Raja Petra that I know: A friend and cyber anarchist

After reading this, I must admit some of what Raja Petra Kamaruddin said is true. He and his dotting wife Marina Lee did buy me meals and drinks. They even at several times kind enough to host  I and all mentioned in the article, in their private home, Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh, Shah Alam. Selangor. Once, I brought Ahiruddin “Rocky” Attan and Nuraina A Samad to drop in on the both of them, unannounced and they welcomed us like relatives.

In many ways, Raja Petra is a gentleman in person. He is rather polite and mild mannered, even when we disgaree on many things, including sensitive issues. Especially on his interpretations of Islam and Islamic History, somewhat beleagured compared to what I was raised to believe and thought. Needless to say, despite his thoughts of these things are apprehensive, he was still being a gentleman at it when we disagree with him. One such occassion was the night before Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 2007, at a mutual friend’s place in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. That is what I really appreciate about him. That is the reason, personal materials shared between the two of us were never brought here in public domain. Not until this moment.


Marina serving the both of us drinks at All Blogs inception night, NPC, April 2007

Marina serving the both of us drinks at All Blogs inception night, NPC, April 2007


In person, I respect him, both as an elder and also a member of the Selangor royal bloodline. When everyone else casually calls him “Pete”, I address him as “Ungku”. He deserves to be addressed as such and my parents raised me not to defy traditions, heritage and protocol, even to our ‘enemy’.

In many UMNO occasions, I related all these about the man. I tell even in UMNO Committees that in person, Raja Petra is not like what he is in the cyber-world. Never the less, his writings are unmistakably unacceptable and very damaging.

Raja Petra contributed a lot in making BigDogDotCom popular. The blood donation campaign that he mentioned, which I asked him to help publicise in 2007 was really a life saver. In that sense, from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to express our utmost sincere appreciations and gratitude.

However, I can’t say I respect his lies and sordid attempts to create cyber-anarchism, through his writings. Raja Petra has this madman’s evil agenda to see Malaysia in peril and Malaysians on each other’s throats, on the pretext of universal values like ‘human rights’ and ‘freedom of speech’. On this, I vehemently think he is now a menace to society. He was reprimanded and had the book thrown at him, as he always wished to be challenged. Then honourable thing to do is stand by what he stood for when he has to face the music. Unfortunately, he decided to fled and now a techno-fugitive. Of course, he will cook up an excuse to justify not wanting to face the music.

Then again, Raja Petra never respected anything or anyone. He was sued several times in court and did not even have the audicity to appear, nor be represented in front of the judge. He now has several ex-parte judgments against him.

On the story about him meeting Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in the Najibs’ residence in Taman Duta, it was quite the contrary. As the lady of the manor said it to me in my face, “Petra came here and asked me for money!”. I am very confident my ears have not failed me yet, especially when I just turned forty then. I am also sure that Raja Petra did not come to ask for donations. It was most probably, an extortion!

Money is important to Raja Petra. He is being funded by several NGOs from abroad, especially Germany for the cost of Malaysia Today, under the convenient excuse of ‘promoting democracy’. Right after the Malaysia Today talk in Century Club, Taman Malawati late June 2006, Raja Petra told me the story how he was slighted, then crossed swords with PKR leaders Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali for the issue on ‘no money trickled down’ during the May 2006 Sarawak State Elections. He was angry because he knew George Soros and Erap Estrada gave Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Nurul Izzah Anwar millions, as the Sarawak campaign draws near. Raja Petra cited how top PKR echelon came to Sarawak, stayed in 5 stars inns along the Sarawak River, rented top-of-the-line SUVs but on the extreme, most PKR ‘hot posts’ can’t even afford to pay for drinks, mobilephone top-ups and fuel for the bikes for volunteers, let along party workers to function properly for the campaign.

This was the reason why at the time, Raja Petra abandoned Anwar Ibrahim and rallied behind Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad instead. Ledging onto Tun Dr. Mahathir’s crusade against PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the time means he was galvanising attention for his Malaysia Today. His popularity soared to unimaginable heights. Then it was time to make up with Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim and come back to the PKR fold. To summarise, Raja Petra was an excellent ‘screen writer’ to the whole ‘drama’.

The last time I saw Raja Petra was in the Secret Recipe shop in Kuala Terengganu, with former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim. I  was waiting in a car, while a friend went in to buy a birthday cake. This was the P36 Kuala Terengganu Parliamentary by-election in January.

I shall leave the cyber citizens to judge for themselves, what sort of person Raja Petra really is in the blogosphere.

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  1. timing is not your to dictate

  2. bd what happens to people like you when bn get’s ta pau next ge,man you better slim down now as the cost will be astronomical when u be without a paymaster,

    • He said “”my parents raised me not to defy traditions, heritage and protocol, even to our ‘enemy’”

      ^_^ haha hehe!!

