Lee Kuan Yew’s on going agenda is reflective in his current visit to Malaysia

Singaporean Patriach and former PrIme Minister Lee Kuan Yew is in town for eight days. This is his first visit since nine years ago. The founder and former PAP Supremo, who once instructed that ‘PAP is to be enacted  here in Malaysia’ in the form of DAP after the expulsion of the Chauvinist Chinese from Malaysia, is here to have discussions with Malaysian Leaders, namely the Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yasin, PAS President Dato’ Seri Hj Hadi Awang, PKR  Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, DAP Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and last but not least, UMNO Youth Head Khairy Jamaluddin. He also sought audience with HM SPB YDP Agong XIII  Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Almarhum Sultan Mahmood.

He tried to see Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. However, the latter saw it was pointless for him to do so, as he was no longer in any capacity within the Malaysian Governmemt where else the former is still serving in the Cabinet as Minister Mentor, despite having to retire 19 years ago.

The Star has the story:

Friday June 12, 2009

Dr M: No reason for Kuan Yew to see me

KUALA LUMPUR: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he does not see any reason for Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew to meet with him.

He was asked by reporters on the possibility of him meeting Lee, who is in the country for an eight-day visit.

“I don’t see why he would request to see me – I am a nobody,” he told reporters when pressed further on should there be a request from Lee to see him.

Dr Mahathir met reporters after launching Sapura Crest Petroleum Bhd’s new state-of-the-art Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) called the Typhoon, which is capable of deep-water operations, during the Oil and Gas Asia 2009 Exhibition at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre yesterday.

He was also asked to comment on the meeting between Lee and opposition leaders and the advice he gave to them.

“Lee Kuan Yew has a lot of experience. Our politicians know nothing. That is why we have to learn from Singapore. Singapore is a great country, they invest so much money,” he said.

On the third bridge issue, Dr Mahathir said: “If we give sand, then we can get the bridge.” — Bernama


The ‘courtesy visit’ to these Malaysian Leaders is not without strategic Singaporean interests being the top most agenda. Being a ‘Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’ phobia and time and again reflecting the Malaysian Fourth Prime Minister as being an ‘ultra Malay’, these are the points that can be summed up from Lee Kuan Yew’s discussions here in Malaysia:

  1. Singapore regards their ‘hinterland’ is 6,000 km radius from the island city-state. That include Kuala Lumpur-Beijing-Tokyo is within the realm on Singapore ‘sovereign’
  2. Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir should stop attacking Singapore as it will not provide a conducive environment and attitude for Singaporeans to invest in Iskandar Malaysia. This will hinder any investments from UAE as the Dubaiians and Abu Dhabiites were said to be in ‘close relationship’ with Singapore.
  3. Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s suggestion that the water rate to Singapore should be raised from 3 sen to RM 8.00 per litre was absurd. This will force Sinagpore to develop and adopt technology to desalinate sea water. The Gulf Co-operation Communities (GCC) have now followed suit on Singapore’s move
  4. Agreeing to the proposal of the ‘bridge replacing the causeway’ would have cost them SGD 500 Million more to relocate their CIQ. It would be cheaper for the third bridge proposal
  5. Singapore is prepared for the Doha Round WTO trade negotiations to fail as they have signed separate series of Free Trade Agreements (FTA), which will put them way ahead of Malaysia, which missed signing the FTA with the USA (the largest economy in the world) for many unrevolved outstanding issues
  6. They are also in the opinion that Malaysia should not worry if Singaporeans invest in Iskandar Malaysia, it will beef up the Chinese ethnic population within the most wealthiest Malay hinterland. Arrogantly, Lee argued that the Malays will now benefit when they work for the Singaporeans, in their own hinterland

The arrogance of Lee Kuan Yew at this point of time is really baffling. Despite the recent success of the re-capture of Singaporean most wanted terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari in Skudai recently ( the freak escape from a high security detention centre was a major embarrasment for Singapore) and the importance of a symbiotic relationship between the two nation especially  in the challenge of regional and global economy, political and cultural trend and changes, the Chinese Chauvinist Lee is still playing the ‘superiority complex’ card and bulldozing his way through. This attitude to capitalise on Singaporean strategic interests with expense of others and insulting them in  their own home, especially in a condesending tone presentation shows how Malaysians should be on high alert when it comes to issues regarding Singapore.

