Is the merit-based scholarship Constitutional?

A Government scholarship scheme will be made available to all, based on merits without taking gender, ethnicity or faith into consideration. The Public Services Department (JPA) would be introducing this scholarship scheme as Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak announced this on Saturday. It will be known as ‘Biasiswa Nasional’ (National Scholarship).

The Star has the story:

Sunday June 28, 2009

Najib: Government to introduce new category of scholarships


PUTRAJAYA: A new category of Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships will be introduced next year based purely on merit, regardless of race.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he was sure that such a category would be welcomed by all communities, including the Chinese.

“We are restudying the distribution of scholarships under the Public Service Department scheme to introduce a new category.

“We will announce it next year and with the plan to limit the Sijil Pelajaran Malay-sia to 10 subjects, we expect to see a more level playing field,” he said in his speech at a dinner organised by the MCA and the Associated Chinese Chamber of Com-merce and Industry Malaysia here yesterday.

Najib said this would allow Malay-sia’s best students to receive aid to pursue higher studies.

“So the best of the best and the creme de la creme will get aid for higher studies.

“I believe this will be accepted well and it will allow each individual a fair chance to realise his full potential,” he said, adding, however, that he was not “letting the cat out of the bag” just yet about the scheme.

“Like all Malaysians, they also want to see their children have a good education and become successful. All this involves costs,” he said, adding that every race had its needs and if the Government could bring policies that were fair, the Chinese would continue to support the Barisan Nasional.

Najib said the Chinese were not against Malays succeeding or were opposed to efforts to help the bumiputras, but that they wanted policies which looked at the needs of all Malaysians fairly.

“And that’s why I included it in the 1Malaysia concept,” he said, adding that he would also look into MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat’s request for more government land to build Chinese vernacular schools.


This announcement was made in conjunction with the Chinese Chambers of Commerce dinner. Of late, PM Najib seemed to be introducing a lot of new ‘goodies’, as a political effort to entice the Non Malays, especially the Chinese back towards supporting Government and Barisan Nasional. First it was the dissolution of Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development (MECD), deemed as a ‘specific’ ministry to look into the Bumiputra development affairs. Then the liberalization of 27 sectors from equity quota. More liberalization is expected. Of course not with standing, the real game plan behind “1 Malaysia” has not been spelt out yet and everyone is playing the guessing game to inteprete this. Unprecedently during the opening of the Johor State Assembly HRH Sultan Johor reacted adversely on PM Najib’s proposal to look into the development of  the third bridge linking into Singapore, on the east coast of Johor.

The Government should seriously relook into this proposal. This is because, provision for scholarships has been enshrined in the Federal Constitution solely for the Bumiputras only. When scholarships are being dished out based on merit, that means Malay privileges as provided in the Federal Constitution inadvertently has been withdrawn.

The Federal Constitution states clearly that Malay privileges and quota are protected by the HRH Rulers. Any attempt to change, amend or implement it otherwise must be with the consent of HRH Rulers. It seems that PM Najib had acted ultra vires to the Federal Constitution by unilaterally announcing this scholarship scheme based purely on merit.

Excerpts of the Article 153 of the Federal Constitution:

Article 153

  1. It shall be the responsibility of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the special position of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities in accordance with the provisions of this Article.
  2. Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, but subject to the provisions of Article 40 and of this Article, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall exercise his functions under this Constitution and federal law in such manner as may be necessary to safeguard the special provision of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and to ensure the reservation for Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak of such proportion as he may deem reasonable of positions in the public service (other than the public service of a State) and of scholarships, exhibitions and other similar educational or training privileges or special facilities given or accorded by the Federal Government and, when any permit or licence for the operation of any trade or business is required by federal law, then, subject to the provisions of that law and this Article, of such permits and licences.
  3. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong may, in order to ensure in accordance with Clause (2) the reservation to Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak of positions in the public service and of scholarships, exhibitions and other educational or training privileges or special facilities, give such general directions as may be required for that purpose to any Commission to which Part X applies or to any authority charged with responsibility for the grant of such scholarships, exhibitions or other educational or training privileges or special facilities; and the Commission or authority shall duly comply with the directions.
  4. In exercising his functions under this Constitution and federal law in accordance with Clauses (1) to (3) the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall not deprive any person of any public office held by him or of the continuance of any scholarship, exhibition or other educational or training privileges or special facilities enjoyed by him.

On the other hand, even if PM Najib wants to create another scholarship on top of the existing one, a totally merit-based scholarship will directly in effect challenge the scholarship which is affirmative action-based. In addition, a precedent is set in which Government scholarship can now ignore the Malay/Bumiputra privileges as stipulated in the Federal Constitution.

The fact is that, PM Najib has not sought the view and sentiment of the Malays, even through UMNO channel before prematurely annoucing this initiative. Whether or not the Malays perceive this initiative as ‘violating their privilege, as fundamental component of the Federal Constitution’ is not known yet. Many already talking about PM Najib is compromising more than previous Leaderships, for support which has yet forth coming. Now, the compromise  is about something which is explicitly provided within the Federal Constitution. Having said all that, BN should not wait until the next General Elections to painfully find out the throughly ‘true’  feelings of the rakyat again, especially the Malays and Bumiputras, which comprises more than 65% of the population. Let the 8 March 2008  12 GE be a lesson learnt, where the Malays themselves turn their back against UMNO and BN.

ls this new initiative meet the objective to entice the Non Malays’ support?

Or has PM Najib exhausted all practical ideas to revive the economy, the real factor that should entice the Non Malays’ support, especially the Chinese, who are known to be materialistically centric?

