Kg. Berjaya slaughterhouse: The true colours of DAP’s chauvinism

The ‘Ketuanan Rakyat Craking’ episode of Kampung Berjaya pig slaughterhouse in Alor Star has illustrated very clearly the true colours of DAP’s Chinese chauvinism. The defiance of the Chinese chauvinists, upto dismantling their own ‘Opposition un-holy coalition’ says it all.

The Star has the story:

Published: Wednesday July 1, 2009 MYT 7:06:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday July 1, 2009 MYT 7:10:52 PM

Kedah DAP pulls out of state Pakatan coalition (Update)

ALOR SETAR: Kedah DAP has pulled out from the state Pakatan Rakyat coalition, saying the PAS-led government was not giving equal treatment to all Kedahans.

State DAP chairman Thomas Su said the most recent issue involved the demolition of an illegal pig slaughterhouse at Kampung Berjaya in Jalan Putra here.

He said the state government failed to handle the issue properly.

“Although the slaughterhouse was operating on land belonging to the Alor Setar City Council, the state government had the power to postpone demolition work.

“This would have given more time for the Kedah Pigs Trader and Slaughterer Association to find a new site,” he said at a press conference after witnessing the demolition work on the illegal slaughterhouse here Wednesday.

Mayor Datuk Khazali Din was quoted as saying recently that the slaughterhouse was built illegally on the site 30 years ago, and the council had ordered the association to vacate the premises several times since 1995, with the latest such directive issued in May.

However, the association had asked for a postponement until the end of June this year, to give it time to find a new place, Su said, claiming that Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak had supported its application.

Su said that the one-month grace period was not enough for the association to find a new location for the slaughterhouse.

“Another issue that we feel the state failed to handle amicably was the 50% housing quota for bumiputras in the state,” he said.

Su said that he would inform the national DAP headquarters on the state’s decision.

Azizan said the decision on the new location for the slaughterhouse should be made by the association that runs the premise.

“I was told that the association has submitted an application to the Pendang district office for a piece of land in Kampung Cina on June 26 and the district office technical team is studying the application,” he told newsmen after chairing the state executive council meeting on Wednesday.

Azizan said that decision to postpone the demolition of the slaughterhouse must be made by the council and the state government could not interfere with it.

The Pakatan council will be holding an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss the pullout.


This episode only protray that the Chinse chauvinist people of DAP will stop at nothing, as long as their interests are met. Even to a point of threatening the infant but fragile State Government coalition.

The DAP Chinese chauvinist could not careless neither the feelings and sensitivities of the majority Malay Muslims of Kedah, nor do they have respect for the authorities and law. The fact is that the illegal pig slaughterhouse was given notices to move since 1995 only shows that these Chinese chauvinists defiance to anything but to serve their own self-centred wants, and still have the cheek to give an excuse “To give the pig traders and slaughter association more time”. These insensitive minorities insensibly expect the majority to give them extra ordinary tolerance but they themselves refused to ‘give and take’, as part of their social responsibility in living in a muhibbah and majmuk Malay centric community.

On the same score, the residents of Kampung Buah Pala in Penang also made the call for Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to resign, because of “Failure to understand the feelings of the Penang people”. The majority Indian dwellers want the DAP Secretary General to leave Penang and go back to Melaka. has the story:

July 01, 2009 21:20 PM  

Kampung Buah Pala Residents Want Penang CM To Resign


PENANG, July 1 (Bernama) — The Kampung Buah Pala Residents Association in Bukit Gelugor Wednesday urged Lim Guan Eng to step down as Penang Chief Minister for having failed to serve and help the people in the state.

Its spokesperson, C. Tharmaraj said the association also felt that Lim who is also DAP secretary-general was not able to discharge his duties and keep his promise.

“He is a big liar and always makes contradicting statements. He doesn’t know anything about Penang because he is from Melaka.

“The promise he made to us during the last general election to return our rights on the land was never fulfilled. I think it’s better if he resigns,” he told reporters here today.


Lim was known for his role as former MP for Kota Melaka and never resided in Penang till present. The fact that when DAP wrest controlled for Penang from Gerakan-BN, they did not even have the audecity to put a Penangite as a Chief Minister.

