stellar reporter… A hard worker yes, well informed… yes but stellar? No.

    Anyway, TSMY should know what he wants. There are many other journalist around who can take up of a press secretary, which if I may add is the last person who will be writing his boss’ speech. Sejak bila press secretary ada tulis ucapan pun tak pernah dengar… Most of them just prepare talking points whilst the speeches are prepared by professional speech writers (yes… professional writers). Journalists can’t write speeches… they can only make stories.


    • Haku lak sokong 1000000%…~

      Tak serik2 lagik diowang neh…~

      Tak pueh ati slagi Negara tak dijual sepenuhnye…~

      Tak pueh ati slagi tak dapat jadik PM… Same la gak cam idola die tuh…~

      Tatau nak cakap ape gik da…~


  16. […] to long ago, bloggers managed to attract the attention of Khairy’s former media co-ordinator Rashid Yusuf from being appointed as DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd’ Yassin’s Press Officer. Published […]

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