PM Najib has the fondness to equate nostalgically what he is doing now to his late father, Second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein. The visit to China last month and to the Kayan village earlier this month have been highlighted through the media. So was when he attended the FELDA dinner early this month. The ‘Thirteen Million Ringgit’ question is that would Tun Razak compromise so much of the majority’s support and gamble on winning over the minority?

Our bet is, the ‘father of unity and development’ would have done it the other way around. He would even strengthened the interests of the majority via the Federal Constitution. Malay agenda was a very important mission for Tun Razak. As he did for MARA in 1966, under the MARA Act which was enacted in Parliament. Lately, even HRH Rulers are very concerned about the development of the Malays.

Regardless, don’t let the situation escalate till a point-of-no-return, where the Government wholesomely loses the support of all. The Malays would be slighted because they felt their privileges taken away from them and the Government no longer value their support, which had been the mainstay of Perikatan/Barisan Nasional power base since 1955. On the other hand, the Non Malays would still not be satisfied (as they had been despite so many concessions made available to them – like the Chinese schools, which clearly contravene the Education Act 1996 and yet they  feel being treated as ‘2nd class citizens’), regardless what the Government do and have done  for them. As the Malays say it, “Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran”.

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  1. UMNO had already lost the support of Malay, that’s why Najib need to give some goodies to lure the non Malay support. So don’t blame the non Malay, it is result of the Malay not supporting UMNO. The non Malay are not to be blamed, they too want the best for their children too. Also do Malaysia still want to continue losing the best brain to Singapore year after year. SIngapore success is basically the result of brain drain from Malaysia.

    • Malays are still the majority.

      WHEN, not if, PAS wakes up the the fact that they are just being used to confuse the Malays, there will not be a PKR anymore.

      DAP and PK cannot form the majority on their own.

      Get real this is MALAYsia.

      • dear Ray,

        Malays are the majority due to uncontrolled breeding. The economic assistance provided by the Government means that Malays can afford to have 4-5 children per family. Something that the Chinese and Indians cannot afford to do.

      • I am a Malaysian born here. So are you. Why do some Malaysian have certain rights that I do not have? Does this mean that my children and generation to come will not have the same rights as other Malaysian? WHY THE DISCRIMINATION? ARE WE NOT ALL MALAYSIANS?

  2. salam big dog, i think its now a perfect time to let go the privilages which had been halping us all these decades. we must face the facts that this country is transforming, and someday special privilages will no longer remain relevant. its time to give our children a little bit of challenge, healthy competition.

  3. Biarlah laksanakan mengikut merit ni.

    Dulu anak menteri dapat biasiswa dan ketepikan anak petani.
    Dulu anak dapat 5A dapat biasiswa dan ketepikan yg dapat 10A.
    Dulu you know who dapat biasiswa dan ketepikan yg tak kenal ‘you know who’.

    Kalu anak Melayu masih berbangga dgn taraf diploma dan tak nak belajar lebih tinggi. Nak salahkan siapa ? Ini bukan rekaan tapi benar lepasan dip 2008. Kerjaan kini perlu mereka yg ade Degree, Master & PHD.

    Dah masuk 52 tahun merdeka, ade banyak benda yg perlu diubah. Biasiswa adelah antaranya.

    Persoalannya, berapa banyak yg dapat biasiswa itu akan berterima kasih kepada pemberi biasiswa ? Contoh dah banyak kan !

    Just my thoughts.

  4. Alahai BigDog

    Kenapo Najib tak ambik ajo kau kojo dengan dio? Kan sonang buat tanyo-tanyo dan mintak nasikat? Kau pun ponat asyik menogo ajo.

    Haaaa … BigDog. Kau naik jadi Tingkat Ompek, den pulak kojo kan ekau.

    Wow! Lagi untung jual orang dari jual unta.

    • Tiga haghi den kojo dongan Dato Seri Najib, nanti kono sughug boronti lak.

      Bukan ekau tak tau perangai den kuek menyalak ni?

      Boss mano tak tahan!

      Abih camano?

  5. Hey 2ndclass

    chinese singaporeans are migrating OUT of singapore, pls check your facts


    You know, I believe that the Malays can surpass them in terms of intelligence and real talent if the motivation is there.

    I have seen thoughout my schooldays and working life that they may be paper-qualified BUT many of them can’t perform as WELL as the qualified Malays.

    They excel MAINLY because they WORK hard as they see the merits of paper qualification, not so much for the education itself.

    That is why they PAY good money for tuition and 10-year series in all subjects.

    I believe that if the examination format actually TEST talent, the Malays can succeed without the need for what they love to call ‘crutches’.

    I suspect that the exam format presently TEST memory which can be manuevered through toiling and mugging.

    But if the new exam format TEST thinking, analytical and presentation skills, well we can do very well indeed.

    So this new scheme may not be TOO bad at all, if the measures used to identify DESERVING students are accurate, valid and reliable.

    Let’s not make the mistake of rewarding hardwork only because when the crunch comes, answers to real-life problems are not found in the 10-year series.

    • And Malaysian Chinese is moving IN to take the place of SIngaporean Chinese.

      • nope … it is the china chinese my dear

    • ray,

      If you think that the examination format is the problem, then the onus should be on the Ministry of Education to change/revise it. I believe that the Ministry should be able to ensure that students are TESTed in order to determine their true capabilities.

      If the Education Minister does not do not anything about the examination format, who will you blame now?

      Good luck to you in your quest.