DAP has never had any agenda for other people but their own. DAP has never had any agenda for the Malays and Bumiputras, which comprises of more than 65% of the population. Time and again, they have blatantly bulldozed their Chinese chauvinism and anti-Malay/Islam agenda. At one point of time, even now a DAP coalition partner PKR YB said something about PAP’s(DAP’s parent)  racism. When DAP had the brief control of Perak, via puppet MB Nizar Jamaluddin for 11 months, they unprecedentedly managed to dish out lands for 999 years lease for new village Chinese (who were suspiciously ‘supporting’ the communists at one point of time) applicants. However, none were allocated for the Malays, especially for the ex-servicemen who actually risked their lives defending this tanahair from these brutal Communist Terrorists.

It is time to wake up to what sort of people almost half of the rakyat gave power to. These ‘Democratic Action Party’ people are neither democratic, nor for Malaysia. If they are truly for Malaysia, then 65% of any of their consideration should include the needs of the Malays and Bumiputras. They are only all for their Chinese chauvinism agenda.

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  1. if given the chance, they will use it to manipulate and destroy the delicate balance of race in their country for their own advantage….
    all the way and no tolerant just like an emperor. and yet sadly the main force behind them is the very race and religion they hate.
    and the main force, deep in silence and low in guts, just whimper and tremble. for they have the monetary value of which the main force so eagerly wanted to destroy each other.

  2. Well said and written Big Bro. I just can give the credit to DS Azizan for sticking and firm with his decision. True indeed, DAP is a Chinese chauvinism party.

    • Hopefully Nik Aziz wakes up from his rose-tinted slumber

  3. Salam dari Melayu Bersatu

    Dengan kerana BABI— DAP tikam belakang PAS
    DAP sanggup tikam belakang PAS hanya kerana satu rumah lapah babi

    Mula Mula Lim Guan Eng memecat Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai Johari Kassim yang dikenali sebagai seorang ahli majlis yang ikhlas bekerja keras untuk membersihkan MPSP yang dikatakan begitu kusut dengan pelbagai permasalahan.

    Johari dipecat walaupun PKR Pulau Pinang memohon agar belau tidak dipecat kerana beliau seorang yang kuat bekerja. Malah TKM1 yang baru dilantik pun meminta agar johari tak dipecat…

    Tak layan.. pecat juga… malah katanya kalau suka, boleh suruh PKR cuba lantik Johari semula… begitulah bongkaknya Lim Guan Eng dari parti Roket.

    Kemudian dituduhnya, kaum India yang bakal kehilangan rumah mereka sebagai bodoh dan katanya Hidraf sudah menjadi boneka BN…

    Eh wahh sedapnya mulut,
    dulu masa nak kan sokongan Hindraf, langit dan bumi bulan dan bintang dijanjikan,

    Penduduk Kampung Buah Pala a.k.a. High Chaparral yang marahkan Lim Guan Eng – jawab Lim Guan Eng: merekalah yang bodoh kerana tak ambil pampasan- sekarang nak susahkan aku pulak..Gambar oleh Star Online

    Tak cukup dengan itu, DAP sanggup keluar dari pakatan Rakyat demi kerana rumah lapah babi YANG DIDIRIKAN SECARA HARAM di kedah dirobohkan. Ait satu rumah lapah babi punya pasal pun boleh tinggalkan pakatan… macamana ni… BACA RENCANA THE STAR DI PENGUHUJUNG POSTING INI

    Bila PAS nak berbincang dengan Umno untuk satukan Melayu dia kata macam macam kat PAS, sampai ada yang suruh PAS keluar dari pakatan kerana khianat… NI DAP sorang kat kedah to tak Khianat Pakatan Rakyat ke.. or more specifically, tak khianat PAS ke?

