Raja Petra’s compulsion to perpetually lie

Raja Petra’s compulsion to lie, is perpetual. In his latest posting, “Open letter to the Minister of Information, Communications and Culture, Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim”, he alleged that I called him on 5 September 2008 that the Special Branch would arrest him.

Raja Petra & Mukhriz

The truth is that, I have not called or spoken to Raja Petra for a very long time. Even at the time when he was picked up for investigation for seditions, which was in May, I was already no longer having the possesion of  his phone number. Most probably, the last time I spoke to him was at the All Blogs do, sometime early July at the Bloghouse.

On top of that, I was busy that Friday. In fact, I was busy the whole week. As a Head of Department in a financial services firm, I had a few of very important proposals to deliver within the month (since early October would be Hari Raya week and the whole month of October and November, many decision makers would be busy with their own thingy). Then again there is the Q4 business plan that must be done in a two weeks time. By end of office day that Friday, I was already on the way to Alor Setar, braving the torrential rain, during fasting time. I would not have time to talk to bloggers, especially people like Raja Petra.

Why would the Special Branch tells me information that Raja Petra is on any arrest list? Especially they know that I am a blogger as well and amongst the bloggosphere fratenity, Raja Petra is a friend and I have been seen with him in public, several times.

In fact, on the day Raja Petra was arrested, I was in Johor Bahru and Singapore for official company  business. By the time the Sin Chew Jit Poh lady was arrested in Penang, I was on the way to Changi International, to catch a flight back. Then I checked in and switched off my phone. When I arrived in KLIA, it was Maghrib. So I did my prayers first. By the time I switched my phone on, which right after iftar, there had been at least 22 missed calls. Most of them from journalists I know. Then one call came through moments after I got both phones on. Rumour has it, the Police was looking for me, after Raja Petra and the Sin Chew journalist. Then more calls coming in, asking me whether I am alright or already under Police custody.

By the time DAP Seputeh MP YB Theresa Kok was picked up, there exist a strong rumour about “a list of 12 bloggers wanted  in by the Special Branch, for investigations”. And BigDog was on that list!

Many mainstream and alternative media journalists knew of this so-called ‘list’ and called me the whole of the Friday night and early Saturday morning. They were very concerned and on top of wanting the latest news on who had been picked up by the Police, after Raja Petra, the Sin Chew lady and Theresa Kok.

How could I be a Special Branch informant, if I am also a ‘target’, on the same ‘list’ as Raja Petra? Shouldn’t the Special Branch be ‘taking care’ of their informants especially those “important enough to be passed a copy of an SD alleging the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister and two serving army Col.s in association of a murder of a foreign national”, instead hunting them down and hauling them up?

So, Ungku, I dare you again:

1. Name the Special Branch officer who is supposed to be my neighbour and passed me a copy of your SD alleging Datin Seri Rosmah and two army officers in the association of the murder of  Mongolian national Altantuyaa Shaariibuu

2. Please provide proof that I called you on 5 September 2008 and your allegations that I warned you that you would be picked up by the Special Branch, under the Internal Security Act.


Hitler’s Nazi Chief of Propanganda Joseph Goebbels once said “If you lie and continue to lie, it will become the ”truth’ “. Most likely, this is something that Raja Petra managed to achieve, with his gullible Malaysia Today conspiracy addicts.

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  1. Since you have been asking Anwar to swear on ” Koran” why not you do it on this “Liar Thing” first.

    Let see whether RPK will follow so.

  2. Raja Petra should do it first. He alleged. Just like Saiful Bukhary. He alleged and went to swear by the Quran, in front of an imam, in a mosque.

    BTW, most of the Non Muslims and some Muslims don’t give a bloody toss on this ‘swear by the Quran’ thingy. So why bother, in the first place?

    Tell you what. Please encourage Raja Petra to show up in court and face the judge and furnish the name of the ‘Special Branch officer who is supposed to be my neighbour and passed me the SD’, FIRST!

    Do first things, first.

  3. Dunno but easy for me to decide.

    From what you wrote above and from what RPK wrote, so clear that you are the one that is lying.