  6. Might work to the bumiputra’s advantage… Najib only announce a ‘new’ scholarship plan… based on merit… which means excellent bumi students can get access to this scholarship. The old scholarship plan will then be totally for the bumi’s… ok la tu…

  7. BigGuy,

    Aku tak setuju langsung dgn cadangan DS Najib ni. Orang Bukan Melayu, terutama orang Cina Malaysia ada terlalu banyak kemudahan biaya pelajaran; melalui guild mereka & syarikat yg mereka control. Mereka sebenarnya tak perlu bantuan. Lihat brapa banyak yayasan mereka ada.

    Sekurang kurangnya tak macam Melayu.

    Dah lah Melayu 65% penduduk berbanding dgn Cina 26%, kedudukan sosio ekonomi yang beza ketara. Dari segi sosial, tak adil nak bagi mereka bantuan pelajaran sedangkan ramai Melayu luar bandar yg patutnya ada potensi, tapi tak dapat sebab sekolah luar bandar yg serba kekurangan!

    Apa DS Najib cuba capai? Ini agenda nasihat Omar Ong lg ke, macam MECD yg dimansuhkan tu!

    Aku harap Umno tentang cadangan ni!!!!

    • “Apa DS Najib cuba capai? Ini agenda nasihat Omar Ong lg ke, macam MECD yg dimansuhkan tu!”

      KOMEN: Siapa dia superman yang dikenali nama Omar Ong itu? Kenapa DSN perlu dengar pandangan dia sorang? Tak adakah cerdik pandai Melayu/Bugis/Jawa/Mamak di keliling PMO yang bisa bagi idea?

      Kenapalah sebilangan orang Melayu gerun sangat apabila mendengar nama Omar Ong KJ dll? Kalau nak patahkan serangan musuh (politik), kita kena lebih bijak/arif/rajin/toleran/proaktif!

      Bukan takut akan bayang2 diri….

      Yang negarawan kita Tun Dr. Mahathir duk gesa Muslim bikin senjata canggih2 tu buat apa? Beliau mahu kalahkan lawan (musuh Islam) dgn kekauatan diri sendiri! Berapa orang yang faham mesej beliau dulu?

      Sikit2 asyik takut akan bayang2. Hidup dalam kerisauan….Kapan mahu maju?

  8. Belum start sudah mengaku kalah, inilah hasil NEP slama 52 tahun ini.

  9. Brader BigGuy wrote inter alia:

    “This is because, provision for scholarships has been enshrined in the Federal Constitution solely for the Bumiputras only. When scholarships are being dished out based on merit, that means Malay privileges as provided in the Federal Constitution inadvertently has been withdrawn.”

    1. I beg to differ, Brader.

    2. PM DSN appears to be contemplating “a new category” of scholarships. He could not be so ignorant as to devise any policy which is ultra vires Article 153 of the Federal Constitution….

    3. The “special position” of the Bumi under that said Article shall continued to be upheld and protected, by simply continuing the existing scholarships “system”.

    4. A close scrutiny of the Article 153 will reveal that The Executive is fully authorised to devise any new category of scholarships, say “merit-based scholarships”. In essence, the Bumi shall receive a reasonably “higher percentage” of these scholarships, as we observe that Bumi students had done well too in their public exams. No matter how much noise they made in the Chinese media, the Chinese high scorers are actually limited in number in comparison with the Bumi students.

    5. This is because the population of Bumi is over 60% and the non-Bumi below 40%. So it is not “unusual” that Bumi have more “Mat Rempits/drug addicts/HIV carriers/low-cost houses/civil servants/army/Police/national service/GLCs” ….

    6. These are facts of life in Malaysia. Bumi & Non-Bumi must see the true picture of every issue. If you fail to identify a tiger from cats, then you are in for a very serious trouble!

    7. DSN is merely trying to correct the perceptions by dispersing some goodies….Our statesman Tun Dr Mahathir succeeded in making such “balancing acts”. But our Mr. Nice Guy Pak Lah failed miserably. We are glad that he was OUT of the picture. Here comes DSN.


  10. Wujudkan yang baru, hapuskan yang lama, itulah permainan politik Umno sejak enam tahun yang lepas. Setelah disedari kehilangan ITM apabila dinaiktaraf ke UiTM, Perhimpunan Agung UMNO telah meresolusikan supaya ITM diwujudkan semula. Susulannya, kong kali kong, apa pun tarak. Sedangkan Cina terus dengan KTAR, ditambah pula dengan UTAR, bukannya dinaiktaraf dan sebagainya. Dapat lagi tanah dari kerajaan negeri Perak di Gopeng untuk kampus tetap UTAR sambil KTAR dikekalkan.

    Selepas itu biasiswa JPA pula dibukakan melalui pengumuman Nazri Aziz. Ini berlaku sejurus keputusan PRU-12 yang masih mengekalkan BN sebagai parti majoriti. Sekali lagi Melayu melopong, walaupun dikatakan tindakan itu tidak selaras dengan Perlembagaan.

    Kalau dahulu, sesiapa yang menentang akan dihukum, dipinggirkan. Sekarang, Perdana Menteri menggula-gulakan golongan yang tidak memberikan sokongan kepada pihaknya. Kalau begini permainan Najib, wajarlah untuk orang Melayu keseluruhannya memberikan sokongan mereka kepada pihak selain BN, kerana dengan cara itulah suara dan kepentingan mereka akan diberi tumpuan oleh kerajaan.

    Tanpa ketegasan, bukan Melayu akan terus mempermainkan orang Melayu dan siapa lagi yang sepatutnya bertegas melainkan para pemimpin. Jika itu pun Najib tidak mampu menggalasnya, puarlah harapan yang selama ini begitu berkobar-kobar terhadapnya.

