Its unfair to blame Plaza Masalam tragedy on the MACC

It was a tragedy in Plaza Masalam Shah Alam this afternoon when cleaners found the body of missing Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock, 30, sprawling in a pool of blood. Police has classified the case as ‘sudden death’.

Teoh is Political Secretary to Selangor State Exco Ean Yong, who is DAP ADUN for Seri Kembangan. He was picked up for questioning by recently formed Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) agents yesterday for misappropriation and abuse of funds meant for the constituency.

Teoh has been reported to get married tomorrow.

Whilst the Police was still investigating on the case and Selangor CPO Dato’ Khaled Abu Bakar confirming that some MACC officials will be interviewed and statement taken to facilitate the high profile case, DAP Leaders was extra fast to assign blame. DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng blamed and want MACC to assume responsibility for the death of Teoh.

Sin Chew Jit Poh has Lim’s statement:

MACC to take full blame for Teoh’s death – Guan Eng


 2009-07-16 20:10


DAP condemns the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock in the MACC Selangor HQ in Shah Alam today. The MACC must bear full responsibility for this death as Teoh was in the custody of MACC when he fell from the 14th Floor of the Selangor MACC building.

MACC should stop its political persecution of PR, especially DAP leaders and members, that does not serve the interest of fighting corruption or justice. Such political games have caused the loss of life of a bright young idealistic DAP member.

There must be a full investigation on how he died. Unless MACC can clear its name, the public may suspect that Teoh was mistreated and MACC had a hand in his sudden death. There must be full transparency and accountability. DAP extends its condolences to Teoh’s family for this tragic loss and assures them that all steps will be taken to ensure that the culprits or those responsible be punished.

DAP Secretary-General
George Town
16 July 20009


So far, what is known that Teoh was released by MACC after questioning at 345am. Instead of going home, he decided to loiter around the MACC office. He then was seen taking a rest on the MACC sofa till 600am. Little is known after that.

The fact is that, it is still too pre-mature to even determine how and why Teoh died. The pathologists from Kelang Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital and Petaling Jaya UMMC were on the job to determine the cause of the sudden death. Then the Selangor Police CID will have to record statements from a lot of people, MACC agents, Plaza Masalam security personnel, cleaners, view CCTV recordings (if any) and talk to the pathologist(s) before the investigation paper (IP) is completed. If there is any shred of suspicion, then the suspects would be called in for an interview or even interogation. When there is enough evidence of foul play, then the IP would be passed on to the Attorney General’s Chambers and AG will determine whether enough incriminating evidence to prosecute anyone.

This is the point actually where someone could be blamed for Teoh’s death. Of course media, including mainstream will get a hold of this information.

How could the Penang Chief Minister conveniently blame MACC for Teoh’s untimely demise? Why can’t the MACC be allowed to do their job? In the first place, Teoh was found dead after being interviewed and released by MACC and allowed to go home. At this point of time, suicide has not been ruled out as the cause of death. Hence, it is very immature that anyone is to be blamed or held responsible for this tragedy until the full investigation has been completed.

This is typically Pakatan Rakyat tactics, especially the DAP. They conveniently blame authorities for misfortunes and conivingly soar hatred against people like the Police. The death of a Chinese youth in Kepong post 1969 elections was capitalised by the DAP to soar anger amongst the predominantly urban KLite Chinese against the Police, especially the majority in service were Malay officers and constables. DAP Leaders were behind the continuous funeral procession of the dead Chinese youth and galavanting around town with slogans “Melayu balik kampong, tanam jagung!” on banners placed on open trucks. After three days of inciting and instigation, a bloody racial riot broke on the afternoon of 13 May 1969.

This is very irresponsible for Lim within hours of the discovery of the body to blame MACC for Teoh’s death. Whilst Malaysia should mourn for his death, it is best to let authorities to fully complete their investigations. Let us not get emotional for this tragedy and resort to something we collectively will lose too much to regret. Lim as the DAP Secretary General should focus on why so many of his party elected representatives lately being linked to vices and corrupt practices.

This practice of DAP Leaders of instantanously ‘jumping the gun’ especially against authorities is not new. In late 2005 Seputeh MP Theresa Kok quickly brought up the story about the ‘nude squat in Police lock-up’ which almost escalated into a diplomatic row with China. DAP Leaders have consistently put authorities, espcecially the Police, into bad light in the public eyes with intention to create deep distrust. This is not progressive as authorities and enforcement agencies are formed to regulate and protect the interests of the majority. With DAP consistently ‘throwing spanner to the works’ like this, how can the nation progress if the authoriries are not allowed to do their job within the jurisdiction that had been enacted and empowered to them by the rakyat themselves (via Acts of Parliament).

To the family and friends of Teoh Beng Hock, we at BigDogDotCom would like to express our deepest condolences.

*Updated 430pm

More on the Teoh sudden death. MACC issued a statement that Teoh Beng Hock was never a suspect but a witness to MACC’s investigations. He was an ‘asset’ to the ongoing investigations.

NST has the story:

MACC: Teoh was not a suspect


Hamidah Atan and Farrah Naz Karim

‘He was a helpful witness and never showed signs of being under pressure’

PUTRAJAYA: Teoh Beng Hock was never a suspect in the ongoing investigations but a friendly and cooperative witness who was assisting the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in the probe into falsified claims.

MACC deputy commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohammad said Teoh came to the commission’s Selangor headquarters at Plaza Masalam on his own and never showed signs of being under pressure throughout the eight hours of questioning.

Teoh was called to the MACC office at 5pm on Wednesday and was discharged at 3.45am yesterday.

Explaining the procedures in recording statements from witnesses or suspects, Abu Kassim said it was normal for the questioning to last more than eight hours.

He stressed that Teoh was just assisting the probe into a Selangor DAP assemblyman alleged to have falsified claims.

Teoh was the political aide to Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah.

Abu Kassim said after he was discharged, Teoh was supposed to return to the MACC office later yesterday with certain documents pertaining to transactions with seven companies as he had processed those documents.

“He was a very cooperative, friendly, good and helpful witness.

“He was never interrogated as he was not a suspect and he never showed signs of being under pressure.

“When he came in, he was not escorted, unlike suspects who are guarded around the clock, even when they go to the toilet.

“After my men discharged him, Teoh said he wanted to rest on the sofa and my men last saw him sleeping at 6am.

“An hour later, he was no longer there,” he said, adding that another witness in relation to the same case was still being questioned when Teoh was discharged.

Abu Kassim said they were shocked to hear that his body was found sprawled at a secluded spot of the office building about 1.30pm.

“We thought he had gone home.”

Asked about the security features at the state MACC office, Abu Kassim said the commission did not own the building.

“We made an application to the building management some time ago for the installation of grilles at the windows, but there was no response,” he said.

The state MACC occupies levels 14 and 15 of the Plaza Masalam complex.

Abu Kassim said the MACC would extend its full cooperation to the police in investigations into Teoh’s death.

Abu Kassim, however, cautioned against speculation about his death to allow police to conduct a fair investigation.

“The police are free to question my officers. We have nothing to hide.

We also want to know what actually transpired,” he said.

Meanwhile, MACC investigations director Datuk Shukri Abdull expressed his disappointment with several DAP leaders who vented their anger at the commission over the incident.

He was particularly unhappy with DAP’s Ronnie Liu, who is Selangor Local Government and Research Committee chairman, for banging his fist on the door at an off-limits area of the MACC office to be let in.

Liu was among several DAP leaders present at the office demanding an explanation for Teoh’s death.


