Why do we even bother….?

Why do we even bother setting up an inquest to determine the cause of ‘sudden death’ of DAP State Exco Ean Yong’s Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock and a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into whether or not MACC followed their SOP and jurisdiction in their investigations?

Despite that an inquest is the legally binding usual way to determine ‘sudden death’ and all testimonies presented is as good as a criminal case trial, the Pakatan Rakyat Primates are at their usual theaterical antics.

Malaysiakini.com has the story:

Pakatan: Royal commission is a mockery
Hafiz Yatim
Jul 23, 09
Pakatan Rakyat today said that there were many questions that needed urgent answers to the circumstances leading to the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock while being questioned by the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission last week.

As such, the opposition coalition said, the government was wrong in limiting the terms of reference of the royal commission of inquiry to look only into the MACC’s investigative procedures.

The royal commission, as announced by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak yesterday, will also be tasked to determine if there were any human right violations when Teoh was being interrogated.

Pakatan Rakyat leader however believed that the royal commission must also look into the cause of Teoh’s death.



Najib announced yesterday that the cause of the death will be determined by an inquest.

“This makes a mockery of the public outcry for justice, truth and accountability,” said Pakatan leader in a joint statement today.

The statement was signed by PKR vice-president R Sivarasa, PAS council member Dzulkefly Ahmad and Selangor DAP secretary Lau Weng San.


Also present was PAS treasurer and Kuala Krai MP Dr Hatta Ramli.

They said that some of the questions that needed to be answered were:

  • why was Teoh’s case allegedly involving an amount less than RM2,500 is pursued with such aggression and urgency?
  • why was Teoh and another so-called “witness” kept overnight and interrogated with such oppression?
  • why was Teoh’s hand phone in the custody of the MACC when the MACC insisted that he was only a witness; why did the MACC initially deny they took his handphone?
  • why would Teoh spend the night at the MACC’s office if he was free to go especially since he was scheduled to be married the next morning;
  • why would Teoh commit suicide (as alleged by MACC and others) in these circumstances, when he is about to get married, with his fiancé expecting their child, and with no sign or history of depression or mental illness.

“Hence, whilst it is appropriate that the royal commission investigate the procedures of investigation of the MACC, the key question of how Teoh died must also be investigated and answered by them.

“That question cannot be separated from the more general issue of how the MACC conducts investigations,” said the Pakatan leaders in their statement.

Ridiculous questions from police

Sivarasa also said that having an inquest, which is presided by a magistrate would not achieve the true objective of finding Teoh’s cause of death.



“In an inquest, police will give the evidence that it has gathered and the DPP assisting the coroner in the inquest would direct questions. There are limited roles played by other parties and this results in numerous inquests ending up without determining the cause of death,” Sivarasa (left) said.

“Furthermore, the public has questioned the integrity of the police, judiciary and the prosecution in the past. Hence, we strongly feel that an inquest is insufficient. Expanding the terms of reference of the royal commission to determine the cause of death would be seen to be independent,” he said.

Sivarasa also questioned the relevance of the police line of interrogation to determine the cause of Teoh’s death when they met an aide to Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong.

“They asked questions as to whether Teoh was a smoker, or has he got political enemies, does he owe a lot of money. Such questions posed by the authorities when recording statements would not help determine the cause of death.

“They should be looking at whether there were other finger prints on the windows, or whether there were a third party’s hair or other subtances on from Teoh’s shirt which could be sent for DNA analysis. If this was the line of questioning, I do not think the inquest would achieve its desired objective”

Selective prosecution adopted

Selangor DAP organising secretary Lau Weng San also questioned the selective prosecution adopted by MACC in supposedly taking action on Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives.

“I lodged a report to the MACC a couple of months ago regarding a BN elected representative finishing his allocation of RM500,000 within two months. But no action has been taken on it,” Lau, who is Kampung Tunku assemblyperson said.

A big poser, he said, is how could a witness, not an accused person, die while in MACC’s custody.

These, Lau said are the questions which MACC should answer as it happened on their premises.

“Hence, DAP along with Pakatan partners truly feel that we need a water-tight royal commission to not only answer questions on MACC’s investigative procedures but also determine the cause of death.”

“Having a junior magistrate presiding in an inquest is insufficient as it would not be able to determine the circcumstances surrounding Teoh’s death.”


Of course the Police would want to know whether Teoh was a gambling man, has debts, especially huges ones (to determine whether he is indebted to the Ah Longs), change of behaviour lately, shown symptoms of depression etc. Having enemies is the obvious reason why anyone would be murdered. The Police would naturally record everysingle probabilities on why Teoh is dead, suddenly.

