Raja Petra techno-cyber-terrorism has gone far too much!

Raja Petra  Kamaruddin went way too far across the line. This time, he promoted the exposure of a blogger, former journalist Rusdi Mustapha, who was alleged to be another blogger. Despite not having a formal ‘code of conducts’ for bloggers, this act of exposing a blogger and damning the privacy of his family is really low.


Previously, Raja Petra has been proven to be a cyber anarchist armed for a wicked agenda laced with malice as a blogger. Then, as an incurable compulsive liar. Now, he is helping the promotion to drag the innocence of a blogger’s family private life into the public domain, with a tinge of soaring hatred to a man and his family and inevitably, not only violating the privacy of his family but endangering them. Especially, it is time and again proven amongst some of the morbid supporters of Pakatan Rakyat have the tendency to resort to brutal tactics and barbarism of their brand of politics and craving for power.

We are not sure what Rusdi or any of his family members did to the supporters of former power-abuse-convict Anwar Ibrahim or the Drama King himself. However, it is alleged that he is another critical anti Opposition blogger. If anyone were to go through Rusdi’s blog, Seri Menanti, it is all about his endeavour as a private citizen and his family enjoying the nature and beauty of what this great nation has to offer. From the SOPO perspective, Seri Menanti is a very dull blog!

Rusdi did nothing to Raja Petra or other bloggers like Sakmongkol or Din Marican. Infact, when Raja Petra’s son was convicted for several counts of thefts, Rusdi did not raise the matter and kept on blogging on his private moments with his family and his proud kampung and Minangkabau heritage. Neither did Pasquale, nor pro right wing bloggers like us here at BigDogDotCom, Another Brick in the Wall or Outsyed the Box. In Din Marican’s case, his (new) family is neither free from scandals. It would be a ugly thing in the bloggosphere if pro-UMNO bloggers retaliate and deploy to the same brutal Anwarista bloggers tactics.

We totally agree with Rusdi. If these promoters and supporters of newly acquired fashion cyber anarchism in Malaysia wants bloggers like Pasquale, then they should go after Pasquale. We are not sure how Rusdi could actually be linked to Pasquale.

What has been demonstrated here is a serious precedence. Previously, bloggers sternly criticize the Government for intending to ‘punish errant’ bloggers. Today, we see how bloggers ‘punish’ innocent bloggers and damn their family into dangerous territories. Some really gullible-freaked-out-Opposition-promoted-radicalism alternative addicts’ ability to defy even the Constitution for their crave of political power, could simply do very nasty things to a blogger’s family just about anywhere. These people already illustrated how they could ‘prostitute’ their loyalty to the Monarchs as long as their political agenda is met and otherwise, they incite the rakyat to do the most unConstitutional things. Suddenly, these totally innocent people got themselves exposed to threats against their right as a citizen and person, by people who ‘subjected their judgment’ based on writings which cyber anarchists like Raja Petra promoted

This is far too much! Bloggers are behaving far worse than the people they criticize; the politicians. At least, politicians don’t submit their ‘targets’ families in their character assassination. In fact, politicians who turned bloggers constantly remind bloggers to behave themselves. This is typical behaviour of people who arrogantly defend the ‘brutality’ of Opposition politicians and their unprincipled struggle to power; soaring hatred and wedging the harmony which was painfully put in place for the betterment of this tanahair.

This new but rapidly growing culture of blogosphere-cannablism is then armageddon of the much potential to be the ‘check and balance’ of Malaysian politics, the alternative media, especially after the wake of the very sick tactics of ‘obliterating the family’ on top of their actual intended mark.

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  1. Of course Khairy&RajaPetra&Kalimullah&LeeKuanYew knows the real identity of all anon bloggers. There’s an X-Factor that they control that allows them to dig on everyone.

    What is that X-Factor? Go Figure… FUCK, Khairy is reading what I write as I post this…..

    • May God pardon you and place you among those He blessed (if you’re a Muslim} for the 4 letters word you had used. There are many other words that you could used to expressed your anger yet you chose that word which made you think you’re great!

