The Royal Malay Regiment should be the national icon

When citizens of the world, want to know what represents Malaysia, the obvious choice of Malaysians portraying the icon of this tanahair goes to either the Petronas KLCC Twin Towers or the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.  It is not wrong to do that. However, as Malaysians, it is the right time we should portray the icon of Malaysia at the Royal Malay Regiment (RMR).

Royal Malay I

The Royal Malay Regiment has been around, defending this great nation since 77 years ago. The men fought galantly during World War II, with uncommon valour displayed at the defence of Pasir Panjang and Bukit Chandu Ridge in Sinagapore, hours before Commonwealth forces commander Lt. Gen. Arthur E. Percival surrendered to the invading Japanese army on 15 Feb 1942. Names like Lt. Adnan Saidi (later acknowldged as “Panglima”, for uncommon heroism and leadership) brought fame and pride to the unit, serving under British Forces in South East Asia under Adm. Lord Louis Mountbatten. They also fought galantly against the Communist Terrorists during the Emergency (till the Malayan People’s Liberation Army lay down arms in the Hadyaii Accord December 1989) and of course, during the Confrontation with Indonesia.

Panglima Lt. Adnan Saidi, butchered after the fall of Bukit Chandu 14 Feb 1942

In its 77 years of illustrious history, the Royal Malay Regiment served this tanahair very well, in defending ibu pertiwi, which include missions abroad. The first mission abroad was in Belgian Congo in 1960, under the United Nation’s colours. Then it served UN further in border of Iran-Iraq, Cambodia, Somalia and of course, Bosnia Herzegovina. The Malbatt (Malaysian Battalion) in the UN sponsored mission at Battambang, Cambodia was shelled by Khmer Rouge forces. In Somalia, the Royal Malay troopers heroically cut through Somali war lord militia lines and rescued crew of a downed UH 60 Blackhawk helicopter and trapped US Army Rangers, under intense hostile fire. A trooper, Pte. Mat Aznan was killed in action and four APCs were destroyed. The Malaysian commander in Somalia, Lt. Jen. Aboo Samah Aboo Bakar was honoured to command the ‘blue berrets’ and received international recognition, where else the Royal Malay Regiment was validated as a world class fighting unit. The last UN peacekeeping mission the RMR participated was in South Lebanon in 2006, after Israeli forces attacked and killed innocent civilians that summer.

Royal Malay IV

It is undoubtedly the backbone of Malaysian Army infantry. It is the symbol of military colours that represent His Majesty Seri Paduka Yang DiPertuan Agong. It is also the symbol of military colours of the other HRH Sultans. Whenever HM SPB YDP Agong or any HRH Sultans need to inspects a military guard of honour, the Royal Malay Regiment would assume that ceremonial role. The Royal Malay Regiment is the first Malaysian armed forces unit to be accorded with the Royal Colours which carry the title ‘Royal’.


Many officers of the Royal Malay Regiment rose to become the Chief of Defense Forces (Panglima Angkatan Tentera – PAT) of the Malaysian Armed Forces (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia). With the exception of Jen. Tan Sri Borhan (who was from Grup Gerak Khas – he started as a RMR officer) and Adm. Tan Sri Anwar Mohd. Nor, the others were from Royal Malay Regiment.


The Royal Malay Regiment was given the honour to ‘guard HM Queen Elizabeth II’ in 2008. For 8 weeks, the 1st Royal Malay Regiment was given the task to perfom the prestigious “London Public Duties”. It was the fourth Commonwealth unit, after Canada, Australia and Jamaica to be given the honour, ahead of larger army units from countries such as India, Pakistan and even New Zealand (which fought for the United Kingdom since World War I).

Royal Malay V

The Federal Government should seriously consider promoting the Royal Malay Regiment as the icon of the tanahair. The unmistakeable men in dashing white baju Melayu uniform with golden songket samping and black songkok should represent pride of Malaysia. Just like the Queen’s Guard is the national icon of United Kingdom. The Royal Malay Regiment represent the Malaysian identity, which encompasses the Monarch (being the symbol of unity and custodian of the Federal Constitution), might (the will and resolve of the Malaysian people to remain in liberty as an independent race of the world), discipline (the concept of Rukun Negara), trustworthy (dependable in any circumstances, even during crisis), Islam (the religion of the Federation of Malaysia). soul (the determination of the Malaysian people to have an unmistakeable identity and onwership) and tradition (a nation rich with history, heritage and culture).

Royal Malay VII

This call to make and always remember the Royal Malay Regiment, “Liberator of the Federation”, as the true national hero is timely. Especially in the wake of certain near-bankrupt-political-stunts to use “Butcher of Malaya”, in a three-ring-political-circus. The Royal Malay Regiment is the mark of the pride of Malaysia. The motto “Ta’at Setia” says it all.

