Omar Ong continued to be bashed in bloggosphere

Ethos Consulting Supremo Omar Ong is being bantered again in the blogosphere. This time, it is about a strong rumour that he would be or want to be appointed as Petronas director.

Omar Ong, once closely linked to the much talked about ‘Level Four Boys’, was bashed by bloggers, which include Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. As far back as 2006, someone posted how Omar was ‘linked’ to former abuse-of-power convict Anwar Ibrahim. It was not a much of a surprise because of his close association with then Deputy Chief of Staff in PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s private office, Khairy Jamaluddin. Khairy, was said to have the desire to be the Malaysian Prime Minister by the age of forty. Omar and Khairy shared the same alma matta, Oxford University and both read philosophy, politics and conomics.

Not too long ago, Another Brick in the Wall warned about Omar ‘weaving’ his way into Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’ private office. Slightly earlier than that, A Voice commented and dissected clinically on Omar’s and Rohanna’s statements (what he calls “nauseating!”) on The Edge’s 13 October 2008 write up of “Tapping private equity amid credit crunch”. Earlier in the month, A Voice dared Omar to publicly disavow his relationship with Khairy.  A few days earlier, A Voice 1429H Hari Raya Aidil Fitri’s ‘gift’ for Omar, “If Pak Lah is leaving, why is a ‘Level Four Boys’ still in command?”.

We are not sure how reliable this rumour about Omar’s ascension on the nation’s most prized vehicle, which provided taxes and dividends for the Government’s coffer in size more than majority of the under developed nations’ annual GDP, on behalf of the rakyat. But for A Voice to be consistent about his warnings, much like scandals he uncovered like Sime Darby taking over IJN, AirAsia’s LCCT, ECM Libra –Avenue merger, Malaysia Airlines’ inner workings of the new management and others, are developments worth to be watched.

As the say in Malay, Kalau tiada beruk, masakan pohon bergoyang. Regardless if A Voice’s expose’ is wholesomely true, partially true or otherwise, the other pertinent issue here is, ‘perception’. Perception is very important nowadays, especially when the rakyat demand more transparency on Government’s spending. As 55% of the Federal Government income comes from Petronas, it is important that its directors are of selfless (non opportunistic) character.

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  1. Sedarlah Petronas & Maybank..

    Omar Ong the winners, Melayu loser
    corrupted keri=dolah=Nuar VS corrupted govt.

    Lama2 fortune 500 keluarkan korang dari senarai

  2. Omar Ong existence/ survival depends on the fate of the present UMNO Youth Head. To squeeze Omar Ong, you have to squeeze KJ out of UMNO politics. To kill the vicious snake, you have to cut its head. KICK KJ NOW otherwise UMNO will continue to rot. Check with Malaysiakini portal, why should KJ’s black face continue to appear if not to enhance the people’s hatred for him? Now the same portal have put on MB Zambry’s face as though they respect
    him; what a shame the hatred politics of the Opposition!

  3. Bro BigDog

    Up till now, RPK tak dapat menjawab cabaran saudara… Nampak gaya.. RPK memang kaki fitnah dan penipu terhebat dunia.

  4. Quote:
    Up till now, RPK tak dapat menjawab cabaran saudara… Nampak gaya.. RPK memang kaki fitnah dan penipu terhebat dunia.

    too right!

  5. Please introduce me to Omar.
    I will like to work under him.
    I heard KJ and Omar are one of the smartest brains in Malaysia.
    Tak rugi kalau belajar dengan depa.
    Ipun memang minat dengan lelaki pandai and hebat.

  6. Ahhhhh BigDog,

    The Chicken has come to Roost!!

  7. susah lah kalau pm najib pun guna OO dan other from tingkat 4. Hilang lah nanti kepercayaan rakyat. petronas tu kita kena jaga. jangan ada pengarah yang dilantik kerajaan dari kumpulan penyagak.

  8. BigDog and Others,

    Don’t Insult the PM by suggesting that he is incapable of deciding who he wants as Director of PETRONAS. PETRONAS needs new blood as there has been too much inbreeding which can lead to staying too much in the Box…The organization is now too globalised and need globalised members at Board Level…

    • What makes you think that the current and future leaders within PETRONAS are not globalised enough? With an impressive record every damn year penetrating into the global oil & gas market, they are still not good? Wake up, PETRONAS has their own set of future leaders being groomed and they don’t need outsiders to ‘open’ their minds. Omar Ong is not fit for the job and you know it; no oil & gas company in Malaysia or in this world would accept him in their board, so why force him through still?

      PS: You are from PETRONAS too, right? Only PETRONAS people spell the company’s name in full capital letters.

  9. Bro Big Dog,

    I thought Omar Ong is already gone with the 4th floor boys,surprising he is still alive and moving into very important organisation.

    Can somebody verify this story please ! otherwise we are back to square one.

  10. Raja Petra’s son pleads guilty to stealing, possessing stolen goods

    SHAH ALAM, May 19 — A 32-year-old son of blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin pleaded guilty in the Magistrate’s Court here today to four counts of stealing and possessing stolen goods, worth RM17,870.

    On the first count, Raja Azman Raja Petra, 32, from Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh near here, was charged with stealing a black Yamaha RXZ, registration number BJQ 9597 belonging to a production operator, Mohd Syaiful Setapa, 24, at No. 65, Jalan Batas 2, 19/6B, Section 19 here at about 9.30am last March 20.

    The second charge was for breaking into Mohd Syaiful’s house and stealing the victim’s wallet, which contained his identity card, RM20, road tax, Maybank and BSN ATM cards, and driving licence at the same address, time and date.

    On the third count, Raja Azman was charged with stealing a Nokia handphone, a Seiko watch and a motorcycle chain, all worth RM3,850, belonging to a student, Saipul Adli Mohamed Yunus, 21, at house No. 16, Jalan Sastera, U2/1K Section U2 here at about 10am on April 24.

    Raja Azman, who was arrested on May 6, was also charged with possessing a stolen motorcycle, worth RM6,000, belonging to student Ahmad Firdaus Jalaluddin, 23, infront of house No. 3, First Floor, Block 1, Apartment Kinrara Court, Puchong near here at about 10.40pm last May 5.

    Magistrate Norkamilah Aziz set bail at RM10,500 in one surety for all the charges and fixed June 19 for sentencing.

    Deputy public prosecutor Siti Syakimah Ibrahim prosecuted while Raja Azman was unrepresented. — Bernama

    • Haiya

      Don’t hit on the man for his son’s deed la…!

  11. Dog Yo,

    My stint with Petronas provided me with the opportunity to know Omar. To be fair, workwise, he’s not that bad; smart and dependable. However, Petronas has already got better and suitable candidates to replace Hassan Merican, whom I think the best GLC CEO by a long stretch, whenever he decides to retire. That person can either be Wan Zul or Arif Mahmood, good engineers with shrewd biz acumen. Until then, let Hassan continues doing his good work.

    MR. Consultant

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  13. BigDog,

    Why you worry? Dr M is Penasihat PETRONAS……

  14. Elok gak mintak pandangan Dato’ Rastam Hadi & veteran2 Petronas yang lain. Nyesal dulu pendapatan, nyesal kemudian, apo dapet…

  15. […] Omar Ong as a member of Petronas board of director (BOD) recently drew so much attention, here in bloggosphere, and now to people in the capital market and media. It was said that the appointment will take […]

  16. Well done Omar !!!

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