    DAP bukan sekadar memaki hamun pas tapi meninggalkan pakatan hanya kerana sebuah rumah lapah babi, apa agaknya reaksi mereka kalu PAS betul betul mahukan negara Islam

    DAP begitu lantang menghina Haji Hadi Awang kerana mahukan orang Melayu dan Islam bersatu kononnya ia mengguris perasaan Cina dan bukan Melayu yang lain, tetapi di Kedah mereka tak hiraukan langsung perasaan orang Melayu. Yang peliknya Nik Aziz setuju cakap DAP pulak tu… entahlah

    pikir pikirkanlah wahai orang Malaysia

  4. As far as some people are concern, when they came to Tanah Melayu, they are free to apply the doctrine of terra naullius.

    They can, should they wish, open up pig farms here, pigs abattoir there, temples….

    Be damn with sensitivity of the natives.
    The right for slaughtering pigs is way, way far more important.

    • Hurrah,

      Vive la porc! Vive la jambon!

      (Translation: Long live pork! Long live ham!)

  5. Chinese are always and forever racist. That’s fact. Thier long term agenda is to turn thi Tanah Melayu as a Chinese state just like Singapore…

  6. Ini bukan pasai kebodohan DAP sahajalah. Memang depa kadang kadang buat kerja bodoh. But who started the problem first?

    They were rearing the pigs for almost 30 years under UMNO’s nose. Was the majority UMNO led state government during those years so blind and stupid? Benda takde lesen kena tutuplah! Or maybe they kasi chan becoz UMNO memang tak mau kehilangan undi Cina? Or maybe depa dapat pi cuti ke Macau siap dengan duit untuk main baccarat, private suite dan GRO?

    Hello, spin this the right way: The PAS government is doing a bloody good job in running a clean and corruption fee administration. Despite being left with an almost empty office when he took over, Ustaz Azizan is cleaning up UMNO’s shit, bit by bit.

    Unlike the DAP in Penang who blame the previous admin for everything, PAS is taking the bull by the horns and doing the right thing.

  7. This morning I met with My Dear friend Dato Khazali the Mayor of ALOR STAR CITY at Wisma Darulaman and congratulate him for being the second Kedah Civil Service Officer (KCS)who has the guts and brave enough to demolishad the ILLEGAL PIG SLAUGHTER HOUSE.

    Last year another KCS Officer the President of Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani did the same thing by demolishing a 70 year old ILLEGAL PIG SLAUGHTER HOUSE in the CENTRE of Sungai Petani Town.He was unlucky because he was immediately transfered to SICK DISTRICT and was made a District Officer of the most POOREST DISTRICT IN KEDAH .

    This two brave MALAY OFFICER is a genuine Malay fighter, they ought to be respected by all Malays in Kedah and Malaysia and I am very proud of them, coincidently both of them have the same thinking as what we have at BIGDOG.COM

  8. Tahniah kerajaan negeri Kedah. Bukanlah perkauman yang sepatutnya difokuskan tetapi kegiatan haram itu yang lebih patut ditumpukan. Kalau dah beroperasi tanpa lesen, di atas tapak yang dimiliki oleh pihak lain, sedar-sedarlah diri. Kalau masih belum puas hati, bawa aja perkara itu ke mahkamah. Yang buat kerajaan negeri Kedah, mahkamah yang kununnya selalu bersikap berat sebelah mesti mahu memalukan kerajaan negeri Kedah.

    Yang tak kenanya, adalah istilah “sembelih” untuk babi. Mana ada orang sembelih babi. Orang potong aja babi, tak ada sembelih-sembelih. Kalau lembu sembelih dengan lembu mati kena langgar, berbeza hukumnya. Kalau babi sembelih macam mana pulak agaknya.

    Itu kisah Kedah. Kita tunggulah pulak bila kerajaan negeri Selangor bertindak ke atas ribuan kilang-kilang haram yang beroperasi di serata negeri. Dahlah tidak berlesen, mencemarkan alam sekitar dengan selambanya pulak. Dulu UMNO memerintah, mereka bermaharajalela kerana bak kata Kampong Boy, orang UMNO banyak terima rasuah dan nak jaga hati parti komponen, maka perkara itu didiamkan aja. Sekarang ini Pakatan Rakyat perintah Selangor, kalau mereka ikut undang-undang betul-betul, tentu mereka pun akan ambil tindakan tanpa mengira bangsa atau kaum yang terlibat. Daripada gagap, mahu bisu terus YAB Menteri Besar Selangor kalau ditanya soalan begini.