As some of the commenters suggested that Teoh was ‘eliminated’ by MACC officers themselves. in the first place. anti-corruption agents never resort to force. Of course it is highly illogical that any enforcement agency officers would want to commit murder in the vicinity of the own HQ, even if it was made to look like an accident. If Teoh was really a witness to MACC, it is really baffling why anyone in the commission would want to ‘eliminate’ a valuable witness who will bring the case more credible. More over when the case that is in investigation is a very high profile in another.

Apparently, Teoh was a witness to the recording of Pemuda UMNO never attacked DAP Chairman Karpal Singh on You Tube. He was then an aide to Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua then. He was reprimanded and summarily transfered to be the Political Secretary to Selangor State Exco Ean Yong. There he unrevels more deep connection that some DAP elected respresentatives are involved with the Lords of the underworld vices. The theory has it, Teoh was ‘killed’ to cover up for these new developments. There is this theory that Teoh’s killing was somehow connected to DAP State Excos Ronnie Liu and Ean Yong.

This was uploaded from the blog Empayar Melaka that explains Teoh’s involvement:

Friday, July 17, 2009

KEMATIAN TEOH BERMOTIFKAN POLITIK: Teoh Saksi Paling Penting Kecelakaan Exco Cina Selangor

Lihatlah Kerajaan BN, bersangka baik kepada ahli pembangkang dan menyifatkan kematian Teoh sebagai kematian mengejut dan membiarkan polis menyisat semua ini.

Teoh Beng Hock, 30, yang dipanggil ke pejabat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) sejak pukul 5 petang semalam, dipercayai terjatuh dari tingkat 14 pejabat SPRM Selangor di Plaza Masalam.

Siapa Teoh dan mengapa semua ini berlaku kepada dirinya?

Inilah kisahnya…

Ramai yang tahu Teoh ini adalah setiausaha politik dan pegawai khas kepada Ean Yong Hian Wah salah seorang exco kerajaan negeri, tapi ramai yang tak tahu yang Teo ni dulu pernah menjadi pegawai khas kepada MP Petaling Jaya Utara iaitu Tony Pua.

Yang penting Teo ni dah lama menyakitkan hati pemimpin DAP.

Masih ingat lagi pada 25 Mac lepas, Karpal Singh pernah memaki Pemuda UMNO dalam Parlimen dengan ayat “celaka” berikutan dengan kes itu, pemuda umno datang memnuntut penjelasan daripada karpal dan meminta karpal memohon maaf, tapi karpal celaka buat bodoh saje sehinggalah berlaku pertengkaran dan hampir-hampir terjadinya pergaduhan antara pemuda umno dan hero matcha gobinad singh deo.

Dikatakan terdapat 2 rakaman video ketika insiden tu berlaku, rakaman video pertama di percayai di rakam oleh salah seorang ahli DAP dari pada ipoh timur dan satu lagi rakaman video di rakam oleh seorang pegawai khas kepada ahli parlimen petaling jaya utara Tony Pua, rakaman video kedua itu kemudiannya di dowload kedalam youtube, orang yang bertanggung jawab merakam video itu ialah Teo yang baru sahaja mati petang tadi, dalam rakaman video tu, memang jelas yang pemuda umno langsung tidak mengusik karpal yang lumpuh separuh badan.

Bila kepimpinan DAP tahu Teo yang mengedarkan klip video tu, maka si Teo ni diberikan amaran oleh berberapa gangster yang di payung oleh Ronnie Liew dan Teo pula di tukar oleh kepimpinan DAP untuk bertugas di SUK dan Pejabat Adun Sri Kembangan supaya Ronnie dan Ean Yong Hian Wah supaya senang untuk memantau pergerakannya.

Menurut sumber, Teo kurang berpuas hati dengan cara pentadbiran berberapa adun DAP di selangor, cara Ronnie dan Hian Wah menggunakan kongsi gelap dalam pentadbiran kerajaan dan dengan suka-suka mengunakan peruntukan kewangan kerajaan negeri membiayai kegiatan kwong si gelap tidak di senangi oleh Teo dan memang betul apa yang di laporkan oleh ahli parlimen wangsa maju YB. Wee Choo Keong yang mana ronnie dan Hian wah menggunakan kongsi gelap, dan pejabat Exco telah digunakan sebagai tempat bermesyuarat mereka yang dikatakan mempunyai kaitan dengan peniagaan haram dan aktiviti haram.

Mungkin tidak tahan dengan kerenah kongsi gelap yang selalu turun naik pejabatnya maka Teo mula mengugut Ronnie dan Hian Wah supaya memberhentikan segera kegiatan itu tapi tidak di endahkan oleh dua ekor exco itu. sudah tidak tahan dengan keadaan itu maka Teo dengan beraninya membuat laporan kepada SPRM tentang kegiatan ronnie dan Hian Wah.

Bagaimana pula ADUN Kampung Tunku, Lau Weng San.Selain Ean dan Lau, Teresa Kok (Kinrara), Hannah Yeoh (Subang), Elizabeth Wong (Bukit Lanjan), Dr Cheah Wing Yin (Damansara Utama) and Edward Lee (Bukit Gasing) turut terlibat?

Perlu di ingat, fail-fail kes adun-adun yang lain tu telah lama berada dalam simpanan SPRM dan hanya menunggu masa sahaja untuk di bongkar. Mungkin SPRM melihat ini lah masa yang sesuai, maka SPRM pun bertindak. Kalau diperhatikan betul-betul adun-adun cina yang kantoi tu, mereka ni berkongsi satu majlis perbandaran yang sama, sebagai contoh, Teressa dan Hannah berkongsi sama PBT iaitu Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya, Wing Yin, Elizabeth, Edward dan Lau Weng San pula berkongsi Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya.

Maka diatas percaturan dan sifat tamak mereka ni yang menjadi mangsa ialah Teo.

Perlu di ingat, kesemua ADUN cina di selangor menggunakan kongsi gelap untuk menjaga mereka dan Ah Long pula menjadi banker mereka,

Jadi, ADUN-ADUN ini pasti terikat dengan perjanjian bersama dengan Ah Long dan Kongsi Gelap tadi.

Satu bala besar akan menimpa ADUN Cina selepas Teoh dipanggil oleh SPRM.

Kematian Teoh pasti ada kaitan dengan Kongsi Gelap tadi maka inilah masanya Teoh perlu dihapuskan dari muka bumi ini.

Jadi Teoh telah ditolak dari tingkat 14 bangunan tersebut.

Kenapa pejabat SPRM pula dijadikan tempat pembunuhan?

Mudah sahaja, supaya SPRM boleh dituduh sebagai defenden pertama dan itulah yang menyebabkan Ronnie Liu sekarang ini menyerang SPRM. Seterusnya menjadikan kerajaan BN sebagai defenden kedua. Perarakan yang dianjurkan oleh puak Cina DAP ini adalah bukti petuduhan mereka kepada orang tidak terlibat.

Puak cina celaka ini kononya bijak, namun mereka yang selama ini suka mencipta musuh telah disepak punggung mereka oleh musuh mereka tadi dan pastinya mereka tidak dapat lari dari sebuah kebenaran.

Semoga SPRM tabah menyiasat kes ciptaan Cina pembangkang ini dan semoga kebenaran disebalik kematian orang yang mampu membongkarkan ketidaktelusan ADUN Pembangkang selangor akan terungkai.

If these theories were somewhat near if not the whole truth, then this is really very deep. Never before such a sudden death be linked to so many politicians, especially those who are under investigations.The sooner the MACC and Police could investigate this thoroughly, the best it is f0r all.




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  1. But what I can’t understand is why the MACC chose to interview him for over 10 hours, into the early hours of the morning, when he was not a suspect? And why would someone linger in the offices of agencies such as the MACC after an interview? I for one would leg it out of there if I were in the same situation. I hope a thorough investigation will be instigated.

    • A good and responsible comment, my friend.

