Raja Petra techno-cyber-terrorism has gone far too much!

Raja Petra  Kamaruddin went way too far across the line. This time, he promoted the exposure of a blogger, former journalist Rusdi Mustapha, who was alleged to be another blogger. Despite not having a formal ‘code of conducts’ for bloggers, this act of exposing a blogger and damning the privacy of his family is really low.


Previously, Raja Petra has been proven to be a cyber anarchist armed for a wicked agenda laced with malice as a blogger. Then, as an incurable compulsive liar. Now, he is helping the promotion to drag the innocence of a blogger’s family private life into the public domain, with a tinge of soaring hatred to a man and his family and inevitably, not only violating the privacy of his family but endangering them. Especially, it is time and again proven amongst some of the morbid supporters of Pakatan Rakyat have the tendency to resort to brutal tactics and barbarism of their brand of politics and craving for power.

We are not sure what Rusdi or any of his family members did to the supporters of former power-abuse-convict Anwar Ibrahim or the Drama King himself. However, it is alleged that he is another critical anti Opposition blogger. If anyone were to go through Rusdi’s blog, Seri Menanti, it is all about his endeavour as a private citizen and his family enjoying the nature and beauty of what this great nation has to offer. From the SOPO perspective, Seri Menanti is a very dull blog!

Rusdi did nothing to Raja Petra or other bloggers like Sakmongkol or Din Marican. Infact, when Raja Petra’s son was convicted for several counts of thefts, Rusdi did not raise the matter and kept on blogging on his private moments with his family and his proud kampung and Minangkabau heritage. Neither did Pasquale, nor pro right wing bloggers like us here at BigDogDotCom, Another Brick in the Wall or Outsyed the Box. In Din Marican’s case, his (new) family is neither free from scandals. It would be a ugly thing in the bloggosphere if pro-UMNO bloggers retaliate and deploy to the same brutal Anwarista bloggers tactics.

We totally agree with Rusdi. If these promoters and supporters of newly acquired fashion cyber anarchism in Malaysia wants bloggers like Pasquale, then they should go after Pasquale. We are not sure how Rusdi could actually be linked to Pasquale.

What has been demonstrated here is a serious precedence. Previously, bloggers sternly criticize the Government for intending to ‘punish errant’ bloggers. Today, we see how bloggers ‘punish’ innocent bloggers and damn their family into dangerous territories. Some really gullible-freaked-out-Opposition-promoted-radicalism alternative addicts’ ability to defy even the Constitution for their crave of political power, could simply do very nasty things to a blogger’s family just about anywhere. These people already illustrated how they could ‘prostitute’ their loyalty to the Monarchs as long as their political agenda is met and otherwise, they incite the rakyat to do the most unConstitutional things. Suddenly, these totally innocent people got themselves exposed to threats against their right as a citizen and person, by people who ‘subjected their judgment’ based on writings which cyber anarchists like Raja Petra promoted

This is far too much! Bloggers are behaving far worse than the people they criticize; the politicians. At least, politicians don’t submit their ‘targets’ families in their character assassination. In fact, politicians who turned bloggers constantly remind bloggers to behave themselves. This is typical behaviour of people who arrogantly defend the ‘brutality’ of Opposition politicians and their unprincipled struggle to power; soaring hatred and wedging the harmony which was painfully put in place for the betterment of this tanahair.

This new but rapidly growing culture of blogosphere-cannablism is then armageddon of the much potential to be the ‘check and balance’ of Malaysian politics, the alternative media, especially after the wake of the very sick tactics of ‘obliterating the family’ on top of their actual intended mark.

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