    • this one is an omnipotent witness, jury and judge of a kangaroo court

  4. All I can say is there is 2 possible scenarios here:

    a)RPK has compulsively been lying and you have called him out and caught him on it. Problem with this is, if he has been lying about everything and not just you, why has he not been called out by anyone else yet?

    b)You really did call RPK and warn him…You really did receive the SD. And now, RPK has, as everyone keeps asking him to do, revealed his sources which include you, you are shitting in your pants scared that people will come after you demanding to know why you revealed the stuff to him, so you try to cover up by making allegations in your blog that he is lying and asking him to prove himself, while you yourself have not proved anything, other than your mere words which hold no more strength than RPK’s would

    • “why has he not been called out by anyone else yet?”

      gosh, have you been reading just two blogs??

      and you have presented your verdict

      how blind can blind loyalty be?

      my humble conclusion is that RPK is shitting in his pants laughing so hard at how GULLIBLE his followers are – incapable of reasoning but loyal to the core (like a pet)

      • I meant called out by people he has revealed to be his sources directly, not by random bloggers. Why did people he mentioned as his sources for the SD; John Pang, Kuli, the Lt.Kol, Din Merican all not come out and deny?

    • Ko kata BigDog bohong, sebab tak buktikan apa apa.

      Tapi, apa yang RPK buktikan????

      Kenapa RPK tak dikira sebagai PEMBOHONG????

      Setau aku, ikuti 2-3 posting ni, BigDog hanya react saja atas PEMBOHONGAN YANG RPK MULAKAN!

      RPK yang mula tuduh itu, ini (tanpa bagi apa apa bukti!), sebagai deflection yg sebenarnya dia terkantul & BACUL, PENAKUT & BANJINGAN YG LARI SEBAGAI ORG YG DIBURU!!!!!

      Anwarista ni BANGGANG NAK MAMPUS!

      • Kalau aku tidak salah, RPK ada juga bagi tahu ‘sources’nya untuk SD yang terkenal itu. Satu scenario yang telah juga John Pang dan Ku Li menyatakan mereka juga ada dengar tentang.

        Saya tidak menyuruh BIg DOT memberi bukti dan bukan RPK. Saya hanya menanya, jika RPK kena bagi bukti untuk certianya, bukankah Big Dog juga perlu bagi bukti? Mereka berdua perlu bagi bukti

  5. Hello biggie,
    I dont give a hoot whether RPK or even you had lie (because the rakyat did not elect you as their rep) but I am really pissed if the elected MP, ADUN and especially PM ( current or former) continously lie to the people, all in the name of democracy…. my foot !!!

    Stop these bickerings and get our priority right, please !!!

    • hello smallie


      this one has the emperor of china blood running in is veins

      yes your highness

      • Because asking someone to do what is RIGHT is demanding too much of anyone from UMNO, am I correct?

    • ‘All in the name of democracy… my foot’

      Actually it is POWER-cracy. That’s what UMNO practices.

  6. Yada Yada

    By sheer association with Anwar, a partyless leader of an unregistered coalition, a convicted power abuser, a sodomite

    a frog culture promoter, a 916 mega-event advertiser ala david copperfield,

    RPK is guilty by sheer association

    in addition, he eleviates chin peng to a hero (which is perfect BS to REAL historians), his SD is based on hearsay

    best of all, he RAN away, afraid to face the music

    oh yeah, the courts here can’t be trusted to give him a fair trial

    let’s not forget the under a tree fiasco, the lie-down on the road demo, the stoning of the royal car, the stand on table antics and the accidental porn star

    • Hey,

      Nice one!

      You missed out Return of the Sodomiser!

      Come July, the drama continues…..

    • You just have to be a muslim… You have gone straight to the man, hit him below the belt and accused him of a whole lot of personal ‘failings’

      If you must criticise, and it seems that muslims must, then why not criticise him for what he stands for

      To do otherwise is cowardly… but then that goes without saying

  7. Tuan Big Guy,


    Kaki putar!

    Kaki pembohong!




    Aku harap polis gunakan interpol utk tangkap BANJINGAN KOMINIS MALAYSIA MODEN INI!

    • “Aku harap polis gunakan interpol utk tangkap BANJINGAN KOMINIS ‘MALAYSIA’ MODEN INI!”

      wow! at least u admit RPK is one of Malaysian… but UMNO are BAJINGAN KOMUNIS ‘MELAYU’ MODEN.. better get your head ahead.. and repent you fools.

      n does not matter if RPK is lying.. his words just keeps us aware of other corruptions happening in Malaysia.. the more he says.. the more UMNO shows… and the more we see for ourselves.. thats why I respect RPK..

  8. “By the time DAP Seputeh MP YB Theresa Kok was picked up, there exist a strong rumour about “a list of 12 bloggers wanted in by the Special Branch, for investigations”. And BigDog was on that list!