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  1. Setuju. Segerakan.

  2. When UMNO Pulai organized the biggest 50th Merdeka Anniversary Celebrations in Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan stacked together in 2007 without having rock concerts to lure the crowd yet getting them to come in the thousands, The Royal Malay Regiment declined to participate to remind people of their huge contribution to the Nation during Merdeka. Their excuse was that their role was for ceremonial purposes only. I guess they must have thought the organisers asked them to aim their weapon at Singapore or something! Their role today is to attend openings of Parliament and to guard the Istana and Buckingham Palace. Big deal for an establishment that played a huge role in the early years of this Nation. UMNO Pulai had to settle for the Pertahanan Awam instead which showed MORE patriotism and pride in their work and voluntarily I might add!

    You have given the Royal Malay Regiment its due by honouring them here as UMNO Pulai did when they approached them then. Unfortunatloey, the RMR themselves have reduced their prestige and honour by turning into not more than a nicely dressed JAGA.

    I remember when I was young, whenever a young lad was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, they’d say Askar Melayu DiRaja, without flinching. Heck even my sister who was a kind of a snob was dating an RMR officer named Hamdan. Today when asked, the kids would say “Buat apa? Kita taknak jadi security pakai songket berdiri jaga pintu istanalah baaang”! Some don’t even know what the heck the Royal Malay Regiment is, becuase they’re role have been reduced to such a level!

    • Not sure what is your complain is all about. We are not in any war. What do you expect them to do? They had done what they were expected of and more in the history of this tanah melayu. Yes, they should be an icon even if they refused to join UMNO Pulai’s party. Why are you so sore? Is it because you failed to honor them or you think RMR failed to honor you?

    • saya pun tak berapa paham dengan komplain saudara gammal ni … regiment askar melayu terdiri dari pelbagai betallion … ada lebih dua puluh rasanya

      betallion pertama adalah untuk yang YDP Agong, inilah yg sering kita nampak diTV dan berita … manakala betallion yg lain diperkhususkan untuk misi2 pertempuran, ada yg specialize seperti terjun udara, perisai dan sebagai … mereka sangat aktif dan terlibat mana2 misi keamanan yg disertai Malaysia … misi keamanan ni nama aje “aman” tapi para tentera kita sebenarnya ditengah2 medan perang … setiap masa dlm situasi hidup mati

  3. Totally agree Sir. Please lead the way.

  4. This is a great idea. The young needs icons of nationalism to foster patriotism.

    Symbols of Malaysian nationhood should instil pride naturally among Malaysians.

    Should be put into action soon to avoid “fake” symbols being promoted.

  5. Straycatstrut,

    Perhaps if you read to understand instead of to criticize thinking you’re a smart ass but one who doesn’t understand English very well, you’d see that while the RMR that you referred to in the early years rightly deserve to be honoured, the ones today need be treated as just a securities company, standing guard at the Istana and taking Pride in being a Jaga at an Orang Putih’s Palace in London. BIG DEAL!

    By the way, what was your contribution during the 50th Merdeka Anniversary Celebrations? Just siiting on your sorry butt criticizing patriots I bet! After all it costs nothing for cheapskates suffering from verbal diarrhea!

  6. Gawd… to refer to the Royal Malay Regiment – contributions to the nation then and now notwithstanding – as a glorified jaga in a songket is very demeaning indeed.

    Well said, straycatstrut..

    • Yes Kama at Tawaris,

      I’m sure the picture above of the RMR officer standing staight at attention guarding the Palace of the Queen of ENGLAND brings GREAT pride to all Malays in the Peninsula. HIDUP MELAYU! My,my, doesn’t the songket look really beautiful in all its splendour to add to the glimmer of the Bukinghamm Palace gate. All together now! HIDUP MELAYU!!! (Bawah Ketuanan British macam dulu)!

  7. Nolah, gamal abdel nasser. I shall not dignify your rantings with an answer. You sound too immature to indulge in a decent polemic with a patriotic old lady like me 🙂

  8. Salam Br.Zakhir,

    Ah, you blog entry today bring tears into my eyes.

    I am no soldier yet RMR is very close to my heart.My late uncle served in 6 Melayu (RMR 6th Battalion) during Confrontation.He died in a helicopter crash in Nanga Gaat on 6 March 1965 on the way back to Semenanjung for his wedding.

    I read a lot about the feats of RMR since its inception and it was rather sad that to see how even Singapore honoured our “Askar Melayu” bravery in Bukit Chandu even better than we do back home.

    We only know the heroic Lt.Adnan through history schoolbooks. They even commomerate the fight in Bukit Chandu with a museum honouring the our boys who are not even their citizen.