If they want to talk about ‘selective prosecution’, why none of these Pakatan Rakyat Primates bothered when Wan Siti Farihan was found dead at her UKM residential college. This facility is obviously a Government owned building (unlike Plaza Masalam, a privately owned building). The kiasuness is very prevailing, when it comes who and why the DAP wants to champion. It is and was never about Malaysia or the principle fairness for all!

Obviously, the Pakatan Rakyat Primates would never be satisfied regardless what it is done. Worse still, they stage more theaterics and politicize every single opportunity that they can capitalise for their narrow and chauvinistic politics to belittle, if not demonize the enforcement agencies and authorities. If they can, they would create instability, chaos and a pandemonium state of anarchy. That is where they rise to the occassion to seize power, in the cover of ‘peoples’ democracy’.

It was said that some people within DAP would be happy that the inquest findings would conclude that Teoh committted suicide. Otherwise, if it wasn’t, then there would me more inquiries. More inquiries could probably uncover a lot of things some people within DAP would try very hard to protect: Their involvement with the Lords of the Underworld Vices.

If it was true, then this would be catestrophic to Malaysian politics. The reasons are so obvious:

1. The party would be funded from unaccounted monies

2. Malaysia would be a state ruled by the Lords of Underworld Vices, who would dictate if not threaten the politcians to their whims and fancies

3. Hence, the underworld vices would be a Malaysian way of life where prostitution, unstructured gambling, sale of unprescribed drugs, extortions etc. is rampantly open

4. A new form of slavery, ruled by the Ah Longs will be instituted

The social fabric standing would naturally detetriorate, if not completely destroyed. Malaysia has already been mapped on the global human traficking watch.

It has been said that since Pakatan Rakyat Primates took over the administration of the Selangor State Government, the number of ‘health spas’ and ‘massage parlours’ have increased termendously. This is under the direct inducement by Selangor DAP Leaders.

Again, why do we bother to set up the inquest and Royal Commission of Inquiry? It is obvious that we need it, to protect ourselves from anarchists who use ‘intellectualism and universal values’ as their cover.

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  1. Bro BD,

    “If it was true, then this would be catestrophics to Malaysian politics. The reasons are so obvious:

    1. The party would be funded from unaccounted monies

    2. Malaysia would be a state ruled by the Lords of Underworld Vices, who would dictate if not threaten the politcians to their whims and fancies

    3. Hence, the underworld vices would be a Malaysian way of life where prostitution, unstructured gambling, sale of unprescribed drugs, extortions etc. is rampantly open

    4. A new form of slavery, ruled by the Ah Longs will be instituted”

    ……… if this true, we would like the Registrar of Society to withdraw DAP’s registration and Ban the party.

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  5. OOOOOIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!! DIAMMMM LA!!!!!!!!


    Aku tengah syok dok tengok Wayang 18SX Anwar Brahim la!! Dah masuk part mahkamah yang entah berapa kali tangguh ni!!

    Kau orang nak jaja apa lak ni? Tak leh ke jaja wayang satu persatu? Ataupun, at least, jangan gegak gempita sangat menjaja wayang 18 G? (18 Ganas) Mafia Underworld kau tu?? Boleh tak?? Kau orang ni, memanglah suka main wayang!!

    APA? NAK ALIH PANDANGAN orang yang tengah syok tengok wayang 18SX Anwar Brahim ke?

  6. Read this, the summary of all they can do to me. This is how they tend to operate.


  7. CLASS F
    Try to guess what it means.


  8. Why bother?????

    Ha ha ha it depends whether he is related to you or not?

  9. I thought you’d never ask, Big Guy. The usefulness of the inquest, I mean.

    Even if it has to be done, the question is not the seniority of the Magistrate but how big his balls are in the face of thugs and gangsters. Imagine the banging of the door of MACC and of the Klang Hospital mortuary! By no less than a so-called “Yang Berhormat”!

    I’m surprised that the Commission of Enquiry Terms of Reference don’t include the allegations of DAP Underworld links. Made by no less than two Selangor Assembly Yang Berhormats. Lent some credibility by another PKR, Parliamentary, Yang Berhormat. Are those links not connected with Teoh’s murder? Isn’t a matter of the underworld playing a role in government serious enough to warrant big scale investigations? Of the size and severity of a Commission of Enquiry?

    Or will there be another one after the Police have completed their investigations? Hope the Police would uncover and report the Underworld links.

    The Police have tons of experience in tracking and monitoring illegal rackets, thuggery and gangster activities. But I’ve not heard reports of such in proportion to the increase in crimes in recent years.

