Do the math….

So many reactions have been recorded by media, mainstream, private and alternative after the announcement of revoking PPSMI on Wednesday afternoon. So many parties, interest groups, NGOs and even private individuals came out in the open to either agree or vehemently against a policy which was designed to strategically prepare Malaysian school children for the global challenges of applied sciences and technology.

One of the greatest victor is PENA. On the other hand, Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad expressed his deep dismay openly on the Cabinet decision. He believed the reversal of the policy will place the  Malays in the long run on the losing end.

The Government will scrap the policy and instead focused on improving the standards of English, which include implementation of English Literature back in classrooms (after the absence of over thirty years).  2012 was the roll out year. The poor implementation and rejection of a lot of parents were causes given for the overturn.

Those who are in disgareement with the Cabinet decision are not convinced for the excuses given. Tun Dr. Mahathir, through his blog organised a poll to prove the pro-PPSMI case. In response, Utusan Malaysia also did a similar online poll  to find out the sentiments of the people.

The results are adverse. As of press time, revealed that 86% of the 75,000 respondents disagree with the Government’s decision to cancel PPSMI. On the other hand, Utusan Malaysia poll revealed that 70% of the 10,600 respondents agree with the decision.

Weighing the results after three solid days (which is a long time in cybersphere), more than 85, 000 reponded on the combined poll. Of that, more than 67,000 want PPSMI where else almost 18,000 rejected the policy which began to be implemented in 2003. Comparatively, 78.8% of the respondents are for PPSMI while the remaining are against it. Where we are standing here at BigDogDotCom, more than three out of four IT literate Malaysians are all for PPSMI.

So, please do the math yourself. Come up with your own rationale.

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