MACC investigators threatened by the Underworld

Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) investigating the underworld and DAP Leaders connected to the Lords of the Underworld Vices the moment the highly charged news of Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock ‘sudden death’ hit the mainstream news a little over then days ago.

The shocking demise of an aide to Selangor DAP Exco Ean Yong who was implicated to misappropriation and abuse of power pertaining to state funds send ripples both through the spines of DAP leaders, members and supporters and persons linked directly or indirectly to the Lords of the Underworld Vices.

Last Wednesday, Cabinet agreed that an inquest to be set to determine the cause of death of Teoh and a Royal Commission be instituted to look into the operations and procedures of the MACC. It was claimed that Teoh was called to be interviewed at the Selangor MACC office in Plaza Masalam at 600pm a day early and it ended at 345am the next day. The truth is that Teoh voluteered information to the MACC after the involvement of Selangor DAP Leaders were insinuated by PKR elected representatives Azmin Ali and Wee Choo Keong a week earlier.

DAP Leaders was quick to react to these much talked about ‘linkages’, as if they are ‘creating a diversion to cover their tracks’. Within hours DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng insisted that the MACC own up the responsbility to Teoh’s demise.  Ronnie Liu was first to erupt, which later proven to be clear on the reason why he with tantrums and theaterics was adamant to seek Teoh’s mobile phone and notebook PC. Even the last to see him alive Pakatan Rakyat appointed Kajang Municipal Councillor Tan Boon Wah even refused to co-operate in the investigations taken over by the Police.

It was said since Wednesday, the lead investigator of the case in which DAP Leaders linked to the Lords of the Underworld Vices was not suspended but reassigned and transfered out of the case.

The Star has the story:

Thursday July 23, 2009

MACC lead investigator reassigned

PUTRAJAYA: The lead investigator from the Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission team looking into the alleged misuse of constituency funds by state exco members has been reassigned.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak also denied that the entire team had been suspended as reported earlier by an online news portal.

“They have not been suspended but the lead investigator has been reassigned to the (MACC) headquarters.


What has not been reported yet is that man was said to be threatened by the Lords of the Underworld Vices. His investigations seems to be uncovering a lot of evidence that could incriminate, if not trigger the fall of the Pakatan Rakyat filmsy and brittle Selangor State Government, which already showing the apparent signs of infighting and cracking up. Instead, at this point to divert is where the Pakatan Rakyat Primates actively campaigning and fully capitalizing to demonize the enforcement authorities, especially the MACC and Police. Hence, the plot thickens.

This warrants more reason that the investigations are to be intensified, to find the truth and for the betterment of the majority of Malaysians. This could be the political scandal that could bring the credibility and integrity of the Lee Kuan Yew-PAP’s spinoff chauvinist party  down to a near destruction level. The fact is that the DAP Leaders not only involved with the Lords of the Underworld Vices but protecting them is damning and very worrying.

In the time being, NSTP newly appointed GEIC Zainul Ariffin has the exact views on these ‘disobedient and ungrateful persons’ sordid attempt to destabilize the nation by politicizing with the racial overtones of the ‘sudden death’ of Teoh Beng Hock.

*Updated Monday 27 July 2009 800am

Apparently the MACC lead investigator was threatemed with his life.

This is The Star’s report on the story:

Monday July 27, 2009

Death threats against MACC’s lead investigator


PETALING JAYA: The lead investigator probing alleged abuse of constituency funds by Selangor assemblymen has been reassigned after receiving threats.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission head Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan said:

“As there was a threat on his life, we took him off the case and reassigned him elsewhere. We are doing this for his own security.”

Ahmad also confirmed that the commission had received several threats, demanding that it stop investigations into the case.

He vowed that the commission would continue with the probe despite threats and controversy arising from the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

“We treat such threats as part of the job hazard. It is a big risk that we have to take in fulfilling our duties,” he said yesterday.