Lee’s sudden interest in Iskandar Malaysia is inconsistent with his earlier statements against Johor. Previously, he warned Singaporeans of the ‘high crimes’ in Johor Bahru. Now, in Kuala Lumpur he talks about Singaporeans investing within the mega economic development plan provided that “Tun Dr. Mahathir shut his trap”.

In the past, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been strongly criticised for his pro-Singaporean policies which was demonstrated to be detrimental to Malaysian interests, such as the cancellation of the Scenic Bridge, the sale of GLC shares to Temasek Holdings, the ill prepared Batu Puteh case that turned into  a political tragedy and the cordial invitation of Singaporeans into the strategic planning of Iskandar Malaysia, something some viewed as a mega project that benefit Singapore most. Singaporean officers are now directly involved as part of the joint task force into the strategic planning and agenda such as tourism, transportation, environment and immigration, Iskandar Malaysia is coined as ‘Greater Singapore’ by some political hardliners.

Towards the end of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s tenure, Singapore was pushing to have a MRT station build within the city limits Johor Bahru or Iskandar Malaysia and they have full control of the station and path throughout withinn its Malaysian operations. Of course, Malaysians especially Johoreans will never forget the point where the ‘Scenic Bridge replacing the Johor Causeway’ was abruptly cancelled despite PM Goh Chok Tong’s 11 April 2002 letter of no objection for the Malaysian decision to carry on with the project (within the borders of Malaysian waters) and the last minute inclusion of the agenda for the sale of sand to Singapore (deemed as the “Malaysian Porposal”) and the use of Johor airspace for SAF military objective. This dismay of Johoreans is very much reflective in the 8 March 2008 12th General Elections where as Johor being considered an ‘UMNO fixed deposit’, recorded the highest number of spoilt votes.






Lee Kuan Yew in past has been shown to have conniving mindset and constantly crafting things to make sure Singapore gets something more, at the expense of others. Singapore was unable to liberate itself from Britain on their own but managed to gain its independence through the Federation of Malaysia in 1963. He defied the ‘gentlemens’ agreement between himself and YAM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra to not indulge in politics at the Federal level and saw the opportunity to stir up racial and chauvinistic tones to propel the domination and control of Chinese ethnic in a Malay majority nation. ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ was his creation and now the battle cry of the DAP. As a result, Singapore was expelled from the Federation of Malaysia slight less than two years being admitted.

Singapore than became a further ‘thorn for Malaysia’, especially being Israel’s closest ally here in this region of 300 Million conservative but peaceful Muslim Malay archipleago. Upon the expulsion, Lee invited the Israelis instead of India and Egypt which volunteered assistance, to establish and develop what is today the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). The military co-operation between the two nation developed further and they began to co-manufacture and supply arms. Then was so insensitive to its highly tolerant neighbours, he invited former Zionist war monger Israeli President Chaim Herzog to have a formal state visit in 1987. Now, after the American withdrawal from Subic Bay naval base and Clarks Air Base in The Phillipines, the end of the Cold War and the success of making ASEAN a super power free region, Singapore has offered the American’s their facilities for the full scale military base in the region having to use a midway technical base requirement between East Asia and West Asia. Singapore is also an advocate of Western and Neo Con Jewish agenda in the region such as the pressure to ‘democratize’ Myanmar.

It is commonly known that Lee Kuan Yew is envious against Malaysia’s successes like Sepang F1 circuit, Port of Tanjong Pelepas and the capital control solution during the 97-98 regional financial crisis, post his retirement. Despite Malaysia successfully developed syariah compliant financing and banking more than 25 years ago, Singapore now working very hard to aspire to be the global most important hub for Islamic banking and financial services. Hence, that is why Lee Kuan Yew felt that the rich Arab’s with the GCC would be more ‘friendly’ towards Singapore’s ‘advice’.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s visit this round could also be taken as trying to further  ‘ruffle the feather’. Then again, Singaporeans are very good at that. When Malaysian Federal Government Leaders visit Singapore, they never meet up Opposition Leaders for reason to ‘take care the feelings’ and ‘give face’ to their host, esepcially when Singapore being almost a one party system is very sensitive to the fact of having Oppositions around. And yet, when their patriach pops by our turf, they take pleasure at the expense our the comfort of the majority in meeting the people who actually make the political process against nation building agenda much costlier and resource consuming.

Outstanding issues, especially those which are very close to Malaysian hearts have not moved an inch closer to a more amicable solution. These include the Tanjong Pagar KTM land, CPF withdrawal, water issues (which include the hand over of the Lingui dam in Pulai back from Singapore PWD) and other bilateral issues. In the recent courtesy call of Sixth Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s innaugral visit to Singapore, none of these issues were brought up in the bilateral talks. Instead, the Singaporeans induced the third bridge proposal to come out of it.