    I remember I wrote something about them in my blog.You might want to read it here:

    Lt.Adnan and his boys bodies and their graves were never found.I know one writer, Pak Latip Talib (who eventually wrote a history fiction “Leftenan Adnan” and published by PTS), who went all the way to Bukit Chandu recently just to locate their “graves”.

    Do you know that there is a mass grave with no inscription on top of Bukit Chandu. Perhaps that’s where Lt.Adnan and his boys were buried.

    If other countries like U.S and U.K going all the way to find their soldiers who died as unknown soldier in the foreign lands and bring them home to be buried with honor,why can’t we do the same thing?

    It’s just a plot of land on top of Bukit Chandu and all we need is just a phone call from a prime minister to a prime minister to organise a joint- archeological excavation and identify the DNAs from the bones to find out who they are.

    Cut all the red tapes since both parties have already consider our Askar Melayu as their heroes!


    Last year, I went to Kanchanaburi,Thailand, famous for its Death Railway not because I want to see the bridge.I went there with a little hope,perhaps, to find a grave of a Malay Regiment soldier in the War Cemetery in Don Rak and Chungkai in Kanchanaburi. I can’t find one.

    The only lead I got was the fact that there is a Malay Regiment insignia badge at the nearby museum.It was found along the death railway track. And you know that there is a place along the track called Malayan Hamlet?

    Perhaps somewhere in the jungle in Thailand,there our boys died and yet receive no honour from us, except with a garland of flower placed at the Tugu Negara during Hari Pahlawan.

    Yes, our RMR should be given its due credit as our National icons!

    • Thanks.

      in 1942, Singapore was part of Malaya. Hence, the defence of Singapore was pertinent to stop the Japan invasion of Malaya. The Malay Regiment, who was answerable to Lt. Gen. Percival, was honoured to be part of the defence, namely at Tuas, Pasir Panjang Ridge and finally, at Bukit Chandu, where Lt. Adnan Saidi and Abas (who survive the onslought and later rose to the rank of Brigadier and commanded the 8th Brigade in Kem Desa Pahlawan, Kok Lanas, Kelantan). At that point of time, we cannot regard Singapore as a foreign land.

      It is a very good call of patriotism to determine the final resting place of the company of Royal Malay Regiment in Bukit Chandu, Singapore. It is a site of a famous battle in our land. Maybe to determine each remains is impossible. Never the less, these uncommon valours must be honoured.

      Thanks for the Burma Death Railway input. We have the moral duty bound to honour our dead heroes.

      This is our call here in BigDogDotCom

  9. Saudara Gamal Abdel Nasser,

    Apa yang saudara katakan banyak yang tidak tepat,saudara tidak faham tugas dan fungsi anggota Angkatan Tentera Malaysia,pertama sekali anggota ATM tidak boleh terlibat atau ambil bahagian didalam gerak kerja mana mana PARTI POLITIK.

    Melibatkan dengan aktiviti parti politik adalah menjadi satu KESALAHAN dibawah AKTA ANGKATAN TENTERA 1972 mereka boleh diadu dan seterusnya dibicara didalam MAHKAMAH TENTERA ,kesalahan ini amat serius,negara akan menjadi kucar kachir jika anggota ATM TERLIBAT DAN MEMIHAK DENGAN MANA MANA PARTI POLITIK.

    Ada sebab sebab tertentu kenapa Rejimen Askar Melayu tidak terlibat dengan aktiviti UMNO Pulai.

    Saudara GAMAL,tolong pergi ke Musuem ATM di Kementerian Pertahanan,anda boleh belajar banyak berkenaan PERJUANGAN REJIMEN ASKAR MELAYU DIRAJA (RAMD)

    Dalam RAMD ada empat jenis Batalion

    1.Batalion Standard
    2.Batalion Para
    3.Batalion Mekanize
    4.Batalion Istiadat

    Semuanya mempunyai tugas tugas yang tertentu,jangan pukul borong saja,check your fact please.

  10. Let us start the campain – POLITICIAN – Your NO Counts for PETRONAS


    to get more details!!!

  11. Big Dog

    Will DAP support such iniative? Definitely not Anwar Ibrahim. He’s more concerned about Chin Peng.

    • Tak mungkin DAP akan support cadangan ni! AKU BERANI TARUHKAN SEMUA JARI AKULAH!!!!

      Bila lagi kerajaan BN Perak nak menghargai pengorbanan perajurit Melayu yg mengadai/mempertaruhkan diri sendiri demi kepentingan bangsa & ibu pertiwi?

      Bagilah askar pencen ni tanah.

      DAP Perak boleh bagi Cina pro-komunis ini tanah pajak 999 tahun. Kerana askar pencen tak diberikan tanah hak milik kekal????