  9. Ohhmigod…

    I can’t stomach all these condemnations of the right of some to locate their pig slaughterhouse wherever they wish to do so.

    Big Dog, you should have known that such right is sacrosant, non-negotiable. Only racist people would question this special right.

    Pssst..don’t tell everyone about this – Championing the existence of pigs slaughterhouse on land populated by mostly non-eating pig people is the raison d’etre of some political parties of people who, in their clouded political mind, should be declared as Bumiputera.

    • ha ha

      what’s the reason for their downfall?

      hhmm … short-legged, twirly-tailed, snorty-nosed pinkies

  10. […] fact is that, when push comes to shove, DAP people are just chauvinists and given power, they become tyrants. They are an important partner of the Pakatan Rakyat […]

  11. The true colours of Najib, macam mana pulak bro?

    • Time will tell..

      But, at the very least, we know that 1Malayisa should not and can’t be equated with PERJUANGAN BABI

  12. Tapak sembelih ini bukan tapak haram, ia ada lesen, yang tak kena ialah pasal Kulit and Kaum. Bila berkuasa buat lupa kak kaum lain yang telah undi kak dia. Ini memang perangai PAS dari dulu lagi.
    Saya seru semua YB keluar dari pakatan dan jadi calun bebas, tengok apa Azizan bolek buat.
    MB yang memng tak bermaya, tak boleh jalankan tugas dengan adil, biak dia duduk kak kampung ajalah, tanam padi dan sembang sembang ajarlah. Rugi duit mengaji yang tak mampu.

  13. Parti mana yang memerintah sama sahaja …. semuanya gila kuasa. Apa tidaknya dah dapat kuasa maka dapat semuanya yang dikehendaki tak kira dah halal dan haramya yang penting kuantitinya. Cuma kalau yang islam tu tahu tahu juga nak tapiskan yang mana halal dan yang mana haram kalau inipun dah tak tahu nak tapis allahwalamlah………. sendiri tanggunglah dan yang bukan islam tu dah sememangnya tiada sekatan. Itupun masih nak bertekak masing-masing nak jadi hero sedangkan rakyat yang meranan………Depa semua dapat gaji Kerajaan yang memerintah juga yang bayar gaji.Sedar-sedarlah diri kalau dah mati tahulah dimana anda disisi ALLAH yang punya ALAM ini.

  14. […] justice. They are about minorities with little regards for adab, tradition, heritage and history upholding their Chinese Chauvinism, using intellectually acceptable universal values and principles of ‘democracy, social […]

  15. […] Disamping itu, Presiden PAS Dato’ Hadi Awang menafikan ujud ‘Pakatan’ dalam pengertian sebenar Pakatan Rakyat, yang terdiri dari PKR, DAP dan PAS. Sebelum ini, PAS telah beberapa kali bertelagah sesama ‘rakan kongsi’ PR, terutama dengan DAP. Ini termasuk isu ‘Rumah Sembelihan Haram Kg. Berjaya’. […]

  16. […] Rakyat controlled states, the DAP could not care less about other ethnic groups but themselves. The ‘Kampung Berjaya Illegal Abatoire’ is a good example that the DAP threatened the Malay-majority-controlled Kedah PAS Government, […]

  17. […] Alor Gajah, Melaka kerana penternakan haram yang terlalu banyak. Senario yang sama dilihat semasa pemusnahan pusat penyembelihan Kampung Berjaya di Alor Setar, […]

  18. […] Sebagai seorang yang memilih DAP sebagai wadah perjuangan, apakah Aspan Alias, Sabri Ariff Aziz dan Hatta Wahari sedia untuk akur kepada possisi pasti dan tergamak membelakangkan kepentingan dan perasaan majoriti orang Melayu dalam isu seperti ‘Penternakan Babi’ dan paling nyata, kontroversi seperti pusat penyembelihan babi Kg Berjaya, dekat Alor Star? […]

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