    • (1) “Selepas itu biasiswa JPA pula dibukakan melalui pengumuman Nazri Aziz.”

      KOMEN: Sistem lama JPA tak dikacau. Yang diumumkan Menteri Nazri itu kategori “seberang laut”. Kesudahannya sama juga bagi kaum Bumi. Cuba semak kenyataannya di Dewan Rakyat minggu lalu.

      (2) “Tanpa ketegasan, bukan Melayu akan terus mempermainkan orang Melayu…”

      KOMEN: Ini kenyataan yang dibuat oleh orang yang masih di dalam kelambu. Macam mana orang bukan-Melayu bisa “mempermainkan orang Melayu” sedangkan majoriti Melayu/Bumi yang memerintah negara ini ?

      Kenyataan yang lemah ini hanya membayangkan wujudnya sebilangan anggota dari “bangsa” Melayu yang masih lemah.

      Sia-sia negarawan kita Tun Dr. Mahathir mencurahkan masa, tenaga, perhatian, hati dan jantungnya untuk membangunkan “bangsa” beliau….Patutnya beliau menangis kuat ketika nak melepaskan beban di bahunya pada 2002!


  11. Brader BigGuy:

    Ada dua(2) perkara lagi yang perlu saya ungkitkan:

    (1) Siapa punya analisis/alasan kononnya MECD dimansuhkan kerana mahu “jaga hati/perasaan” orang Cina?

    “Of late, PM Najib seemed to be introducing a lot of new ‘goodies’, as a political effort to entice the Non Malays, especially the Chinese back towards supporting Government and Barisan Nasional. First it was the dissolution of Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development (MECD)….”

    (2) Siapa yang menyatakan yang kewujudan SJKC/T menyalahi Akta Pendidikan 1996? Kalau kenyataan ini BETUL, maka Peguam Negara sudah lama kena buang kerja!

    “On the other hand, the Non Malays would still not be satisfied (as they had been despite so many concessions made available to them – like the Chinese schools, which clearly contravene the Education Act 1996 and yet they feel being treated as ‘2nd class citizens’), regardless what the Government do and have done”

    Cuba kita teliti Seksyen 17(1) Akta Pendidikan 1996:

    “Seksyen 17(1) Akta Pendidikan memperuntukkan bahawa Bahasa Kebangsaan hendaklah menjadi bahasa pengantar utama di semua institusi pendidikan dalam Sistem Pendidikan Kebangsaan kecuali sekolah-sekolah jenis kebangsaan yang ditubuhkan di bawah Seksyen 28 atau mana-mana institusi pendidikan lain yang dikecualikan daripada sub seksyen ini….”

    Kewujudan SJKC/T sebenarnya dizinkan oleh Seksyen 17(1) di atas.

    Soalan seterusnya: Adakah S. 17(1) bertentangan (ultra vires) dgn Perkara 152 Perlembagaan kita?

    Ini belum ada jawaban yang jelas. Ada pejuang Bahasa Melayu berpendapat bahawa:

    “Perkara 152(6) pula memperuntukkan bahawa perkara-perkara pendidikan negara, mata pelajaran utama dalam kurikulum kebangsaan yang diuruskan oleh Kementerian Pelajaran adalah bagi maksud rasmi.” [ Muhammad Faisal Abdul Aziz, Naib Presiden, Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM)]

    Tetapi yang nyata, ialah orang Cina termasuk pemimpin/menteri mereka perlu ambilmaklum bahawa Perkara 152 tidak “mewajibkan” Pemerintah membiayai segala ongkos SJKC/T. Atas ehsan Pemerintah kita membiayai SJKC/T. Pembiayaan itu boleh ditarik balik bila2 masa kalau Pemerintah mahu….

    Pada umumnya, tanpa pembiayaan Pemerintah sekalipun, Perlembagaan kita masih benarkan SJKC/T wujud –sebagai sekolah swasta spt Sri Murni/Cempaka/Puteri dll.

    Nasihat perumpamaan bahasa Cina bagi kawan2 bukan-Bumi:

    Lekas puas hati & bersyukur =anda akan bahagia selalu;
    Kalau hati tak kenal puas = ular pun boleh menelan gajah!


  12. “Or has PM Najib exhausted all practical ideas to revive the economy, the real factor that should entice the Non Malays’ support, especially the Chinese, who are known to be materialistically centric?”

    MOFis passing lot of priorities to Bank Negara. MOF is focusing more on political solutions. The experienced in Bank Negara mostly has left to either retire or greener pastures.

    Pls do check it out and you will be surprised.

  13. Salam,

    Fahami kenapa kerajaan hadkan 10 subjek untuk SPM dan kaitannya dengan Biasiswa Nasional.

  14. What DS Najib is currently doing is to try to win over the Chinese voters by giving everything what Chinese demanded.My question is was there any study or POSTMORTEM made on what causes the Chinese voters to abandon BN during 8 Mac 2008 general election.

    To my knowledge there was no postmortem done and if that is the case, DS Najib is is moving on the wrong track.What happen if the Chinese gets everything they ask for and yet they did not vote BN ? Will DS Najib dare to stop what has been the policy of the Government,TERLAJAK PERAHU BOLEH BERUNDUR ,TERLAJAK TINDAKAN BURUK PADAHNYA !

    Doing something against the spirit of The Federal Constitution and in particular encroaching into the special rights of the MALAYS and the Bumiputras is tatanmount to BETRAYAL of its own race or PENGKHIANAT KEPADA BANGSA MELAYU.

    • DSN will regret surely. No doubt about it. Bila dah lepas semua yang ada baru terngagah..