      Big Dog has put it out excellently – the steps to be taken, at what stage and when can some facts be discerned. Right now, it’s merely conjectures and speculation.

      It’s alright to ask questions but to put the blame on MACC at this point and time is not being smart, to say the least – it’s even stupid. Yet the DAP Sec Gen did that. Blurting out criticisms to get political mileage even before getting a clear picture of the situation. It’s the same with his father before. Yet they are said to be educated. Sad.

      I would think Big Dog should be the CM of Penang. He is more rational minded as shown by his posting above.

      • BigDog CM of Penang?…

        Hmmmmm Need to change the Size of the CM’s Chair. Come to think of it needs to oversize everything! Including food during meetings!

        MACC? Typical Melayu Organization, can never get the job done right… always leaving a Mess.
        They should have a Chinaman as Interrogator. That’s what the police did with the Chinese Underworld.

        Ahhhh Looks like The whole lot should go for retraining…

      • Now i remeber why bro Bigdog write about Petronas in another post. But he get accused being a racial thingy .

        But now i know its for retard people like Joe Black who desperately only see all perfect with his ‘gang’ , and only him and his ‘gang’ can do better , nobody can . ‘Angkat bakul masuk badan sendiri’ , A True retard hahahahaha

  2. Why MACC aggressively conducting this investigation until wee hours? Why MACC is not interested with the more straightforward cases i.e. PKFZ, Istana Khir Toyo, allocation to BN MPs and ADUNs, submarine fee, etc? Simply follow the money trail.

    What about MACC Chief claim re rasuah MB Selangor?

    Can we believe what MACC said that they released Teoh by 3.45 am? Any credible witness?

    Do you think MACC, Police and AG will be fair and professional?

    I beg to differ.

    • amy,
      PKFZ is under investigation.
      khir toyo instana is just a ploy by pakatan. Pls check with nearest ADUN of yours. Khir toyo issue a summon and the selangor ADUN who excuse him never make a macc or police report.
      why is it MB khalil not under investigation YET? So in all fairness pls do your homework before starting the blame game.

      • 3.5 million for that mansion? I also want to buy. Only moron and brainless idiot will believe him. If the Malay are still blindly supporting these corrupted UMNO people, they deserved to be wiped out in this world. Malay please dump UMNO in order to save yourself. Vote for PAS!!!!!!!!!!

      • And Ng and Teng act sooo retardly when receive summnon letter . Why dont go to court and we disclosed everything .

        But of coz ! The DAP just a big liar and full of hipocrite . Come on ! dont be a big idiot . Use you brain next time .

      • =) a brief google and some luck, we could easily find that a semi-d and bungalow within the vicinity has a retail price of 800k to 1.3mil (3800sf-4300sf).

        Well.. for a 52000sf mansion, I couldn’t get a hold of the current market price for that. Probably no real estate agent has ever tried to sell a house that big.

        yea.. khir is innocence. *grin*

        yes.. me being sarcastic again

      • Jimmy dont act like a moron ,

        if that bastard liar Ng think right about the accusation , why so scared when receive summon , even that retard DAP act soo desperately when declare SUK under ‘autonomi’ to save his friends asss .

        And you still believe all DAP retards . why dont go to court and disclosed everything , why soo scared and crybaby ??? because DAP people all bastards liar and pure hipocrite !

  3. 1. Mana Lim Guan Eng tahu si mati ni
    a. jatuh; dan
    b. dari tingkat 14, bangunan tu?

    2. Kenapa si mati
    a. masih berlegar-legar dalam pejabat SPRM; dan
    b. tidak dipastikan keluar dari pejabat
    selepas sesi soal siasat telah tamat?

    3. Janganlah hendaknya kes ini menenggelamkan isu asal iaitu siasatan salah guna peruntukan kawasan terhadap mereka yang berkenaan.

    • konspirasi ni.. =) probably ah teoh is being directed by Ean to plant listening bug or camera or tap into their security system. Ah teoh was caught and resulted in a struggle. Oppss.. he accidentally fall down the stairs and roll onto an adjacent window.

  4. People are already jumping the gun. LGE’s accusation is not surprising.

    But consider this:

    1. His body was found in the premises of MACC building.

    2. He was released at 3.45am but was seen loitering in the building.

    It’s the wee hours of the morning. Why was he still in the building? Has he any reason to stay on at such hours? Why didn’t he go home? After all, if he was supposed to get married today, wouldn’t he have rushed home?

    Let’s not forget DAP is not only being investigated for corrupt practices but also accused of having underworld links.

    There’s something fishy going on here, and it may not have anything to do with MACC!

    • To many questions loom in everyone’s vivid imaginations what really happened. It is too early to conclude or even hold anyone responsible.

      Why would MACC officers or agents want to push or induce Teoh to jump out the window?

      It makes no logic at all. After all, Teoh was only brought in for questioning. He wasn’t even held by MACC (who allowed Teoh to leave by 345am). In the first place, no authorities would be stupid enough to want anyone to be found dead in their premises or vicinity of the offices.

      There is this a possibility that Teoh commmitted suicide. At this point of time, suicide has not been ruled out yet.

      Consider this scenario. One young DAP man, full of idealism to do so many things. Including to fight the BN Govt who they say is full of corrupt practices.

      Suddenly come 8 March 2008, the DAP was voted in and this young man is given the opportunity to be part of the State Government. So now he can translate his idealism into practice. Its a crussader’s dream!

      Somehow rather, opportunity arises. This idealistic young man is drawn into the temptation of possessing so much power. He withers. He falters. His moment of weakness overcome his best judgment.

      Then, after a while, reality checks in. Authorities are in to investigate ‘irregular practices’. Could be for corruption, abuse of power or even links to the underworld vice Lords. After all, these strong acusations of the links to the Lords of Vices are made by Pakatan Rakyat reps, NOT BN!

      Reality comes crashing in. This young man cannot take it anymore. He is now an accomplish to the sins he idealistically wanted to fight when he did not have the luxury to be in power. All what he believed in and stood for is flushed down the drain for his probably small mistake of ‘giving favours’ or ‘overlooking’ certain policies or regulations. Probably an illadvice to his boss, who is a DAP ADUN playing the role of a State Exco and/or acting or giving instructions on behalf of his boss to the authorities and civil servants, over stepping his and/or his boss’s explicit authority.

      It is no longer bearable to his idealism youth mindset. His conscience is overbearing and caving in. Being an immature person under termendous emotional, conscience and physical pressure (he was in quesdtioning for a long time till wee hours in the morning!), he summarily decided to take his own life.

      Then again, there is possibility that Teoh is involved in the underworld vices. Like typical organised criminals, to ‘rub out’ someone like Teoh is highly probable. What better place to do it then the home where the authorities do their business. Gullible public would be quick to blame against the authorities, something most probably the DAP would like to capitalise.

      Those are possibilities aren’t they, regardless how remote? This guesswork is actually endless!

      Let the authorities finish their job. Then when there is no heads roll, then we only decide who to blame. Till then, be responsible how to handle this tragedy.

      *Qualifier: This comment is my personal opinion as an individual. It is not reflective of the blog and its patron

      • Hey

        “Let the authorities finish their job. Then when there is no heads roll, we only decide who to blame. Till then, be responsible how to handle this tragedy.”

        NFA .. NFA .. NFA .. NFA .. NFA .. NFA .. NFA

        I am surprised you are still naive to trust ‘further investigations’ et all.

        Sorry but I think you should quit apologising for the Government of the day and hold your hand to your heart and listen to your conscience.

        Meanwhile, throw away all political ideaology and spent couple of minutes thinking about Teoh and his family.


      • “it is best to let authorities to fully complete their investigations”

        Agreed with the above but with a little amendment as follows..

