Sultan Johor: No third bridge!

The recent proposal of the third bridge crossing the Johor Straits on the east coast of Johor linking Penggerang to Changi has been vehemently rejected by HRH Sultan Johor. HRH Tuanku Sultan Iskandar Al Haj Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail’s titah was delivered by HRH Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Sultan Iskandar at the opening of the new term in Johor State Assembly, at their new ‘home’ in newly dedicated Kota Iskandar.

 NST has the story:


Johor Sultan opposes third bridge

Umar Ariff and Chuah Bee Kim



The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Iskandar has expressed his opposition to the proposed third bridge linking Johor and Singapore.


Sultan Iskandar’s message was delivered by his son, Tunku Mahkota of Johor, Tunku Ibrahim Ismail who read his speech at the opening of the State Assembly in Kota Iskandar, Nusajaya today.

“I am instructed by His Royal Highness to convey a message that he did not agree with the proposal for a third bridge,” said Tunku Ibrahim after he finished reading the prepared speech.

Tunku Ibrahim, however, did not eleborate further on the Sultan’s stand on the matter.

The proposed third bridge, linking Pengerang in Kota Tinggi and Changi, in Singapore is among the key bilateral issues discussed between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his Singapore counterpart Lee Hsien Loong during Najib’s official visit to the republic last month.

It is aimed at complementing future development in the less-developed Pengerang and Desaru areas.

Sultan Iskandar had earlier arrived at Kota Iskandar to open the State Assembly.

After inspecting the guard of honor, Sultan Iskandar headed to his room at the State Assembly Hall building to rest.

Sultan Iskandar, who was scheduled to deliver the opening royal address, however left before the session started, and his speech was later read by the Tunku Mahkota.

Also present was Sultan Iskandar’s grandson, the Raja Muda of Johor, Tunku Ismail Ibrahim.

This is the first time the State Assembly is held in Kota Iskandar since the State administrative centre was moved from Bukit Timbalan in March.

In his speech, Sultan Iskandar hoped that unity among the people should be maintained to ensure they lead a joyous life.

“All of us are grateful that peace prevails in Johor. This can only continue should the rakyat held steadfast to the constitution,” he said.

Sultan Iskandar said although there were economic problems at present, the people need to be confident that the State’s economy has strong foundations.

He said the people should welcome government’s efforts in building a developed economy.

“With that, I am confident that Johor will continue to excel in all fields that benefit the rakyat.”

Meanwhile, Datuk Harun Abdullah, whose Tanjung Surat constituency is in Pengerang expressed his support for Sultan Iskandar’s objection to the third bridge plan.

He said the Sultan of Johor’s wisdom on issues affecting the State has always been for the good of Johoreans.

“I concur with Tuanku on this. I believe he has the wisdom is dealing with the issue,” he said when met after the State Assembly session which was adjourned until Monday



It seems that PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s attempt to have the third bridge proposal ready for a thorough review, announced during his recent visit to Singapore as a ‘deflection’ to unresolved issues has blown right into the face.

PM Dato’ Seri Najib should use his first opportunity in meeting Brig. Gen. (NS) Lee Hsien Loong in setting the agenda and timeline to resolve long outstanding issues such as the water agreement, Malaysian CPF, KTMB land and of course, newer ones such as the bridge-replacing-the-Johor-Causeway.

During delivering his titah at the launching of Iskandar Development Region (previously known as South Johor Economic Region) in November 2006, HRH Sultan Iskandar broke protocol to ask the Government to remove the Johor Causeway.

Buang tambak tu. Bior air lalu. Dulu atuk aku kena tipu dengan orang putih!” (Get rid of the Causeay. Let the water flow. My late grandfather was deceived by the British), televised live on national TV. HRH Tuanku Sultan also said SJER should not be named after him but instead singled out Dato’ Rahman Andak, as the father of modern Johor and tried very hard to stop the influence of British into the prosperous state.