      • he’s basically saying, “fuck you Ungku!”

  3. Pernah juga singgah di rumah Raja Petra masa kempen PRU-12. Memang pasangan ini ramah dan amat menghormati tetamu walaupun kali pertama bertemu.

  4. Touching story Big Bro. Sometime, we are not as what people assume of us in the blogspeare. Like us the auditors, we know each other very well. We travel together, we dine and breakfast together and sometimes we share room together. People may or may not be judge personally by his writing. Maybe Ungku or Pete wrote like that just for the sake of “cari makan”.


  5. Bro,

    Yes you are correct in describing RPK’s character,I’ve met him many times when following Tun’s proggrame from 2006 to 2007.He has a character of an Officer and A Gentelmen trained in the famous Military Academy Sandhurst.But his immagination sometimes need to be councilled by a medical specialist.Probbaly he need to see Dato Dr Mahadevan or he should be kept in Tanjung Rambutan.

  6. Big Dog,

    Why are you friends with this INCORRIGIBLE COMPULSIVE LIAR and INCURABLE LUNATIC????


    Tengokla, dia blanja ko makan, pas tu ungkit pulak dlm blog!

    Apa punya anak raja cam gini?????

    Padanlah Sultan Selangor hamput dia keluo!

  7. Wallah, That’s Raja Petra.

    No money no good story. To me, a man that can creat stories for his financial needs is merely a prostitude.

    • Curse RPK! Why he belanja u? You already so damn fat! I think he is trying to kill u man!

      BTW please watch The Biggest Loser (on Astro Hallmark).

      “No money no good story. To me, a man that can creat stories for his financial needs is merely a prostitude.”

      What about Rocky and our fat friend here? If we were to use your logic, then both of them can also be considered as prostitutes.

      • HI Sick and Tired,
        Stop calling yourself a prostitute.
        Unless of course you can prove that Rocky and Big Dog are paid.
        And No…no more SD’s.
        That “proof” went down the drain a loong time ago.

  8. YOU’RE SO FAT!!!!

    • You are so observant!

      Focus on the story, please……

    • A person who claimed to fight for justice and the rights of its people yet couldn’t overcome his own hurdle and labelling others fat. Every individual are difference, you can tolerate difference in race and religion but why not his choice of lifestyle?

  9. RPK is indeed a disgrace to the Malays. Showered by praises fr the Chinese & lest that he forget his acts not only will ruin him but the Malay as a whole.

    Sorry I am not a racist but he instigate hatred feeling by others towards Malay, thru my observation the last years

    • “Not a racist”, yet you are insinuating that he is pro-Chinese and anti-Malay. If that doesn’t carry a significant racial undertone, I don’t know what does. You either don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend his writing, or you haven’t read anything.

      • We are learning Islam through RPK’s writings. We are beginning to understand UMNO’s version of “Islam”. If you wish to debate this, we welcome you to an open discussion.

    • Not only are you a racist, you are also a stupid person. Just my observation!

  10. Saudara BigDog

    Kami minta sokongan untuk usaha yang murni ini.

    Terima Kasih


    • A proverb says, “ular menyusur akar tak kan hilang bisanya”

      Meaning, “The big wigs, would not shed their greatness simply by treading the layman’s path once in a while”

      Yes, please Sir do pay us a visit. We are having this small matter of public interest concerning “One School For All” .. a matter once taken up by Dato’ Mukhriz … and is still at it we hope.

  11. Well, those who crossed his path or wrote something he is not happy with will get butted with the most ridiculously manipulated and devious allegation.

    Read what he did to me below.


    I have to remove my blog for about 2 weeks to avoid the torrent of nasty and most unbecoming comments from his readers.

    • If you can’t stand criticism, don’t blog. You’re acting like you’re the only one menaced by rude commentators on the internet, I’ve seen read many insults and slurs thrown to many a pro-pakatan bloggers as well. If you can’t stand the heat, there’s always the “delete comment” button right? lol

    • In cyberspace, it is self-regulated. Take responsibility for what you wrote and you have no fear. Only the coward hide (especially those who hide behind false names) whenever the majority goes against him.

      • Im a coward too because I hide behind false name LOL!

      • that’s the very reason why i would not give you my real email coz you are one to give up your friends in order to carry the balls of BN.

        So sad for you to use my name!

    • I would like to take this opportunity to warn everyone that if this blog had the nerve to use my name in vain, what’s stopping him to use your name & email to badmouth others.

      How could a blog owner be so shallow?!!!

  12. Salam Sejahtera Tuan Rumah,

    Maaf, terkeluar topik. Minta izin untuk menumpang lalu untuk menyelitkan permohonan saya kepada pengunjung-pengunjung di sini.

