PR primates playing by the pandemonium rule in what should be a gentlemens’ game

The Perak pandemonium is all about Pakatan Rakyat (PR) people only want to play the rules that they like and pick, whenever and what ever is convenient to them. That’s all! Completely nothing about order, respect, procedure, protocol and minimal decency behaviour, even in the presence of a Ruler and in the most formal occasion, some more in an augur house! For the PR people, who is worthy to be called as ‘Primates’ as yesterday and the series of incidences qualified them, there is no such Constitution nor convention they play by.

Think about it. All of these started when Bota Barisan Nasional (BN) ADUN Nasaruddin Hashim announced crossing over to PKR and UMNO had to immediately take necessary steps to rectify the situation from detiorerating further. The PR leaders welcome him with the biggest open arms as this action struck a blow to UMNO’s face.

Then a week later, the two PKR ADUN, who were State Excos and one DAP women decided to denounce their support for the loosely formed PR Perak State Government and instead supported BN. The Bota ADUN re-crossed back into UMNO. This opportunity was a carpe diem BN waited and gave them the mandate to form the new Perak State Government.

The DAP-puppet MB Dato’ Seri Mohd. Nizar Jamaluddin sought audience with HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak and requested the immediate dissolution of the State Assembly. Instead, HRH decided to wait and ascertain for himself what and where is the actual position of the support of ADUNs. He found out that the four ADUNs were willing to throw the support behind BN and there should be a changeover of State Government.

The all hell broke loose. Suddenly, PR leaders are not willing to play by their own rules of the game they wanted to create in the first place, which is ‘jumping ship and crossing over’. The moment they had face the music, they want to change the rules and steps. DAP-puppet MB Nizar contradict his own earlier statement and they are willing and ready to defy HRH Paduka Seri Sultan’s titah and be in state of ingkar and derhaka.

Perak DUN scuff II

All these mumbo jumbo about trying to stop the swearing in of Pangkor ADUN Dato’ Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir as the 10th Menteri Besar, calling for DUN sitting without proper notice and consent of HRH Paduka Seri Sultan, taking the matter to court and the series of drama-in-disgrace which highlight was yesterday, is all about people who cannot accept their own bitter medicine being served back to them, cold. These PR Leaders and supporters, now proven themselves worthy of being classified as ‘Primates’, even illegally convene a State Exco meeting and unlawfully pass resolutions.

Perak DUN Scuff I

Now, the Pakatan Rakyat Primates really illustrated what they truly are; animals and the resort to the ‘Laws of the Jungle’ whenever things don’t go alon their way. Regardless what the situation and occassion is, despite taking their side of the story to the Courts, these PR Primates reflected their ape-like behaviour in augur house. These PR Primates ‘attacked’ the BN ADUNs and crossed over to the BN side, placed themselves through out the sitting and attempted various stunts to create drama and disrupt to proceedings. All the four BN ADUNs were actually manhandled, including the disabled Jelapang ADUN. In fact through out the sitting, the PR primates were at the BN side of the State Assembly and that shows how they are unable to maintain decorum as distinguished gentlemen should be.

Raja Muda Perak

The fact that the DYTM Raja Muda Perak was ‘detained and delayed’ from carrying out his ceremonial duties till a point he has to side stepped protocol and call the DAP-puppet Ex-MB Nizar Jamaluddin and DAP-puppet-master Ngeh Hor Kam to the dais, just to get their PR Primates to behave for one moment as distinguished gentlemen and sit down like how ADUN should be in  State Assembly sitting, so that the proceding in accordance with protocol and order of the augur house could be carried out. That by far, is the first in Malaysian 52 years of Constitutional Monarchy history and nothing short of Damning Disgrace!

PR primates

All these ape-like behaviours showsthe true colours of who the people Perak rakyat voted into power 8 March last year. As they say, “You deserve the Government you elect”. Should Perak people still be subjected to the animalistic behaviour and ‘Laws of the Jungle’ OR for once, listen to HRHs Paduka Seri Sultan and Raja Muda and behave like true gentlemen, who play and conduct themselves by the said and universally expected rule, even when they lost the grounds and game?