  2. I’m kinda lost here…It wasn;t RPK who ‘exposed’ him but another blogger instead who did so. RPK just has a link of that blogger’s blog, something which he has for almost all bloggers. I personally have clicked on Rocky and BigDog’s blog through links on RPK’s website. Thus, it seems like he links every article to promote fairness, so that the readers definitely get easy access to all views not just his own.

    While I admit, that with this informal code, RPK should be more discretionary and not link that blogger, should BigDog not be more critical of the actual blogger who went after Rusdi Mustapha and his family and not RPK. If you do want to twist this around, as all bloggeres seem to love too do and use it in some funny way to attack RPK, by all means go ahead. But should you also not be critical of the actual author? Or else your attack seems pretty bias and baseless

  3. Damn this animal Raja Petra aka Pet with no balls that used his cyber troopers to attack other bloggers. We you damn really have a ball (not balls), come back to Malaysia, and we know who is “Anak Jantan”. Damn this guy. Kecik-kecik tak nak mampus, sudah besar menyusahkan orang. Forgive my language, Big Brother.

    • It takes one to recognise another Bro,

    • Actually this RPK has nothing that he want to be proud of himself. He is poor in everything and to make himself famous he started writing nonsense with sponsored expenses. Now he is in UK enjoying his sponsored exile. Those who sponsor him are not rich too if not from the money pouring in from the Jews in US & UK into PKR leader’s account. Anwar is holding many top posts in those countries and earning millions and that is why PKR can survive otherwise he has to sell his and male members BACKSITES to earn and survive.

  4. Shar 101 also resorted to putting up pictures of Parpukari.

    Parpukari can be quite a pain in the ass with his vocabulary.

    For RPK, Din Merican, Sakmongkol and Shar to resort to getting personal, malu lah veteran blogger or orang pandai2.

    Are we in absence of subjects to shoot that we end up using other bloggers as subject for shooting?

    Ignore sajalah all this.

    Biggie, I think you too should ignore saja lah.

    It would not do good for the reputation of RPK to blog such stuff.

  5. I donno what these people are doing exposing other people’s confidential info.

    I know that RPK is also bisexual as he consistently YM with my friend talking as* and co** and when to meet up, top / bottom stuff but i wont expose him here. I don’t think we should do that.

    Apa la RPK. Dude, he should be more careful. People can expose him for who he really is..If people wanna fight fire with fire, i think they can and they can dig deep and dude, Marina won’t like it.

  6. Blogs nowadays have turned into a warzone. The alternative side tends to sow the seeds of hatred, intimidation and seek only affirmation. When criticised, they rise like thugs against the critics.

    I feel that Barisan Nasional is still better than a party headed by a leader who was once jailed 6 years for corruption and with a pack who act like hooligans with blooming petals of hatred, intimidation and defamation.

    When someone blogs and criticises Pakatan Rakyat’s policies, these bloggers will be called lapdogs, cronies, fools and all kinds of profanities and foul words that you can imagine.

    The trend these days is that whoever speaks against Pakatan leaders or policies, they are to be intimidated, ridiculed and name callings as part of the script.

    If this continues in the free and least regulated blogopshere, one can imagine what will happen if Pakatan Rakyat leaders become our Federal Government and their supporters come out in droves daily to support them.

    If we say the Police and the current Government leaders are abusing their powers and depriving Malaysians of their basic rights and freedom, can you imagine what Malaysia will become under Pakatan just by reading the comments posted by their supporters in blogs?

    Will Malaysia evolve into a street mob State and will the essence of basic rights and freedom flourish under Pakatan Rakyat and the troops of supporters that they command ?

    I am very worried about the future of Malaysia for one day if we allow this “bulldozing” mentality to govern our country, this mentality will be imparted in the minds of every Malaysian.

    Maybe 1Malaysia can offer free tutorials to Pakatan Rakyat on the 8 Values of 1 Malaysia.

    • Looking from the outside I think you chose to turn
      a blind eye to your Police biasness which is so
      glaring. Think about it mate.