    Saya memohon anda semua untuk ke ke sini, KijangMas – DemiNegara, dan menyatakan sokongan anda dipetition online, kempen SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA.

    Di sana, dipaparkan memorandum “SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA” yang ditujukan kepada TPM selaku Menteri Pelajaran.

    Pohon sokongan anda semua.

    Salam sejahtera,



    • Yes satu bahasa untuk semua sekolah. Baru akan lahir perpaduan. Contoh? lihat diberberapa ratus negara. Antaranya nya Thailand, Indonesia, Amerika, Kanada, Prancis, Italy hooooiiiiii banyak lagi tak terkira.

  13. Well & Good NJ. We will see how many “Anak Bangsa Malaysia ” as they call it wud agree to forgo their vernicular schools ? or they may later revert with another formula of “ABM” with 1001 reasons to remain unchanged.

    • “Belakang parang diasah lagikan tajam” kata bidalan. Tak rugi mencuba. Terkadang minda sendiri penghalang terbesar .. atau memang petualaang?

  14. You prais his character and attacked his character again. In other words, you are simply contradicting yourself. The simple question that needs to be asked is this: you hate Anwar and his family for example, you use dirty language against them, a very inane and base language that someone who calls himself a Muslim can’t. Yet we have never seen RPK attacking you. Neither have we seen you talking about ideas and invention. It is about character assassination and tribal nonsense. I’m a Malay and definately I don’t need an abusive character of your ilk to defend me and neither did I pay you to talk on behalf of me as a Malay. Some of you have this stupidity that simply bcoz you have shameful mouths, you think you can speak for the rest and in the process you only bring shame. By the way, have you ever convinced the neutral people who belong to no party to support your fanatical cult? Of course no. Bigdog, get this, we have crossed a new frontier. We are thankful to no leader except Allah (sw) and what we need is dignity and human good. If we disagree, then it should be stated in civil language. But this inane, childish personalised nonsense helps no one. If it will help you as a matter of consolation, or it will be a therepy to you, (knowing your body size), then that’s fine. But remember, the ones you speak for a minority that shares the same hatred you entertain and not the Malay people. RPK doesn’t speak for the Malays. We didn’t ordain him to do so, and definately we don’t need you to purport to do so. That’s all I will tell you.

    • totally agree,

      he calls RPK a gentleman and a good person, then
      says he is evil and wants Malaysians at each other’s throats.

      What? Dog, you are terrible with words, very very transparent in what you are trying to achive in this article. You try (poor attempt) to potray yourself as being civil but the menace and hatred shines ever so brightly.

      Are you that dumb? Or are your supporters that dumb? Either way you’re pretty screwed.

  15. If RPK is an anarchist, then what are you? A terrorist indeed. At least RPK is civil, intelligent and articulate. For you, you are childish and ludicrous. Such a heavy body that survives on innuendos, filthy language, slander and Stone Age conspiracies that will make toddlers’ fall off their chairs in hearty laughter is definately a mark of an scurrilous character and you are one indeed. Pathetic creature!

  16. Nothing to say apart from asking you to read what an anarchist really is.


  17. I’m disappointed with your article. You’ve made allegations base on your own words and events only verified by yourself. What makes your word so much closer to TRUTH than RPK’s? I would have come up with more ideas and seen more opportunities for RPK to get $$$ than what you’ve suggested and I have yet seen him given in to the temptation. If you are a TRUE friend and a TRUE blogger, you would not have started your article so defensively by giving praise to RPK as you should be furious with his character and start blasting him from the first word. Therefore, until proven wrong, regardless of the truth, logic tells me that you have your own agenda with this article. I dare you to publish this.




    5. AND MANY MORE….




      WHERE IS IT?

      • have you check your anus? may be they are there.

  19. Shame on you. You ate in my house at the same time shit on my plate. Go lick the UMNO butt for better taste. people like you like to kiss UMNO ass holes and oh! of course you need money to maintain your ever hungry stomach and so you would make up more lies to feed you hunger.

    Bye fatso

  20. Did you read Petra’s latest article explaining why he refuses to succumb to the kangaroo courts running to do UMNO’s bidding?

    Why not take his article apart step by logical step instead of merely declaring that you prefer to believe Rosmah rather than Petra?

    BTW, from what I have seen, Petra’s articles may be anti-UMNO but are not anti-Malay or anti-Islam. And his supporters are not just Chinese but a wide cross section of multi-racial Malaysians including a large number of educated and open-minded Malays. This is not a race issue.

    Unfortunately, UMNO writers have the tendency to twist everything into race/religion issues. Why not be truthful and see the issues for what they really are?