        “it is best to let Malaysian corrupt authorities to fully complete their investigations”

        .. and then we shall have the ministers to announce that the death was due to “sebab air sungai Klang kotor dan jerebu terlalu tebal”

        PS – not all Malays are a good Muslim.

        Right! So, simplistically are you implying ALL MALAYSIAN AUTHORITIES ARE CORRUPT?

  5. As-Salam Bro BD,..heheh,..apo nak dikato,.. why wud he loiter aroun d premise,.. let’s assume dat aftr being release he made a phone call to sum1 & he woz told to wait thr and dats wat he did,.. if his hp is wth him den d police will get to d bottom of it,..if d hp is missing I dare say its d work of inside job i.e. DAP’s own doing,.. it cud even b that he woz threatened & a scuffle broke out and…, d rest is history,.. it cud b a planned job to tarnish d MACC & d govt still as d PR is losing grips on deir foothold & bro AnWar is losing his support drastically so anothr theory is cud bro AnWar again b behind all dis,..wakaka,..wat else can I say,.. isn bro AnWar is d Master of Deception,..but still I suspect sumting is amiss wth d way bro Ronnie liu react,.. is he trying to clear his name by being vocal & concerned wth d death of bro Teoh? I sumhow believed he cud b involved n he shud b d main suspect,..heheh,..another theory anothr conspiracy?? well not d BN tho but d PKR & DAP mite be,..heheh,..wat else can I say..(,”)

    • Allow me to add on saudara,

      probably DSAI and in extension CIA (which is widely seem as true by certain BN bloggers) are anxious in digging out or fabricating evidence decided to send a mole in the form of ah Teoh into MACC.

  6. There is obviously something very wrong in the state of Selangor, but that is for another day.

    I also would like to express my condolences to the deceased’ family. But I would like to appeal for sense and sensibility to prevail.

    Judging from the immediate reaction, it is herd mentality in action. The Seputeh MP might do well to remember about the nude squat-gate, when it was discovered to be a Malay woman, she chose to maintain “elegant silence”. And the point to remember is that the deceased was only 30 years old, which is rather young age to be a political secretary. Perhaps he was good but to me, he was too young to be a pol-sec. The pressure that comes with the job as a pol-sec is tremendous.

    Anyway, this is Malaysia, not some tinpot republic where people disappear most of the time. Let the competent authorities investigate the matter, after all, they are what we have.

    It would also bode well for the self-styled Pakatan Rakyat to remember that by chance should they win and form the federal government, the enforcement arms of the government will remain the same as it is. Now, just think about it, if you are so gung-ho about seizing federal authority, wouldn’t it be good idea to cultivate a conducive relationship with the organisations that will be your apparatus, instead of demonising them? That is of course, unless the PR plans to outsource these functions.

    • Roh:

      “Now, just think about it, if you are so gung-ho about seizing federal authority, wouldn’t it be good idea to cultivate a conducive relationship with the organisations that will be your apparatus, instead of demonising them?”

      Hell yeah… why not? Your exemplary timber-smuggling UMNO idol from Johor once said it so succinctly. “CLOSE ONE EYE LAH”.

      So what if they kill a detainee once in a blue moon? Or fabricate evidence? Or take bribes?


      • As I said, herd mentality in action. It would be pointless to argue coz you have already made up your mind.

      • o yea… get your facts right… the Umno guy who was caught smuggling timber was the former MP for Jasin. I believe Jasin is still in Malacca, it has not been annexed to Johore.

  7. my condolences to Teoh and his family members. who ever the culprit(s) are , may the rot in hell.

  8. Is it possible for a layman to lepak in the MACC building from 3.30 am to 1.00 pm?

    Ha ha ha where is the security?

    Just try to lepak in any gomen building and see whether you will be chase out or not?

    • I guess u’ve never been to plaza masalam before. It’s a private property & not a government building. MACC is just one of its tenants….

      • thats why …lets Police do the job and investigate , but those ‘penyamun’ in DAP never believe in Police . At the end so many brainless comment and argument . The irony is these people who think they soooo ‘smart’ hahaha

    • its not gomen building…macc just leasing there moron.

  9. Teoh have disclosed with strong evidence the links of a DAP Exco member with the underworld.He has also given proof of the type and place of the gambling,human trafficking and drug distribution network to MACC.
    When the underworld came to know about this, they decided to take the necessary action.

    Sounds far fetched,well so is LGE acussations!

    • Please don’t discount these thoughts, no matter how one thinks its highly improbable.

      The fact is that, the acusations of underworld vices and linkages are made by two Pakatan Rakyat YBs and not BN. One of them is even a former DAP YB.

      “Mere coincidence?” As Dean Cain puts it at the end of each show, “Believe it or not!”.

      • Aren’t they being investigated for misappropriation of public funds?

        What gangster links are you talking about?

        You wanna talk about gangster links, go ask your ONG KA TING and the head honchos in PDRM la.

        I don’t recall them being grilled from 5pm-4am on this.

      • >Orang yang bertanggung jawab merakam video itu ialah
        >Teo yang baru sahaja mati petang tadi, dalam rakaman
        >video tu, memang jelas yang pemuda umno langsung tidak
        >mengusik karpal yang lumpuh separuh badan.


        Kalau ada bukti Ma-Mat Rempit UMNO langsung tak usik, kenapa satu UMNO bodoh sampai berdiam diri bila Dewan Rakyat yang dikuasai UMNO sendiri menjatuhkan hukuman denda ke atas Mat-Mat Rempit UMNO?

        Lagi satu… apa pula langsung tak usik, walhal bersepah gambar diaorang berkasar??

        Kalau ini pun dah tidak benar, maka kenapa ada gangster kepunyaa Ronnie Liu nak beri amaran kepada Teo? Tak ada sebab!

        Teori konspirasi apa ini?

        Lagi satu…

        MACC sendiri dah berkali-kali mengatakan siasatan ke atas Teo ni berkenaan MISAPPROPRIATION OF PUBLIC FUNDS.

        Cerita gangster apa pula yg muncul ni?

        Kalau mau cerita hubungan dengan gangster, tanya sama Ong Ka Ting & PDRM la. Dah buat laporan pun, tapi tak pula disoal siasat dari jam 5pm sampai 4 pagi.

      • Bro Biggum ,

        Nampaknya kongsi gelap dah mula ketakutan malah orang-orang DAP pun semacam meroyan dan takut sakan dengan siasatan ini . Kematian Teo sangat sangsi disaat beliau memberi keterangan terhadap penyangak dalam DAP .

      • It might sound far fetch but according to what bigdog had said, it seems plausible.

        Well.. May I elaborate more?

        It could be that those underworld godfathers had realised that DAP is a sinking ship and powerless to protect their ass. They went to another interested party in the form of BN and talk of apologies and future joint venture. Well.. In that case, BN could say, “YEA!! Why not but you have to do me a favour first”. Thus godfather would have to make ah Teoh’s case to seem like a conspiracy and after a long sleepless night PDRM annouced that they had proof that it was DAP behind the scene who had caused ah Teoh’s death. Talk of killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

      • Kiddo what are you talking about ?

        At the end all ‘penyamun’ in DAP get advantage by this ‘sudden death’ .

        I want MACC still investigate all corrupt DAP , dont think they can ‘berlakon’ in this tragedy

  10. condolences to the victims.

    on the criminal minds, why on earth you wanna kill someone at the place where you will be the first suspect?

    if he himself decided to sit around in that building, it maybe because he’s too scared to went home in the dark where anything may happen since there’s speculation on the ‘underworld connection’. Anything might happen if he goes home. Who knows, somebody might have sneak up the building and do something to him?

    Anyway, this is just speculation, better leave it to the investigation. There’s no reason in the first place to wait until 6am to throw a person out of the window.