  15. I don’t know what the Education Act says, but the Constitution clearly allows for the learning of mother tongues which implies the legality of Chinese Schools!

    And if the provisions of the Education Act are inconsistent with the Constitution, it is the Education Act that will have to be amended. The Federal Constitution is supreme!!

    And it would always do well to remember that the Constitution talks about the special position (not rights as is frequently bandied about) of the Malays AND Natives of Sarawak & Sabah as well, as regards Scholarships and jobs in the Civil Service.

    And from time to time, the King is empowered to secure a REASONABLE provision in respect of these peoples’ position. No non-Malay has ever disputed these special provisions in line with affirmative action to benefit those disadvantaged by the occupation of Colonial Powers.

    REASONABLE clearly means that as the playing field gets more and more even after 40 years of NEP, the provisions will accordingly be necessarily less and less. They were not meant to be forever, regardless of progress!!

    • Brader Donplay:

      (1)You are partially correct to state that Article 152 guarantees us the freedom to “learn languages” of other races in the Federation.

      (2) But please NOTE: “Learning languages” as DIFFERENT from “learning IN languages” (as a medium of instruction!). That’s where the Constitution DOES NOT so guarantee. Please advise Chinese/Indian Minister(s) to stop thinking that our Constitution guarantees SJKC/T blah-blah…fooling himself and other ignorant non-Bumi.

      (3) So, what our Brader BigGuy stated above is this: Gomen has no obligation ti financially support SJKC/T. That’s is constitutionally correct, mind you!

      (4) But may be politically “tak boleh pakai”lah…because of the political reality existed in the past and still exists today….

      (5) We therefore must admit the fact that SJKC/T exist because of our “good heart” Gomen, and in a sense, the kindness/ehsan of our our Malay braders & sisters.

      (6) Akta Pendidikan 1996 is certainly not “unconstitutional”. If it is, then it’d had been challenged in court long time agolah.

      (7) Article 153 guarantees “special position” of the Bumi. This on is UNTOUCHABLELAH. Why must we go and disturb this provision? We must be FAIRPLAYERS also. Our forefathers got the citizenships, so in return we accept their special position etc. etc. This provision must be there as long as the Bumi thru their Majlis Raja2 want to maintain it. When they sendiri feel that they don’t need the tongkat, let them decide what to do-lah. We have got our bargains, right?


  16. Tuan Major Hj Anuar:

    Before you move your platoon, did you not brief your men already about what to do next?

    Likewise,Majlis Tertinggi of Umno; DSN & TSMY; DSN & think-tanks; TSMY & think-tanks…had surely studied all the possible factors about the migration of non-Malay ( and Malay actually!) voters to PKR,PAS,DAP,Bebas.

    Their conclusion? They would try to woo non-Malay support in the next two(2) years before consolidating the Malay votes….

    DSN is certainly an experienced and capable Commanderlah. He started his political career in 1975 immediately after the demise of Tun Razak.

    I don’t believe that DSN is so ignorant as to launch his “Art of War” without “knowing who your enemies are”….

    Tabik hormat, Tuan!
    (I am an ex-infantry man)

    • Its like practicing golf swing..ya, they called it ” follow thru “; To me its more like a follow through of what the sleepy head had initiated.

      I hope the think tank concentrate on long term solution at the stinking tambak Johor instead of proposing a 3rd bridge.

  17. Well said Big Dog.

    Najib is over-reaching. We should not gamble with what we already have by trying to win a llst cause. We should strengthen our stronghold further.

    Under Najib, the bleeding of 5 years have finally stopped. Let’s hope he doesn’t open new wounds because when the Malays have enough of Najib’s charity work for the aliens, they will swing to the other side and Najib will be left without his private jet and motorcade privileges. That’s a promise!


  19. If by giving this and that like what he did in the first few months of office DSN expects the non-malays to be happy and throw their support behind him, he is sadly mistaken. They’ll take it as an encouragement to demand for more and more.

  20. Kenapa DSN suka sangat buat pengumuman unilateral ketika berada di majlis2 perhimpunan cina? Kenapa perlu dilayan desakan untuk membuat lebih byk sekolah cina? tetapi dlm masa yg sama inginkan hak samarata? kenapakah perlu dilayan golongan yg ingin membawa diri mereka keluar dari aliran kebangsaan? Bagilah Najib semua yg ada… Kami Melayu dah tak kisah..

  21. Apa ni asyik beri, beri saja kepada kaum sial tu wat apa, nak bagi anak sekolah sama-sama pun tak mahu, nak curi dan curi hak-hak orang bumiputera lagi.

  22. Hoi Melayu,
    Read between the lines la brader! If Najib wanted to create another Agung, say Agung II and candidates can come from all races, would it not constitutionally a challenge to the present Agung?

    Hantu Gigi Jarang.

  23. Sebagai orang melayu, dan rakyat Malaysia,saya tak rasa pemberian biasiswa berdasarkan merit adalah suatu masalah malah dapat meningkatkan persaingan yang sihat.Dengan inisiatif kerajaan yang berterusan untuk mengurangkan hak keistimewaan orang melayu,diharapkan sektor swasta khususnya dapat memainkan peranan mereka dalam memastikan sistem pengambilan perkerjaan benar-benar berdasarkan merit.

    Kalau boleh kita tidak mahu lagi ada job advertisement seperti di atas di Malaysia.

  24. doggy,

    Careful with your blog. It’s filled with comments from the Singaporean operation. Delete more comment, only approve those which you’re totally confident it’s genuine. Listen to your gut.