    • Anyone who believed fat mama must be very “bright” indeed or hand greased with $$$$$.

      We belong to the not so bright majority.

    • A coward’s ploy. Cowards die a thousand deaths. That was his seventh.

  21. How can you say RPK did not face the music? he was detained under isa. If you follow his court proceedings closely, the charges keep changing. When the police officer who charge RPK said he investigated the murder fully and said RPK lied, but when the police officer was called to compare his investigations with the accusations RPK make, The police officer suddenly say he only coordinate it, never really did the investigating. what a load of bull from the police officer. (Gan) Then they change the charges again saying as long as it is proven RPK wrote the accusations, he can be lock up in Jail. I wouldnt vote for any party that manipulate the court proceedings. From investigation become, you are 100% guilty. I thought the court have to accertain if a person is guilty or not through strong evidence. No evidence also guilty ah? Then i wonder you guilty for simply defaming RPK?

  22. Is that the best you can do on your riposte to RPK?

    Leaving PKR because of misspent money is hardly a blot on his character.

    Secondly, what makes the words of one person more trustworthy than the words of another. Social status? rank? education? or raw ambition? ambition that burns so hot that every and anyone is expendable including former spouses.

  23. […] Raja Petra that I know: A friend and cyber anarchist After reading this, I must admit some of what Raja Petra Kamaruddin said is true. He and his dotting wife Marina Lee […] […]

  24. Hey you,

    You’re so pathetic man,u eat up rakyat money just to be so-called UMNO blogger.I might not be knowing you and i dont care what status are you,but as a indipendent man,as a eligible next voter,i will ever not to vote for BN.You know why?because of people like you.

    You are the person that help Malaysia to be Zimbabwe in the making.Our laws,our economy,even our heritage is down to drain.Why?because there is exist people like you.

    Come on man,be prepared.Next GE,you and your BN-UMNO people will go down to the pitfall.and eat shit..

    • oooohhhhh

      i am so scared

      shiver shiver

      (like he’s the majority)

  25. “I shall leave the cyber citizens to judge for themselves, what sort of person Raja Petra really is in the blogosphere.”

    Pandangan saya terhadap YM RPK..

    1. Berbeza dgn pndapat umum pada pandangan saya RPK tidak menghina Islam, tapi menghina org Islam yg ckp tak serupa bikin lalu memberi nama buruk pada Islam.

    2. RPK juga bukanlah pro Cina ataupun pro Melayu mahupun pro India.RPK adalah anak bangsa Malaysia.

    3. Mmg duit penting bg RPK tp juga penting utk semua org. Tapi dia tidak menjual dirinya utk duit sepertimana 3 adun Perak yg diketahui umum.

    4. RPK tidak lari dr perbicaraan mahkamah sekiranya perbicaraan tersebut adil. RPK hanya menyedarkan kepada umum rakyat Malaysia mengenai ketidakupayaan mahkamah utk mengadili kesnya dgn saksama. Kalau saya pun tak nak pergi.

    5. Kenyataan RPK berhubung Najib-Rosmah-Altantuya selari dgn akhbar luar negara, Bar Council dan NGO NGO bebas. Tapi hanya RPK digelar penipu dan dituduh kuat berimaginasi.

    6. Saya juga berpandangan YM RPK lebih boleh dipercayai daripada penulis blog ini.

    Sekian terima kasih

    • RPK memang anti-Islam!!!!

      Aku pernah dengo sendiri dari mulut dia mengatakan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. sebenarnya seorang ‘lanun kabilah’ (caravan marauders) dan menyebarkan Islam secara melanun kabilah kabilah yang bergerak sepanjang semenanjung Arab (yg menghampiri Madinnah).

      Apabila kabilah ini mengelak Madinnah, maka masa itu ekonomi Madinnah menurun dan Nabi Muhammad menyerang Mekah.




  26. Sad. Thought that you were a good writer. Even pity you when your photo got published. Thanks for making me feel better by writing this article as I do not empathise with UMNO ball carriers.

    What a relief!

    Let the war of truth begins!

  27. Hey fatso…how much did u get paid for this article? U remind me of all other holier-than-thou assholes from BN who got fat sucking on what belongs to the rakyat. We have another one here…no surprise…no surprise. Careful mate…the change is imminent and when that happens,ass-lickers like you will be the first to go…


    • and this is civilised debate???

  28. RPK has put his life and limb on line
    he is a great patroit who defends the truth
    no matter what his adversaries say about him
    in the end the truth will prevail

    • people seems to be forgot that RPK is pure TALK but no evidence…

  29. typical UMNO ball carrier. UMNO blogger. Come GE13, people like you will be out of a job. Better start slimming down.

    • Don’t be too overconfident Opposition will win the 3rd GE. We still have the majority support. Anwar is too Nutty to be a PM. He is not good enough for that.

