The Police should arrest and charge Ronnie Liu

The sudden death of Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock is a very high charged news item and easily manipulated from the wrong reasons, across the country. Everyone should remain calm and let the authorities do their job; Police, MACC and forensic investigate and determine the cause of death and who is responsible.


However, some people chose to not remain calm. In fact, some people to be thearical about this episode. Theaterics sometime went overboard and eventually lead to unlawful actions. This what happened to Selangor DAP State Exco Ronnie Liu. In his tantrums, he broke the door to the Klang Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital mortuary.

The NST has the story:

Grille for mortuary door after fracas



KLANG: The main door to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital’s (HTAR) mortuary was fixed with a grille shortly before noon yesterday after its latch was broken in a small fracas involving state executive councillor Ronnie Liu on Thursday night.

On that night, a scuffle broke out when Liu was denied entry by mortuary staff when he wanted to view the body of Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah’s political secretary Teoh Beng Hock that arrived at about 9.30pm.

An angry Liu reportedly kicked the door thrice when mortuary staff latched the door from inside. Once the latch gave way, Liu and his driver went in and a short argument ensued.

A hospital employee said in all his 15 years service at the hospital, the door to the mortuary had never had a grille.

HTAR director Dr Ghazali Hasni Md Hassan said the grille was only a temporary measure.

He said on the day of the incident, the exco wanted to enter the mortuary but the hospital could not grant him permission as the body was not under the hospital’s jurisdiction but the police’s.

“That night, the investigation officer was absent but Liu insisted on entering and seeing the body. However, after a discussion with the staff, he understood our position and did not enter.”


Why is Ronnie Liu so emotional and behaving in such a manner, not befitting a Yang Berhormat and State Exco? Does he has something to hide, hence do a theaterics to ‘cover’ so that the attention is no longer on him (for the ongoing  investigations prior to Teoh’s sudden death)? So many believed that his name was mentioned in several high profile investigations lately.

Regardless, Ronnie Liu should be arrested and charged in court for destruction of Government property. This propensity of outrage and ‘gorilla’ (samseng) behaviour clearly illustrates his linkages to the gangters of the underworld and Lords of Vices.

Police should not hold back just because Ronnie Liu is a highly controversial DAP leader being alleged and associated to people in organised crimes. This is a perfect opportunity for the Police to demonstrate their professionalism in upholding the law without fear or favour, even in highly controversial situation and circumstance. Of course, the Police should also investigate him thoroughly on the allegations thrown at him. At least, to find the truth if not clear his name as a Selangor Yang Berhormat and State Exco.

 We certainly don’t think Selangor voters want the conscience of electing someone closely related to organised criminals eating them inside, do we?

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  1. The Police should arrest and charge Najib first.

    • ha ha.. a good man does nothing

    • Now why should you be talking like this?

      Be responsible with your comment, man.

      I support almost every eord Big Guy says. He gives the arguments and they appear reasonable.

  2. Kalau binatang pecahkan harta awam atau masuk ditempat yang dilarang, takkan kita nak ambil tindakan undang2 pulak kot – biarkan sehingga dia jumpa satu lagi binatang pemakan lain.

    • Aku heran, macamana org Selangor boleh BANGGANG SANGAT UNDI GANGSTER CAM RONNIE NI?????



  3. You think the police got guts to do this? They have loss the credibility. Don’t harp on the petty issue. COncentrate on the main issue. The Royal COmmission is a MUST to find out the truth. Any finding and report from police and MACC is as good as rubbish. Nobody will believe them anymore. This is the general perception of the majority. You can spin and your poor little blog will never ever as the main blog to influence others opinion.

    • What are you talking about, man?

      Are you the majority? Are you not “spinning” really bad when you said that? Apa ini!

      If you think this blog has no influence, why the hell are you commenting here?

      Are you trying to spread anarchy here by saying “Any finding and report from police and MACC is as good as rubbish.”? Do you belong to the Ronnie group?

    • Hoii….

      Besok ka lusa ka, rumah ko masuk perompak, kete ko ilang kena curi, beg tangan mak ko kena ragut atau adik ko kena rogol, JANGANLAH PERGI JUMPA POLIS!!!!




      • Betul, inilah caranya untuk menyuruh polis membuat kerja. Tanpa pembangkang, apa-apa aduan akan hanya dibiar sahaja dan rakyat melana.