  11. MACC must take responsibility. The BN government is hopeless. Let change for the better future before more people especially politician got killed is mysterious way. Let’s support PAS, voted the UMNO out at least.

    • Inilah jenis manusia anarkis; menangguk diair keruh!

      SPRM bukan komponen BN. SPRM ialah badan bebas, ada akta sendri. Kalau BN control SPRM, takkan pemimpin UMNO pun kena dakwa!


      Aku memang percaya sangat Teoh Beng Hock ni bunuh diri. Macam bekas presiden Korea Selatan baru ni. Buat rasuah, bila kena kantul, lompat dari tempat tinggi.

      Modus operandi sama.

      • Use your brain. MACC has no credibility. They don’t even have the gut to investigate that dentist who claim can buy the mansion with mere RM3.5 million.
        UMNO is dead now.Hopeless. Najib may want to resuscitate UMNO but too bad, too many warlords in UMNO and this need to be cleansed by making them lose the federal gov status.

      • heyyy 2nd Class ,

        even Ng Sue is soo retard when receive a summon from Dr Khir . and after that the retard Teng like to be a dictator and claim all SUK area under ‘autonomi’

        And that bastard liar Ng is free , why dont go to court if think its true . Shame to their family who have the bastard liar in their family .

        DAP is full of hipocrit

      • Quad Erat Demonstratum…

        Ya betul! Macam Altantuya… dia rasa bersalah sangat sebab mintak rasuah, dia letupkan diri dia sendiri guna C4.


      • At the end Ng is a bastard liar and Teng is just autocratic retard puppet , who to save he own friends and family .

        DAP full of clown of liar .


  13. Is Plaza Masalam even owned by MACC??

    DAP is truly an idiot.

    • That is a very good point raised. Is MACC the owner or at least, only tenant of the said building?

      Does anyone know at this point of time, what and where Teoh went after taking his rest at the MACC sofa?

      Well, it is not certain yet from which floor did Teoh fall off or jump out the window. If he had been on other floors which are not occupied by the MACC, is MACC still responsible for this sudden death (taking into consideration that he was allowed to leave MACC by the officers at 345am)?

      He could have been actually murdered anywhere in the building and later laid to where his lifeless body was found.

      • Yeah.. I’m sure he kicked himself out of the window. Or beat himself up to death.

        Hey, I’m just commenting in the best tradition of your demi-god Mahathir (“ANWAR PUNCHED HIMSELF”).

      • Yeah. Did he also sodomise himself?

        You talk quite a lot, don’t you, Mahamamak?

      • This is where my theory seems credible.

        You see, those who went on and joined the underworld gangs are mostly school drop outs aka less educated but some how street smart.

        They know BN will never let the murder happen in the floor where MACC is the tenant. Godfather’s order was simple, finish him elsewhere and not in the MACC floor, ah beng the 2nd liutenant being the brain of the organization said “La.. senang la ni.. kita pigi tingkat lain”

        and.. voila~

  14. Salam Tuan Rumah dan pengunjung semua,

    my condolence to the family members…

    yes.. there is no end to speculations, theories, etc.

    Malaysia has its own police force, its own Courts etc.. if anyone does not want to ‘recognise’ these, then what is the alternative?

    You insist your own police force and judges? (Policemen & Judges are not simply “plucked” to serve, if you dont mind)

    Why not we serve the country by doing what we are supposed to do, let the Police & Judges do what they are supposed to do. There are many appropriate channels provided in case there is dissatisfaction by anyone.

    But many times I hear and read the accusations of bias-ness coming from a certain group of people.

    “Oh the Judge is biased!”
    “The Judge was bought”
    “There is no Justice!”


    When the judgment was not delivered to their side.

    “Justice done!”
    “The Teramat Yang Arif has restored the justice!”


    When the judgment was delivered to their side (the same group of people also is flip-flopping)

    But there was also the group of citizens, who accepted the process of law & order, when the judgment was delivered. They displayed a more “respecting” attitude, even though the judgment was against them, because they were the truly citizen of the country. The country, which adopts a set of laws and orders, appoints among the citizens to become policemen and judges, to enforce the laws and orders.

    Are you not that citizen?

    Do you not like this country or do you not like the government?

    There is Pilihanraya Umum if you do not like the government and there many-many other countries in the world if you dont like this country.


    Semerah Padi

    • well said semerah padi.

      what goes around, comes around…

      we don’t need opposition who stall the nation’s growth!!

      • Malaysia could grow far more better than Singapore but now we are even more behind than vietnam and indo, why ? because of those corrupted BN and those that are stuborn in supporting BN blindly people, which indirectly sold off our belove country and our children future, hope one day you guys will wake up and look what you have done to this beautiful country.

        May GOD bless you………

      • “Malaysia could grow far more better than Singapore but now we are even more behind than vietnam and indo…”

        Seriously? You don’t like Malaysia THAT much? Then go to Vietnam. Go to Indo. Malaysia don’t need people like you.

        Ungrateful SOAB.

      • well… we’re all civilised here and voicing a disagreement doesn’t makes one deserved to be call SOAB.

        Well.. Imagine Tun M who is being called a visionary just because he think we can do better and emulate Korea and Japan, I wonder why that poor soul is called SOAB. I would say he is a visionary too =)

        btw, it was reported recently Indonesia had managed to be self sufficient in rice produciton this year, exporting 2-3m tonnes worth of rice at the same time, all due to SYB farsightedness and policy. No reward for guessing how long our BERNAS had been formed and whether it has achieved its intended target.

        But anyway, MALAYSIA BOLEH

    • Kudos to you Semerah Padi. A good answer to anarchists and racists like some of the commentators here. Wish they just leave the country for good, no need to hang around here if they hate M’sia/Malays so much.

      The guy committed suicide because he had a bad conscience due to his dealings with the underworld etc….He could not take the pressure and for him the best answer is to kill himself…No more problems for him ….What’s that got to do with MACC? MACC were just doing their job, that’s all. Btw, if the deceased person did not want to go back to his home, that was his prerogative…no need to blame MACC, UMNO/BN, the Malays, Islam ….whatever.

      • this is the job of the BN goon, not the malay or Islam, those people only use islam as their tool to manipulate the people believe in GOD, hope one day you will “insaf”.

    • Judges are not simply plucked to serve?

      Semerah Padi is right. They’re not plucked… they’re fast-tracked and parachuted into service, as in the case of Ahmad Zaki.

      As for Rizwan’s comment… “we don’t need opposition”… you’re contradicting your idol Semerah Padi. A country with no opposition party is called a communist country. Please re-enroll at the sekolah UMNO you dropped out from, and try to finish Darjah 6 this time OK?

      • dude, please use the whole sentence.

        The likes of Anwar, Lim and Co, Hadi, all insist on throwing down the government through hatred and racial campaign. As if branding the police, courts is a joke is not enough, Singh Jr even go further by calling Najib a murderer, without prove. Singh Junior even refuse to repeat his words outside the parliament.

        These is a type of opposition that stalled the nation’s growth…

  15. Bro BD,

    Bor, is it not better for every citizen to question how Teoh could have died in the building and also the operating standards of MACC than to talka baout DAP. I mean how does that help..UMNO or DAP or PAS or PKR is all about politics. Now is the time to put aside politics for a while and to take a serious look at how enforcement agenceis operate …who knows….you could be next??? (in theory, of course)

    PEace !

  16. […] politicians for “jumping to conclusions,” “racialising the issue,” “stirring hate against the authorities,” and insisting that we “wait for a full […]

  17. its soo retard when someone trying to associate with racist thing.

    DAP is fully known link with the underworld , why he dont just go home maybe he scared of something .

    • Wasn’t it Ong Ka Ting who was photographed having dinner with his triad boss friend?