    Maybe I’ve missed such reports. I certainly would be on the look out for reports on the DAP Underworld links and attempts to smash them from now on.

    • The Magistrate doing the inquest should be given adequate Police protection. The Police should inform the Magistrate so. Explain what arrangements they have made to ensure his safety.

      The same to the material witnesses. Including the pathologists. Don’t worry about the kind that bang doors.

      The authorities should choose a no-nonsense kind of Magistrate in the first place. Go to the very bottom of the matter. Pushed or self-jumped. And details surrounding the incident.

      • La~ don’t bother doing the inquest. It will satify no primates from PR. =) They have no trust on police or the magistrate and subsequently the reports that are churned out by them..

    • Well they may be on to something. The process of compiling of evidence may have started.

      Yes I agree with you that this is of PRIME urgency and importance to tackle once and for all.

      Malaysia in the mould of Macau and Hong Kong should NEVER be allowed to happen.

  10. Bro, apa kata kita sarankan kepada kerajaan untuk menubuhkan Satu Suruhanjayan DiRaja untuk menyiasat samada benar atau tidak mengenai hubungan diantara Parti-parti politik dengan Kumpulan Samseng Cina(triad) Malaysia dan kesan nya terhadap Malaysia dan langkah-langkah yang patut diambil untuk menghapuskan hubungan haram tersebut jika benar.

    • It can never be eradicated… We’ve plenty of astrophysics law to explain why. Theory of relativity, force, yin and yang bla bla bla~ =) It’s just going against the nature like the supposed Anwar’s mischief

    • Cadangan yang amat baik sekali sebelum mereka ni bermaharajalela.

      Elakkan daripada anak anak muda remaja menjadi mangsa kumpulan kumpulan ni.

      Rakyat harus bangkit menentang gegala samseng – pelacuran, Ah Long, dadah, boh sia, perjudian, membeli menteri2 lalu berkuasa dalam gelap.

  11. “The Police have tons of experience in tracking and monitoring illegal rackets, thuggery and gangster activities. But I’ve not heard reports of such in proportion to the increase in crimes in recent years.” Isa Said.

    Isa, you think the underworld was sleeping all these years while under UMNO/BN Govt and prostitution, extortion, robbery, chain and handbag snatchings and corruption suddenly came alive after GE 2008 when Pakatan won Selangor? Were you sleeping together with Pak Lah?

    When misuse of funds by UMNO/BN Selangor, Perak and Penang came up after GE 2008 – many of these aduns spent their entire $500,000 community budget in 1 month before GE 2008 and mostly suspiciously – the MACC and Police took no action. Why? And why are they springing into action only against DAP and Pakatan?

    The Police may have tons of experience, but many, many Malaysians suspect their integrity was compromised a long time ago. Direct your questions to Musa Hassan who has been the IGP for a good 5 years and successive UMNO/BN Home Ministers when serious crime has soared past that of S’pore and HK.

    So, don’t like so many yobbos, point the finger at DAP. This is misdirection by UMNO/BN who lost 4 out of 5 by election and are facing more elctorate revolt.

    You can’t fool the people all of the time!

    We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race.
    Thatis all that really matters.

    • So, what do you suggest, man?

      As things stand now, leave them as they are?

      Shout they way you do everywhere? Using vile language and accusing everybody of faults except your own and your kind? The very name you choose suggests an anarchistic mind.

      Talk and ask in the normal, non-accusatory way la, and I’ll respond nicely to you. Otherwise I’ll regard you simply as belonging to the gutter, not worth any further responding to.

    • Janganlah jadi banggang!

      Mestilah jenayah diMalaysia melebihi Singapore & HK. Penduduk Malaysia lebih dua kali ganda!




      Kau jangan cakap banyakla. Semenjak FUCKATAN RAKYAT memerintah, Shah Alam pun dah mula ada pusat urut!

      Bapak MP Batu Gajah Fong Po Kuan tu sebenar towkay pusat maksiat!


    • If as you say we are all one race, why DAP did not even raise, let alone fight for the plight of the family of Wan Siti Farihan who was found dead at UKM’s Kolej Pendeta Zaaba a little over a month ago?

      UKM is a Government facility, for crying out loud!

      Is it because the poor girl is a Malay, that is why the DAP Chauvinists couldn’t be bothered?

      What about Policemen gunned down in the line of duty, especially by Chinese triads? These are civil servants serving His Majesty’s Police Force, risking their lives for the blanket of security of this tanahair and rakyat. How come DAP never took the plight of their families?

      Please stop giving its utter bollocks about “One race, One country” horse manure! The DAP never ever for the slight moment bothered with anyone’s welfare outside of the own ethnic group! Especially the Malays!