Present amongst others was Prime Minister ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who abruptly cancelled the Scenic Bridge project and gave the reason that the Johoreans do not want the sale of sand to Singapore. Apparently, Singapore under Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong did not object for the construction of the bridge (as of  22 April 2002 letter), hence the Gerbang Selatan project was initiated and commenced. Later, for unclear reasons, the issue about the bridge was brought into the bilateral talks and items such as the sale of sand to Singapore and the use of SAF military aircraft in Johorean airspace were unexpectedly appearing in the negotiations. These new items were vehenemently rejected by the Johoreans. As such, ill advised PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah used the excuse of Johoreans rejecting the sale of sand and SAF using Joho airspace to cancel the bridge instead of addressing all unresolved issues at hand and not agreeing into these new conditions attached to the negotiations.






The idea of the third bridge is really baffling. It served no real purpose in terms of benefits derived, especially from economic and political standpoint. In fact, it is detrimental to the South Johor economy. Port of  Johor in Pasir Gudang and newly dedicated Johor Corp developed of Port of Tanjong Pelepas are focused on oil and gas industry. With the third bridge build on the tip of the east Johor, a lot of activities within the hub of oil and gas industry are gravely impaired. Thus, it will a major loss of deeplyrooted companies like Sime Darby Engineering, MMHE, Titan and Ramunia, which fabricate and service oil and gas platforms in the region.

If the argument of developing the socio-economy of the east of coast of Johor, then it is lame to have a third bridge for that. Not too long ago, Ranhill Bhd. was given the concession to build a dedicated highway from Senai to Desaru due to commence shortly, exactly for that purpose but for a lot less money.

Until recently, the Johor State Government was developing the local maritime industry on the east coast of Johor to Changi. Example was Sebana resort, along the estuary of the Johor river. Then the introduction of ferry services from Belungkor in Kota Tinggi to Changi Point, where cars were also transported both ways. This service could be extended to the Riau islands such as Batam. However, the Ministry of Transport gave the right to Star Cruise to operate on the same route that foused on the ‘cruise to nowhere’ services such as gambling, in international waters. This inadvertently killed the highly potential ferry service.  In this case, the weakness of intra-departmental/minsitry communications and objectives made it strategically advantagous for the Singaporeans to capitalise.

It is very apparent that Malaysia constantly being short-changed when we deal with Singapore. HRH Sultan Johor’s message is clear that Malaysia has to defend its own interests and stick to the original agenda and not deviate into the whims and fancies of these arrogant ‘bananas’ (yellow on the outside, white on the inside – reflecting their true self as agents of the West).

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  1. The money spent on the proposed third bridge should be spent to improve the bridge/road system entering and leaving the JB CIQ first. Najib and his entire Barisan Nasional Cabinet should take a car ride from the entrance of the JB CIQ right through the winding road down to the causeway and then back from the causeway up the silly winding road to the JB CIQ to understand and appreciate the gravity of the stupidness and carelessness of the decision to cancel the scenic bridge was.

    Daulat Tuanku.

    The problem is not which and what bridge you want to build..the problem is SAND..PASIR… PASIR>…. bigdog, I can recommend you to the seat of the President of Singapura, but how many bags of sand can you offer? Ask everyone, HOW MANY BAGS? The jackass with a bag of sand shall pass through the Singapore Causeway, the Malay or Malaysian who doesn’t want to pass his sand-bag to the immigration officer will have so sit on the side. Duduk diam-diam… It doesn’t matter what The Global Agenda is, or who is loyal to whom… ITS ALL ABOUT THE FUCKING SAND!!!!

  3. Dear DS Najib,

    Cukup2 lah tu dengan apa yg PM ke 5 dah buat pada orang Johor. Takkanlah nak buat orang marah lagi sekali? Dengar pandangan rakyat Johor dulu. Yg dulu, di dulukan. Tak payahlah bodek orang seberang tambak yg kiasu tu. Kalau tak, ada mungkin DS akan jadi PM yg lebih pendek dari PM ke 5. Tanyalah orang2 tua dulu…

  4. *deleted by moderator


    Comments are welcomed. However, profanities and behaviours unbecoming of a civilised bloggosphere user are not appreciated. Have respect on the persons you are making comment about.

  5. Daulat Tuanku. Patik pacal yang hina, rakyat negeri Kedah merafak sembah dan sesungguh menzahirkan rasa kesyukuran diatas keprihatinan Kebawah Duli Tuanku. Sesungguh titah Tuanku kena pada tempatnya. Jambatan Kedua mengantikan jambatan pertama sebenarnya yang harus dibina & bukannya terus ke jambatan yg ke3!!! Ampun Tuanku Sembah Patik mohon diampun.