The even in State Assembly robes and ceremonial dresses, PR Primates chose to be agressors and managed to turn the augur house of the Perak State Assembly into somewhat a ‘Gladiator Ring’; where man Vs beast! It has all the ingredients; tension, stunts, anger, drama and most of all, at the end of the day, there will be victims (the weaker being submitted into ‘torture’ and utmost humiliation).

Look at DYTM Raja Muda Perak's obvious expression, when shaking the hands of the PR Primates

Look at DYTM Raja Muda Perak's obvious expression, when shaking the hands of the PR Primates

If the someone were to make a civil notion that the State Assembly yesterday was like rugby, think again. Then again, rugby is about gentlemen playing the barbaric game. In Perak State Assembly, it is the barbarians playing the game of gentlemen. And to one upon of time not too long ago, these same PR Primates and the their ardent primatettes shouted “Daulat Tuanku”, is making the whole pandemonium into a spinning endless migrane!

Can anyone remember if any of this ‘Gliadiator’ drama was EVER in any part of Malaysian 54 years history? BN lost control of State Assemblies before; Sabah in 1985, Kelantan in 1990 and Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor in 2008. BN conceded and NEVER RESORTED to these behaviours. Then again the behaviours of elected representatives changed. Or some of us expected even these PR YBs could qualify fully as ‘distinguished gentlemen’. It has been very different since 6 February 2009. It was because, we never had any PR Primates, backed by one-time communists Perakians now turned DAP, allowed the taste of power and when they lost it, they turn into wounded and ferocious wild beasts!

People like these are MENACE TO DEMOCRACY!


Also read Another Brick in the Wall’s personal account, who was present at the Perak State Assembly wholeday on Thursday.

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  1. =) When PR bloggers run around claiming MCA and MIC are UMNO lapdogs and UMNO is the puppet master, UMNO goons say, hell no, BN is about equal partnerships.

    Now BN bloggers are chanting Ngeh is the puppetmaster =) irony isn’t it.

    For PR being blind and bias, picking only fights that they can win, the same goes to BN, closed door meeting and not the gut to held a statewide election and shove the foot into PR’s mouth.

    • BN is NEVER about ‘equal partnership’. BN is about ‘partnership’, where non Malays are invited into the Government and given a voice in the Cabinet, to represent their ethnic group BUT never equal rights to everything, across the board just like that.

      That is the fundamental basis how UMNO was willing to give up 15 + 2 seats in the 1955 General Elections even though these constituencies generally are Malay areas, so that the Chinese and Indians have representation in the Federation of Malaya Assembly. This is the same practice Alliance/BN carried through till present day.

      UMNO, who was the party to Federation of Malay States Treaty dated 31 Jan 1948 (of which the Federation of Malaya Constitution is based on), agreed to rewrite the Constitution and allowed 850,000 Non Malays to become the citizen of Malaya, previously classified as ‘stateless persons’. HRH Malay Rulers were the other party to the treaty, which for the first time accepted Non Malays (previously not recognised as ‘citizens of HRHs’) into their realm.

      • I could always cite a difference source but in your posting here you had shut the rest of the facts down by claiming others are just trying to twist the facts and histories and that it is your version of history that is right.

        Well, as an intellectual I thought you could se the difference in views are part of us growing up and not shutting others out.

        In your post, you cite the Raja of Perlis that all citizens has equal rights, I’m not saying or asking for the abolishment of Malay special rights here, the point is, if your view differs from the sultan, can I call you derhaka?

        Besides, Abdullah shot down the claim that BN is not a coalition of unequal. But I forgot, you’re not a big fan of abdullah yourself too.