  30. You called him a gentleman, citing the instances he showered you with hospitality. In the same breathe, you called him an anarchist, but said nothing to back this claim. Am I missing something in here?

  31. Question is who do you trust? Rosmah or RPK? Even though I have lived in Aust for the past 23 years, the word is that you would not want to deal with Rosmah in any type of deals!!

  32. OKLah..

    I agree YM RPK has his points and guns and you have yours too. Not everyone is perfect. all have their own flaws..

    In my opinion, nothing RPK did has drop the dignity of the malays, chinese or the indians. He is just relating his factual minds and so I believe the other bloggers do.

    So where do we go from here?

    At least put in some good course the both of you. If you wanna lead the society and community, do something positive. Nothing +ve done lah…

    No point calling ppl names and etc after free makan…..just shut the F*** up and lets move fwd from here. I would dare say due to the last 3 yrs of political drama, Malaysian of all sorts, Malays, Chinese and Indians dan lain2 are behind 30 yrs now where economic and social life is concerned. Even Vietnam is doing better.

    Lets move on. Lead the way if you can.

  33. why are you guys attacking him personally?
    If he wrote something that you do not agree on, then of coz you guys have the right to talk about it.
    But why call him all sort of names?
    I believe in RPK and do not agree in many of the matters written above but everyone has a right to express their view…
    And really shame on you people for name calling!!! i so sad that our malaysians have become like this…

    Is being obese a crime?

    • 110% behind you, Puvan my man.

      go ahead fellas, call him (BD) a lapdog, a liar etc if you dont agree with whats written. but throwing insults against his physical built is a real low blow la guys.

  34. What goes around, comes around, that is the universal law of karma.

    I will definately out-lived you, thus will have the opportunity to know the truth as to what all these spinnings are all about.

    Let’s order more munchies !!!!

  35. It is not a secret that certain blogs are funded by NGOs abroad. Please don’t make it sound as if it’s such a sinister thing to have blogs funded by NGOs abroad. Do you think a blog like Malaysia Today with it’s huge viewership cost peanuts to run? You have to be deluded to think so. Yes, he is being funded by NGOs but so are many others I assure you. There are much less smaller and insignificant blogs funded by these NGOs and they tie in in efforts promoting freedom.

    I seriously don’t know what you are insinuating except that you are against the promotion of freedom. If that is the case then, I have to say you are a sad slab of repressive meat.

    • I am concerned about blogs, politicians and “independent” media which are funded by foreign NGOs.

      Sure, we have our own internal political issues which we must deal with a Malaysians but there also are foreign imperialist interests which try to exploit our internal problems to advance their own geo-strategic interests and these foreign imperialist interests fund NGOs under the guise of support for “democracy,” “human righs,” “press freedom,” “transparency” and so on.

      One of the funders of “independent” media is the Media Development Loan Fund http://www.mdlf.org. Go take a look at who funds the MDLF and you will find several governmental agencies funding this so-called “non-governmental” organisation which provides funds to “independent” media, much like how venture capitalists fund startup companies.

      One of its sources of funding also is George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

      The NGO-funded colour coded revolutions in places such as the Ukraine have brought misery to their people.

      I’ve also never been comfortable with Anwar Ibrahim’s friendship with the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, a major architect of the war on Iraq.

      All this is part of the globalists’ geo-strategic game, which in most extreme cases in military invasion.

      I’m also wary of the long term economic effects on Malaysian of Najib’s seemingly attractive “liberalisation” strategy, which could turn out rather unattractive for all Malaysians in the longer term.

  36. Hey Big DOGGIE ! pls. dont try to be dodgy.
    You are truly “AMAZING” So ! How much are you paid for your labour of PROPING up the UNPROPABLE?
    Did DSAI spite you ? Why use the kind of words you use to describe him.
    SOROS, erap Huh? Hmmmmmmm Whatelse,whoelse
    Sincerely, i advice you to consult a VERY good doctor for your mental aliment.
    Regards always

    • Now, who is the one need to see a doctor? I think you need a help and not RPK. Also who is the drama king not Anwar but YOU, dear.

  37. You are sucking UMNO’s balls .You are being paid by Rosmah and Najib just like Saifool .Dont even dream that we Malaysians will hate Pete.RPK in a unique muslim. If you dare come and stand in front of me .I will vomit on your face.You son of bastard.

    • a clear sample of frustrated people incapable of intelligent debate

  38. Hey bro, you are trying to brainwash us. Oh No, No, No. We will stand firm with RPK always. You can write whatever you please. We will not buy your story, sorry!!!. Hidup RPK and Marina!!!.

  39. you know…initially I didn’t know what to make of RPK’s post.