Lee Kuan Yew made Singaporeans paranoid into being the ‘seige mentality’ and thus justify their arms build up and tight control of the city state. For someone who ask ‘Singaporeans to stay away from Johor’, he seems to be spending a lot of time doing ‘walk abouts’ in Malaysia.

We no longer want Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to repeat the damage that has been done by his predecessor and Singapore friendly ‘Level Four Boys’ advisers. Malaysia should protect its sovereignty and interests at all cost. Most of all, Malaysia should protect its maruah! Lee Kuan Yew is the sort of  ‘banana’ (‘yellow’ im the outside but ‘white’ in the inside) who conveniently insult and then takes pleasure in defacing Malaysia’s maruah into the mud in our own lawn.

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  1. Big Dog terima kasih.
    I wonder whether it baffles anybody else on the visit by LKY soon after our PM’s visit to S’pore. The issues that you highlighted should have been discussed between the 2 PMs, don’t you think so?
    What’s the need then for the Minister Mentor to bring it up again? Has he more clout than his PM – it looks like it anyway. What then is his protocal and diplomatic status?
    Apart from what you’ve highlighted, we need to explore in between the lines other reasons for his visit. Time is worth more than gold to LKY and probably knows that at 86 his time is limited.
    He would like to have a first hand look at the faces of the new leadership in the country especially of course to know the progress of the DAP run Pg State Govt (remember Guan Eng did visit S’pore not long after forming the state govt.)
    His call on Rosmah Mansor for tea is another surprise.
    Is he in the habit of meeting the spouses of PM of a country that he visits? Could it not be probable or hypothetical that he’s aware of Rosmah’s influence?
    Among Malaysian leaders TDM is definitely not in LKY’s good book as both of them are of the same IQ. LKY cannot outwit TDM.
    It must be remebered that on gaining independence in 1965, one of the first task of the S’pore Govt was to establish an efficient intelligence apparatus both for domestic and internatiol coverage. The Israelis are their tutors. It’s not too far fetched to assume that our top and up and coming politicians are already well covered by them.
    Malay politicians are mostly gullible and makan ampu.
    LKY must have been fully briefed on these aspects and therefore knows the weak linkages for him to exploit.
    On the 3rd bridge Shahrir Samad commented that it would not be beneficial either to Johor or the whole country. But NTR viewed that S’pore has already showed favourable response. Could this be the result of LKY’s subterfuges?
    Yes LKY has the phobia on the possibility of PAS or any other Islamic organisation gainig grounds especially so when PAS appears to gain some degree of support from the non-Malays. He may have some ideas up his sleave.
    I hope our top leaders are not complacent enough to disregard LKY’s ot the Singaporeans motive against us.

    • LKY chooses he wants to meet…

      The fact that he prefers to meet with Rosmah rather than Tun Dr M showed him to be a clever guy who knows where the real power is located. And that’s not because he dislike or feared Tun Dr M. After all Dr M has consistently admitted he has no say over DS Najib’s decisions….

      Shahrir is absolutely right. But let’s not be hasty. After all DS Najib did announce that there is no haste in making any decisions. He said it is a long term matter….
      So, don’t hold your breath ….

  2. BD, what caught my eyes is Tum M’s comment:

    “Lee Kuan Yew has a lot of experience. Our politicians know nothing. That is why we have to learn from Singapore. Singapore is a great country, they invest so much money,” he said.

    While sarcastically implying that our political leaders are simply dumb, I think Tun also tried to say something about the power of Singapore’s money. Money can buy lotsa things.

  3. absolutly marvelous summary and comments.In the context of meet a cobra and meet this guy ,u dont need a rocket scientist to figure who to whack first.
    Unfortunately,our leadership love the boss’s 1agenda and got blinded.Johore leadership including the palace sold out.
    Mah Ngah Tong

    • That is not true.

      HRH Sultan of Johore is all for the bridge-replacing-the-Johor-causeway-project (something which Singaporeans vehemently reject from the start) and he refused to see LKY when the latter sought an audience.


    • You are in the wrong Site Man!

      Go to Rotten Pasquale or the Purpa Kari Basi site if you wish to be utterly Rude!…

      No need to thank me Bigdog…Just Helping


  5. I say, how a Malay boy Hang Nadim saved S’pore from the todak attack. But the Malay chieftains in their usual disunited and short-termish PhD (Perangai Hasad Dengki) ways got the young hero banished under the sea.