        You had just confirmed your notion that non-malays are “invited” and probably like a guest in the house, can be asked to leave at your fancy as they are not asked to “settle” but just a mere invitee and probably not forget the part that you did not deny MCA and MIC just lick UMNO balls. What difference are they to Siva and the cousins then? =)

  2. We the voters from Perak know “” what is happening !!” on 7th May 2009.

    ^_^ lah!!

  3. rules

    -in the house, the speaker can be shut up
    -in the house, the speaker can be removed by force
    -in the hosue, the speaker can be ‘taken over’ by the deputy speaker
    -in the house, can use pepper spray for defence, banyak rapist there
    -policeman can enter the assembly to detain the speaker
    -no black shirt on the 07/may
    -cannot drink kopi at the coffee shop close by on the 07/may
    -lawyers cannot represent the detainees on the 07/may

    stupid PR and PR supporters . .can’t even understand the simplest rules …

    • The fact remains, if the speaker himself does not follow rules, of course he should be shut up and voted out, by the voice of majority in the house.

      The Speaker failed to observe the Dewan rules of notifying to call for a sitting, of which did not get the consent of HRH and hence, has the ‘under the tree’ illegal sitting.

      The Speaker suspend 1+6+3 BN ADUNs, to his whims and fancy, when defied the Perak and Federal Constitution.

      When the Speaker is disqualified, accordance to the Dewan rules, then the Deputy Speaker should fll in his shoes. She was acting according to the Dewan’s rules and regulations.

      The fact also shown clearly, the PR primates were the ones going across and attacked the BN ADUNs on the BN ADUNs side of the Dewan. Hence, if action is taken against them, its what should have been.

      • how do you start the vote proceeding when the speaker has rejected the motion and not allow it to put to table?

        you table it anyway =)

  4. Kah kah kah…

    I guess BN guys don’t know when to shut up… You guys have been fooled big time….

    This is the nail to BN coffin….

    PR will have the last laugh…

    But bigdot keep bloging…. I just love to see you spin…

    Kah kah kah…

    • We salute YB Yee.

  5. Sebenarnya mereka bertindak betul. Tempat duduk mereka sepatutnya bertukar dari kerajaan kepada pembangkang. Sepatutnya wakil-wakil rakyat BN yang dahulunya pembangkang bangun dan bertukar kedudukan dengan mereka sebab kerajaan sudah bertukar tangan. Kesimpulannya, wakil rakyat BN yang bersalah kerana tidak mengosongkan kerusi pembangkang untuk diisi oleh mereka. Sebab itulah mereka mengamuk.

  6. Not bad at all Anjing. Today lick your master’s balls so skilfully until he come right in your mouth already. A job well done.

    • Is this a reflection of your IQ?

      Dare you to rebut using your upstairs department that is, intellectually.

  7. The law of the country has been abused and mutilatee for the dog, by the dog.

    And this blogsite is full of ugly dogs, crazy dogs and even a Big dog, cheering at their immoral success, without feeling being ashamed of themselves.

    Are we going doggie, my poor Malaysia?

    • All these happened, after onetime-communists Perak DAP people was given and allowed the taste of power and now, its being yanked back from them, they resorted back to the brutal and animalistic behaviour, as who they were before 40-50 years ago.

      Some Malays would ‘politely’ reflect on Perak DAP’s current behaviour since 8 March 2008 as “Gila kuasa” and now, “Gila talak”.

      Why did Jelapang ADUN Hee left DAP and threw her support behind BN, the ‘straw which broke DAP-puppet PR Govt’s back and down to its knees’?

      It was Ngeh’s and Nga’s communist like behaviours!

  8. I have been seeing the pictures and even the videos of what happened inside the Dewan. I can see the Pakatan ADUN standing all over the place. The 31 BN ADU are just going about their business.

    When the 31 BN ADUN gathered around Hee and also around Ganesan (after he was elected Speaker) you can see the Pakatan ADUN also coming and throwing insults. For example when the BN ADUN are standing and talking by themselves one DAP ADUN comes up andthrows RM50 at YB Hee Yit Foong.