      P.S. Before anyone charge me with this famous case over 15 years ago, let me qualify. With the exception of the grandmother whose grand daughter had an affair with a Malaccan politician: DAP took her plight only because it could politically damage an UMNO Chief Minister. That’s all there is to it!

      • Yes, agree with you Biggum.

        DAP is jittery now. Fractures all over in their set up. To cover up or to divert attention from their problems, they start shooting all over. Jump the gun. Say what they like. Like what the Communists used to say: never mind what people say of them, so long as they say something about them – about their wild accusations and all. Soon, they’ll be shooting their own selves.

        The speculation remains. Teoh was shot (figuratively speaking) because he was going to shoot DAP Excos and others. The two PKR Assemblymen shot them regarding the Underworld links. The PKR MP also shot at Ronnie and Teresa in his website. Now DAP is tasting a dose of their own medicine.

        How I wish they’ll get shot out of existence. This country will be much better off without them. There used to be a responsible opposition. Now there appears to be a gangster-type, Underworld-linked opposition.

      • Well… There’s no conspiracy involved in the poor student’s case to be politicies off in the first case, blame it on BN? Bigdog will be the first to chew the critic off easily, on PDRM? MACC? outsourced security company? dean? or perhaps DAP could start saying the poor soul is pushed to her death by her friends who are staunch BN supporter =) IF DAP could pull it off with that poor girl’s case, I will start to believe the BN propaganda that CIA is behind all these and managed to fabricate evidence in favor of PR. LOL!!!

        I really don’t know how many police deaths are attributed to chinese triads – I mean I’m not denying it or perhaps I read the news selectively and I don’t mean to be racist here but for some reason the cases involved Indians with guns and parangs. But yea.. chinese godfathers don’t usually engage in activities that attract attention but the mere mention of prostitution money laundering money lending gambling bribery of authorities and stuff like that, I readily believe it. chinese are kiasi after all, aren’t they? =)

    • hahaha One Race One Country ??? , This stupid DAP shout WHY ONLY CHINESE ADUN IS INVESTIGATE BY MACC !!! .

      DAP is Hipocrite racist bastards !!!

      “So, don’t like so many yobbos, point the finger at DAP”

      And DAP monkeys with no time , blame and accused MACC and Police for murders , DAP monekys already have their own judgement . what you call by that ??? the integrity hahahahaha

    • donplaypuks (what a nic)

      The Police may have tons of experience, but many, many Malaysians suspect their integrity was compromised a long time ago.

      #1 how many Malaysians

      #2 integrity compromised – any HARD evidence?

      #3 a long time ago – which year, month, date?

      #4 past that of S’pore and HK – this one is VERY telling, why these 2 countries when our other neighbours are Thailand, INDONESIA, BRUNEI ?? – again where are the statistics??

      #5 facing more elctorate revolt – Manek Urai is won by 65 votes – shows the trend of acceptance of Najib (Altantuya fame) led govt.

      #6 You can’t fool the people all of the time! – in your case, DAP has done a complete brainwash til you are rendered incapable of independent thinking – hey LKS is grinning at your level of gullibleness

      #7 We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race – tell that to the han chinese in xinjiang, china – btw why don’t you try apply for chinese citizenship and discover the rigorous process of getting their citizenship only to be REJECTED asap

      ooopps for banana tribes – america, canada, australia here we come like it or not

  12. Pembangkang Oh Pembangkang….

    Membangkang just for the sake of membangkang. Tidak mungkin kerajaan dapat memenuhi hawa nafsu pembangkang. Ianya terlalu besar. Mereka mahukan Tanah Melayu ini. Mereka mahukan pribuminya menjadi HAMBA di BUMI SENDIRI.

    Kepada Melayu PKR, DAP dan PAS, lihat apa yang berlaku di Perak,Selangor dan Penang… apakah nasib anak-anak dan cucu-cucu kamu jika mereka terus memerintah dengan tanah 999 tahun dengan gangster triad yang memerintah?

  13. Check front page of Central Metro, The Star, Friday 24 July 2009.

    Qoute & Unqoute “MASSAGE BOOM” – Massage parlours seem to be mushrooming in Pertaling Jaya despite a freeze of new licenses in Selangor. However, the MBPJ says the freeze only applied to new outlets and not branches of existing ones.

    “Early this month, the Selangor MCA had challenged state executive council Ronnie Liu to disclose the number of licenses approved for entertainment centres, including massage parlours after Pakatan Rakyat took over the state administration.

    They want Liu to spend more time clamping down on the mushrooming of illegal massage parlours and cybercafés, as they had a negative influence on the youth.