Ahmad said it was good that the Government had ordered an inquest and set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to uncover the truth behind Teoh’s death.

Teoh, a political secretary to Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah, was found dead on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam on July 16, hours after giving a statement at the commission’s office on the 14th floor on alleged corruption.

Teoh was said to be one of the key witnesses in the investigation against several Selangor assemblymen.

Ahmad also admonished those who took issue with the commission’s interview method that sometimes dragged until the early hours of the morning.

“It is not by choice that we choose to stay on until the wee hours of the morning to record statements from witnesses and suspects.

“But in certain cases we need to act fast to check attempts to wipe out evidence and tracks,” he said, adding that some suspects were cooperative while some could be hostile.


Watch out for the Malay Mail this afternoon. It should be interesting to see how persons mentioned in the list published by Truth-for-Teoh-Beng-Huat explosive  blog made mistakes when making police reports, either deliberately or negligently so that the DAP could complicate the matter worse and stir more controversies.

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  1. Very interesting, the lead investigator being threatened by the Underworld; this reminds me of the private investigator in the case Baginda case who had to be taken out off the country for his safety abruptly after he changed his statutory declaration and about how RPK slipped out of the country could only be the work of powerful forces like the Underworld and the CIA. Is there any connection, I wonder? Seems to be the modus operandi of the Pakatan!

    If indeed Teoh volunteered his information, his demise was most certainly induced, definitely not by MACC who would want him alive for obvious reasons but by elements who fear his further disclosures namely the DAP and their front, the Underworld. Now that Teoh is dead, who could best explain the details of the voluminous and damaging documentations that is said to be kept aside by Teoh? Don’t be blinded by the original documents being produced at the last minute by Ronnie Liu and Ean Yong Hian Wah in their latest police report; there could be other missing documents which when pieced together could tell a different story. And the person most aware and able to in relation to the money trail is now dead.

    Tan Boon Wah is not only the one who had refused to co-operate in the police investigations. Bringing along solicitors when his statement was being taken showed how shitty the guy is, so did the others who were called for statements and brought along their lawyers. The whole gang are conspiring to cover the truth and therefore obstructing justice that they so supposedly pray for. Cowardice indeed is the hallmark of the Guilty!

    Intriguing indeed, next week when the pubic inquiry is in session, I expect the public will be astonished and shocked with the brazen disclosures. I bet the MB and the sec gen of the DAP, his father and of course the chairman in the wheel chair are having sleepless nights while their Selangor reps and cohorts are peeing and shitting in their pants. The death of Teoh now stinks profoundly of the Underworld and of corrupt politicians.

    • I see that T4TBH’s disclosure on the discrepencies over the allocation of State funds as displayed on the 24th July 2009 has been shot down. Understandbly, to ensure that the pseudo-conspiracy remains alive, scribblings on papers to reflect corrupt practices has been reveiled today. Oh my God, what length would one go in order to flog a dead horse? I am certain to a dot that you would conveiniently pick up from this ‘lead’.

      • Jool Siviter and his DAPs are scared shit. You people are used to point at others, and now that all things negatives are pointing at you, nothing comes out except from your tail end.

      • Come on Long John Silver. Shooting in the dark are you? I never was with any political entity and would remain so. Is it not obvious at all that T4TBH is wriggling like a dying snake to situate the evidence with the accusation? From doctored list now comes scribbles on paper? Does that constitutes evidence? A fair man would not be scared shit but feel repulsive on the way evidence is twisted and doctored. Incidently dear Long John Silver, I am a malay. What does that make me now? A PAS testicle stimulator? You are definitely sick to the core. I suggest you scurry along and sing “sixteen men on a dead man’s chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum”.

      • this jool siviter line of thinking was that someone (T4TBH blogger) corruptly conspired by scribling on papers and alas! there was discrepancy in the figures!

        Now compare to this line of thinking, where calm & responsible people will normally do:-

        They took the hand written scribble. They call in the handwriting experts. They compare the scribble with T4TBH blogger, Teoh’s handwriting specimen, Ronnie Liu, Teoh’s boss, who else?