    In your Blog there is a clear picture of YB Loke standing up on the table and screaming at the top of his voice. None of the BN ADUNs stood up on the table and shouted.

    But lets see the facts. It was the Pakatan who filed cases in Court. And they were participants in the process. In fact now, Nizar is in Court giving evidence in HIS case to declare Zambry as NOT the MB.

    Similarly they took the case to Court to declare the 3 ADUNs as suspended, resigned etc. But the Court has already ruled that the 3 ADUNs are still ADUNs. Then what happened? The Pakatan refuse to accept the Court decision.

    I say, tamby, then why take the case to Court?

    Tomorrow if the Court decides that Zambry is indeed the MB, will Nizar accept the decision? Or will Nizar only accept the Court’s decision if the Court decides in his favour?

    In 2008 the Sultan favoured Pakatan because they had 31 seats and asked them to form the Government. The Pakatan was happy.

    Then Anwar thought he had cleverly engineered one Bota ADUN Nasharudin to jump from UMNO to PKR. Everyone cheered. Before that everyone also cheered when Anwar boasted that he was getting 31 MPs to jump ship from BN to Pakatan. Everyone cheered.

    Then Bota jumped back and three Pakatan ADUNs left Pakatan and became Independents. They did not join BN. Anwar got snookered. Bodoh punya Anwar. Tak tahu apa nak kata dah.

    Then when the Sultan asked Zambry to form the Government because it is Zambry’s turn to have 31 seats the Pakatan refuse to accept the Sultan’s decision.

    YB Hee Yit Foong said it very simply. This is a democracy and in a democracy the majority rules. Yesterday there were 31 ADUNs supporting the BN at the Perak State Assembly. That is a majority.

    If Sivakumar refuses to accept democracy what should we do to Sivakumar? The DAP once said, ‘When Democracy fails revolution is the answer’.

    That is correct. Yesterday when Sivakumar refused to accept the 31 seat majority of the BN and insisted on remaining the Speaker, he received the treatment due when he insulted and made fun of democracy – he was thrown out. When democracy fails, revolution is indeed the answer. Throw him out.

    And yesterday they kept the Regent waiting for 5 hours. What kind of insult is that to the Regent?

    The BN has lost before in Kelantan, Penang, Sabah, Terengganu. Never once did the BN show disrespect to the Sultan or the Yang Di Pertua Negeri.

    In Terengganu the BN even accepted the Sultan’s decision when he rejected the MB candidate (Idris Jusoh) and when he wanted Ahmad Said.

    What have I learnt from this crisis in Perak? That the Raja Raja Melayu can be assured of decorum, good manners and good conduct from the BN, particularly from UMNO. UMNO and the BN respect the institution of the Raja Raja Melayu and they also respect the proper and civilised conduct of affairs, especially obeying the law of the country.

    The Pakatan has shown that they are gangsters.

    • Well said. Exactly my points!

      No, they are no longer gangsters. This point, we shall differ. Gangsters are persons; with some code of conduct and order. These PR ADUNs simply behaving like wild animals. They are indeed PR Primates.

      Yes you are probably right. DAP wanted to stage a ‘Revolution’. Create a ruckus at the DUN, made Sivakumar the ‘victim’ (especiallyw hen ‘forced’ out of his seat and dragged out the augur house by the Police) and now Pakatan Rakyat, stir public emotions. When the did not manage to ‘recapture’ control of the DUN, the agressor was portrayed as the ‘victim’.

      Hell, that is what Anwar Ibrahim do best!

      • I’m not trying to be pro-PR here by disagreeing with you my friend.

        Let’s start with PR 1st, indeed, PR is just like a child running around crying saying a bully had snatched their lollis away. Not being able to grow up they can just cry and throw tantrum.