  25. Scholarships based on merit?But what about the mandarin speaking job opening? i dont really see the point of having that kind of requirement since everyone can speaks malay especially in shopping malls. Furthermore, the private sectors shdnt be racial biased. For example, there is one investment bank in Malaysia that gave better salaries,increments and bonuses to chinese employees compared to other races. Go

  26. Some very interesting points raised here, which has got me thinking!

  27. ‘You know, I believe that the Malays can surpass them in terms of intelligence and real talent if the motivation is there.’

    Do I hate the Malays who believe depriving others of their rights is acceptable because the Malays are ‘Tuans’ in Malaaysia? No, I pity their incredible gullibility in believing that the ‘Bumiputra’ label somehow confers upon them the ability to become smart and competitive.
    So long as the Malays believe the constitution is to shield them from competition which brings excellence, the Malays shall remain stupid. You can twist and spin the constitution however you like but there is no doubt the so-called constitutional privileges of the ‘Bumiputras’ is used first and foremost to maintain and perpetuate a feudal mindset among the Malays so as to keep them stupid and loyal to UMNO and not the Sultans as some may believe. A jaguh kampung shall always be backwards and stupid for he sees not the rest of the world. The proof lies in the scientific research capabilities of the Malays and the pathetic international rankings of our public universities which are 99% staffed and controlled by Malays.

    By the way the term affirmative action refers to the help given to a minority who are unable or prevented from enjoying their rights. The ‘Bumiputras’ are the majority in Malaysia. Therefore, so long as the ‘Bumiputra’ rights are perverted to prevent the Malays from having to compete and to deprive others of their rights the Malays will forever allow UMNO to keep them stupid and pliable. It has been 52 years since independence. What great scientific breakthrough has any Malay achieved since then? Nothing. Wake up Orang Melayu before UMNO buries you so deep in stupidity that it becomes impossible to climb out of the hole.

  28. ‘Scholarships based on merit? But what about the mandarin speaking job opening? ‘

    If most of your customers speak Manadarin then you would want a worker who speaks manadarin for you need to compete against the other retailers in a shopping mall. The key word here is competition. Awarding scholarships based on merit means fair competition. Can your UMNO created ‘Bumiputra’ privileges brain understand how competition exist in the rest of the world.

  29. ‘Scholarships based on merit? But what about the mandarin speaking job opening? ‘

    If most of your customers speak Mandarin then you would want a worker who speaks Mandarin for you need to compete against the other retailers in the shopping mall and even in other shopping malls. The key word here is competition. Awarding scholarships based on merit means fair competition. Can your UMNO created ‘Bumiputra’ privileges brain understand how competition makes the world go round now? That is why I pity people like these Malays. They just do not know how UMNO has really messed up their thinking.

    • This nation is 65% Malays and only 26% Chinese ethnic. How can anyone give an excuse “Most of your customer base” is Mandarin speaking?

      That is inadvertently, make these merchants and service providers are self centered, is ONLY looking at the Mandarin speaking market and not serving the interests and needs of the nation as a whole.

      After all, Bahasa Melayu is Bahasa Kebangsaan and these service providers and merchants should make the language a priority in their business and NOT MANDARIN!

      • I can’t believe that someone can have this sort of thinking of “This nation is 65% Malays and only 26% Chinese ethnic. How can anyone give an excuse “Most of your customer base” is Mandarin speaking?”

        Working in Malaysia doesn’t mean your customers are from Malaysia. Ever heard of the INTERNET?? maybe the customer that is served is from China/Taiwan or mandarin speaking country??

        The position offered is “This role includes the leadership mission for optimal deployment of finance business controls resources across IBM GLOBALLY to provide appropriate coverage for emerging and high risk areas. ”

        see the globally?? is not restricted to Malysia

    • sir,
      what are you talking about?Malaysia is not a mandarin speaking country.we dont even need to speak mandarin in malaysia since everyone can communicate in Malay and English. Even some of the chinese in malaysia does not even understand mandarin.
      Come on vinnan,I think you are much smarter than that.

  30. Biggum Dogmannsteinberg

    Your statement that this nation is 65% Malay is nonsense.

    The Govy statistics deliberately lump non-Malay Bumiputra (Indian Muslims, Portuguese, Dutch, Natives of Sarawak & Sabah) under this category which is a mixed race bag while classifying Indians & Chinese strictly by race.

    Many of the natives of Sarawak and Sabah are neither Malays nor Muslims; many are Christians or practice animism and old religions. Go check the relevant statistics at the respective portals.

    But the Govt maintains this facade of 65% Malays to try and fool the unwary. Strictly speaking, the actual Malay population for East and West malaysia is somewhere between 45%-50%. E.g. the population of Sabah and West M’sia includes about 1.5 and 1 million respectively illegal Filipinos an Indonesians.

    • Really? You have statistics to prove this? Or is it you unfound guesstimates?

      The fact is there, how many Portuguese ethnic population in Malaysia now? Are their numbers amount to at least 270,000 people?

      If they are, then that is only 1% of those you claim to be ‘Malays’. And that is very insignificant.

      • From Wikipedia, it says

        50.4% Malay
        11.0% Sabah & Sarawak Bumiputera
        23.7% Chinese
        7.1% Indian
        7.8% Others

        How accurate is this I’m not sure, but its up for everyone to decide

      • To understand this, one should study:

        (a) Why Sabah dan Sarawak were invited to join the Penisula in the formation of Malaysia?

        (b) After careful and long thought, why did Tunku Abdul Rahman defied Umno/Malay protests and kicked Singapore out of Malaysia –thereby giving away a piece of Malay island to the Chinese?

        (c) How come we hear from time to time that Sabahans & Sarawakians are unhappy with Umno leaderships? They say” “Umno only has over 3 million members and yet it dictates the selection Malaysian PM?

