Ketuanan Rakyat cracking up: Strange bedfellows backstabbing each other

The Ketuanan Rakyat’s realistically ‘marriage of inconvenience’ is really cracking up. The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) new found strength as a ‘united front’, from an ‘unplanned’ victory of the 8 March 2008 12th General Elections, has deteriorated and now crumbling down.

Bernama has the latest from the DAP Chairman, Karpal Singh:

June 10, 2009 21:14 PM

Karpal Urges PAS To Reassess Its Position In Pact

KUALA LUMPUR, June 10 (Bernama) — DAP National Chairman Karpal Singh has asked PAS to reassess its position in the Opposition Pact following its intention to initiate unity talks with Umno.

Indicating the party has limits to its patience, Karpal Singh said, PAS should not push its agenda which adversely affected the pact.

“PAS embarking upon unity talks with Umno is a serious disservice to the sincerity expected of PAS as a component of the Opposition Pact,” he said in a statement, here Wednesday.

Karpal Singh said PAS should realise that it was not the dominant party in the pact as it had only 24 seats in Parliament compared to the 28 held by the DAP and 31 by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

He said, PAS should not outreach itself by making statements, particularly through its president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to initiate unity talks with Umno.

Karpal Singh also refuted Hadi’s statement that the DAP had agreed to unity talks with Umno as the latter had publicly stated.

“Hadi has chosen to mislead not only PAS members and leaders, but also the rakyat. Publicly committing deception on the people does not gain Hadi any brownie points,” he said.

On the open attack by PAS on Sisters-In-Islam (SIS), Karpal said, the action did not endear it to those who supported it in the March general election, neither did PAS’ insistence that female journalists covering its 55th Muktamar recently to be ‘properly’ dressed.

However the insistence by PAS leaders that Malaysia would be turned into an Islamic state if it came to power, was a flagrant and outrageous affront to the Federal Constitution which specifically proclaims Malaysia to be a secular state, with Islam as the official religion, said Karpal Singh.



The signs of the ‘hull cracking, flooding and eventually ship is sinking was apparent since the Perak Pakatan Rakyat political sideshow-circus-stunt, staged by DAP puppet MB Dato’ Seri Nizar Jamaluddin and choreographed by none other than former abuse-of-power convict Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim. As the DAP Chairman, Karpal already spoken against Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim, who is the defacto leader of the Oppositions.

The truth is that, the Oppositions never got it right. And probably the would not ever. It started when UMNO dissenters Semangat 46 teamed up with PAS to form Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah (APU), just before the 8th General Elections 1990. Then along with DAP and recently defected Sabah based PBS, they formed a loose co-operation Gagasan Rakyat.

Then it evolved into Barisan Alternatif. Post 8 March 2008 12 GE, it was Pakatan Rakyat. Conveniently, party-less defacto leader of the Oppositions Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim announced the ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ concept on 14 April 2008 rally in Sultan Sulaiman Club padang and later vowed PR will take over the reign of Federal Government power by 16 September 2008. Despite very adamant 31 BN MPs will cross over and give the ‘loose co-operation’ much needed power base to take over the Dewan Rakyat and turn the administration over, only Sabah based SAPP left the BN.

For DAP Chairman Karpal to issue a statement like that, it shows how PR leaders conveniently ‘forgotten’ their own path of success. Maybe PAS is not the leading partner in the strange-bedfellows partnership of PR today. However, PAS gained so much support from the rakyat that after the 10 GE in November 1999, Dato’ Hj Hadi Awang was actually the Opposition Leader in Dewan Rakyat. Much of PR’s success on the 8 March 2008 12 GE was because of PAS’s success to promote the Malays, especially in the hinterland, to vote for PR canidates.

In states like Perak, Penang and Selangor, it was PAS’s ability to get the majority Malays to trounce BN, which made PR candidates won in previously non-Malay BN safe areas. Traditionally, DAP were unable to unseat BN candidates in these areas because of the Malay majority strength all out for BN. PAS managed to turn that table around in the 12 GE. As a result of that, PKR benefitted immensely and that is the real reason why Wan Azizah, then Anwar “Technically-acquitted-sodomite” Ibrahim is the Opposition Leader and not someone from DAP. Having a Malay Opposition leader actually fortify PR’s position towards the next GE as the Malays are still the mainstay of votes everytime an election looms.

Now that DAP is comfortable managing the second richest state in the nation and PAS already entrenched in two Malay hinterlands, for all intend and purpose, the PR could already dis-exist. At least, not until the next GE. Each parties now already got more than what they planned. For PAS to trump their chest wanting more is antagonising the ‘relationship’ that was based on distrusts, right from the start. Even amongst the leaders themselves, there exists backstabbing elements based on distrust.