    Many mainstream and alternative media journalists knew of this so-called ‘list’ and called me the whole of the Friday night and early Saturday morning. They were very concerned and on top of wanting the latest news on who had been picked up by the Police, after Raja Petra, the Sin Chew lady and Theresa Kok.

    How could I be a Special Branch informant, if I am also a ‘target’, on the same ‘list’ as Raja Petra?”

    So that is your justification…

    Yet you are protected because you are an UMNO goon…

    • yeah man

      better an UMNO goon than a devoid-of-all-senses retarded PR follower

      lacking intellectual debate, their method is to belittle others, call names, threaten and curse

      pathetic isn’t it

      notice their common instinct – RUN AWAY

      anwar ran to turkish embassy
      bala with SD vanish into thin air
      the hindraf fella self-exile

      and your HERO majesty also self-exile

      • Dear Ray,

        I love your flair with words. When exactly didd UMNO engage in intellectual debate is what I need to ask? Andd when did they not call others names and belittle them

      • I completely agree with you

  9. Heard from very reliable source inside PM office that Hassan Merican was told by Najib few days ago to appoint Syed Hamid as new Petronas Chairman. Hassan informed Najib he could not work with Syed Hamid and that he would rather relinquish his President post and become Chairman. Hassan suggested making Amir Azizan (the late Tan Sri Azizan’s son now CEO of MISC) President to replace him since Hassan owes the late Azizan for bringing him into Petronas as the youngest VP when he was 36 in 1989. Najib said he wanted Hassan to remain President as he was doing an excllent job but wanted to enforce check and balance by bringing in an outsider as Chairman. Hassan refused and told Najib that if he brings in an outside Chairman, he would resign as President and if Petronas’ performance deteriorates, Najib would be held responsible to the Malaysian public…and that Najib would have to think very carefully about this given the next General Elections. Hassan told Najib that he must consult Tun Mahathir before making any decision on his position since Mahathir is Adviser to Petronas. Who is really in control of Petronas…Hassan Merican or Mahathir? Perhaps it is high time that Petronas becomes accountable to the Rakyat via Parliament, and not to a powerful warlord or a former PM.

  10. Hitler’s Nazi Chief of Propanganda Joseph Goebbels once said “If you lie and continue to lie, it will become the ”truth’

    So true Najib…so true zamri…ssoooooo true The M

  11. Tuan BigDog,

    Aku baru dapat msg dari The Star sms alert:

    “Raja Azman, 32, son of Raja Petra pleaded guilty to 4 charges of stealing motorbikes, house break-ins and possession of stolen goods”

    Soalan aku:

    1. Apakah benar bidalan “Bapak borek, anak rintik”?

    2. Mungkinkah, benar bidalan “Mana kuah tumpah kalau tidak ke nasi”?

    Aku rasa, benar bidalan Melayu, “BERCAKAP BOHONG, LAMA LAMA MENCURI”!!!!!

    • u sure like to read lotsa BIDALAN… how about you try reading the al-Qur’an and Hadith?

      at least his son admit his wrong doing… try asking your son if he ever stole anything.. i bet he says ‘NO’.. what a good boy he is..!

      “those sins which are punished here in this world will not be punished in Hell.. ”

      think. if u’re punished til u die here, u die once meaning u only can be hurt once… but if u’re being punished in Hell.. u cannot die..

  12. it doesnt matter who lied about what…

    RPK to many malaysian has more credibility because time and time again the government has done well by making a full of themselve esp using the excuse of the whole ISA.

    but let me ask you this? saiful supposedly got bummed by anwar but why is that he does not appear before the court?

    giving by this example. people can make their judgment on who is right?

  13. Hi Bigdog,

    You got to see and lear from this new TV series, “Lie To Me”!!Watching that you pick up little lessons on how to spot a lie when someone says it. Of course, there its when someone is speaking the lie. Conscious of that, reading through your post, the unnecessary chatter that you bring out only strongly suggests you are trying so hard for us to believe what you are saying. But you see, even you don’t seem to be believing in what you want to say.

    • Sir, that is quite an astute and apt observation.
      A liar never quite believe his own lies, though he tries very hard to hook wink others.

  14. Teruskan perjuanganmu RPK, kalau orang menuduh kamu penipu, mereka yang menuduh kamu adalah lebih teruk dari kau.

    Hidup RPK, jasa mu di kenang oleh rakyat yang mahu keadilan di tegakkan di bumi yang di cintai ini.

  15. Hey Lap Dog,

    Since you claim yourself as a Big Dog (more like a big fat lap dog of UmNo), why don’t you reveal your real name like RPK on this website?