      • Is everything rosy down under?

  7. Eh BigDog,

    You sudah Nyayok Ke?

    Semua Orang sudah tahu about Rusdi Mustapha long time Ago since Dato’ Sak exposed him as the Really Bad Mouth Blogger that he is!! Have you even gone to his site and read his really moronic language??

    RPK have really got to you this time that you have lost all sense of Direction!!!

    Better Stop before you go Crazy!!

    Joe Black

    • Does because Dato’ Sak say Pasquale = Rusdi, it does not mean it is so. We have no way of telling who Pasquale really is.

      • unless those Parti Kelentong Rakyat goons have the service of the CIA he he he then sure can detect one

  8. I would like to sincerely apologise to Rusdi Mustapha for his family’s photograph appearing in Malaysia Today. I agree with Big Dog and the other Umno Bloggers that it was not right to drag the family into whatever political differences we may have.

    I had in fact written some weeks ago that I received an e-mail that ‘advised’ me to look after my daughter and to make sure that nothing happens to her rather than focusing on exposing the wrongdoings of the country’s leaders.

    I had also written that my son was beaten up and asked to confess to all sorts of crimes. While I did admit that he is a not a good boy and has got himself into all sorts of trouble for more than ten years, I can accept him being punished for what he did but not for what he did not do.

    Was it a coincidence that my son’s predicament got onto the front pages of the mainstream media and primetime TV news? I would rather believe not and that is was a deliberate move to embarrass the family, which actually succeeded if that was the motive.

    Anyway, that is politics and I suppose all is fair in love and war, even targeting the family. Nevertheless, I agree with Rusdi and the Umno Bloggers and will ensure that Malaysia Today leaves the family out of the political war currently raging in the country. And I, again, apologise to Rusdi. I hope he will accept my apology in the spirit it is given.

    • Pesanan orang tua saya, jangan sekali memburukkan dan menghina orang lain, silap2 anak cucu kita dihina orang lain kelak dengan lebih dasyat..

    • Tuan RPK

      Mungkin inilah balasannya kepada orang yang suka mengadu-domba sesama manusia.

      Bersabar dengan dugaan yang diberi dan cubalah bermuhasabah diri.

      Hidup ini pentas untuk seketika sahaja.

  9. The man has already apologied, move on Big Guy

    • If you call that posting asa an apology than my kinder garden daughter can write an apology better

      • Yeah

        Character assasination = LONG posting

        Apology = puny tiny few words

  10. Kita bukan menghina Raja Petra tapi Raja Petra yang menghina pemimpin kita. Kalau tak bersalah kenapa takut lari sampai keluar negeri. Sebenarnya generasi baru banyak yang tak tahu sejarah. Anda kenal Hishamudin Rais? Kuncu Anwar yang lari semasa Anwar kena ISA 1975. Pulang ke Malaysia semasa Anwar jadi TPM atas sokongan Mahathir sehingga Tun Ghaffar tersingkir. Tapi kerana tamak dan gelojoh Mahathir pecat semula. Genarasi sekarang mana tahu semua tu. Sampai Chin Peng, Kugan,Raja Petra dan Hindraf dia kata HERO. Guna AKAL jangan guna OTAK sebab BINATANG pun ada OTAK tapi tak de AKAL. Pada mereka yang kata hidup kat Malaysia ni susah balek lah negeri masing-masing ikut warna kulit. Peguam Hindraf kalau kat negeri dia jadi apa agak nya. Jadi bersyukur lah. Tinggal kat US pun susah. Jangan burukkan orang lain bukan pesan orang tua tapi dah memang ajaran Islam. Orang baik tak masuk penjara yang jahat aje masuk! Itu pun susah nak fikir guna AKAL ke. Bapak kita pun kalau kita buat salah dia marah takkan nak timang pulak. Cuma generasi sekarang je yg manja mengada-ngada tahik kuda. Masa kecil hisap susu Lembu otak pun macam otak lembu. Maaf kenyataan. Terima kasih

  11. What standards? in blogsphere?

    Never heard of the saying “those who live by the sword shall die by the sword”

    Maybe that guy is the not guy he is supposed to be or that guy is really innocent but if he is not the guy who everyone now think he is the guy, I guess the guy really got nothing to fear.