      I don’t remember anybody interrogating MCA members till 4am over that one.

      Typical UMNO people. They always forget about the Chinese parties within BN.

      • Becoz of the link DAP and underworld , one man is died and that the big different and a big puzzle . Now their want to blame to MACC , UMNO … what a jokee !!! DAP people is a hipocrite …

        Condolence to his family , his dead is a big loose for MACC to catch all the bastards in DAP

        Clean Goverments ??? hahahahahahaha

  18. Your wrote: “In 2006 Seputeh MP Theresa Kok quickly brought up the story about the ‘nude squat in Police lock-up’ which almost escalated into a diplomatic row with China. DAP Leaders have consistently put authorities into bad light in the public eyes with intention to create deep distrust. This is not progressive as authorities and enforcement agencies are formed to regulate and protect the interests of the majority.”

    Bringing up the police’s nude squat incident was “not progressive”..?

    Dude.. the authorities are consistently putting themselves in a bad light!

    You’re saying DON’T ROCK THE BOAT AND LET THE AUTHORITIES USE WHATEVER THEY PLEASE. Bringing up their misdeeds only creates distrust and is unprogressive.

    UMNO boy, you have a bright future in editorial at Berita Hairan and Utusan Meloya.

    • teresa is selectively “fighting” for so-called justice

      she almost caused a diplomatic row

      mamakboy, you have a bright future in a mental ward

      • Selectively fighting for justice?

        Tell that to the girl they nude squat and videotaped.

        So basically you’re saying the poor girl’s abuse in the hands of your beloved goons in uniform should not have been highlighted?

        Is that it?

        Ray, you have a bright future replacing Nazri Aziz… no no… Nazri would be insulted… make that Bung “Bocor” Mokhtar.

      • At this time in the morning, I can only agree with your comment against the Mamak boy.

      • The ‘nude-squat’ incident.

        Try studying ‘squat’ position in discovering anything ‘concealed’ within a human body. When you are in the line of duty, you may find this ‘squatting’ position being prescribed as one of the procedures, not only in this country.

        But, that was a MALAY lady, who decided to maintain her ELEGANT SILENCE, if even, the police force was proven ‘high-handed’ in this case.

        But who chose to make WILD accusations and stories out of this incident? Does it not sound the same with the late Teoh’s incident here?

        – A CHINESE newspaper, drummed up the story (DAP man jumped the gun in Teoh’s case)

        – Made up story that A CHINESE girl was tortured by the police (made up stories to point MACC was the responsible party to Teoh’s death)

        – Gullible sleeping leader sent high-ranking staff to China to apologise despite police advice to wait for the outcome of INVESTIGATION first, before any action. (Teoh’s case – perhaps the govt leader has learnt it from the past – WAIT FOR THE INVESTIGATION REPORT first)

        We have a fair and wise thinking malay lady ‘victim’ who chose to maintain elegant silence in one case.

        We also have “what-do-you-call-these?” thinking people who chose to SCREAM at the top of their voices making all sort of accusations and stories in at least two cases? The earlier case (the squat case) had made these “dont-know-what-to-label-them” people eating back their SH&T stories & accusations.

        And these “what-do-you-call-people” also do not stay in one place, i.e. discussing Teoh’s case but instead they jump all over the places (the mansion, the squatting, the PKZ etc) to make their stories sound more “credible(?)”. Not much about Teoh’s case except making stories, very similar like the squatting story.

        I want to make up a story also:-

        – Late Teoh was a “priced” witness to MACC. 10hrs was not enough for Teoh to “tell all” to MACC. Need to gather some more documents from office.

        – Tired. Rested at sofa.

        – A very interested party quietly watched every single move Teoh made. Innocent Teoh thought the building was safe enough not knowing the very interested party had placed several executioners in that privately-owned Masalam building.

        – In the 10hrs assistance provided by Teoh, not a single phone call (?) by Teoh to his fiancee, at least, to say “Hey! I’m being held and intterogated by MACC here. Please get lawyers to come here straight away to protectand take me away! I’m just a witness not a suspect!”
        Thank you all. My story above was made by reading all your posts.!!

        Antu Kite

      • “So basically you’re saying the poor girl’s abuse in the hands of your beloved goons in uniform should not have been highlighted?”

        Who the fuck said that the girl was abused? She was caught at a place with drugs. The police used proper method to make sure she was not concealing any drugs.

        The fact is that Theresa Cock made such a big fuss over this story, the girl had to actually appear to the media and claim that she was not a chinese girl.

        Theresa Cock is the one who abused the poor girl’s anonymity.


        ps: expect more spin from these PR whores. fucking faggots.

    • mahamamak

      don’t sidetrack

      Theresa took up the case fully CONVINCED that she was a chinese girl

      • And that hipocrite Teresa do nothing !!! I mean nothing !!! When that coward Teresa know that girl is Malay . Her stupid-mouth just total silence after that , and she just walk away like a moron . She never make it as big issue after that . hipocrite bastard !

      • That Teresa woman is an example of the kind of so-called politicians claiming to be serving the interest of the people. Jump to conclusions before reasonable investigation. Shout out here and there. Many have now come to realise that they have wasted their votes on these fellows.

      • YEs Ray,

        But yet this Mr Hate Mahathir and hate Melayu at no reason, still think Miss Such My Cock fighting for justice, for the rakyat…shess my cock.

      • Are you saying she was right, dumbass?

  19. A 28 year old man who is going to get married today will not hang around the MACC after being interrogated until 3:45 a.m. This is not logical. He was interrogated for 10 hours and he still wants to sleep on the sofa at the MACC? Why?

    Who interrogated him? Let the public know the names of the interrogators. During the interrogation, was Teoh beaten up?

    Was he killed and then his body thrown out the window to make it look like a suicide? These are the questions that must be answered.

    According to Raja Petra, the MACC beat up and arrested the Malay lawyer who represented Ramli the Cop who is believed to have exposed underworld links to Police in Sabah. The lawyer was arrested and beaten up one day before Hari Raya.

    In the case of Norza Zakaria, the MACC were trying to get one fellow by the name of Halimi to make a statement against Norza. They stripped Halimi naked, beat him up and tortured him. Halimi even made a Police report against the MACC. Nothing came out of the Police report.

    Is the MACC out of control? How many real cases of corruption has the MACC solved? There is so much corruption in this country yet few are arrested and charged and jailed for corruption.

    But the MACC beats up and tortures unknown people.

    If there was foul play, the people responsible for Teoh’s death must be charged in Court. The public must know the truth.

    • The word GESTAPO comes to mind.

      I would love to see how they would interrogate Khir Toyol over his Balkis scandal, PNSB scandal and ‘RM3 million’ palace on prime land.

      But everyone here knows damn well they’ll never drag Toyol in for a 10-hour interrogation session like they did to TBH.

      Coz according to the blogger here, interrogating Khir Toyol would be “UNPROGRESSIVE”.

      • and reading your distorted and frustrated postings would render all others psycho

      • Ha! Ha!
        That’s a good one Ray!

    • “But the MACC beats up and tortures unknown people” – any HARD evidence?? You must be brought to court for serious and baseless allegations against the authority

      and your conviction is based on RPK’s story telling???

      RPK RAN away from the chance to tell the truth here in Malaysian courts!

      “The public must know the truth” – Hello, tell that to your sifu rpk

      sheesh, some self-righteous shallow narrow-minded ignoramus to the highest degree, have the galls to demand action

      macam bagus

      • Setuju, setuju.

      • AMAT SETUJU!



        RPK sama cam Anwarisas lain, Hishamudin Rais, Rahim Ghouse etc. RUN AWAY LIKE GUILTY DOGS & DARE NOT FACE MUSIC!!!!

        Lepas tu buat cerita, Polis jahatlah, AG dengkilah, Hakim biaslah!


