Raja Petra the compulsive liar

I find it very interesting, yet intriguing how Raja Petra could continuously lie. It seems that he has no decency of making things up, just so that he could look good amongst his avid readers.

I am baffled how Raja Petra could lie about who my neighbours are. The truth is that, I live in a matured Petaling Jaya suburban. My immediate next door neighbour is a former MARA Director. The other neighbour whom I share a common fence is a retired MP. Next to the retired MP’s house is a sixty plus year old retired Deputy Chief Secretary. Next to hers, is a retired Assistant Governor of Bank Negara. Next to the retired MARA Director, is a retired Accountant General’s senior director. Next to that is a retired General Practitioner. Immediate next is the widow of an ex-Malaysian Institute of Accountants Exco. Next to that, a very experienced underwriter of a foreign insurance firm. In front of my house is a retired senior MARDI researcher. Somewhere on the block, is a serving MIDA Director. 90% of the occupants in my neighbourhood are of Chinese ethnic origin, including a CEO of a securities firm and CEO of a GLC. To the best of my knowledge, there is no personnel of the Police Force in my neighbourhood.

My neighbourhood are houses at least 32 years old, with freehold titles. It is unlike Raja Petra’s 12-13 years old neighbourhood, which a fairly new development. Since this was a typical Petaling Jaya development of the mid 70s, most of the people who live in this neighbourhood are first-hand owners and have now retired.  I don’t think there are many homeowners are in my age group or serving civil servants (which include Special Branch officers) in this neighbourhood. In fact, I don’t think Raja Petra exactly knows where I live. I never invite bloggers to my home.

So, how could he claim that a senior Special Branch officer is my neighbour?

His statutory declaration alleging Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and two Army officers, is actually a public document. It is a document to state one’s claim and  not  OSA is nature. The moment a Commissioner of Oath with Kuala Lumpur High Court admit the SD, it is a public document. The truth is that, it was e mailed to me by someone whom Raja Petra trusted and personally gave him a copy of the document. That is something, I can prove.

When the SD was published in the blogs, which caught him really by surprise. He intended to use the SD for something ‘big and planned’. When it was produced in public domain earlier than his plan, it somewhat disrupted his plan.

I am amazed of his ability to make up stories, to justify himself. What intrigue me more is some gullible alternative media addicts actually believe him.

Back to the Special Branch officer who Raja Petra alleged passed me his SD, who is supposed to be my neighbour. For a Police officer to afford to live in my neighbourhood, he must be a very high ranking officer. At least a Deputy Director, which should be a Deputy Commissioner rank. So who is the high ranking Special Branch officer, who is my neighbour? Lets be fair and give Ungku the leeway; who might the high ranking Special Branch officer be, who is even in my neighbourhood?

Now, I dare Raja Petra to reveal the name of the Special Branch officer, who passed me his SD alleging Datin Seri Rosmah and two other Army officers of witnessing the murder or destruction of the remains of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu and is supposed to be my neighbour. Raja Petra have exposed names in Malaysia Today before, so this would not be any different.

Failing which, either proves the point of him being a compulsive liar or he would make up more excuses to ‘cover for’ the lies, one after another, habitually.

From where I am standing, Raja Petra is an incurable habitual liar, just like one of my commenter said. He needs to continue to lie, to ensure that his previous lies are continuously believable by gullible alternative media addicts. Then again, he is just practicing William Shakespeare’s “The bigger the lie is, the more people will believe in it”. This is an art of techno-propaganda, some must have skill set of cyber-anarchist.

Raja Petra told me a lot of himself, these past three years. Now, I am beginning to doubt of there is any shred of truth in any of those, especially I now realized that his ability to lie. I am now beginning to think, his life (as he told me) was a sordid figment of his own wild imaginations.

* Updated Friday, 15 May 2009 1400hrs

Raja Petra’s compulsion to lie, is perpetual. In his latest posting, “Open letter to the Minister of Information, Communications and Culture, Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim”, he alleged that I called him on 5 September 2008 that the Special Branch would arrest him.

The truth is that, I have not called or spoken to Raja Petra for a long time. Even at the time when he was picked up for investigation for seditions, I already no longer have his phone number.

On top of that, it was a very busy that Friday. In fact, I was busy the whole week. As a Head of Business Development and Marketing (who is also Head of Corporate Communications) of a financial services firm, I had few important proposals to deliver within the month. By end of office day that Friday, I was already on the way to Alor Setar, braving the torrential rain, during fasting time. I would not have time to talk to bloggers, especially people like Raja Petra.

Why would the Special Branch tell me information that Raja Petra is on the arrest list? Especially they know that I am a blogger as well. In fact, on the day Raja Petra was arrested, I was in Singapore on official business. By the time the Sin Chew Jit Poh journalist was arrested in Penang, I was on the way to Changi International, to catch a flight back homw. Then I checked in and switched off my phone. When I arrived in KLIA, it was Maghrib. So I did my prayers first. By the time I switched my phone on, which right after iftar (since it was Ramadhan), there had been at least 22 missed calls. Most of it from journalists I know. Then one call came through. Rumour has it, the Police was looking for me, after Raja Petra and the Sin Chew journalist. Then more calls come in, asking me whether I am alright or already under Police custody.

By the time DAP Seputeh MP Theresa Kok was picked up, there exist a strong rumour about “a list of 12 bloggers wanted  in by the Special Branch, for investigations”. And BigDog was on that list!

How could I be a Special Branch informant, if I am also a ‘target’, on the same ‘list’ as Raja Petra? Shouldn’t the Special Branch be ‘taking care’ of their informants, especially those who are ‘important enough to be passed a copy of an SD alleging the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister and two serving army Col.s in association of a murder of a foreign national”, instead of hunting them down and hauling them up?

So, Ungku, I dare you again:

1. Name the Special Branch officer who is supposed to be my neighbour and passed me a copy of your SD alleging Datin Seri Rosmah and two army officers in the association of the murder of  Mongolian national Altantuyaa Shaariibuu

2. Please provide proof that I called you on 5 September 2008 and your allegations that I warned you that you would be picked up by the Special Branch, under the Internal Security Act.


Hitler’s Nazi Chief of Propanganda Joseph Goebbels once said “If you lie and continue to lie, it will become the ”truth’ “.

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