RPK’s endless morbid cyber-anarchism via pure lies

There is really no limit to Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s morbid obsession to implicate PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, through wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in the murder of Mongolian model Altantuyaa Shaariibuu. Despite being charged in court for sedition and criminal defamation, both with malice, he is still at it again.

This time, it was about a transcription between him and a Special Branch Police Officer, whilst being detained under Emergency Ordinance September last year.

These lies must really come to an end. The fact is that, there is no Military Intelligence Officer, especially with the rank of Lt. Col., who was purportedly attached nor seconded to Special Branch at Bukit Aman, or any other Police Contingent or District head quarters. Even if there were any, the last was during the communist insurgency era, which ended when the Hadyaii Accord was signed in December 1989.

The fact is that,  this Lt. Col. Azmi Zainal Abidin does not exist in the so called ‘Special Branch of the Military Inteligence’.

Raja Petra is doing the typical propaganda strategy to bring PM Dato’ Seri Najib down, insync what former abuse-of-power convict Anwar Ibrahim is doing. Consistently, they are painting this preposterous picture that Dato’Seri Najib is a corrupt man and willing to be involved in murder, to cover his tracks. As William Shakespeare once said, “The bigger the lie is, the more people would believe in it”.

Or so it would seemed.

The gross indecency of Anwar and Anwaristas to ‘politically kill’ Dato’ Seri Najib and able to ascend the party-less Opposition Leader into power is pure anarchy behaviour. Anwar and Raja Petra are not novice in this anarchy games. When Anwar was sacked as the Deputy Prime Minister back on 2 September 1998, he launched the ‘Reformasi’ movement as a recourse and advocated street and mob mentality through provocation of the rakyat’s emotions based on manipulation of facts, circumstances and of course, lies. Raja Petra was his cohort. In the defense of his abuse of power and somody trials, Anwar was all about ‘a conspiracy of the highest order to eliminate him politically’. Raka Petra, via the ‘Free Anwar Campaign’ magnified this and the start of ‘cyber-anarchism’ begins.

This cyber-anarchism, which escalated into catestrophic proportions must really stop. Raja Petra’s indecency actually implicated HM Seri Paduka Baginda yang DiPertuan Agong, who he claimed “consented” to the deployment of Royal Armour based from Sungai Petani Royal Malay Brigade to ‘provide protection’  for the 10 November 2007 ‘Bersih’ yellow shirt demonstrators, in case the Police were to clamp in.

Excerpts of the “What the eyes does not see” (now already withdrawn) which Raja Petra published on Malaysia Today on 16 November 2007:

“100,000 rakyat wanted to meet their Monarch that afternoon of Saturday, 10 November 2007. The Agong did not say no. The Agong will never say no to 100,000 rakyat who wish for an audience with His Majesty. The Agong just wanted to know how many people will be representing the 100,000 rakyat and what their names are.

The Agong also realised that the government will certainly try to frustrate the effort of the 100,000 rakyat who wished for an audience with His Majesty. And this did happen. The government said that a police permit would be required and that the organisers should apply for one. So the organisers did, but the application was rejected. And the government warned that if the 100,000 rakyat still insisted on pursuing the march then the government would retaliate with force. And the government did as promised.

When the first volley was fired on the assembled marchers around the Masjid Jamek-Masjid India area, word was passed down the line that the 19th Brigade of the Royal Malay Regiment or Regimen Askar Melayu Di-Raja (RAMD) was on stand-bye, to move in if there are any fatal casualties. Fourteen armoured cars (kereta perisai) had earlier arrived from Sungai Petani and were parked at the Sungai Buloh military camp, ready to roll at a minute’s notice. It would take them ten or fifteen minutes to arrive at the scene of any violence against the rakyat.

Panic buttons were pressed and alarm bells rung. This had happened once on 13 May 1969 in Kampong Baru. The Royal Malay Regiment is not one to mess around with. The Agong is their Commander-in-Chief and soldiers are trained to obey their Commander-in-Chief at no consequence to their own lives.

The police backed off. They were reduced to traffic control where those positioned at junctions stopped cars to allow the marchers to safely cross the road. The RAMD remained on standby and the next morning the fourteen kereta perisai quietly slipped out of Sungai Buloh and went home.

This has worried the government. The Agong did not say he did not wish to meet the representatives of the 100,000 marchers. He in fact asked for their names. And when the government issued threats of violence against the marchers, the 19th Brigade of the RAMD was brought into Kuala Lumpur with fourteen kereta perisai. This was The Agong’s way of saying that if you shoot the marchers, just like you did in Batu Burok in front of The Agong’s palace in Kuala Terengganu, then all hell will break loose.

So the government backed off. They had no choice. The 100,000 rakyat wanted to meet The Agong and His Majesty had said yes. And the 19th Brigade of the RAMD came to town to ensure that yes means yes.”


On 4 July last year, Director General of Military Inteligence of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) Lt. Gen. Dato’ Mohd. Salleh Hj Ismail called for a media conference and vehemently denied Raja Petra’s claims as per SD. Never before in the history of ATM that the MIO Chief calls a media conference to deny a claim by anyone. This only shows how serious and malignant the lies and extend of manipulating that lie Raja Petra was willing to do and detrimental to the name of ATM.


Raja Petra, who failed to appear in court for sedition charges, absconded bail and a warrant of arrest issued recently. A fugitive at large, Raja Petra is believed to be abroad and was also said to be meeting up with foreign presses. That is why time and again, the consistency of the  demonisation of Dato’ Seri Najib being implicated in the murder case, despite the Shah Alam High Court found and convicted Chief Inspector Azilah and Corporal Sirul Azhar were the only two murderers was completely ignored. Many believe foreign security agencies are behind this concerted effort to damage the credibility of Dato’ Seri Najib.

The sordid attempt to corrupt the Malaysian minds, is very counter productive to the nation building process. If ever the administration is brought down because of cyber-anarchism based purely on lies, fabrication of facts and manipulation of circumstances, then the Malaysian political scenario with continuously thread onto the viscous cycle of political assassination based on malignant figment of someone’s sordid lies.

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