      • Ya, tapi pembangkang mesti kena cakap betul. Bukan memalui hidong. Kena fikir sikit sabelom cakap. Kena tunjuk bokti sikit. Kalau tak ada bokti pun, mesti lah ada logik. Jangan membabi buta sahaja. Tak baik. Merosakkan perpaduan.

        Kalau engkau tak minat perpaduan, hendak gasak cakap apa yang engkau suka saja, engaku kena cari tempat lain, negara lain. Bukan di sini.

  4. I used to know some people with connections with the underworld and they are like any of us in respecting the dead. But the action of Ronnie Liu definitely shows he does not respect the dead. For sure, his drama is merely to cover up his whatever guilt in public but the public knows better for indeed he is biadap. I see no purpose in having a Royal Commission as many of us still have faith in the Police, MACC and other relevant authorities. Don’t be like the case of PPMSI; there are many voices against the decision of the Government but yet, the Government had to cow to the voices of the dissidents. However a complete though investigation into the tragic death is warranted and the findings made public. Hopefully the investigation will provide clues to the underworld and stop the pollution of vices in the Ampang area where I stay, besides allowing the deceased rest in peace. What has the PAS elected people’s representative of Ampang has done to stop the vices, especially the gambling dens – afraid of the Underworld? Nay, I will not elect her if she stands again in GE13, she seems to be in cohorts with the Underworld which should be against the principles of the Party..

    • if ronnie could not even respect the dead, imagine how he respect the living person in his constituency?
      no respect at all. even the jews, Buddhist, islam have respect.even the atheist have respect.tsk tsk tsk.

    • This is not only a question of respecting the dead.

      This is a matter of behaviour unbecoming of an elected representative, to say the least. An Exco member at that.

      Didn’t I read the MACC statement that this same man pounded on the door of the MACC office earlier on? If that is so, he even appears to behave like a gangster. No wonder the allegation of links with the underworld.

      What has become of this country? Ridiculous for a Wakil Rakyat to behave like that.

      The authorities must investigate the PKR Assmblyman’s allegation about the fellow’s connection with the underworld.

  5. Malaysians are very naive.

    It is pretty clear that the MACC is operating like the German or Soviet secret police of the ruling party to punish opposition members.

    How more transparent can they get? We must be all completely idiots to even discuss MACC.

    Something like the MACC has to be completely independent or not in existence at all.

    This is truly preposterous, as would be the case if the Mafia ran the police force.

    • Betul cakap ko….

      Tapi aku dengor, yg protect towkay & pusat maksiat ialah Ronnie!

      Yg protes mintak pusat pelacuran diberikan lesen yg polis minta kerajaan tempatan tarik balik serta merta iala Ronnie!

      Yg berusaha gagalkan polis raid keatas pusat maksiat ialah Ronnie!

      • hahaha Malaysian naive ??? … ronnie seem happy to ‘berlakon wayang’ . And that bastard think all case investigate by MACC will drop with DAP drama queen .

        Loser DAP !! I hope invistigation by MACC on DAP still on. They think can run away ? . total cowards !

  6. In the mind of a gangster, the authorities of any type, of any kind, are out to get him.

    That explains some of their thuggish acts.

    We all are waiting for the truth to come out. Be patience lar.

    • Your Lordship

      I beg to differ.

      I don’t think a gangster has any mind!

      He just goes banging doors at MACC, at the Klang Hospital mortuary.

      What I fear is that there are also many gangsters among the rakyat. They elected one to be a Wakil Rakyat.

      It’s damn good that the PKR Wakil Rakyat blew the whistle on the gangster so-called Wakil Rakyat.

  7. “Semalam Pilihanraya Kecil DUN N41 Manek Urai berjaya disempurnakan. Calon PAS Mohd Fauzi Abdullah diumumkan sebagai pemenang mengalahkan calon BN Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat dengan majoriti amat tipis 65 undi. Perubahan mengurangkan majoriti sebanyak 95% merupakan kejayaan yang memberansangkan.”