    They felt the presence of illegal massage parlours is also a cause for concern as they may cause for concern as they may cause a disruption in family values, rise in promiscuity and sexual exploitation of underaged girls or foreigners.”

    The above activities highlighted above by Star Metro are without any doubt the natural realm of the Underworld and now the Pakatan Government of Selangor. I spent the bulk of my early years in Ipoh which then was under the control of the Opposition party and sad to say, that time Ipoh was flooded with massage parlours. You don’t have to go Hadyaii to get those illegal goodies. Massage parlours (beside nowadays Karaoke lounges) legal and illegal are always the front for prostitution. Fortunately, when BN took over Ipoh, these whore houses disappeared. Prostitution is just part of the flesh trade which inevitably is the domain of the kingpins of the Underworld. Seeing is believing, people said, and so the Talk of the Town goes that Selangor’s people’s reps are seen having close proximity with elements of the Underworld. It is not a fragment of any imagination to say that the DAP IS INDEED THE FRONT FOR THE UNDERWORLD. Their hoo ha about Malaysian Malaysia, greater freedom, religious rights, all being equal and human rights is just a hollow cover, a hideous mask to hide their true aspirations inconsistent with our basic values which they unleash upon coming into power. Nay, the Merdeka Center poll on the satisfactory performance of Selangor’s Pakatan Government becomes illusive once the population becomes aware of these hideous agenda.

    RC or no RC no longer matters, the issue now is to bare to the Malaysian community these vices that are being promoted aggressively by the DAP. It is so sickening that the MB is a Melayu and there are PAS members (including PKR) who are not able to do anything about it. What a sham, only if they realize how many young Malay girls, some in the early teens, are easily brought into these hell holes. Closely associated with such vices are drugs.

    The police may have difficulty to provide a direct link of the Underworld to the death of Teoh within the time of Public Inquiry but the battle against these vices will continue until the core, as promised by the Home Minister. The DAP’s hue and cry on Teoh’s death is nothing but to cover up DAP’s deep allegiance with the Underworld. No wonder LKS’s hypocrisy in blaming the IGP for the increase in crime and wants the IGP’s resignation; LKS fears for his fertility being crushed by the UNDERWORD.

    • Is the Merdeka Center reliable as a survey and polling organisation? Have they got credibility?

      I read some one pointing out the link of one of the key people with Pak Sheikh Anwar. If true, definitely they will put out survey or polling results favourable to the PR, DAP included.

      Last I checked their website, they claimed to have professionals in that organisation. But not a single one is listed, not even one name printed. Can they be trusted? Of course, like the computer, garbage in, garbage out. The survey or poll questionnaires, the questioning, the results interpretation can be designed
      such as to meet certain desired results.

      Remember the Sungai Way Group-funded Asian Research Institute that a few years ago published a “research finding” saying the Malays have achieved well above 30% corporate wealth? They retracted and apologised when laughed at and the Government said only 18%.

      This Merdeka Center website does not even state their Incorporation or Registration numbers. Their reliability is far from deserving mention in worthwhile discussions.

      • Yes Zen

        Polls and surveys have long been used to create a perception among the common folks to steer their actions according to their agenda.

        It is one of the political tools used to influence the masses who do not have alternative sources of valid information.

        Always be wary of the “conclusions” that these agencies mete out especially the ones with invisible researchers.

        MI loves to use these “truths” churned out by THAT agency even when it is flawed.

    • Hey whackthembugger

      You really whack them bugger hard on the nose.

  14. Pakatan Rakyat Primates=Siamang.

  15. RC to find truth about DAP & Underworld !!!! Ban DAP !

  16. Well written, Big Dog!

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  19. […] The fact is that, the DAP has structuredly been trying to rubbish, if not demonize the Royal Malaysian Police for the longest time. Their leaders have controversially raised and make-a-mountain-out-of-a-mole-hill every single opportunity to do so, to bring down the credibility of the Police. […]

  20. […] Previously we here at BigDogDotCom challenged the DAP chauvinists to live up to their “Malaysian, Malaysia” PAP -spin-off slogan and do something about the defense of the realm. Now we challenge that if Selangor State Exco Ronnie Liu is really involved with the Lords of the Underworld Vices (as per previously raised by Pakatan Rakyat strange bedfellow partners PKR elected representatives), then they do away with their usual and planned theatrics if and when Liu is arrested in the interest of the public and rule of law. He has already broke the law and should be arrested. The DAP elected representatives should support the process of finding the truth, as per provided by law, which they already vowed to protect and uphold. The rakyat deserve better. […]

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