        Now, whose hand writing is this? the T4TBH people? Teoh’s? Ronnie Liu? Teoh’s boss? Which does matter? The wrong math or the one who wrote? <A HREF""= – by Semerah Padi

      • Antu Lubuk, you seem to question my line of thought which is within your liberty to do so. Let me reiterate that whatever conclusions that I may arrive to, it would based on evidence. You mentioned that the scribblings were scrutinised by handwriting experts, this was never mentioned in T4TBH’s writings? Are you assuming or spinning? Who are the so called ‘hand writing experts’? even the Chemistry Dept’s DNA expert during the first DSAI sodomy trial broke under scrutiny, whatmore this pseudo handwriting expert of yours? Furthermore, in the court of law any opinion from experts are deemed as circumstancial never conclusive. So that is my line of thought. Latest, T4TBH produced fraudently unsigned manufactured invoices as proof of Ean Yong’s corrupt practices. Unsigned because apparently it was taken from the late TBH’s laptop. How in Heaven’s name did he have excess to a crucial evidence? Conspiracy within MACC? And fancy the fact that any document tendered as evidence without a valid signiture would be thrown out of court faster than you could say ‘fart’! Hence, the conveinient way is to claim that it was downloaded thus no signiture. That does not constitute admissible evidence son and my line of thought rejects such spinning.That is as calm, composed and objective as any fair minded person could get.Note: Ronnie Liu is not Teoh’s boss, Ean Yong is. If you can’t get that basic fact right despite being in a calm and responsible manner, your other arguments leak like a sieve son.

    • My goodness. Now it’s true. It’s a statement by the MACC Head himself. Must be a dead serious (no pun intended) fact that they even threatened the life of the Lead Investigator.

      Where is this country heading with this kind of hoodlums trying to obstruct the course of justice, of attempts to uncover corrupt practices.

      Those behind the hoodlums, especially those protecting and breeding them must be dealt with in the most serious manner possible. If it is proven to be DAP as alleged, I don’t mind if they are banned, like one commenter has suggested earlier. After all the CPM was banned for trying to disrupt peace and order in this country. These hoodlums and those behind them are trying to do the same.

      If that is done, never mind charges of lack of freedom that may come out as a result. The Americans, the British and the Europeans also carry out policies that reflect a lack of freedom. In protecting the security interests of their country. Look at the detention without trial at Guantanamo Bay, the stringent checks at US airports etc, the extended detention of suspects in UK, and so on.

      Hit them, and hit them hard. These bloody goons and the irresponsible, unprincipled politicians. Only the Government has the power and the means to do it. Let’s urge the Government to do so.

  2. * This comment was deleted after failure to comply retraction for the name calling.

    Stern warning to other commenters.

    • Comments, even opposing views are welcomed.

      However, if you cannot observe the civility to name calling Dato’ Seri Dr. Mohd. Khir Toyo but instead calling him “Toyol”, we shall revoke your privilege of sharing your thoughts here in BigDogDotCom.

      If you do not retract calling Dr. Khir as such in another comment here at BigDogDotCom, we will cancel this comment. You have 24 hours!

    • meanwhile vinnan dear

      the rakyat is watching the opposition’s mismanagement as in penang

      hindraf has given up on pakatan rakyat

      rejects are accepted by them too

      manek urai’s 65 majority is an indication

      Tun Dr M’s blog is flourishing

      the liberal Malays are also ‘opening their eyes’

      the sleeping tiger is aroused, soon to awaken

      Sabah and Sarawak may demand vernacular schools too since the imported languages gets monetary support from the govt

      dap is also showing their TRUE colours

      the Bumiputras (including UMNOputras) are still the MAJORITY

      UMNO will lead in future governments

      AND thanks to you, the rakyat is FINALLY wising up to your political agenda

      the rakyat now sees the pr as a group of sodomite, gangsters, street mobsters, corrupt officials, slut sleeping with husbands, foul-mouthed etc …

      best you get USED to this “way of life”

      but you have other alternatives too

      p.s. notice your tone is less frustrated

    • vinan is an example of the trash pakatan collects.

      vinan is representative of pakatan voice.

      vinan is the only clean thing about the underworld whose front is the dap.

      vinan is the intellectual that the dap hired to voice out its interest.

      vinan is the next candidate for gitmo for disruptang the peace.

      even the most putrid sewer hole rejects vinan the pariah.