        BN did indeed has the upper hand in numbers but in a proper proceedings where all proceeding laws are abide to, could BN get what they want? This is a utter disrespect to the monarch too if I could argue, total disregards to the law of house by bulldozing their way to what they want. =)

        It happens that in those past losses, BN did not have the problem with the speaker hence there’s not a chance for them to show disrespect for the monarchs. Just like science, the logic is if it never happens doesn’t mean the hypothesis can be rejected, nor accepted. It just says “failed to reject”.

        Political slavery, when can the people view those parties as their slave and not the other way round. Same applies to PR. People interpret what they see and in this case you’ve the right to see that the presence of police in the august house is right and the booting of siva is legal but to claim DAP is trying to cite a revolution is quite a heavy accusation. Am I seeing a link between you and RPK now? He claimed heaven and earth by citing an anonymous source, hope this is not the case with you.

  9. Memang tepat!

    DAP = KOMINIS!!!!





    Lihat pemimpin DAP: Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Tan Seng Giaw, Hu Sepang, Kua Kia Soong, Ngeh Koo Ham, Nga Kor Him….semua ini KOMINIS & ANTI MELAYU!!!!


    Sekarang org PAS pun DAP berjaya kudakan. Tahniahlah, pewaris Nabi!

    Mana pernghargaan MB PAS terhadap Melayu yang sabung nyawa utk pertahankan tanahair & ibu pertiwi????


  10. Looking at the pictures especially the one that got the DAP guy standing on the table reminds me of the remarks by Jackie Chan. He was/is right….Look at those monkeys …..I could imagine myself in the Dewan and listening to the shouting and whatever monkey antics displayed by the PR goons. Remember Taiwan?….this is not far from it …..Is this a typical Chinese way of doing things? No wonder the Chinese Government of Singapore has very strict laws to control the Chinese population of the island. You would never have this kind of antics in Singapore’s Parliament. LKY will tell these goons to FO, pronto!! Padan muka!!


    Hey DAP, please lah go back to your China Mainland Communist Country. This is MALAYsia ….

    (..but for all you know folks even the China Communist do not want them ….hahaha….pathetic brats….assh**es!! BODOH NAK MAMPOOS!!!!)

  12. BN ADUN can cross over to PR but not vice-versa.They are just like Primadonas, don’t they?

    In fact and substance, they no longer command the majority in the State Assembly and now resorting to technicalities from accepting the reality.

    Even if the manner of BN taking back the Stewardship of the State from the PR is questioned, such matter is now already taken to the court.

    But no, they would rather create pandemonium and boasting of history being made.

    And, some history it was! A shameful one.

    It now seems tough even to expect them to follow decorum especially when the Royals are gracing the events.

  13. BD,
    As much as I agree that the behaviour of Pakatan’s DUNs are unacceptable, I have to say that Barisan’s supporters’ reaction towards their words also not that appropriate.

    We can be angry, we can feel unease, but we should not follow their foot tracks. However, jawab tetap jawab, cuma biarlah dengan cara yang molek.

    People are watching, reading and hearing…

    For me, what ever the results of hearing this monday, both loses..Pakatan lose for their unacceptable behaviour and Barisan lose for being unable to show class to upstage Pakatan, be it by action, words, or reasons to justify such act.

    “Tragedi” pemerintahan kerajaan-kerajaan di Tanah Melayu bermula di Perak (dengan pembunuhan JWW Birch..apakah “tragedi” demokrasi Malaysia harus bermula di Perak?

    ~ ODS

    • True. Most voted for PR not because they like PR or fancy anwar or in your case, DAP. It’s just a way of slapping BN hard and tell them to refelect on themselves.

      BN bloggers can bash PR all they want but the problem still lies within BN. WHat makes you think the people are comfortable with PR who has little experience in running the country, heck, anwar hasn’t reveal his shadow cabinet to the public yet.

      But by bulldozing their way through and interpreting things to their liking, I just can’t stand looking at it with disgust.