  6. Daulat Tuanku !!!

    By the way… where exactly is the first BRIDGE ???
    Dont tell me that PM Najib cant even differentiate between a bridge and a causeway.

  7. BigDog,

    “It seems that PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s attempt to have the third bridge proposal ready for a thorough review, announced during his recent visit to Singapore as a ‘deflection’ to unresolved issues has blown right into the face.”

    Errrr, BigDog You Mentioned the previous Flip Flop PM but you forgot to Mention the Venerable Boys from Tingkat 4?……

    Of Course DS Najib is Perfect…He never Makes Mistakes. He just “deflects” them!! Being the Hero he is, takes the “other people’s mistake” blow right into his face…..


  8. Ampun Tuanku,
    YAB Najib,jangan kita ikut telunjuk dan memberi kemudahan yang terlampau kepada Singapura. Jambatan ke 3 bukan untuk memajukan Timur Johor tetapi kupas lah dari aspek keselamatan Malaysia. Adakah terfikir tentang keselamatan pertahanan Malaysia? Adakah terfikir keselamatan Kem Mersing? Adakah terfikir dgn Jambatan ke 3 memudahkan pergerakan tentera musuh menyusup masuk ke Tanah Melayu? Biar rakyat Singapura yang hendak masuk ke Malaysia menggunakan Tambak. Biar dia orang menggunakan minyak petrol yang lebih kalau hendak melancong ke sebelah pantai timor. Bukan dengan memberi kemudahan dan jalan singkat untuk mereka melancong ke sebelah Timur.

  9. Salam Bigdog,

    Am glad and happy that HRH The Sultan of Johor make a perfect and timely comments towards the unnessary and waste of public fund to build the 3rd bridge.

    DS Najib ,this command from The Sultan is exactly what the people of Johor wants,I repeat the RAKYAT want the CAUSEWAY TO BE DEMOLISHED AND REPLACED WITH A BRIDGE.Theres no need for a feasibility study on the proposed 3rd bridge,its a waste of time and money.

    DS Najib,please abandoned the idea of having a 3rd bridge and I’ll bet you,you will not only get the support of JOHOREAN but majority of Malaysian as a whole.

    TERIMA KASIH DS Najib for listening to the Rakyat.

    Best Regards,

    • Wow Major….

      Never seen an Army Guy Beg Before!

    • joe black
      You said “Never seen an Army Guy Beg Before!”
      I have to read many times to find the word “beg” in his comment. There is none. Major Hj Anuar did not beg.He used the word please. “Please” does not mean “beg”.
      But then joe black, it does show your level of education.

      I agree with Major Hj Anuar comment.


  10. […] the media conference later, when asked about the proposed ‘third bridge’, he argued the same points we at BigDogDotCom put forth on Thursday. He also commented on the unity talks between UMNO and PAS, that the views of UMNO […]

  11. The issue is far more than just about sand. It is about the economic development of the entire manufacturing sector area of Pasir Gudang. Pasir Gudang is the second largest industrial area in Malaysia. Yet it does not even have internet broadband (the broadband cable stopped at the office complex at Pasir Gudang) over the manufacturing and industrial areas. We are condemned to a dial-up access through jaring at 40kbits per second compared with Singapore wired up for 8 mbits per second.

    The issue with the Pasir Gudang Port is the costly and hugely formidable impediments inherent in the transportation both inside and outside the Port as we tried to ship our exports through it. The whole structure is riddled with rent-seeking individuals or gangs that makes it uneconomic . For instance, containers have to be carried by just that few “licenced” transport such that it costs MYR900 for carrying a 20ft containers just one kilometer. At the post, you don’t pay you face inexplicable breakdowns and much much more that hugely increases the costs of shipment through the Port. Unless of course if you are protected by a minister or, God. The problems we faced have crippled so many, and many more to come. This is just a tiny fraction of the daily impediments . There is denial when we raised this matter.

  12. I think Tun Dr M has the advantage of knowing lky in person so that gives him the added advantage of pinpointing the “motive” behind any proposal from the south.