PR can never work and the partners get their act together. The reason is pure and simple: each party has different idealism and agenda and all these agendas contradict each other, in principle, aspiration and above all, practice. It is like sleeping on the same pillow, having different dreams and to make it worse, a serious distrust amongst the strange bedfellows. The recently concluded PAS annual general assembly and consequence is a clear illustration of these distrusts amongst strange bedfellows.

Bad enough these people cannot work together because of different aspirations, policies, agendas and way of doing things. Despite having control of 5 + 1 states, the rakyat seen very little progress on the promises PR made pre-8 March 2008. What is most baffling, Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim ambitiously announced his plan to take over the Federal Government, slightly over a month after the unprecendented Opposition win on the 12 GE.

Unlike Perikatan, then Barisan Nasional, association within PR is not about serving the rakyat and managing the country. All PR leaders are interested is gaining power, in what ever fashion they could get and hold on to it. PR is all about wanting to push their separate agenda through and hold as long as they can, hoping that it will buy enough time and space to gain a little more the next time around. That is the clear reason why within the first 12 months of forming Government in five states, they co-operation is cracking up. Perikatan never had this problem when they started of, over 50 years ago. BN only saw these ‘disintegeration’, only in the complications of Sabah and Sarawak politics in the 80s and 90s.

Its time to wake up and smell the roses and real brewed coffee. PR could prep the rakyat for much longed idealism. In reality, they simply cannot deliver, because of all the emotionally induced wrong reasons why the rakyat untrusted them with the mandate in the first place. Lamer excuses after already lame exucses and diversions, Anwar “Liar, Liar” Ibrahim and PR have yet to deliver their promises and the rakyat, who gave these opportunists the mandate should realistically really re-consider their stance. Malaysia’s resources gravely needed to be galvanised in these trying times and to play politics on the PR’s tempo and ever changing ‘goal posts’, is something the rakyat and this tanahair could ever afford.

Its time for a change. Its time for Berani Berubah!

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  1. The best thing PR did was to threaten BN into self-reflection mode.

    The loss of the two-third majority managed to get BN to listen to unhappy voices. They need to troubleshoot, dissect and probe into the reason for this result.

    Hopefully this is happening and BN will emerge stronger.

  2. I hope everyone studies this carefully crafted article by Awang Selamat (Utusan), one of the best apologists and spin doctors Umno has to offer us, and reflect on the cynicism, hypocrisy and corruption that opportunists hope might appeal to backwards feudal mentalities so beloved of those who walk the corridors of power in Putrajaya.

    Let us examine the Awang Selamat article.

    When Awang Selamat writes the malays have been betrayed, then he is keeping very good company indeed. Adolf Hitler repeatedly wrote the Germans have been betrayed by the minority Jews. Karadzan Milosevic repeatedly said the Serbians have been betrayed by the minority Bosnians.

    Robert Mugabe repeatedly said the Zimbabweans have been betrayed by the foreign West. The BJP regularly say that the Hindus have been betrayed by the minority Muslims.

    Nevertheless I am certain that the Malays nowadays are not as uninformed as Awang Selamat and his political masters in Umno would like to believe.

    The fact is, Malaysia is fast becoming another basket case country – and the most important thing if you can’t fix the problem or won’t fix the problem is that – Umno can still make sure they win the next elections by fixing the blame.

    There is rampant theft by Umno elites, wholesale corruption by Umno cronies whereby the rich and connected malays are entitled to rob the poor and everybody else under the guise of social justice via the NEP, Umno nepotism in the leadership selection process, a fixed judiciary by Umno, a fixed police by Umno and a fixed electoral commissions by Umno.

    Why should Umno leaders fix the problem when they are getting richer by the minute via corruption, cronyism and nepotism?

    Awang Selamat like other Utusan hacks have been hired to do the job for Umno – make sure Umno can fix the blame onto the non-Malays via a good dose of racist rhetoric, scare mongering, hate mongering, bigotry and ethnic xenophobia – straight from the serious and weighty editorial section of Utusan.

    They all have been victims – the minority Bosnian Muslims in the former Yugoslavia, minority Jews in Nazi Germany, minority Muslims in BJP India, minority whites in Zimbabwe and of course, the minority non-Malays in Malaysia.

    There are no prizes for guessing who is being prepared for the role of the fall guy, scapegoat and bogeyman by Umno in Malaysia – it is Hindraf, the Bar Council, Bersih, DAP, PAS and PKR.

    Adolf Hitler, Karadzan Milosevic, Robert Mugabe, BJP and Umno gangs all have one thing in common – they became obscenely powerful, filthy rich while their countrymen suffered, starved and died for it.

    All the while their leaders shouted – traitor this and traitor that – as if the louder they shouted the more easily their lies could be believed.

    Luckily there are a lot of Malay-Muslims in Malaysia who think for themselves, and not swallow everything Utusan tells them to. How stupid do Umno spin doctors think the rakyat have become?