      • excuse me jimmy, in my eyes, it was the PR that is bulldozing its way in the state assembly..

        recall back how only the DAP went to the BN side.. acting like monkeys while sivakumar was so stubborn i am ashamed to have him as my wakil rakyat!!

        the law is the law and yet sivakumar boleh buat macam bapak dia punya dewan..


      • Hey Jimmy

        BN members also worked hard at getting Abdullah Badawi to step down. Many blogs mushroomed with the sole intention to get him to step down.

        Tun Dr M himself campaigned to do just that. Sane members of BN want him down, not just non-BN parties.

        But to use UMNO as the GREEN LIGHT to condemn all Malays is also UNJUST.

  14. Black is black and white is white; May 7 was not a 1Black Malaysia day, it was a BIADAP Pakatan day; neither was it a Bersih day, it was full of NAJIS. The truth prevails; BN with the support of the Independents has the mandate to rule the state of Perak and HRH was wise enough to admonish silly Nizar and Ngeh as well as all Pakatan representatives. Shame on the BIADAP Pakatan but again they are just BANGSATS.

    With regard for PAS members, look at the mirror and ask yourselves – are you proud to carry the flag of Islam when you betray the Faithful; don’t ever think you have the right twist your tongue under the Islamic flag or politicize for the sake of crude power; its corruption of the highest degree.

    The Biadap day has given the Silent Majority the opportunity to observe Pakatan’s true colors in action; but then again these are people who have no national pride, even the national car they don’t give two hoods – they are selfish brats who think they can never be wrong and for their selfish interest only, not for the people and nation

    • It would be great if you could look at BN from another perspective too before hulling all those words.

      Heck even mahathir fancies his cayenne. I could call him bangsat if I apply your theory in my perspective and I could perhaps say the same about BN too, selfish brats who think they can never be wrong and for their selfish interest only, not for the poeple and nation.

      I see PAS and DAP as no less patriotic, I’m sure they would want malaysia to be a well developed country and wouldn’t it be better for BN for to opposition’s accusation on its flaws as a way of making themselves better and not push those criticisms aside?

      • well if DAP has its way, Malaysia will be greater singapore

        and if PAS has its way, Malaysia will be a state of Saudi Arabia

        jimmy dear pick your choice

        just a daily reminder, the malays are STILL the majority

  15. […] contoh kedua, dimana kegagalan pihak media BN menjelaskan aspek sebenar sehinggakan berjaya dipaparkan sebagai ‘pihak jahat’ dan anti-aspirasi akar umbi rakyat Perak, walaupun melaksanakanya melalui peruntukan Perlembagaan dan mendapat perkenan DYMM Paduka Seri […]

    • sometimes, it’s beat to ignore these pestering distractions and just go about governing well

      to reply to ALL perceptions (justified or make-believe) is to waste a lot of precious TIME

      i do hope Najib is focussed on “repairing” the damage done by the previous administration

      and ALL our doa goes to him in this gargantuan task


      • sorry, the word ‘beat’ is meant to be ‘best’

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  17. Aku yakin baginda Tuanku Sultan akan buat apa yang paling penting: Mempertahankan Ugama Islam dan Melayu!

    Tuanku Sultan tindak mungkin akan BIORKAN KOMINIS BERMAHARAJA DIPERAK SEKALI LAGI!!!!!
    Allah hu Akbar

    Daulat Tuanku!

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  29. […] nonsense. Even in the formality of the opening of the 8 May 2009 State Assembly session, these Pakatan Rakyat Primates shamed HRH Regent of Perak. For a very learned Ruler HRH Sultan Azlan, who was once the Lord President to the Supreme Court, […]

  30. […] nonsense. Even in the formality of the opening of the 8 May 2009 State Assembly session, these Pakatan Rakyat Primates shamed HRH Regent of Perak. For a very learned Ruler HRH Sultan Azlan, who was once the Lord President to the Supreme Court, […]

  31. […] songkok in the formalities in the presence of HRH Ruler. In fact, they are aggressively rude. Even in augur house such as the State Assembly and a HRH Ruler is […]

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