      • Yes, we concur.

        Raja Petra is in Manchester now, being a fugitive from the Malaysian law system which his Boss, Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim and friends are so fondly of playing the silly but expensive and tiring game of ‘cat and mouse’ and ‘hide and seek’.

        Raja Petra, typically Anwarista is playing the theaterics game of confuse, lie and messing up the sentiments of the gullible cybersphere addicts and perpetually demonize the Police and other authorities such as the MACC. This only proves Raja Petra’s sense of anarchy turning the educated lot within Malaysian society to go demonize and against legal system, judiciary and Police.

        BTW, Raja Petra is very close to Selangor DAP, particularly Ronnie Liu. Maybe he can share some stories of the world of the Lords of underworld vices.

  20. The death is being investigated. It is not as if nobody is not doing anything. We don’t know yet what actually had happened. It could be foul play, misadventure, accident whatever. If it is confirmed to be foul play, then the crime should be dealt with in the strongest term.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. There is no need to pre-maturely blaming anyone. There will be time for that should the findings point to foul play.

    Sitting on the moral high stool for so long has caused DAP leaders to be irrational and impatience. Perhaps I could be wrong – being irrational and impatience may actually refer to the cause rather than the symptoms.

    DAP really disappoints

  21. Salam Atan,

    Good article. Btw, by tomoro 18th July,it has been 16 years since Pak Long passed away. Maybe good to remember what he has done. Al-Fatihah.

  22. 2nd class is rooting for PAS

    don’t commit suicide if Malaysia becomes an islamic state with hudud laws

    • I won’t because they only chop the muslim hand and foot.

      • but they might ban entertainment, gambling, alcohol consumption, red light districts

        …aaannnnddd jeng jeng jeng (drum roll)

        eradicate ALL pig farms and slaughterhouse


      • I must say you are doing very well to shit the fellow, ray.

  23. It’s Uncle Ronnie lah!

  24. To clear all doubts, call in the ICAC which is a brother agency of MACC. Get them to open investigation and review all the procedures. Then they can testify at the Royal Commission of Inquiry. KJ and other BN politicians have called for RCI. Apa gomen tunggu lagi?

  25. Hello bro, congrats for your article, a timely revelation.

    My condolences to the family of the demise.

    I smell rats, big Opposition ones, shitting all over. That’s what these politicians get when they sleep with the Underworld. Indeed not all Malays are good Muslims so what’s the big deal when not all evangelicals are not good Christians, so are not all Malaysians are good citizens. But when these politicians from the DAP (including those taksub to the King of Frogs) attempt to throw their shit to the Authorities without any shred of proof, these politicians are just scum, the lowest of their kind.

    While we let the Authorities complete a thorough investigation, we cannot deny that when dealing with the Underworld, things just get way out of hand. The death will definitely stamp a big, big black question mark on the much published role of the respective people’s representatives who indulge with the Underworld. Never underestimate the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Underworld, to execute their cruel objectives, they can convince anyone to take his/ her life by threatening close families and loved ones.

    Heavy black clouds are brewing over Pakatan’s future in Selangor, ready to burst in the Mother of all storms Perhaps that’s the rational for the CM of Penang to issue out his ridiculous letter in protracting the demise of the unholy partnership. He is not as “clean” and “innocent” as his hands are most dirty when comes the greater interest of the DAP.

  26. Rocky bru’s post on the matter has already elicited over 200 comments! To reiterate, most of the commentators there are already jumping the gun and delightfully reveling in the blame/diversion game, just like commentators in this post. Investigation has not even started and the nvestigating body is already being held accountable. And by the way, rocky, who merely report the case, is being unfairly torn to shred.

    In the end we have to let common sense prevail. Let’s bring back sanity, unless of course the trigger-happy DAP/PR people are hired to stoke the flame and perpetuate the insanity. Do we have any choice other than to let the authorities investigate? If, as alleged by these DAP/PR hirelings, the MACC, PDRM, or Royal Commission (if formed) can’t be trusted, then who else will investigate? Or do we – and can we afford to – just let this chaotic state of affair continue?

    whackthembugger said “Heavy black clouds are brewing over Pakatan’s future in Selangor, ready to burst in the Mother of all storms”. Very soon they may
    envelope the country if we – trigger-happy bloggers and commentators not excepted – are not careful.

    • Judging from the response, BN will definitely going to lose in the next GE. Hidup PAS!

      • what has ONE murder got to do with BN my dear?

        unless this incident is part of a series of planned agenda to bring down the Malay government

        so since the Malays are in the majority, you need to divide and rule

        therefore, support PAS as they are only ‘kampung’ efficient (you can later kelentong them by praising them SKY high)

        and then manage the whole country with them as the front

        then tweak the laws to suit your clan

        i see, so chin peng as a hero is part of this agenda eh?

        together with rpk’s SDs, Bala’s SD x 2, Najib as Altantuya’s murderer, and now poor Teoh’s death (he really seems like a nice guy – condolence to his loved ones)

        so the aim is to implicate Najib??

        hhhmmm 2nd class nic is apt if it refers to your mental capacity and your inferiority complex

        coz you might have given the game away

      • Let’s wait for PAS Tok Guru’s fatwa on the marriage between PAS & DAP, which “marriage ceremony” will be serve with meat from a newly setup Rumah Penyembelihan Oink in Kedah (after being illegally operated for so many years – got link to underworld to ka to have opearted illegally for so long?) and Oink to be supplied from the ever big and modern Ladang Oink to be officiated by Malay PKR MB of Selangor.

        The ceremony will be the courtesy of “The Underworld” which will provide “security” for the guests too!!

        The fund? No worries, we have EXCO’s in the state government to sign the bills!

        What about that THEIR YB who is blowing the whistle? Tell ‘our’ YB to learn it from the late Teoh, who was a DAP Polsec.

        Gullible PAS members will be the guests of honor in this marriage fiesta! Oink! Oink!

  27. Bigdog, woof woof, You said, “So far, what is known that Teoh was released by MACC after questioning at 345am. Instead of going home, he decided to loiter around the MACC office. He then was seen taking a rest on the MACC sofa till 600am. Little is known after that.”

    But you see that is the statement of the MACC. Are they now not the accused? That story of MACC is going to take many turns soon and it is not going to stick. And I got to be a fool to just take the statements from the police and the MACC to be the truth!

    • I know you don’t have the proof. Nobody does.

      But is there a reasonable basis for you to say “I got to be a fool to just take the statements from the police and the MACC to be the truth!”?

      Or is it just something plucked from the air, the airwaves of LGE and DAP? If so, you might just be that “fool”.

    • Habis tu, nak percaya sapa lagi????

      Lim Guan Eng? Theresa Kok, betina DAP yg membuta tuli dajwa Polis dera warga China? R Sivarasa?



      (Padanlah ada yg mampus pun!)

      Baca akhbar The Star pagi ini pp N10. “Kajang municipal councillor Tan Boon Wah, who was also questioned by the MACC in relation to the same case, said he saw Teoh at 6am on Thursday.

      “He looked tired and didnt say anything to me”, Tan added”

      Boon Wah ni MACC ka?????? Boon Wah ni Polis ka?????

      Lepas ni nak hujah apa pulak? The STar bohong?????

    • Indeed, lots of holes in the MACCs statements. Lounge room or pantry, can they make up their minds?

      And why are they letting someone lepak around their offices without any surveillance, where sensitive documents are kept?

      Looks like some pro-BN fellas here are ‘cacing kepanansan’ being unable to spin away this major snafu with their direct-to-video movie script.

  28. Alizul,

    You are right. Investigations have not started. So how can we take the word of MACC to be the truth? How can Bigdog take the word of MACC to be fact? It is as factual as my own thinking right now that murder most vile has happened.