    Now Malays have lost S’pore forever. When these people got the upper hand (power), do they care a hoot about the future of Malays? (PAS wajib mau ingat pujuk rayu DAP & PKR. With UMNO-BN in power in M’sia, do we see 2 Muslims die every day like in Souther Thailand in this country? Pls read YB Zulkifli Nordin’s blog)

    Wow with a blietzkrieg visit, LKY managed to get a fair assessment on the future of Malaysia’s politics etc. Do we get that kind of privilege in S’pore?

    PAS better don’t forget on new report in a local business magazine circa 2003/04, S’pore apparently said if PAS takes over M’sia, they won’t wait for the UN; they will quickly take action to safeguard their water supply.

    Habis M’sia, when if ever, are we going to get better water deal from S’pore nih??? After all, they can afford to pay more what!

  6. Lee Kuan Yew said the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore has not always been smooth sailing, and so investing in the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) may not always be smooth sailing for Singaporean companies.

    This is simply a statement of fact that nevertheless appears to have gotten local Umno leaders into a tizzy.

    Every local Umno politician hopes to be in a position to be approving investment flows into the country because to stand as gatekeeper is a very lucrative position, and when public squabbles erupt between Umno politicians about who is the better “protector of malay privileges and rights”, it usually means someone just wants a bigger cut of the investment action for himself.

    Go figure that one.

    Of course, the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore is special because of the race relations issue.

    Singapore has been the favourite whipping boy of the Umno-controlled malay vernacular press for the last 50 years, and if anything are seen as even bigger devils than the local Chinese and Indian citizens of Malaysia in the eyes of Malaysia’s malay Muslims.

    The fact is Singapore’s development model has meant that Singapore’s malays are far better educated, far better equipped, far better paid, far more self-confident, and self-reliant to deal with globalisation than malay Muslims in Malaysia.

    This makes Ketuanan Melayu, malay Agenda, and the NEP look like failed racist apartheid policies that have impoverished everyone except Umno cronies. Of course, Umno must demonise Singapore to maintain the illusion that Umno politicians are nationalists and not parasites, and more so if Singapore happens to be better educated, meritocratic, richer, and safer than Malaysia.

    Malay Muslims in Malaysia have been brainwashed by Umno for the last 50 years into thinking that the Chinese and Indians both Malaysians and Singaporeans have gotten rich at their expense, and this perception probably won’t change anytime soon because Umno does not have another elections winning formula if it dumps the present demonisation formulas.

    Every time Singapore’s first world achievements are compared with the sluggish competitiveness, economic, educational, professional, scientific, technological, and social standard in apartheid Malaysia, there is the predictable keris waving, baying for blood, and frothing at the mouth in every Umno up and down the country in Malaysia.

    Although Chinese and Indian Malaysians have simply accepted the gross racial discrimination in business, education, and job as a fact of life in Malaysia, the non-apartheid non-NEP meritocratic Singaporean mindset may not have the stomach for this particular type of nonsense in the IDR.

    I think Lee Kuan Yew is way too smart to think the demonisation process of the Chinese and Indians in the Umno-controlled malay vernacular press is going to stop anytime soon. How else is Umno going to win elections except by continuing to perpetrate the lie that the orang asing minorities in Malaysia are a threat to the malays?

    Nevertheless Lee Kuan Yew may be hoping Chinese and Indian Singaporean investors will not be discriminated against in the IDR in comparison with investors from countries like China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States.

    In the meantime, I am sure it will simply be business as usual for the rest of us in racial and religious apartheid Malaysia.

    • Malaysia boleh……

    • Iskandar Malaysia is not meant for Singaporean investors only. It is also not meant for Singaporeans to easily acquire Malaysian industrial properties. Definitely, Johoreans dont want Singaporeans to dump their ‘dirty’ and ‘low value’ investments in Johor.

      Please get your facts right. Investment approvals are done by civil servants and not politicians. No politicians in MIDA and FIC. You mean to tell us that UMNO politicians earn ‘consultation fees’ from investments by people like Motorola, Intel. Western Digital, National Panasonic etc? Would Motorola, Intel etc pay money to get the investment licenses approved? Get real!

      This is an utter lie! There is no racism here in Malaysia! No one is systematically left to rot. In fact if there is apartheid in Malaysia, then the Chinese would not even been allowed to enter schools, universities, own properties and businesses, just like how the South Afrikaans practiced till 1990.

