DAP chauvinism: The rakyat’s wrath against tyrants

The recent developments of DAP’s politics escalate into a very tricky turn. Both in Pakatan Rakyat controlled Penang and Kedah, the rakyat is rising against the DAP chauvinists, who are actually tyrants of power.

The Star has the story in Kedah:

Friday July 3, 2009

‘DAP not getting due respect from the Kedah govt’

PETALING JAYA: The Kedah DAP pulled out from Pakatan Rakyat because it is not getting any respect from the PAS-led state government, party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said.

The party, he said, was concerned with the issue since it was prompted by the state Pakatan Rakyat government’s failure to give equal treatment to all Kedahans.

“The Kedah DAP had never sought any titles or Datukships but had been unhappy with the lack of respect accorded by PAS to DAP in Kedah, unlike the respect accorded to PAS in Penang,” he said in a statement.

Guan Eng was reacting to the decision by the Kedah DAP on Wednesday, creating a new crisis for the Opposition pact.

He said the breakdown of trust between Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak and the Kedah DAP was a serious matter as it signalled a complete lack of respect by the state government towards the DAP.

Guan Eng said he would normally oppose such a move, especially when it was based on a single issue and if there was still room to rectify the situation.

However, he said the desperate nature of the situation and the breakdown of trust between the Kedah DAP and the Mentri Besar warranted a central executive committee meeting to be convened.

“All implications will be reviewed and studied,” he said, adding that a decision would be made whether to endorse the move.

He said he would only call for the CEC meeting after he had received the official letter confirming the Kedah state committee’s decision to tear down the illegal pig slaughterhouse.

Party adviser Lim Kit Siang described the Kedah DAP’s decision as the pact’s “second crisis of confidence.”

He had described the tension caused by the unity talks proposal between PAS and Umno as the first crisis faced by Pakatan.

He expressed shock and surprise at the decision by the Kedah DAP but said the Pakatan leadership would have to take steps to resolve it.

The elder Lim said he would meet Kedah DAP members during the weekend to look into the decision made by the state council.

“There is undoubtedly considerable frustration and exasperation felt by the Kedah DAP that their views have not been taken seriously. This is something we need to look into,” he said.

Asked if this could result in Pakatan losing Kedah, he said: “We don’t have to share our worries in public, do we?”

Other Pakatan leaders, meanwhile, have scrambled to play down the matter, saying that it did not mean that the pact was disintegrating.

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said he had been informed by Azizan that they have taken the necessary action to provide an alternative site for the abattoir.

“I believe we can still discuss this issue to resolve it,” he said at the Parliament lobby.


The Star has the story about how Penangites are furious about the non-Penangite DAP Government:

Friday July 3, 2009

Residents threaten to sabotage heritage status if state fails to stop demolition

GEORGE TOWN: Angry residents of Kampung Buah Pala have threatened to send a letter to Unesco to revoke George Town’s World Heritage Site status should the state fail to stop their village from being demolished.

Kampung Buah Pala Residents Association chairman M. Sugumaran also warned that villagers would bring their cows to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s office if he refuses to meet them to discuss their plight.

The villagers, he said, had sent a letter to Lim seeking an urgent meeting.

He claimed the state was “killing” the living heritage of the village, popularly known as Penang’s High Chaparral.

“The war has just begun. Look at what happened when the bailiffs came to serve the notice and imagine what will happen on Aug 2 when the grace period given expires,” he told a press conference after bailiffs who had come to post notices left the village yesterday.

There was a tense moment when three bailiffs arrived at about 11.30am with two court officials and an official from the developer, Nusmetro Ventures.

Villagers started shouting and tried blocking the entrance. Police personnel then escorted Nusmetro Ventures executive director Thomas Chan away.

The bailiffs began putting up the eviction notices on the gate, trees and posts but residents tore down some of them later.

Claiming irregularities in the notice served, Sugumaran said it was directed to 41 temporary occupation licence holders when Lim said there were only 23 families.

Lim said in a statement that it was wrong for the developer to fan fear among the villagers by threatening to evict them when the one-month grace period would expire only on Aug 2.

The developer, he said, should continue to find a way to reach a win-win solution.

He also said the state would not “take a single cent” of the goodwill payment as proposed by the developer unless the villagers agreed to the compensation.

Gerakan Youth chief Oh Tong Keong, meanwhile, said Lim, instead of taking measures to help the affected villagers, was focusing on bad-mouthing the previous Barisan Nasional state government, Hindraf and everyone else except his government and party.


The fact is that, the PAS Kedah Government is acting on the aspirations of the majority of Kedahan, who are Malay Muslims. This illegal pig slaughterhouse is a long outstanding issue and ample notice was issued. DAP, typically like chauvinists, want to look at it from the angle of the minorities being treated unfairly and victimised by the majority, without taking into consideration the aspirations and sentiments of the majority. Pig is a known major no-no to the Malay Muslims.

On the other hand in Penang, when in power, the DAP arrogantly couldn’t care less about the feelings and sentiments of the minorities. DAP who used to be ‘champions of the little peoples’ right’ is now showing their actual true colours: They are tyrants!

The fact is that, when push comes to shove, DAP people are just chauvinists and given power, they become tyrants. They actually have the propensity to capitalise the ‘draconian laws’ that they vehemently oppose when they did not have the power. And they are an important partner of the Pakatan Rakyat regime. Through DAP, PAS and PKR manage to obtain support from the Non Malays and often they are the deciding factor.

Now is a crossroad for the ‘infant and strange bedfellows’ PR regime. Will the DAP remain loyal to the ‘unholy alliance’ with the other PR partners, which is proven to have very adverse aspirations besides toppling the UMNO led BN Government?

The fact is that DAP got more than what they started out to achieve. Penang was a dream state, all the way since 1986. After three failed attempts of ‘Tanjong’ projects, which the last was in the April 1995 General Elections, DAP came to realise it is very difficult to realise to capture the second most wealthiest state in the Federation of Malaysia. The opportunity arises at the 8 March 2008 12th General Elections, where a sizeable group of Malaysians are simply fed up with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s poor leadership.

Now these ‘strange bedfellows’ are backstabbing each other and their ‘un-holy alliance’ is cracking up. When the PR ship starst to sink, these DAP chauvinists would most probably scuttle their attempt to cling on the last shred of  power that will ever be in their hands. The likeliness that they play the racial card to stir sentiments, incite and eventually rise above the occassion when chaos and pandemonium takes place, is reasonably high. After all, they are the ‘master planners’ behind the 13th May 1969 bloody racial riots.

Multi racial Malaysia don’t want chanuvisnitically tyrants like DAP.

God help us……………………………………

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