    Najib has to learn to decouple any business contract to additional clauses.

    The latest about building a barrier wall against rising water level suggests MORE need for SAND.

    So Johoreans and Malaysians be forewarned.

  13. […] has not been spelt out yet and everyone is playing the guessing game to inteprete this. HRH Sultan Johor reacted adversely on PM Najib’s proposal to look into the development of  the third bridge linking into […]

  14. […] attitude of kiasuness is clearly non negotiable. Nor can it be compromised. The ‘Scenic Bridge Replacing The Johor Causeway’  is a very good example. The paranoia of the ’seige mentality’ is veryapparent, despite […]

  15. Apalah PM kita ni….orang johor dah lama bengkak hat dengan singgapura ni….lagi nak buat baik ker dengan orang kominis ni…?…NAJIB orang PAHANG…jadi dia tak akan ambil kisah perasaan orang JOHOR ni….kalau SULTAN JOHOR pun dah beri amaran dan tidak setuju jambatan ke 3 dibina,kecuali harus merobohkan TAMBAK JOHOR untuk dibina sebuah jambatan baru.

    kalau perkara ni tetap tepu sampai tahun 2012….orang johor pakat nak tubuh parti baru….yang bukan mengikut parti pembangkang,atau parti BN.silap2 haribulan….semua rakyat JOHOR MINTA MERDEKA DARI PERSEKUTUAN MALAYSIA…


  16. klu tanya kat aku yg tak sekolah nih….aku tak bagi satu kemudahan pon utk org sing nih…air ke?tanah/pasir ker!ko org cari lah kat pulau ko sendiri…dulu bukan ko tipu melayu tanah,air dan pasir jer,tapi satu negeri….koorang tak igt ker asal usul TEMASEK..lepas tu sekarang dgn bangga nya koorang masuk malaysia/johor nak bekitaorg/luorang…byk cekadak koorang semua…klu nak harap kan matawang ko yg ko sangka besar sgt..ko soping jer lah kat pulau ko tu..jgn nak joli katak kat MAL nih…kami org pun bukan bole jual dgn harga berlipat kali ganda pun bila tgk duit koorang..hah!yg ada tanah,rumah,kebun apa aje lah yg bole di jual dgn org SING nih…o orng jual lah…mula2 dia beli tanah,umah,kebun..lama2 negeri ko nih penuh dgn diorg…huhhhh….aku dgr org2 tua cita jer pon dah bengang….Sama2 lah kita fikir kan…’

  17. […] Semasa perasmian Dewan Undangan Negeri Johor ke XII pada tahun 2009, baginda menitahkan akan mengunakan saluran perundangan untuk mengambil kembali Pulau Batu Putih yang telah diputuskan oleh Mahkamah Antarabangsa menjadi milik Singapura. Baginda juga bertegas agar cadangan untuk ‘Jambatan Ke III’ tidak diadakan. […]

  18. kenapa SULTA JOHOR berani cakap mcm tu….??..kerana baginda sangat maklum dat tahu bahawa PULAU BATU PUTIH TELAH DIJUAL PADA SINGGAPURA…kerana surat perjanjian pajakan 100 tahun tiba2 hilang.??? sapa yang hilangkannya..??.tanya PAK LAH,kerana beliau sendiri yang mengarahkan surat itu diambil dari UTM JOHOR yang pada masa itu sedang membuat kajian atas surat2 penting untuk dibawa ke MAHKAMAH ANTARABANGSA DI BELANDA.

    sehingga hari ini,keberadaan surat itu tidak pernah dibicarakan lagi….dan bila keputusan mahkamah antarabangsa diumumkan,surat perjanjian itu tidak dikemukakan untuk hujah bagi pihak MALAYSIA yang SINGGAPURA memang memajak pulau itu untuk 100 tahun lalu.

  19. Mujur lah Paj Lah dah bersara,,, tapi hati aku sakit hingga kini…….

  20. […] juga menitahkan agar cadangan Perdana Menteri VI Dato Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak agar ‘Jambatan Ketiga’ dibina (Johor Tenggara) ditolak malah menegaskan cadangan ‘Jambatan Bengkok’ diteruskan semula, setelah PM […]

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