Anwar using Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng to repackage his anarchy politics

Rashid Maidin, Chin "Butcher of Malaya" Peng and Chen Tien representing Malayan Communist Party at Baling Talks, 28 Dec 1955 which they refused to surrender and lay down arms now that Britain agreed to allow Malayans to negoatiate for independence

Party-less Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim stirred up a shit-storm with his stance on Saturday’s PKR party convention that former Communist Party Malaya Secretary General Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng to return to Malaysia.

NST has the story:


‘Defending Chin Peng is Anwar’s ploy’

KUANTAN: Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob yesterday accused Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of being manipulative in voicing his support for the return of former Communist Party of Malaya leader Chin Peng.


Adnan said the opposition leader was irresponsible and felt that his motivation for making the call was a popular move designed at gaining the support of the Chinese community.

“We must not forget that Chin Peng had hurt not only the British at the time. His actions affected all Malaysians then and his army killed many Malays, Chinese and Indians.

“He is responsible for the atrocities and should not be allowed home.

“It’s different for Shamsiah Fakeh and Rashid Maidin, who were allowed to return as they were used by him.

“We hope Malaysians, including the ex-servicemen who were victims of Chin Peng’s campaign, would reject Anwar’s call in defence of Chin Peng ,” he said after launching the mammoth Taichi Qigong session performed by 3,400 practitioners at Kuantan Municipal Council field yesterday.

Adnan also took a swipe at former minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and described his move to join PKR as not surprising.

“Zaid is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who managed to get a cabinet posting and has amassed his wealth through his legal firm with the help of the Barisan Nasional government.

“He has unveiled his true self now. His decision is not surprising, it is actually expected of him.”

Zaid made the announcement during the PKR special convention to amend the party’s constitution in Kajang on Saturday.


The fact is that Chin Peng was a leader of an armed rebellion against Malaya, be it the British authorities or democratically elected legitimate Government of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, Dato’ Hussein Onn and Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.  For over fifty years, he led a band of armed bandits terrorizing the Malayan, later Malaysia people. Ten of thousands Malayan (later Malaysian) and Commonwealth military and security personnel perished and maimed during these years. This does not include the lives of hundred of thousands of Malayans (later Malaysians) suffered and affected by 50 years of atrocities and brutalities. Ten of RM Millions of properties and place of business, include place of worship were destroyed by these barbarians.

Despite, Emergency being officially declared ended in 1960 by HM SPB YDP Agong III Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalulail, Malayan (later Malaysian) military and security personnel had to endure another 29 years of guerilla warfare which also saw Inspector General of Police Dato’ Abdul Rahman Hashim gunned down on 7 June 1974 and Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong Keong on 13 Nov 1975. During the 29 years, Cold War in the region and presence of Superpowers  made it very tough for Malaysia to remain free and is citizen live in peace, harmony and prosperity. The brutal tactics of the Communist Terrorists (CT) were also designed to paralyse the economy. The resilience and resolve of the majority peace loving of Malaysians, managed to wither all these CPM induced challenges.

The fact is that, despite democratically elected by majoirty of Malayan Chief Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra offered Chin Peng amnesty in exchange of dibanding his CPM armed struggle during the Baling Talks in 1955, the latter carried on the wage the war against Malayans (later Malaysians) for another 34 years. Chin Peng is the “Butcher of Malaya”.

The signing of the Hadyaii Accord in December 1989 only signifies that Malayan People Liberation Army (MPLA) giving up their armed struggle. However, the CPM was never dissolved. Despite being dormant and now domicile in South Thailand, the ideology of CPM to assume power through brutal tactics and armed struggle had never diminished. Chin Peng as the Secretary General of CPM, never did denounce his communism. Nor did he apologised and demosntrated his remorse to all the atrocities he did in 50 years bearing arms in a rebellion.

The truth is that, many anti Malay elements like Dr Kua Kia Soong who wanted to portray Chin Peng and CPM as the true Malayan fighter for independence and strategically displace the true champions of the independence, UMNO and the establishment within the Malay realm, which include the Monarchs and tool of stability, the security personnel. As majority of the security personnel and the true heroes are Malays, people like Dr Kua badly in need of a Chinese ethnic icon to be portrayed as a ‘hero’ and destablise stability by manipulating history. Example was the 13 May 1969 racial riots, which was propagated by the Chinese Chauvinists DAP and many believed startegized by the Communists. Hence, the systematic propaganda to prop the CPM as the ‘liberators’ from British colonialism was carefully put in place.

The fact still remains. Malayan independence was achieved through the wisdom and consultative ways of the Malay leaders.