        ALL BECAUSE OF THESE POPULATION STATISTICSlah….No end one if we were to debate over this again and again. Let’s support PM Najib firstlah!

        P.S.Have a peep also into the “CIA-THE WORLD FACTBOOK” for Malaysia.

  31. BG

    Don’t act stupid! I think you are much smarter than that.

    If you knock off the non-Malay Sarawak & Sabah population stats from the 65%, then the figures will come down to 45%-50%. The Malays are not the majority in these states. You can check this out by going to the Govt website on demography stats of the Govt, Sabah & Sarawak. I’m not going to do the job for you. Note also how many illegals there are in these States and we all know that ther are at least another 1 million in West M’sia.

    Don’t let this UMNO/BN Govt hoodwink you!

  32. I wonder what your take is than on todays headline in the Malaysian Insider “Najib slashes Bumiputra Equity quotas”?

  33. Ketua Pemuda Gerakan ketinggalan zaman, kata MB Kedah

    ALOR SETAR, Jun 25 — Menteri Besar Kedah, Datuk Seri Azizan Razak menyifatkan Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Kedah, Tan Keng Liang ketinggalan zaman apabila terus mengajak orang menyertai BN.

    “Semua sekarang nak tinggalkan Umno dan BN untuk menyertai PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat. Tiba-tiba dia pula ajak masuk BN, pelik sungguh,” kata Azizan kepada media dalam satu majlis di Gurun hari ini.

    Azizan mengulas gesaan Tan yang meminta DAP dan PKR menyertai BN bagi membentuk kerajaan baru di Kedah dengan meninggalkan PAS.

    Ini kerana, kata Tan, kerajaan Kedah dibawah pimpinan PAS sekarang meminggirkan orang bukan Melayu di Kedah.

    Menurut Azizan, Tan ketinggalan dalam banyak hal termasuk isu kouta 50 peratus untuk orang Melayu apabila tanah rezab Melayu diambil untuk projek perumahan di bandar Alor Setar.

    Tan juga, kata Azizan, ketinggalan dalam isu pusat penyembelihan babi di Mergong.

    Sebelum ini, Azizan berkata, yang tidak adil adalah kerajaan BN sebelum ini yang telah meluluskan tanah rezab Melayu untuk projek perumahan tetapi menetapkan hanya 20 peratus sahaja kouta untuk orang Melayu.

    “Ini tanah rezab Melayu, bukan tanah pegangan bebas. Untuk tanah pegangan bebas, mana ada syarat itu,” katanya.

    Dalam isu pusat penyembelihan babi di Mergong pula, pusat yang terletak di Pasar Mergong ini, walaupun telah bergerak selama lebih 30 tahun, namun ia tidak pernah mempunyai lesen yang sah dari pihak berkuasa tempatan.

    Aktivitinya pula mendapat bantahan orang Melayu yang turut ke pasar ini kerana bahan-bahan buangannya dibuang dalam tong sampah yang sama dengan penggunaan lain dan sebahagiannya dialirkan ke sungai berdekatan.

    Ekoran bantahan itu, Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar telah mengarahkan pusat penyembelihan ini dipindahkan ke tempat lain.

    Ekoran itu, persatuan peniaga babi ini telah membuat rayuan kepada Menteri Besar Kedah untuk memberikan tempoh kepada mereka sebulan untuk mendapatkan tempat baru.

    “Menteri Besar telah menulis surat kepada Datuk Bandar Alor Setar agar rayuan mereka ini diterima. Jika selepas sebulan mereka tidak dapat kawasan baru, itu masalah mereka kerana mereka yang meminta tempoh sebulan,” kata Setiausaha Akhbar MB Kedah, Helmi Khalid yang dihubungi hari ini.

    Menurut Helmi, satu kawasan baru telah dikenalpasti untuk dijadikan tempat penyembelihan babi ini iaitu di satu kawasan dalam Kampung Cina Pendang.

    “Pejabat MB telah bersetuju dengan tapak baru ini jika mendapat kelulusan khasnya dari Jabatan Veterinar. Surat juga telah dihantar kepada Yang Dipertua Majlis Daerah Pendang agar permohonan ini diluluskan jika mendapat sokongan dari jabatan-jabatan berkaitan,” beritahu Helmi.

    Sementara itu, hubungan antara parti-parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat di Kedah sangat baik, kata anggota Parlimen Jerai, Mohd Firdaus Jaafar.

    “Oleh itu, saya yakin pancingan Tan itu tidak akan dimakan oleh sahabat-sahabat saya dalam PKR atau DAP. Orang sekarang nak tinggal BN dan nak masuk Pakatan,” kata beliau.

    Tentang isu-isu yang dibangkitkan, Firdaus yakin ia akan adapat diselesaikan dengan baik Oleh MB Kedah.

    “Sabarlah, isu babi ini sensitif dan tidak siapa mahu babi diternak atau disembelih di sebelah rumah mereka sekarang dengan wabak selsema babi ini. Jadi kena bersabarlah supaya kawasan yang dijadikan kawasan ternak dan sembelih itu nanti benar-benar sesuai,” katanya.
    Dipetik dari Malaysia Insider

  34. Rather than questioning whether it’s constitutional, why not think about fairness to the rest of malaysians.

    The leaders in the country are mostly muslims. Islam ask you to be fair even to non muslims. So give what is right for them.

  35. Sdra YipWT wrote:

    “Rather than questioning whether it’s constitutional, why not think about fairness to the rest of malaysians.