      • Long John Silver, your approach to analysis and argumentative prognosis is through name calling yet not engaging the issues intelligently albeit maturely. Somehow it reflects your mental acumen and sadly, upbringing too. I suggest you crawl back into Davy Jones locker and stay there ad infinitum!

  3. I am amazed that you have decided to discard the T4TBH approach in which you most fervently pursued earlier. I assume that this was due to the rebuttals made by the Selangor ADUNs. Hence, the credibility of the infamous T4TBH approach lies in tatters. It reflects much on your modus operandi.

    • I read about the two DAP Exco members making a police report against the in-defence-of-Teoh blog.

      One of them had said before he didn’t want to take action on the blog. It’s understandable because it may lead to an investigation on him, questioning, making statements, etc.

      Now he said his party leaders asked them to do it. These are people who one day say they don’t believe in the Police, on another day, appear to believe by making Police reports. Whatever convenient to them, isn’t it?

      They sure are the proverbial “cicak putus ekor”. The allegations of Underworld links are very serious. The allegations of siphoning money from State funds into the bank accounts of contractors or “links” of questionable repute have cut deep into their reliability in governing.

      We cannot have people like them in government.

  4. It seem like someone is trying hard to swallow the lies by,by diverting it into the ‘threatened’ reassigned MACC investigator,lets see what plan C you are having..UMNO will die because of swallowing too much of their own lies..if you are busy trying to protect your privileges more than your principle,eventually you’ll lose both,just one word,pathetic..

    • Lebai, you ni tak ada modal lain ke?

      Every utterance you make is about “swallowing own lies”?

      Maybe you ni percaya macam orang Komunis percaya – cakap lah apa saja, asalkan selalu cakap, nanti orang percaya?

      Tapi apa you cakap yang orang nak percaya? You tak ada cakap apa pun. Tak pernah sebut apa itu “lies”.

      I kesian kat you, lebai. Tak ada modal. Buang masa I kena baca sepatah dua apa yang you tulis.

      • heh heh

        betul tu jitu, setuju

        hangat hangat t**k ayam, abuk pun ‘tarak’

        asyik nak gertak, macam samseng

        suka tuduh suka menyumpah

        aisehman …

      • Lebai Kulop yang bodoh… hahahahahah

      • Jitu,

        Theory of “LIES”.

        Look what Adolf Hitler had to say:-

        “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”Der Fuhrer – Adolf Hitler

        So who is “Adolf Hitler” in TBH case?

        Maybe these clues will help?

        1. The monkeys who jumped the gun in TBH case making the “story” so “BIG” and “LOUD”

        2. The monkeys who keep it simple saying “MACC! MACC! MACC!.

        3. The monkeys who keep saying it over and over

        4. The monkeys who post the BIG, SIMPLE and REPEATEDLY everywhere in hope to eventually make the public believes in their monkey accusations!

        Did LKS & LGE “shouted” the very moment TBH’s body was discovered?

        And who were those “barking” at MACC, Police, Government etc?

        hmmm… I wonder who are the facist, nazist, racist whatever…..

        – DPP Antu

    • t4tbh produced the biggest lump of all that lebai kudin chokes on it.

      mati laaa lu kudin. gelojoh. tercekik.