    Though I don’t know the guy, if he comes out and confirm he is not the guy, I believe him, no question asked.
    Next topic please!

  12. RPK, first of all, you shouldn’t touch other people’s family! That is very absurd! About your son sir, believe me there was no conspiracy, from what i heard, he is what been claimed by the police!

    You should take care of your family first brader! If you cannot take care of them then please don’t destroy other people’s family, do you have any proof that Rusdi is Pasquale????

    Why main tembak only brader? Isn’t that a dangerous game? You are jeopardizing other people’s family just to satisfy your hunger for revenge!! is that ethical brader? You think just by apologizing things will turn normal?

    What if anything (god forbidden) happen to that family? At one time i have highly respected you till you sell your soul to the devil named Al juburi wal Liwati…then i hate you the most, because you know who Al juburi is!!

    Why you are so hypocrite brader? You did comment once about me, saying that I am the worst blogger UMNO had, it is fine with me, but you, yourself, are you the type of the blogger that other people can make as a good example???


  13. […] Raja Petra techno-cyber-terrorism has gone far too much! Raja Petra  Kamaruddin went way too far across the line. This time, he promoted the exposure of a blogger, former […] […]

  14. BigDog,

    Pasquale Said:

    “Rusdi Mustapha will also bring the matter to the Prime Minister for insinuating Rusdi Mustapha is a person of ill repute and to be associated with the PM. So you guys better do the right thing”

    The Cat is Out of the Bag!!!…

    How come Pasquale suddenly knows precisely what Rusdi Mustapha intends to do??

    • That’s why I said –

      “Maybe that guy is not the guy he is supposed to be or that guy is really innocent but if he is not the guy who everyone now think he is the guy, I guess the guy really got nothing to fear.”

      • Ahhhh

        So Pascquale is going to mengadu to PM that he, Rusdi has been mistreated by certain bloggers!!

  15. BD, did you not hit below the belt when your men made Jed Yoong’s life a living hell based upon an article she didn’t write?

    Take it easy man. People like Magpie/R.M., you, and the camel seller are on the side of the “guvrmint”. You guys have nothing to worry about. If you don’t like your glass panes being shattered, don’t toss stones firstplace at the neighbors.

  16. Bd one favour could you get someone to give that piece of shit called parpu kari some english lessons as whenever he comments you feel like puking.

    • Cik Mat,

      You don’t need to go any further…
      “Parpu Kari” in essence Means “Kari Basi”
      So…Little surprise that you feel like puking whenever you feed on his servings….

      • And yet both of you read it.

  17. Interesting post.

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  19. […] 2. The ‘anarchy’ facilitated by ‘intellectual discourse’ and intense techn0-cyber-anarchy […]

  20. Aku memang tak faham dgn apa yg berlaku sekarang.(1) Anwar kata semuanya konspirasi kerajaan ,tapi yang buat aduan adalah seorang individu biasa bukan menteri atau ahli politik. (2) Kenapa dilambat-lambatkan kes? Kalau tak bersalah selesaikan kes cepat-cepat, lepas tu semua org lupa. Tak perlu nak tukar itu ini, semuanya melambatkan saja. Kalau tak salah nak takut apa. Lagi pun yg jadi peguam Anwar bukan calang-calang orang,13 peguam handal-handal. Kalau org biasa mana mampu nak bayar 13 peguam. (3) Saiful dah bersumpah pegang Al-Quran dalam masjid lagi. Kalau Anwar pun buat perkara yg sama. aku rasa seluruh rakyat Malaysia akan berada di belakang beliau. Apa yg Saiful buat adalah menggadaikan maruah diri dan keluarga lebih-lebih lagi IBU AYAH dia untuk buktikan dia betul. Jadi anda yg bijak pandai tu ” LU FIKIR LAH SENDIRI!”

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