    The leaders in the country are mostly muslims. Islam ask you to be fair even to non muslims. So give what is right for them”

    This is typical young Chinese thinking….

    There is nothing wrong with your view. But please consider the other side of the coin too.

    I think the Govt is already trying its best to be fair to all rakyat, but it also has duty to implement Article 153 [ special position of the Malays & Sabah & Sarawak natives).

    The time is not ripe yet for the implementation of “full fairness”. There are still a lot of underprivileged groups in the country. Affirmative actions are still required.

    “Fair” or “unfair” is actually a matter of individual perception.Now some Malay friends feel that PM Najib is making “unfair treatment” upon them, because he dished out so many goodies to non-Malays….

    Again, the is only a perception. While many non-Malays are getting assistance from the Govt, the special position of the Malays continues uninterrupted. I don’t see any penny was withdrawn from aids/scholarships etc from the Bumi quota just because non-Malays after ‘bising2’ get additional aids….

    On the whole, everyone has a place under the Malaysian sun. Give and take in vital. We must sympathise with our Malays/Bumi friends for their backwardness. Help them to help ourselves. This is the meaning of “CO-SURVIVAL” and “CO-EXISTENCE”.

    Please refer to our Chinese proverb on “lips & teeth”. Teeth without lips how? Lips without teeth how? Imagine for yourself. For the Malay equivalent, it is known as : “Aur dengan tebing”. Both must work togetherlah!


    • But after 52 years of NEP and Malay still need the protectionism, there must be something wrong. Unless something is done, Malay probably need assistance for another 52 years or even forever. For those who are living inside the greenhouse, they will never able to survivie outside the greenhouse.

      • NEP was put in place in 1971; 38 years instead of 52 years of how you claimed it to be.

        Before NEP, the Malays only control 2.4% of the nation’s wealth, of which 75% of that is institutional. That means in 1971, 65% of Malaysian population ONLY OWNS 0.6% OF NATION’S WEALTH!

        Imagine, what sort of political, socio-economic and racial stability can we achieve if 65% of the population only have ownership to 2.5% of the wealth?

        Without political and socio-economic stability, then only we can progress and move on.

        NEP, as an affirmative action plan, is designed to narrow the socio-economic gap, with main focus is on education, infrastructure and socio-economic development programs.

        Please get you facts right.

        Why NEP is still on going?

        That is because besides the Government, no one else is actually doing anything to ensure the NEP achieved its objective. The Chinese controlled companies actually do little, especially volutarily to make this happen. Unless the Malaysian Chinese participate actively to ensure the NEP objectives are met, then there is no real reason to revoke the affirmative action plan.

  36. […] Is the merit-based scholarship Constitutional? A Government scholarship scheme will be made available to all, based on merits without taking gender, ethnicity or […] […]

  37. Hi BG,

    If you look at this article by Matthias Chang you will note that there is a reason why the NEP 30% appears not to have been achieved:

  38. […] actual fact, NEP is a translation of what is enshrined in the Federal Consitution. Any attempts to change the primary components of the NEP such as scholarships and the quota system must be enacted through the Parliament and with the expressed consent of HRHs […]

  39. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with creating a scholarship based on merits. Its about time the government looks beyond the bumi status and start assessing a person’s eligibility based on their merits. Would it really hurt the bumis to compete on an even playing field to attain scholarship? I think that if we bumis can compete, it would make us a better person and citizen.

    As for violating the Federal Constitution, one would wonder, if the HRH Rulers did not consent to this merit-based scholarship, won’t they have voiced out their objection by now? Look at the proposal of the third bridge in Johor. “HRH Sultan Johor reacted adversely on PM Najib’s proposal…” HRH Sultan Johor made it clear that he did not like this idea. Consent can be in the form of silence. If none of the Rulers object to the merit based scholarships, why should the bumis?

  40. It is not about ability for some to compete. It is about the majority of Malays were structurally left outside mainstream development for 100 years and need to catch up, to be at par with the others. The British had indirectly provided these immigrants with better opportunities and access to better schools, basic infrasturucture etc., as compared to the indigenous Malays. The colonial British policy of education for the Malays then, “We give them education just slightly more than their fishermen or farmer fathers”.

    The Chinese, who were brought in as immigrants and domiciled in the urban/suburban areas were given access to British schools, as early as 1819 as compared to the Malays, in the 1930s.

    HRH Rulers usually do not get involved with politics as they should stay above it.

    However, in the issue of the cancellation of the Scenic-Bridge-To-Replace-Johor-Causeway and recently the unilateral premature announcement of the ‘Third Bridge’, HRH Sultan Johor spoke out stringly because he felt that the Causeway was the British deception towards his grandfather HRH Sultan Ibrahim and felt compelled to correct that. Then the hopes rest on PM Dato’ Seri Najib.

    Never the less, PM Dato’ Seri Najib went the way instead of resolving the Causeway issue. That is why HRH Sultan Johor sounded it out.

  41. […] begitu digembar gemburkan ini. Pengumunan MECD dikecualikan dalam senarai Kabinet 9 April 2009, ‘Biasiswa Nasional’  dan liberalisasi pasaran modal sudah cukup memberikan kejutan kepada mereka yang sensitif atas […]

  42. nice info..

  43. thank you for this information. I hope u ll go on helping us to learn this kind of important issues Eğlence ve hüznün bir arada yaşandığı bir dünya.!!!

  44. […] secebis undi yang belum tentu diperolehi. Cukuplah sekadar konsessi yang diberikan PM Najib seperti ‘Biasiswa Meritorasi’, liberalisasi pasaran modal dan FIC dan MPEN yang dianggap tiris ‘Agenda […]

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