    Keputusan di Manik Urai telah membuktikan bahawa Barisan Nasional telah mula memahami dan menghayati desakan yang dilaung-laungkan oleh rakyat sejak Pilihanraya Umum-12. Keputusan ini ialah hanya permulaan perjalanan ‘perubahan’ yang bakal diharungi oleh Barisan Nasional dalam tahun yang akan datang sehingga Pilihanraya Umum ke-13. Kemenangan tipis PAS di Manek Urai tiba pada ketika statistik yang terpampang di hadapan kita menyaksikan pentadbiran Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak telah mula mengertak posisi pihak pembangkang. Beberapa perubahan polisi dan dasar kerajaan seperti pemansuhan PPSMI dan ‘Unity Talks’ telah membantu Barisan Nasional mengukuhkan tapak mereka di kalangan penduduk Manek Urai yang terdiri daripada 99% penduduk Melayu. Populariti Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak telah meningkat 20%, kepada 65%; tetapi yang lebih signifikan ialah popularitinya di kalangan masyarakat Melayu-Islam telah mencapai paras 70%.

    Keadaan politik lampau menyaksikan Malaysia mempunyai pelbagai jenis parti politik dan setiap parti telah cuba sedaya upaya membezakan personaliti mereka berdasarkan demograpik pengundi sasaran. Situasi ini adalah selari dengan elemen-elemen daripada “An Economic Theory of Democracy” karya Anthony Downs, 1957;

    “Parties in a multi-party system try to remain as ideologically distinct from each other as possible.“ (An Economic Theory of Democracy, Anthony Downs, 1957)

    Keputusan pihak pembangkang menubuhkan suatu pakatan campuran antara parti-parti yang mempunyai fahaman bertentangan antara satu sama lain telah mewujudkan suatu gabungan rapuh terutamanya disebabkan oleh fahaman sosialis haluan kiri DAP dan Melayu-Keislaman PAS. PAS pada masa kini terbahagi kepada dua puak, iaitu golongan Ulama dan Erdogan kesan daripada perjalinan kuasa dengan Pakatan Rakyat. Golongan Ulama menginginkan PAS kembali kepada parti berkonsepkan Melayu-Islam, dan mereka agak sangsi dengan agenda politik multirasial Anwar Ibrahim. Golongan Erdogan pula lebih cenderung ke arah platform politik baru Anwar Ibrahim yang liberal. Mereka memandang tinggi kepada Perdana Menteri moderat Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Barisan kepimpinan Kelantan dan pemimpin PAS pantai barat secara secara majoritinya membentuk puak Erdogan manakala barisan Ulama pula diketuai oleh Timbalan Presiden PAS, Nasharudin Mat Isa dan kebanyakan ahli PAS Terengganu.

    Gelaran ‘Erdogan’ yang dipegang oleh golongan liberal PAS adalah tidak tepat kerana di Turki, Recep Tayyip Erdogan dan Parti AKP merupakan satu-satunya parti fahaman liberal. Hampir tiada parti lain yang bersaing dengan ideologi yang dibawa oleh parti AKP apabila mereka mula membawa agenda kiri di Turki. Di Malaysia, jika ada parti yang merupai parti AKP di Turki-,Parti Keadilan Rakyat ialah calon yang lebih sesuai berbanding PAS. PAS memang tidak mungkin menjadi parti AKP. Inilah faktor utama kerapuhan Pakatan sejak PU12. Pengekalan PAS dalam Pakatan memerlukan PAS menjalani transformasi daripada satu parti Islam kepada parti konservatif multiagama-suatu perkara yang melampau, tidak masuk akal dan mustahil untuk berlaku kerana perjuangan Islamiah merupakan tunggak utama kewujudan serta asas perjuangan PAS. Pakatan Rakyat boleh terus cuba berdolak-dalik dan melakukan apa sahaja untuk menghalang kerapuhan PAS dalam Pakatan Rakyat daripada terserlah, tetapi realiti ketidakseimbangan ini harus diakui dan ditangani oleh pemimpin tertinggi PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat. Namun, sikap pemimpin atasan Pakatan Rakyat yang ‘in-denial’ dan berpandangan jangka pendek bakal mengekalkan ‘weak-link’ ideologi ini yang nescaya akan membuka ruang yang cukup besar untuk kestabilan Pakatan Rakyat dieksploitasi.

    I would like to just inform you, they have hidden cams all over my house, and they have also threatened and started to harass my family members. You guys should make the decision. I do have weaknesses, and my reluctance to come in stems from the fact they know everything about me right now. They also have physiologists reading my facial expressions and character. Everything is extremely complicated-I do not want to end up as a pawn which they will use to go after you guys in the end.

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  9. Crazy Ronnie.. He’s not fit to be an EXCO but only fit to be MAT FIT hisap ganja.. What a shame..

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