PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah is out and yet its still ‘The Year of the Fox’

More on the far reaching tentacles of ‘Level Four Boys’, despite PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi no longer in office. As many as relieved that these thirty-something-lack-of-macro-management-text-bookworms no longer can ‘influence’ the direction, policies and implementation processes, which also include public perception of the current sixth Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s administration.

It seems that Fox Communications Sdn. Bhd., who was retained as the PR and media consultants for much of Khazanah Holdings Bhd. prized steeds which include the economic corridors, Sime Darby and even the Royal Malaysian Police. They are is also being ‘retained’ by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) for a handsome fee of RM 40,000.00 monthly. Brenden Perreira, a former bureau Chief for Singapore Straits Times in Kuala Lumpur, turned Editor of NST and a partner-in-crime to much loathed spinmaestro Kalimullah “Riong Kali” Hassan, is the personality behind Fox Communications.

Perreira was said to have attended strategic EPU meetings where classified materials are presented and discussed. Conveniently, some of these issues and information mysteriously appeared Malaysian Insider and there onwards, reported in the media conglomerate Singapore Press Straits Times.

Perreira and Riong Kali are also thought to be the key players behind online newspaper Malaysian Insider. How two individuals could ‘damage’ so much of public perception on the Federal Government and Leadership is beyond comprehension and baffling. Some believe that they are implementing an ulterior agenda of a so-called ‘friendly’ neighbour. Malaysian Insider is truly a virtual media with serious ‘inside information’!

One the most recent Malaysian Insider reporting, which suspiciously has a tangy tinge of being seditious, is portraying the appointment of former Cabinet Minister Dato’ Ong Ka Chuan as Malaysian Ambassador to Beijing as being ‘controversial’.

These are the very issues that Malaysians to be worrisome about. Considering that Riong Kali ‘failed’ security vetting the week he was appointed Press Secretary to then Deputy Prime Minister En. Ghaffar Baba more that 20 years ago, for being “closely associated to Singapore”.

It is time to serious get rid of these ‘Level Four Boys’, once and for all, from any form of hand in any part of the Government. Malaysia has some serious business of nation building to do and these ‘Level Four Boys’, with their personal agenda, is making the process counter productive.

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  1. while not gloating over the ‘coup’ on level 4, I must impress upon u that ur ‘expose’ would mean nothing without proof. Can u state when Brendan actually sat in the EPU meetings? If u cant do this, sad to say u are no better than RPK…

  2. gasper,
    why so defensive la. If you read MI, its always ‘highly placed’ goverment sources or what not. Apa salah big dog ckp, dia pun ada ‘highly placed’ source jugak. Admit it la, MI sudah crossed the line. Terima aje la akibatnya

  3. I am so happy the 4th level boys make it. Hope more of them gets appointed to even higher and more strategic govt positions in this shit Barisan Najis Govt.

  4. Could it be that they were retained because they performed well?

    • NO lah!!because the C4 report is still in the hands Ex-Sleeping PM and his SIL.

  5. Bozo. What type of connections you have with the power that be? If possible I also want to be in the ‘level 4’ league. Seems that a lot of things comes to you and MI apart from RPK. Btw you kerja ka? Just because TDM is angry with them, doesn’t mean we have to follow suit. Just like what TDM said..I tak marah pun when Keating called me je lebih…

  6. BigDog,

    Don’t you know that our PM no longer has Razak Baginda? He needs the 4th Floor Boys….To Advise Him on Nation Building…
    Surely you can’t expect him to seek the advise from the likes of you and the other Chaprasss…

  7. Its simple Nor Mohd Yackoob is now in the EPU so…..,, action shifts there…,,

  8. Hello BD, Saw this in Rocky Bru. What’s your take?

    Hidup Khairy Jamaluddin! Pepatah berjuang sampai mati memang tepat buat sdr…Pantang Maut Sebelum Ajal! Nasib sdr KJ memang baik dan cita2 sdr untuk menjadi PM sebelum umur 40 kemungkinan besar adalah amat cerah kerana dibantu Datuk Najib Razak sendiri.
    Kalau Strategis Media sdr Rasyid Yusof gagal mendapat tempat dalam pentadbiran Tan Sr Mahyidin Yasin, Penasihat Media sdr Zainul Aripin telahpun diberikan peranan amat penting dan besar dalam NSTP – jaga BH, NST dan Harian Metro! Di tambah dengan jaringan media baru NSTLive! Sudah pasti sdr KJ akan berjaya dalam mengejar cita2nya.
    Sdr tidak perlu bersedih keatas apa yang terjadi kepada Mat Rasyid kerana dia kini boleh bergandingan dengan Zainul untuk rancang penampilan politik jangkapanjang sdr.
    Orang NSTP kata kombinasi Zainul dan Mat Rasyid akan ‘kencing Mat Talib’ yang dianggap tidak cerdik dan mudah dipermainkan oleh Zainul!
    Tanniah sekali lagi KJ! Kali dan Brendan memang cerdik dan yang rugi dan kena tipu ialah Najib kerana tidak siasat latarbelakang orang KJ dengan mendalam sehingga berjaya mendapat menembusi pentadbiran Najib dengan amat mudah. Sebagai ketua, Najib tidak boleh salahkan orang lain jika tersilap langkah!


    • It is so convoluted like a Twisting Boa Cosntrictor that it will eventually kill UMNO.

      Whatever happened to KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid!)

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