    So, please stop deciding for everyone as to what is fact.

    The only fact I know is Teoh is dead. And that it is claimed that he was found as revealed by all those pictures of him. Another fact is the pictures also don’t show any blood!! Of course if he had already died earlier and then thrown down the window, I guess no blood will ooze out as well I suppose. also if you see closely his wrists, there are unexplained marks. Now there is a bot of speculation there on my part and some might also turn out to be fact

    • It’s all speculations, Mr Paul Warren, a Western sounding, liberal appearing and open minded man.

      They are doing the investigations now. But if you said you can’t accept the statements of the authorities even at this stage, as I said above, what reasonable basis are you going by in saying that?

      As some stated earlier, if all the statements of the authorities, even in case when investigations are going on are being questioned, you apeear to have an anarchist mind.

      Is it your agenda to create alarm and despondency, telling people not to believe and question the authorities all the time? The communists do that. The secret societies, thugs and gangsters help spread alarm and despondency, even perpetuate them by engaging in kidnaps and murders in order to achieve their own agenda. Now, these are not speculations. These are historical facts that can be seen from the days of the Hai Sans and the Ghee Hins in Perak in the 19th Century.

      Whether they are involved in this murder or not nobody can say now. But the stark reality and the solid fact is that the PKR assemblyman accused the DAP fellows of links with the underworld.

      Let the authorities do the investigations and you can put out your wise, liberal and even Western-sounding democratic, intellectual and “believable” views after the results of the investigations have been published.

      • And Jittu, you trust the results of the investigations!!

        Hey, maybe you are right about results of investigations. It may be the truth that might be there in the investigation papers. But what do they do with that after that? Like the Lingam case. Like Kugan. Like the Tajuddin Ramli MAS plunder case …and many many more right?

      • Better believe with the result of investigation , than a Lim Guan Eng who want only MACC to invesgate a DAP members in ‘5 star hotel style’ , dont you read a paper today ? what a joke !! .

        And the irony is that man who always ‘champion’ in accountability , democracy, in true law bla bla bla bla

        Now who have the advantages with all this happen ? jeng jeng jeng …

      • Cases like Kugan’s death was clearly marked as pathologist found he died of heart ailments.

        Maybe there is not enough evidence to actually prosecute other high profile cases.

        Example is Eric Chia’s case. He was acquitted after a lengthy trial.

        For the DAP and PKR recently elected reps in new PR Govt like Selangor and Perak, it is much different. Corporate leaders like Eric Chia and probably Tajuddin Ramli are seasoned corporate people. Hence, they know how to cover their tracks very well. They are very well versed of company’s act, income tax act and even securities act. Newly-found-power neo politicians like DAP in Selangor and PKR in Perak are very new at this game and in their greed to ‘new found wealth’, they are ‘negligent’. That’s probably why easier to nail them.

        So we have the MACC investigations now o going in Selangor, which also include the late Teoh.

      • Again you are jumping the gun, man.

        Can’t you wait for the results of the investigations? After that, if you don’t agree and have other evidence or at least credible reasoning (not just conjectures and speculations), only then can you talk about trusting those doing the investigations.

        That’s the only way. We must avoid anarchistic thinking.

        What action is taken after the investigations is another matter. You can ask about the Lingam, the Tajudin Ramli and such cases. But it is ridiculous to question the integrity of the authorities even before investigations are completed.

  29. My theory is this:

    The deceased was killed by the underworld. He was suppossed to go back home, didn’t he? Well, he was met by someone and he was killed nearby…From the time he was not seen at MACC about 6 or 7 am and the time his body was found at about 1 pm, one wonders what actually happended to him ……. His body was placed at MACC’s building so that the blame game would fall on MACC ….This is DAP’s and the underworld’s style of doing things ….

    • So how did they (the gangsters) manage to move the body back to the MACC building? In broad daylight?

      Do you scriptwrite for B-grade teledramas?

  30. I don’t understand why DAP supporter their mentality like copy paste style! They only selected news only benefit them. I think Chinese DAP modus operandi is the same, using Chinese news paper, Internet and rhetoric media to spread rumor and fear. This news happens in China against minority Uighurs.

    “There was an internet rumor spread by some Han Chinese some Uighurs raped a Han woman. The police did not find the Uighurs to be guilty so they let them go. A mob of Hans took the law into their own hands and attacked some Uighurs and killed some. The Uighurs who came for work all left the factory after the attacks. “

    But this is Malaysia, Malay are the majority you better watch up, if you try to create rumor the incident 13 May will repeat…. I hope you are aware what you are doing instate blaming UMNO, why you just focus to get true story NOT rhetoric news.

    If Chinese say’s MACC, Police, all government agencies are UMNO dog, is simple don’t service Chinese communities let see what going to happen. This government servant also people like us, they also human. Please stop blaming, absurd and irritate the innocent people and ignite the anger amongst race.

    • Actually it’s easy to understand them. They are quarreling big time now among themselves and with PKR. PKR accuses DAP of links with the underworld. So, they want to divert their members’ and other people’s attention away from their problems.

      They quickly accuse others left, right and centre. Even before investigations are completed. The DAP Sec Gen is supposed to be educated. But he wrote a letter of accusation before the facts of the case can be established.

      DAP top brass is jittery. Big-time accusation by PKR. And, for all we know, there is indeed big-time connection, mutual protection, with the underworld.

      Remember, in the history of Malaya, of British colonialism, Penang was the start of the secret societies, thugs and gangsters. They thrived in Penang where the British ruled before their intervention in the affairs of the Malay States in the 19th Century. The Hai San Gangster Kapitan China signed a petition with 44 of his thugs to intervene in Larut where the rival Gang, the Ghee Hins, had taken over their tin mines. This led to British colonialism in Malaya.

      Secret societies, thuggery and gangsterism continued since then until the present day. It is not surprising to hear about the PKR accusation. Now PKR should know who they are dealing with after a few years marriage of convenience.

      They accuse the authorities of not taking action on a number of things. It’s now the authorities’ turn to take action on them – investigate the DAP underworld links. Possible that’s what even the MACC was doing. I’m quite sure PDRM is on their tails.

  31. […] it is fair or not to blame MACC for Teoh’s death, is still a huge on going debate amongst Malaysians, especially in the bloggosphere. The fact still […]

  32. […] WIthin hours of the shocking news, DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng was quick to blame the MACC to be responsible for the ’sudden death’, failing to even establish the real cause …, let alone who is involved at least to identify the last persons with him […]

  33. […] are ‘creating a diversion to cover their tracks’. Within hours DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng insisted that the MACC own up the responsbility to Teoh’s demise.  Ronnie Liu was first to erupt, which later proven to be clear on the […]

  34. […] one-time-sodomy-acused Anwar is capitalising issues such as Teoh’s sudden death (which fellow Pakatan Rakyat’s Primates conveniently blame the MACC for the demise) and Perak Government change-over for the mobstreet politics this time around as a diversion […]

  35. […] displace the actual focus of what has been happening the past five weeks. They manner and angle the Oppositions have twist and turn facts, circumtances and opportunities made the situation as if the authorities, who were merely doing their job in accordance with the […]

  36. […] was reported to be found dead the morning after being interviewed for a corruption investigation, DAP Leaders were amazingly quick to blame MACC  for the sudden death and thus instigated the rakyat to distruss and sow hatred towards the […]

  37. […] Federal Government annual allocation for Penang Vs income derived. The over sensationalisation and quick-blaming of MACC for DAP State Exco Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock’s ’sudden death’ is […]

  38. […] of Teoh’s lifeless body at the bottom on the side of Plaza Massalam almost two years ago. DAP Leaders were very quick to blame MACC for Teoh’s demise, in fact just within […]

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