    He was accusing people of stuff that has of course not been publicy published in tabloids.

    But after reading yours and Rocky’s responses I can confidently say that I trust RPK more and more.
    You and Rocky are both employing defensive and deflective arguments and you don’t seem dissapointed or betrayed. Instead the emotion you potray is anger, fear and shame , stooping low to character assasinate and lie.

    Yes you are lying, and we know it. As I said, either you are dumb or your supporters are. Its just so blatantly obvious to me that you don’t even believe what you wrote yourself.

    Hope you take a real hard look at yourself and eventually feel as much disgust for yourself as the rakyat does towards you.

    • I second your view. What amazed me more is that with today’s information technology advancement and people’s educational level, we can still find bloggers/writers publishing “tahi lembu” on the web and expect readers to swallow them dry. Shocking.

      • this is neutral?? sheesh

  40. RPK made a SD.. ’nuff said

    • … and Saiful also made is “SD”. How about that?? Thinking of having a Gay PM?


  41. Hey fatso,
    Your story is just SHIT! UMNO paid you for this? We all know Raja Petra and he is a man with dignity and lots of brains unlike you. Your brains is in your stomach.

  42. RPK is 100 times the man you will ever be lah. Pls grow up BDD.

  43. hi UMNO dog

    think you are well-fed by UMNO master. i wonder why police is not locking you up when you write seditiously. only one reason, UMNO blogger endorsed by UMNO and police. no case, the more seditious the better.

  44. ‘As the lady of the manor said it to me in my face, “Petra came here and asked me for money!”. ‘

    .. are u kidding me?

    ‘I am also sure that Raja Petra did not come to ask for donations. It was most probably, an extortion!”

    ..If RPK is truly evil, he be paying you for this article.

  45. 1. Lay off Big Dog’s weight problem. If he wants to be a fat p*g its his choice.

    2. In 2009 Umno is not Malaysia and they are running scared. They should be. See what’s happening to Toyo. We’ll even former PMs will not be spared come 2013. Repent cause the end is nigh.

    3. Anybody who believes an umno$ man is deluded.

    4. RPK is a true patriot and is a much loved and respected Muslim. He has never put down Islam.


      MY FOOT!

      For the longest time, he insults Islam!

      He calls Nabi Muhammad a ‘caravan marauder’ & spread Islam via caravan piracy!

      And he believed Muhammad attacked Mecca becoz Medina’s economy went down, becoz of caravan avoiding the route & there was a long dry spell, so crops were bad.

      RPK IS A MENACE!!!!!

  46. By reading the title, I thought that you had good intentions to set the record straight. But calling RPK all sorts of names without substantiating it, I just cannot believe your story, esp. after you call RPK friend. You and Rocky are such good spinners. It may work in the MSM, but on the internet, you have to do better than this.

  47. Bro touch ur tiny tiny heart that u have and you will know the truth ……..u know wo is telling he truth ? who is writing the truth and who is being paid to write crap ? even is he is being funded we believe him who has brains and not balls in his head no how to differentiate between truth and false !!

  48. please try again to convince me to believe you. you failed big time at the moment

  49. RPK writes & tell us to judge for ourselves.
    That’s fair….!!!

    You write & tell us to judge for ourselves.
    That’s fair also…….!!!!

    Whoever is “lying” we will judge for ourselves.

    We are as educated as you.

    Thank you………………………………

  50. “my parents raised me not to defy traditions, heritage and protocol, even to our ‘enemy’.”

    Hei Anjing Besar,
    your parents didn’t teach you that in wayang kulit characters, the hero is always slender and gentle and the bad guy is always fat and ugly. Guess who is fat and ugly?

    Kurang ajar punya anjing!!

    • another example of a low life thug…

  51. LMAO!

    You said “On the story about him meeting Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in the Najibs’ residence in Taman Duta, it was quite the contrary. As the lady of the manor said it to me in my face, “Petra came here and asked me for money!”. I am very confident my ears have not failed me yet, especially when I just turned forty then. I am also sure that Raja Petra did not come to ask for donations. It was most probably, an extortion!”

    So you heard one side of the story and decide that it was the truth? Boy, aren’t you a bit gullible? Why is it that she is telling you the truth and not Pete? What evidence do you have? Aren’t you a bit quick to point your fat finger at someone who was polite and accommodating to you?