      The privileges accorded to the Malays is Constitutional. It was enacted the day British agreed to give us independence. And the fact that there has NEVER BEEN ANY ATTEMPT TO AMEND the provision, means that the MAJORITY MALAYSIANS ACCEPT these provisions in the Federal Constitution. How can something which the majority decided through the democratic process be regarded as being ‘racist’?

      There is such thing as Article 152 in the Singaporean constitution which spell out special privileges for the Malays. The fact is that the Singaporean Chinese are the chauvinists and systematically depriving the Malays from advancement. Easiest example: There is no example of a Malay Permanent Secretary/DG/ambassador in Singapore, no officers higher than the rank of Major in SAF.

      Infact in one of Sunday Straits Times in April this year, there is special article how over 1,000 Malay families are homeless in Singapore and living in tents. There are even children who can’t even afford schooling. And the sad part is that, because they are Malays, the Chauvinistic Chinese Govt of Singapore did nothing to help the plight of these people. If that is not systemactially racism, we are not sure what is.

      • True. Iskandar project has to be monitored so as to discourage the growth of polluting industry.

        Investment approvales are done by civil servants (who are prone to corruption too) but like it or not, politicians are the gatekeeper/go between/middlemen/bumiputera partner (however you like me to name it) so it an be said the fees they received are not bribe, it is for the services they rendered.

        I don’t know if it’s just you who doesn’t want to face the fact or is simply not adept at the usage of English.

        dis·crim·i·na·tion (d-skrm-nshn)
        1. The act of discriminating.
        2. The ability or power to see or make fine distinctions; discernment.
        3. Treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit; partiality or prejudice: racial discrimination; discrimination against foreigners.

        Apartheid is just a severe form of discrimination that’s all. There’s different degree of discrimination mind you my friend. Based on the definition, treatment or consideration based on class or category and not individual merit is itself considered discrimination. Don’t deny it. But I’m not for the abolishment of NEP. It’s needed but it takes a man to admit that it is his mistake.

        I’m all for NEP. Seriously I’m not kidding. Malaysia is just a small country and we need not fight each other. Yang menang jadi arang, yang kalah jadi abu. But the fact that government always stick to the same old excuse when the Chinese beg for more scholarships (Why scholarship? Because their mind is set on having their kids getting a medicine or an engineering degree so if they can’t afford to do it in local U, scholarship is the only alternative.). The way I look at it, it is just a smoke screen set by government from admitting its mistake that it can’t provide its citizen proper education access. It need not be a zero sum game. How many new universities can the government come up with by not building the Twin Towers or PKFZ? Not saying they are not needed but we should prioritise our needs. The Chinese can be pacified easily, just give them enough place for their children to study the course they wanted and they will fall back in line. More universities means more places for everybody and if there’s spare, open it up to international students and earn some money i.e. middle eastern and mainland chinese students and this can be used to subsidies local students.

        I don’t understand it when you said the Sg government are trying to systemaically discriminate against the Malay in Sg when you claimed that they have this Article 152 in their constitution. Well, according to your logic, we have our own constitution which is fair to every races so all is well to every races so the same can be said to the Malay in Sg. I don’t know if your claim that they can’t afford to go to school is right as according to my singaporean friends, they get to have automatic scholarship the mooment they achieve the required marks in their exam (they are Malay btw and it is their rights according to the constitution). Well probably you had missed out that there are Chinese Singaporean who are homeless too so can I say the government is discriminating against the Chinese as well? I don’t see any Singaporean Malay intend to migrate overseas to countries like UK or Aust or I’ve not seen one maybe. They could easily just hope over to Malaysia and get a citizenship if they are fade up with Sg gov, after all that’s what the Malaysian Chinese did when the gov called them to go away and migrate.

        Conclusion is, we can’t afford to stand divided as the rest of the world is marching towards a more competitive world. Vision 2020 is a failure and it should serve as a reminder to us.

        These children who cant afford to go to school in Singapore: I personally read it in Sunday Straits Times, sometime in April!

      • “There is such thing as Article 152 in the Singaporean constitution which spell out special privileges for the Malays. The fact is that the Singaporean Chinese are the chauvinists and systematically depriving the Malays from advancement. Easiest example: There is no example of a Malay Permanent Secretary/DG/ambassador in Singapore, no officers higher than the rank of Major in SAF.”