    You have no ball to reveal yourself and you are not fit to be a respected blogger (anyway this is another paid lap dog of UmNo).

    Which financial firm are you with? CIMB? MayBank? ECM Libra? Don’t bullshit all the time. You are a hopeless person hiding behind to attach RPK. You have no ball and you are hopeless. Why don’t you jump out from your 14th floor to commit suicide for your hopeless future?

  16. Hey lancau fat so, the difference between u n rpk, he wears his solat maghrib on his integrity and no kow tau to acts of mungkar by your other lAncau friends like mukhriz, najib, rosmah , musa Hassan gani patail etc.
    U and these fasik Muslims wear your Islam for the whe to shit on. With fulus , you put your Islamic teaching at your backside. Pukimak kau lah. Fasik !

  17. Police are not that dumb

    What police will do they will arrest the informer together with the the informer’s list. To the public and the informer,s list taken into custody will not know that among them there is a informer (hantu).

    • Not only the police will arrest the informer together with the the informer’s list, sometimes they even beat the shit out of the informer, so as to “Boost” the informer’s “credibility”in the eyes of unsuspecting ppl….

  18. Methinks thou does protest too much……………..

  19. sudah laaa..RPK has got proofs on this matter.
    he always have the proofs

  20. the reason that we support anwar is because he is inspiring more than anyone else.

    tun razak is a great leader. but najib is not even a quarter of his late father.

  21. One of the things that intrigues me about malays is their readiness to accuse other people of the sins that they themselves are so often guilty of.

    I guess that’s because if you are a liar you automatically assume everyone else is a liar

  22. u want raja petra to show proof of his allegations?

    lol lol lol lol

    LMAO… Raja pertra… proving his allegations? hahahahahhahaha wakakakkakakak…. proof…. hahahahah

    petra? proof? hahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahah

    aduh lawak lawak!!!!!!SOOOOOOO FUNNY LEIIIII

  23. Please proofread your writing. Sometimes simpler verbs work better. Plenty of grammatical errors. Sorry, I couldn’t ignore them.

    Grammar Nazi

  24. This issue of who is a liar is actually quite simple. It does not take a rocket scientist nor a lie machine detector. It has been use for centuries by any court of law by judges.

    Two parties. One is a liar. RPK or BD.com?

    One word against another. Don’t need proof. What is needed is credibility, mate. Judge for your self.

  25. Irfan, you’re the man..still in US ke?

  26. Why is there a need to reveal and enter into a debate as who is a lier ?

    Afterall, those that lie will eventually be detected as they will try to cover their lies with another layer and finally a hole will be seen and thus the lie(s) exposed.

    As regards informers, the police will take in informers as well just to show that the suspected informer’s identity will not be revealed. This is the case of Uthayakumar of Hindraf fame who was taken as an ISA detainee and finally release after a certain time.

    But look, where is Utayakumar now ? He is now fighting the PR government and sleeping with the BN leaders. Time will tell and it is already telling.

  27. Hi Everybody…… did u all see the movie ” Blood everywhere ” ? This how UMBE operates……., no want beats me……if not u face or eat my S..t.

  28. 10 lies to cover 1 lie. Thats what my school teacher of old told me, never lie.

    See, it took the Lap Dogs 10 pages to cover his blatant lie. He could have just said, ” I did not call RPK”, FULL STOP, but instead he went rambling…… justification x 10…. ????

  29. Your website readership down? Trying to shore interest?
    ??? come on man, there are other better ways ! use your brains…

  30. correction: ” Trying to shore UP interest?”

  31. Many Umnoputras & lap-dogs called RPK as coward after he ran away. But RPK is smarter than these idiots think, why should he fall into the Umno’s END GAME by facing the Umno appointed Kangaroo Court?


  32. I hate people who either way accept bribery or gain benefits from a certain party thus become the party’s lap dog. haha

  33. Lol you sound like someone who tries to be smart but probably just escaped from the farm not too long ago. Zzz

  34. ho hum ..

  35. Why don’t you quit calling people a liar and prove to us that you are not a liar? RPK have been furnishing us much information and all came out to be true. So calling him a perpetual liar will not bite.

  36. […] fact still remain; Raja Petra is a ‘Compulsive Liar’ and techno-anarchist, playing the role of disstabilizating the confidence and faith of educated, […]

  37. […] Ibrahim is behind this ‘assassination against Najib’  and this the first time the Compulsive Liar is admitting that in […]

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