    As for rich Umno elites getting contracts and scholarships, and poor bright non-Malay students not even getting a place in our higher institutes of learning, this is Umno version of social justice – what a joke, what a travesty, what a monstrous lie.

    The fact is Umno cannot make enough money to support their mansions, exotic cars, and wives without stealing from you and me – so Umno version of social justice will always be Umno steals from everybody – you should know by now Umno loves stealing from the poor because the poor are just such easy targets – Malays, Chinese, and Indians – semua di makan oleh Umno – sedapnya!

    Awang Selamat appears aggrieved that today generation of Malay Muslim leaders might actually believe in freedom, equality and fraternity. He might be upset that some Malay Muslim leaders are trying to preach goodwill and compassion to everyone – regardless of race or creed.

    I suppose this is a shocking betrayal of Umno apartheid policies where in Malaysia today you can be threatened, mollycoddled, scapegoat-ed or jailed strictly on the basis of your ethnic origins.

    As a word of caution, I am sure the boys at Utusan will mix it up for their readers – sound conciliatory at some times and then sound racist xenophobic at other times – because even the most stupid people will be able to see through their ploy.

    So recently when Muhyiddin ostensibly tells Utusan off in public for being too racist, what he actually means is this – You Utusan hacks are fooling nobody so please change tactics for now – later when the climate is more conducive, then you can try being racist again!

    Whether the average Malay thinks Awang Selamat is talking sense or nonsense, it is immaterial to me as I have already emigrated to a country where they insist on equal citizenship, equal opportunity, inter racial solidarity, freedom of speech, rule of law, and freedom of religion – and they insist you get it for free. .

    Although I love my place of birth, and I am used to racial and religious idiocy from people like Awang Selamat, I see no good reason why my children should have to put up with the same institutionalised racism in a rapidly declining Third World basket case like Umno apartheid Malaysia.

    In future, it won’t really matter if the next generation become university graduates or not because the Malaysian public universities will be so rotten that the degrees will be just worthless pieces of paper. What future will the kids have then?

    The fate of Malaysia will always be in the hands of the malays. I hope they will choose wisely but then again, it is way too late for me and my family, because I am busy creating a life for myself abroad.

    With people like Awang Selamat to lead the way for Umno, in spite of the pain of separation from old friends and family in Malaysia, and loneliness I feel abroad, I smile to myself every time I read Utusan, because I definitely know I made the right decision leaving for a country abroad that actually has a future.

    • 4th floor on the roads now? I heard “anak Omak” is trying to salvage anything left?

      Saya agak kesian tengok Anwar, KJ, Omar, dll running around like headless chickens…..Maybe I’m too harsh..

    • Let’s hope you do not regret leaving Malaysia coz she is still the best place to live where the smiles are FREE and abundant.

      Where the pace is not DICTATED by the greedy whose perception is so distorted by the cataract in their ravenous eyes that RACE becomes the only issue.

      Where the kampong folks can still retain their environment-friendly way of life – not forced to live the progressive town life that spurts vice, pollution, degradation of the souls albeit clothed in branded outfits and grand abodes and grand vehicles etc etc.

      You seem to MISS Malaysia although you say you are happier with your “forced” choice.

      You resent that Malays will always hold power. Hey lets replace ‘Malays’ with ‘majority’ – then the truth is more palatable.

      Poor you – this is Malaysia, not China or India.

  3. BigDog,

    This is What You Said:

    “Its time for a change. Its time for Berani Berubah!”

    We think you should use what energy you have left (hard climbing those stairs man!) to give the above advise to UMNO Members….

    PR will stumble through and consolidate their position in no time…

    For you, the real danger are the UMNO Wannabe Stalwarts such as KJ and his Allies that you need to advise as well as those ill repute in responsible positions pointed out by Dr M….

    DS Najib’s Image is also being stretched to breaking point as there is the ongoing campaign by certain UMNO members to discredit him and his wife’s………We hope you are not one of those?

  4. DAP National Chairman Karpal Singh has asked PAS to reassess its position in the Opposition Pact following its intention to initiate unity talks with Umno.

    Indicating the party has limits to its patience, Karpal Singh said, PAS should not push its agenda which adversely affected the pact.

    I beg to differ Mr. Karpal, why must PAS reasses its position? Since you are questioning them, shouldn’t DAP be the one re-assessing their their position in Pakatan Rakyat? If you can’t work with PAS, get out of Pakatan lah!

    • and they say PAS is better than UMNO coz the former is based on solid religious principles

      now that PAS is keen to unite with UMNO, suddenly PAS is adversely affecting the pact

      without PAS, PKR and DAP can go solo, hehehe

      great that some PAS members can see thru the sugar-coated candy promises

      short-lived dreams …

      • Its not About PAS…

        Its About Hadi and Nasharuddin…

        PAS will be better off without these 2 Jaguh Kampung….

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