    What a hypocrite are you as well. You said RPK is after money. Who is the one thrown inside the Kamunting detention centre and who is the one sitting down comfortably at his sofa writing shit-stirring articles like these? Who has his house ransacked numerous times by the police and had to spend his money hiring lawyers to defend himself, and who is being paid by UMNO? We all know la…

  52. I dont mean to sound offensive about your rotten spin and disappointment in not being able to instill doubt and hatred in your readers on yang mulia RPK.
    Repent! doggie be a good muslim you ought to be, not a SPIN PROSTITUTE as you are.
    So ! Really ! Is it worth the HARAM money you are being paid to discredit RPK. No effect on me, sorry.
    The house must cost at least cost 2.5 to 4M ,can you show how you can afford it legally. Oh ! Harta PUSAKA ye ?
    Cant you earn your money in a Halal way or is beyond your skill.
    You have written very badly about people who oppose the BN.
    Repent dear big doggie, So must Rocky.
    Ah ! Rocky ! A DROPOUT from MSM,blames AAB and KJ for his failure, Blew the compensation from the “VSS”
    And oh not to forget how generous our rocky is these days. Bought 10 books @25 each and presented to 10 persons . How touching !
    Illgotten gains i presume.
    Guys ! You do your thing LET RPK do his. No need to smear tar on someone who outshines you both put collectively. Or better still, take a long break from blogging and let your overheated tiny brains cool off.
    We still remain friends ehh doggie.
    Ps. Dont tar me please. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh What a guy

  53. “”I shall leave the cyber citizens to judge for themselves, what sort of person Raja Petra really is in the blogosphere””. bigdog.
    I a cyber citizen hereby find you BIG DOG guilty of hatred,gossip,heresay,solicting as a Spin prostitute.
    I find that the defendant Yang maha mulia RPK NOT GUILTY. COSTS: The use of private “assets” till completion of sentence.

    • and you proved yourself to be one frustrated fella

      who is really good at cursing

      BTW any intelligent content here?

  54. How many billions of doggie bones are Rosmak and Najis or UMNOPutras paying you? If RPK will hush up I am sure they would make him a rich man too. Some people don’t live by money alone. They rather be thrown to prison than sell their souls to the evil corrupt UMNO.

    • hey man

      speak for yourself

      do not speak on behalf of the rakyat

  55. The “fatso”, as some of you called him was only telling what he ‘personally’ heard. You don’t need a Statutory Declaration to tell the world what others have told you.

    The BigDog is only playing the RPK’s game. If you guys hate what the “fatso” is doing and at the same time is thrilled to the core at the same thing RPK is doing, then isn’t that a contradiction?

  56. Hah, so you are BigDog. Nice to read your view on another person, blogger or not.

    You kinda mentioned a lot about being ‘paid’ by one party or another for blogging. Is it really true that good bloggers get paid? All this while i tot it was a free thing. I know mine is. Maybe I’m not a good blogger.

    Anyway, I’m not a big fan of this Raja guy, nor u. I just visit once a while when I’m not working my ass off. I’ve come to conclude that the whole political industry in Malaysia is really about a lot of scandals and lies so I view it more like a ‘drama’.

    Just sad that sometimes people get killed in the process. I personally dont think Malaysia will change much, with you, or raja, or rocky. To me, u guys just another channel i tune in to watch when i’m bored.

    I think you write quite well though, maybe should publish a book since you ‘know’ people from the government. Must be a lot of spicy stories to tell, like how Tom Clancy somehow ‘knows’ all these secret stuff about american covert operations.

    Anyways, happy blogging, hope you make more money. And this raja guy too ;p

  57. Sure RPK is pro-chinese. He likes chinese so much he reminded them it’s May 13 today.

    Grow the hell up, seriously.

    • his wife is a chinese, dude

  58. Big Dog,

    My big question mark is ‘what motivates Raja Petra?’. Money? It takes big money to run his website M2Day – at least RM20,000 a month.

    He is a bankrupt? If so where does he get the money to run the website? Where does the RM20,000 come from? It cannot be his own money. Does anyone know where the money comes from?

    You suggest that it comes from Germany. There is some history to this. When ‘Benan’ (the Cambridge guy who died recently of kidney failure) was a student in Cambridge in late 90s, he was an Anwarista.

    Among the things that Benan did was help set up the various pro Anwar Reformasi websites. People who knew Benan in Cambridge say that he used to travel a lot to Germany and received funding from Germany to help set up the Reformasi websites. So Germany is a source of funds for Reformasi.

    Soros may operate out of Germany too.

    Benan was well known to Raja Petra Kamaruddin. The book “Khairy Chronicles” was actually written by Benan. Benan and Khairy were contemporaries in Cambridge but Benan came to hate Khairy. When Benan died, Raja Petra attended his funeral.

    Before Benan died, he was also seen in Ku Li’s camp. Strange.

    The other theory is that maybe without realising it, Raja Petra works for Tun Dr Mahathir through Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. Raja Petra says that he provided full coverage to Dr Mahathir in his website. Big Dog I can see you scratching your head but read this:

    Raka Petra’s good friend is DAP Bala, a fat Indian guy ex TNB contractor who lives in Bangsar. Bala is supposed to be a 100% Anwar Ibrahim supporter. He can call Anwar, Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah’s handphone anytime. DAP Bala was PKR’s point man in Lembah Pantai.