        In regards to your paragraph above..please provide reliable information rather than hearsay or personal opinions.There is a malay perm sec accompanying MM Lee on his malaysian trip and hes not the only one on the SG govt’s payroll..There are a good number of senior malay officers having the ranks of Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels and a soon to be Brigadier General in the current SAF orbat.


        The Baron

  7. Don’t be surprised if we see a sudden surge of liquidity in Penang after his meeting with Guan Eng. After all, DAP is their proxy here in Malaysia.

  8. Who is Lee Kuan Yew anyway.Our Government realy full of respect to him.He was given the red carpet in Malaysia.All the stupid malay leader Kowtow to him,why and why ?Is singapore the best friend of Malaysia,but for example why Singapore has a double standard regarding the EPF money issues between sabahan and peninsula malaysia workers and etc.etc.Malaysia Malay Leader kiasu are’kera di hutan disusukan,anak dirumah mati kelaparan’This is one of the reason Malacca falled.Would our great leader for example Dr mahathir will be given a red carpet if he visited Singapore and meet all the opposition and the malay NGO or Singapore malay.

    • Mahathir should Visit Singapore as a Gesture of Goodwill?

      He can do what LKY did and Show to Malaysians that he can also gain respect from Singapore Politicians if not from his own country…..

      • Lee should “look after his own rice-bowl” and not interfere with other countries. Singapore is “tiny” so “don’t be too proud”. The so called Mentor only looked wise in his own “tiny” country. China also did not think much of Lee and the Chinese there don’t want to listen to him. The Chinese in China don’t think much of him and it is a fact that he is marginalised by Chinese in the world. LOL.

  9. Why should Lee visit Malaysia? And why is he allowed to meet so many leaders? Will a senior politician from Malaysia be allowed to meet Malay leaders, opposition and so on when he visits Singapore? Why Malaysian government give the special treatment that Lee has been getting, likening it to that of a “Chinese Emperor”.

    The above questions are what Malaysian need to answer. Thanks Big Bro for marvelous article. So much to learn.

  10. Why should Lee visit Malaysia? And why is he allowed to meet so many leaders? Will a senior politician from Malaysia be allowed to meet Malay leaders, opposition and so on when he visits Singapore? Why Malaysian government give the special treatment that Lee has been getting, likening it to that of a “Chinese Emperor”.

    This are the questions that every Malaysian need to answer. Thank Big Bro for marvelous article. So much more to learn.

  11. Detailed facts that need to be cultured by our Malaysian youngsters on what the past histories are about. Only those who understand what being transpired between LKY actual intentions and people like Tun M sinical sarcacism of his visit should understand why his present in Malaysia at this time can be treated as ‘dangerous’ to our own security and future direction of the country. As most of the comments focus on why his visit is given the prominence by carrying some advantages to Najib’s & Co political solutions issues of Chinese voters leaning towards opposition and the concern of powerful Pas to be, ironically that the subject of what LKY and Spore specific intentions seemed to be diverted with these issues. Is there sincerity over his visit here? Histories never tell lies and this need lots of explaination to our younger generations. Have we failed that? Ask those from Johor…they will tell you what is happening. If not because of failed administration of ‘flip-flop’ PM, Dolah al-Badawi, thus made Spore so important in Iskandar Malaysia but making our own people sufferred. Spore had achieved their frist grand design by capturing South Johor, as to their original intention when they got independent but failed to talk to Tunku Abdul Rahman in getting this area. Now after more than 40 yrs, they achieved in their smartest way by out manuevering the stupid flip-flop PM. Are we learning from this lesson? For Najib & Co, they better shape up or to be shipped out just like Dollah. Remember, when Spore joined Malaysia, LKY actual intention is to become the Malaysia PM. That’s why he cried when Tunku kicked him and Spore out without giving him chance to negotiate. So, Najib & Co, are you listening?

  12. LKY is a man of tomorrow! He sees thing far & accurate & he is still vry sharp!

    • the future he sees is singapore becoming part of malaysia

      the little red dot has lost big investment money

  13. Bro Bigdog,

    My Heartiest Congratulations to DSN and DS Rosmah for being able to tame the notorious LION.WOW ! LKY not only managge to visit all the VVIP he wants to meet but he managge to even enter right into the house of the Prime Minister and being welcome by the First Lady.

    Will the same treatment be accorded to our former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad if he ever visit Singapore ? we all know the amswer !