Chinese Chavinists like Dr Kua wanted to dilute the actual role of Malay Nationalists in achieving independence. As UMNO is the true and successful champion for liberty, democratization and constitutional monarchy, Chinese Chauvinists and many DAP leaders promoted the concept that liberty was achieved by the armed struggle started by CPM and leaders like Chin Peng. These Chinese Chauvinists was gambling to defy the point that the Malays were the victors against the British colonialism and the Non Malays were just tagging alone, and CPM leaders like Chin Peng is representation of how the Chinese ethnic played a more pivottal role. This is part of the Chinese Chauvinist structural plan to dimish the Ketuanan Melayu .

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  1. Biasalah Bro. Another stunt and another circus to ensure Malaysian will not forget him. Don’t worry Anwar “The Drama King” Ibrahim, people will not forget you especially after your July trial.

  2. Bro, disebabkan Kerajaan sudah pun memutuskan bahawa Chin Peng tidak dibenarkan balik ke Malaysia dan sekarang PKR pula melalui “Penasihat” mereka mahu kan supaya Chin Peng dibenarkan pulang maka kita kita patut MENCABAR Parti Keadilan Rakyat untuk memasukkan satu manifesto pilihanraya akan datang:

    “Bahawa jika mereka menang pilihanraya dan dapat menubuhkan kerajaan Pakatan , mereka akan membenarkan Chin Peng masuk ke Malaysia”

    Mari kita lihat jika Anwar,PKR atau Pakatan berani masukkan manifesto ini.

  3. The former Chief Minister of Sarawak, Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub, signed a peace treaty with Bong Kee Chok which granted amnesty to him and his Communist followers and arranged for them to be rehabilitated in order that they could return to a “normal” life in society. This treaty was signed in Simanggang, now called Sri Aman. What does this make Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub?

    • We are not sure what are the terms are when Tun Rahman signed the peace treaty with Bong Kee Chok.


      Hence, its unacceptable to accept people like that back into society.

  4. “Racial polarisation in the country is not caused by the country vernacular school system but more by the government political, education and economic discriminative policies.” – an educationist said today.

    The prime minister and all the Umno ministers will never admit that polarisation arises more out of the race-based policies and privileges one race gets over another.

    Similarly, there are other areas of our daily lives where terminologies used have made us view certain practices as privileges rather than sacrifices. For instance, the bumi discount for houses.

    The total sale value to the developer is still the same. It is just that the non-malay buyer is likely to be required to pay for some of the discount given to the malays.

    But the longer the NEP policies continue and the greater the vehemence with which Umno politicians issue threats, terminologies will change and more people will talk about these practices or policies in words that may not sound as pleasing to the ears of the beneficiaries.

    Obviously, at that point we shall probably see a new round of discriminations and disagreements. Unfortunately, as long as only weak people take on leadership roles within Umno, threats will continue, NEP policies will be sustained and corruption will prevail.

    That unfortunately is the legacy we have as Malaysians.

    The basic building blocks of unity, whether you are uniting different ethnic groups in a country or trying to re-engineer a corporation of differing cultural values, are the same.

    The principal parties have to be treated as equals – nor special privileges no favours that would favour one group over another. Any privilege that is given should be given to all on the same basis – for example, special privilege given to the financially poor regardless of race or ethnic origin.

    It is only on this equitable footing that you can foster true nationalism and build lasting unity, since each component group will have the same stake in the nation and has equal likelihood in reaping the rewards or suffering the consequences.

    My recommendation to the government, not simply as a businessman but also based on pragmatism, is not to waste any more taxpayer ringgit on nationalism programmes until it has established the pre-conditions for its success.

    What is sad is that, after almost five decades of independence, we have been unable in Malaysia, to bring globally vision leaders to the forefront – leaders who can see beyond racial boundaries to recognise the immense sociological and economic potential that can benefit all Malaysians.

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  6. just a thought… why is it that Shamsiah Fakeh and Rashid Maidin were allowed back? What were the rational back then?

    • Rashid Maidin passed away as a Thai citizen, living in Southern Thailand.

      Shamsiah Fakeh, still alive, was the Leader of leftist Angkatan Wanita Sedar (AWAS) and later invited to be the Wanita Head of PKMM. When Ememergency was declared in 1948 and PKMM regarded de-legalised, Shamsiah retreated into the jungle and bore arms with the 10th Regiment Malayan People Liberation Army.

      We are not sure whether she embraced communism or not.

      However, her decision to re-embrace the Islamic faith shows her willingness to denounce communism, as believe in God is never inline with the philosophy of communism. Rashid also died as a Muslim, living the life of a faithful Muslim.

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