    But DAP Bala is also closely known to Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. They go back a long way. When Anwar was ‘implicated’ in a recent ‘salah laku’ event someone had to know Anwar’s daily routine. Guess who that person was?

    There is more to Raja Petra than meets the eye. When he was sent to Sungei Buloh jail he refused to even meet his wife for three days. Is that really possible? Will someone even refuse to meet his wife.

    Then he went on a hunger strike in Sungai Buloh jail. But when he came out, he did not look ‘hungry’ at all. Was that a debriefing session inside the Sungei Buloh prison?

    Who pays for Raja Petra’s website? RM20,000 a month is a lot of money for a bankrupt with no visible source of income. Can Raja Petra declare his assets?

    More importantly, no matter who pays for his website, who is Raja Petra really working for? or Anwar? For Dr mahathir? For Sanusi ? For Ku Li?

    Is he a double or triple agent?

    • he could be the next JK Rowling

      • Laksa,

        Forget it lah!

        These ppl already blinkered. They think RPK is demi-God or something!!!!

        Biasalah. Org ada akal tapi kurang iman. Sama macam RPK juga. Bila kurang iman, hati mudah kena selaput dgn pengaruh syaitan, yg sentiasa membuat org buruk sangka & sangsi. Makin lama, buruk sangka & sangsi ini jadi pegangan.


        Yes, RPK lives a lavish lifestyle, for a bankrupt. He used to own 2 Harleys. Yes, I believe Malaysia Today cost a lot to maintain. Esp the kind of traffic they got.

        Nice views on RPK though. Got me thiking hard, that RPK goes a long way………(to prove a point that he is a REAL CYBER-ANARCHISTS/TERRORISTS!)

      • Such a popular site and only 3 guys defending the big guy. Come out, come out, show some support to the big guy lah.

  59. ure a fat bastard…..ugly one too

  60. What is wrong with you guys? He is entitle to his own opinion, just because you don’t agree with him doesn’t mean you can give him names like a bunch of primary school kids.

  61. From what i ve read you seriously need an image advisor,no offence boy.

  62. Joe Black Said:

    “Hi BigDog,

    With the Latest High Court Decision…..


    Big Dog Said:

    ” No

    This 63rd anniversary posting was published without taking the High Court case at all. It is about UMNO as an organisation and nothing about the case.

    If your attempt is to spite, we are afraid it does not work.”


    I am glad that you see it that way as you now know how it feels to be on the receiving end of the Spiteful Comments you are making against all those people you spite.

    Really BigDog, you should try to either Sembahyang and bertahlil more often or take up Buddhism. Stop Treating UMNO as a Religion….
    You’ll find that you will not only become a better person but your weight will also go down.

    Just trying to help….

  63. Between you and RPK, HONESTLY, I trust RPK.

  64. Between YOU and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, HONESTLY, I trust AAB, eventhough he is the most Malaysia’s worse Prime Minister!!

  65. For those UMNO rivals out there have you found out how The Bullshit Anwar Ibrahim became TPM by sidelined Tun Ghaffar with and why Tun Mahathir kick Anwar’s butt in 1997 after Tun Mahathir himself brought him up personally. There must be THE WORST of Anwar that his butt lickers close both eyes. If you have not found out the reason why please do because this is not bed-time stories to be told from ears to ears. For the MELAYU TAK SEDAR DIRI just remember that before your parents make you, UMNO has been feeding your great,great grand parents until you came out of the CUNTtry. MAY GOD BLESS UMNO FOREVER

  66. We support anyone is an enemy of UMNO regardless whether it’s a monkey, donkey or what!!!

    Anything/anyone is better than UMNO.

  67. If only the majority of you guys dissect the points made by the blogger and engage in true form of debate… BD already lined up his reasons whether right or wrong. Just do likewise lar!

    Instead, suruh taubat, calling others dumb, kurang ajar.


    setakat itu kemampuan nak berdebat, nak buat camnkan?

  68. […] bills in London? There have been too much speculations on fugitive-blogger Raja Petra “Cyber-Anarchist” Kamaruddin’s where abouts, since he fled the country eight months ago. Currently, he is […]

  69. […] Raja Petra is a very good liar. […]

  70. […] “dibeli” oleh kerajaan melalui pembayaran, manakala, ada yang rasa bahawa Raja Petra tengah memeras ugut kerajaan dengan meminta duit. Ada juga yang berkata bahawa dia telah membuat perjanjian dengan kerajaan supaya dapat pulang ke […]

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