  12. Hope the rakyat and government do not forget the MAF in times of peace.The MAF need to be modernized in order to maintain certain dignity within the SEA region.The role of the MAF is to maintain the peace with its neighbours.The MAF must be equipped and trained so that they get the due respect from neighbouring countries.So it becomes a deterrent.People will think twice before provoking us.So we maintain the peace.If you politicize the MAF that is the end of our national deterrent.

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  14. nice info..

  15. […] have made sacrifices. Like the Royal Malaysian Police in Bukit Kepong , Johor(during Emergency), Royal Malay Regiment in Kalabakan, Sabah (during Confrotation) and Royal Malaysian Navy lost a ship KD Seri Perak in a […]

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  18. Who is this bloody egyptian copy-cat, two bit politician from a shithole called Pulai? If you want a bloody tight slap from our Royal Johore cousin please continue your uneducated and narrow minded comments about the RMR. We from the Selangor Royal family had contributed numerous members of the family, myself included, to serve the country in that Regiment. So Gamal, shut your trap up.

  19. […] it was the men of B Company of the  Malay Regiment led byLeft. Adnan Saidi and Left. Abbas Abdul Manan on Bukit Chandu, Singapore on 14 February 1942 […]

  20. I think that this is a wonderful idea, and that the person who gave this idea should continue his quest in making this a reality, and this person should know now that I will back him till the end. Our royal malay regiment deserves the honour and respect that is due to them. They have fought and died to defend this great nation that we love so much, and I dare anybody who doesnt like the idea of making the RMR a national icon to go and join the army to experience what they go through even in times of peace to fully understand their sacrifices they make for this land of ours. And for those who say that they only ‘jaga orang putih punya rumah’, what the hell are you talking about?! They are safeguarding the yang di pertuan agong of malaysia, the king of malaysia if you prefer, and the very person who by his very existance, garanties us of an independant country, in which every citizens lives freely thanks to a constitution that that very person who the RMR is defending protects! We insult them by saying these things! I think people who put their lives on the line everyday should be honoured because they are more patriotic than alot of other malaysians who I know for example who go away for a year or two and dont consider themselves malaysian anymore. Anyway I could go on and write much more, but Im going to hold myself back. Whatever it is, its a wonderful idea and should become a reality.

  21. I shall be paying a lone visit to Singapore 24-11-2010
    when i shall be paying my very deep respect to the Royal Malay Regiment by laying a wreath in their honour. I fought alongside the Royal Malay Regiment during the emergency when I served in the British infantry (Loyal Regt) and I feel a bond of comradeship with these fine soldiers. Unfortunately the only way I know to honour these former comrades is to lay a Christian wreath for them, I would love to honour them in their own faith but I feel sure that they willforgive my ignorance. They where the finest.

  22. […] to stop Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng and his terrorist bandits, such as members the Royal Malay Regiment, Royal Malaysian Police, all other security services and voluntary forces especially within the […]

  23. I’m sad that there are still people in this country who are ignorant of the sacrifices made by the Royal Malay Regiment and degrade them with unwaranted insults. RMR Officer not only show great patriotism and loyaty to the country in the battlefiel like 2nd. lieut. Adnan Saidi in World War II but also after the surrender of Singgapore. RMR Officers interned by the Japs like Kapt. Raja Aman Sahah, Lieut. Abbas bin Mohd, Saaid, Lieut Ibrahim Sidek, Lt. Usman Kering,Lieut Wahid Jidin, Lieut Arrifin Hj. Sulaiman and Lieut Abu Bakar Umar refused to change sides and serve the Japs when there were ordered to do so. They even refused to discard their ranks and uniforms in exchange for freedom because to them discarding their ranks and uniform is a betrayal to their King, Country and Regiment. To change sides is treachery! They chose blood and honour for their country. At the instigation of the Malay traitor Major Mustapha Hussein of the Fujiwara Kiken, the Japanese High Command in Singapore sentenced the RMR Officers to death. They were machined gun at an unknown site in Singapore at dawn on 28th. February, 1942. Their bodies were never found. Their bravery until now has not been appreciated and honoured except that of Lieut. Adnan. My late mother was right when she said to me that bravery is everywhere in times of war. Not only in the battlefield but also in captivity, in prisoners of war camps and in the jungles among the freedom fighters. I still feel that it is not too late for the government to show some gratitude to my father Lieut. Abbas bin Mohd. Saaid and his brother officers whose chose death for the honour of their King, Country and regiment. Hidup Regiment Askar Melayu Di Raja !

    • May I know your late mother’s name… any relation to Abdul Rahman?

  24. […] the past, we here at BigDogDotCom called the Federal Government to make the Royal Malay Regiment a national icon and for the loyalty and gallantry these past 79 years, Port Dickson be renamed Pengkalan Adnan and […]

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