  14. Lee Kwan Yew and Mahathir are the same type. Both were strongmen who ruled for a VERY long time, and with near-absolute powers. Both went around crushing dissent with impunity. Both also developed the infrastructure in both countries (although LKY wins hands-down in this part), but neglected or retarded the psychological development of the citizen’s mentality… Both deserve each other.

    The sour grapes coming from the Mahathirists & right-wingers is predicted. They cannot stand the fact that a little rock which separated from us in 1965 is doing relatively better than us. Plain PhD (Perasaan hasad Dengki) in action.

    At this time, our first priority in international relations we should settle with is Indonesia. They’re quite upset over the recent Ambalat Incident, and the ‘silet’ cases of Manohara, Siti Hajar, and foreign laborers… allegedly done by a prince, a housewife, and RELA goons respectively. And on our side, the smog from the open burning going on in Somatera.

    But of course, I guess we are only good at dealing with countries far smaller than us which we can try to push around.

    This analysis is very lame. When Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the Prime Minister, he did not rule with ‘near-absolute’ power. He had Oppositions. In fact, in two GEs, BN almost lost the 2/3 majority (1990 and 1999). Tun Dr Mahathir almost lost the Presidency of UMNO in 1987. He also lost Sabah (1985) and Kelantan (1990) to Oppositions. The democratic process of what the two PMs are so different.

    None of that ever happened to Lee Kuan Yew. There’s only ONE OPPOSITION EVER! (Even that, PAP made sure he was bankrupted). In 31 years as the Singapore PM, Lee enjoyed almost absolute one party rule. There is no leadership challenge. In fact, Lee arrested the two credible PAP opponents for being communists!

    Malaysian PMs children entered politics and assume position in Government long after their fathers left the game. Dato Seri Najib only made as Parlimentary Sec two years after his father’s untimely departure. Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin made as a Parlimentary Sec five years after his father’s death, 14 years after Tun Hussein Onn retired. Dato’ Mukhriz was invited to join the Government six years after Tun Dr Mahathir retired. ALL of them are ONLY GIVEN OPPORTUNITIES, even as an MP, after their fathers left office.

    Unlike Lee Kuan Yew, eldest son Brig Gen (NS) Lee Hsien Loong was appointed Minister of State of Trade and Industry in 1984 (at the age of 32), six years before his father retired. In 1986, he was the Acting Minister of Trade and Industry and Minsiter of Defense II. That means he served as a Cabinet member to his father for 4 whole years!

    Same with Lim Kit Siang. Son Lim Guan Eng was elected as Melaka MP in 1986, when the father was still DAP Chief Executive. Had the DAP was in power back then, rest assured Lim Guan Eng would have been given executive position.

    How different are the Lees and Lims, compared to Saddam and Kims (of North Korea)?

    DAP = PAP, dynasty ruling party! No democratic process at all!

  15. BigDog Said

    “Singapore friendly ‘Level Four Boys’ advisers. Malaysia should protect its sovereignty and interests at all cost.”

    BigDog Apa You Ni?
    LKY diterima secara meriah oleh PM dan Kabinetnya….
    Budak Tgkt 4 pulak kena tuduh “Singapore Friendly”

    I think The “Tingkat 4” “Red Herring” has been carried too far as to appear incredulous….

    Semua yang PM buat…Tingkat 4 kena Tuduh…

    This is Called SHIFTING THE BLAME To a Non Existent Entity.

  16. Lee Kuan Yew is obviously the Bossman in Singapore. That is why he decided to survey Malaysia instead of the PM (who by the way is his son). There is another angle to this. Lee is sick, in poor health. I think this was just his farewell visit to a country that he had dreams of running.

    Lee Kuan Yew is very happy that he got a piece of Malay real estate given to him by the British. It was an unexpected piece of good luck. He became the Mayor of an island which he has turned into a cross between a prison work camp and garrison.

    Note that he did not meet YB BABI. This is because his ISD boys and also his security boys know too well about YB BABI’s strange habits. Lee Kuan Yew does not see a future in YB BABI.

    Lee Kuan Yew has made the island a kiasu state, modelled exactly after his own upbringing. Singaporeans may be forced to labour but they do not know how to eat politely at a buffet. They may fear anti litter laws but they may not want to follow one.

    On top of it all, a quarter of Singapore’s MPs are still born in Malaysia. Their top corporate leaders are gwailohs or expatriates. Their top students are non Singaporeans, including Malaysians. Their super genius Minister of Finance cum Education, Thevanthiran or something is a Malaysian Indian.

    Homegrown Singapore kiasus do not make the cut as well. Post Lee Kuan Yew Singapore will be something else.

    • Hey

      This is quite a shrewd take

  17. Why didnt LKY visit Tun Ghazali Shafie.
    Both are the only compatriots alive in the formation of Malaysia?

  18. obviously LKY is making a “mental survey” on the current crops of Malaysian leaders … have an audience with the Sultan and the Raja Muda of Perak, LGE, Najib, Nik Aziz …

    just an hour of talk, LKY will definitely have some idea on how good or bad they are … what are their level of IQ etc …

    • And like Laksa Mana said, Anwar “Drama King” is Ibrahim NOT IN THE LIST!

      Means, he is not worthy even to be evaluated = rejected item!

  19. LKY rindu kay Malaya… just jalan jalan for oldtime sake… bangang punya malaysian … perasan lebih lebih… dia cuma nak rasa makan dekat hawker street…






    • NEP is supposed to last only 15 years in Reid report.
      However they are extended for almost more than 50 years now. NEP is a considerate and generous help from the chinese and indian to the malay.
      And after these years what do NEP produced? Don´t forget Hang Tuah said proudly of the malay race tak melayu hilang di dunia , how come there are no back bone for the malay to compete fairly. NEP equal daylight robbery.
      The BUMI belongs to the Almighty, not any human beings, we belong to earth and not the other way.
      Dr. Mahathir was right in his dillema Melayu, why the malay cannot succeed? The answer is mother nature, DNA.

      NEP was an affirmative action plan designed to aleviate the socio-economic status of the underdeveloped rural Malaysians, so that the despairity will not create another racial unrest. The core thrusts of NEP are programs like education, infrastructure and economic development.

      NEP increased the number of graduates and professionals, especially amongst Malays. For example, 45% of medical doctors now are Malays.

      No daylight robbery in NEP.

      This land called Tanah Melayu was robbed by the British from the Malays. British the flooded Tanah Melayu with immigrants, which later was given opportunities to serve the interests of the British communities and social-support ecosystem. More structured discrimination against the Malays, especially in the aspect of education and socio-economic development. This created despairity and worsen through the years. NEP was designed to correct that.

      The Non Malays, especially the Chinese complain about NEP. However they did very little to narrow the socio-economic despairity gap, which is actually widening. Until this gap is narrowed, then NEP will continuously be extended. So instead of complaining, the Chinese should roll up their sleeves and chip into the effort of narrowing the gap. The sooner NEP can be achieved, then the sooner the ‘level playing field’ is achieved for a fair competition for all.

      All these complaining will not make the process of ‘leveling the playing field’. It is so unsmart for the minorities to ramble endlessly against the interests of the majority, without the former doing enough to make the basis of how their complaint started no longer relevant.

      As simple as that.

  21. The Messiah came to town!

    Malaysians soul are saved!

    Oh how gracious of the Messiah to dispense his wisdom to our poor helpless souls. All done purely in the interest of Malaysians, at the time when we need salvation the most!

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    • Spot on.

      The fact is that, in many parts of China, LKY is no longer being invited. This is because they are tired of him, telling the Chinese off how to run their country.

      Who is the hell is LKY he is, being an island of 3.5 million Chinese trying to tell off 1.5 billion Chinese in the China mainland?

      The arrogance of LKY is really over bearing. If he is really as educated and high place that many people thinks he is, then he should not go to people’s home and insult the host by telling off how to run their household. That is very unacceptable!

  22. […] Lee Kuan Yew’s on going agenda is reflective in his current visit to Malaysia […]

  23. […] Lee Kuan Yew’s on going agenda is reflective in his current visit to Malaysia […]

  24. LKY does has his own agenda. But who cares. Malaysians shouldn’t make this a big fuss. We just make sure we don’t go the same way twice in our relation with them. Make our sovereign the main priority in any bilateral talk with them.

    We should concentrate more on doing the same to our former leader like Singaporeans did to their former leader. TDM should be given some position as advising capacity to the government. His influence should be used to attract investors abroad. What a miss opportunity..

  25. […] Lee Kuan Yew's on going agenda is reflective in his current visit … […]

  26. […] the ‘Middle Kingdom’” has the ambition to be the South East Asia superpower. His agenda is reflective of his last visit here, the Malay heartland of South East […]

  27. […] Prime Minister and still PAP Supremo Lee Kuan Yew did state that he sees Johor as an adjacent of Singapore is part of the “Singaporean […]

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