  5. When I read your headlines my toes also started to laugh………

    Maybe I am wrong, in Bolehland anything also boleh……

    • you better see a doc and check your toes – they could actually be crying as they may be rotting

      moo, that is why YOU called it bolehland

      apa aje si moo ni, tak de modal, asyik nak perli

  6. According to RPK, this is the con job of police

    • RPK is a scratched recod.

      Keeps repeating and irritating to hear.

      Let only the MT junkies hear.

      • for 2nd class, rpk has been elevated to the status of a prophet

        although this ‘prophet’ is providing enlightenment long distance

      • =) that’s a good way to describe it

  7. Hey Bro, I salute you, the wayang has now enticed the big rats out from the dingy sewers with sharp teeth and forked tongues to twist and blurt their frustration and anguish in spreading anarchy. They fear that the unholy alliance will crank up into great balls of fire whenever the Malays merely whisper about a unity government in the greater interests of the UMMAH.

    Worse than the colonialists of yester years, these anarchists insist on writing Malaysian political history based on their own skewed perception and makings, that’s their modus operandi, to fabricate and fabricate as part of their so call universal truth, thinking that everybody in the street are foolish to gulp their pee. So these rats keep fantasizing, seeing through crystal ball made from the skin of their very own testicles. Amazingly, these rats seem to fantasize possessing the enchanted Mirror on the Wall where every morning they look (but cannot see) and say “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, am I not the ugliest one of all”. However their dark objectives are obvious, none other than to confuse the wayang with such fabulous fairy tales, actors and scripts so unrelated to make us loose focus and to sow the seeds of discord. Such fabulous tales of the Neverland maybe good enough material to remix MJ classic hits “Smooth Operator”, “Bad” “Dangerous” and maybe even his greatest hit “Thriller” but we are a focus group, not in one of those booming massage parlors with such music playing at the background or watching MJ’s doing his fantastic moon walk while the ladies of pleasure lovingly dry their fertility, complimentary furnished by the Lords of the Underworld. .

    Let’s wait patiently, we are indeed steadfast in our belief that Patience is half of Faith; let not the wayang be incensed with the foul stench of the Underworld and those unscrupulous corrupt politicians whose worthless careers are at the end of the noose. The weeks ahead will be “Awesome” as the PI unfolds. But these anarchists have no patience; they are just their usual self –little ball carriers with forked tongues enslaved by their dark politics.

    • You I’ll hear any time, my friend. You write well, you explain and you got logic.

      Most of all, you are anti-anarchist. I support you 100%.
      Indeed, we must whackthembuggers.

      They are destructive, carry out a hidden but not a completely unseen agenda. Everything the Establishment does is wrong. Jump the gun like the DAP Sec Gen. Say things without checking. Like the 2nd Class fellow above, never more than a few lines. Mostly accusations, without justifications. They don’t even bother to try and explain the accusations.

      It’s like what the others have said earlier on – so long as they say something. Here and there. Hit and run. It used to be the Communist strategy. And we cannot rule them out from being Communists. At least as Communist sympathisers. Some of them want Chin Peng to be allowed back in the country. Some want the history of the country re-written such that the Malayan Communist Party is given prominence. Want them be called nationalists. Nationalist my foot!

      Yes, they want to sow the seeds of discord. Weaken the Establishment by planting all sorts of untruths, bend and twist the truths, make them look bad. They usually thrive under those conditions. They don’t recognise the Social Contract, don’t respect and abide by the Constitution which inncorporates the Social Contract entered into by our forefathers. Now they bring out the Underworld, work with the secret societies, thugs and gangsters which have been menacing this country since the Chinese came here in big numbers in the 19th Century. The authorities should really whack them fellows, put them behind bars, break up their organisations.

      Irrespective of whether the UMNO-PAS overtures result in Malay unity in politics or not, the Government must take action on them. Malays constitute 68% of the population of the country. Even sheer numbers alone justify the majority employment of Malays in Government departments and agencies. Even this fact they resent. Now they threaten the life of MACC Lead Investigator carrying out an investigation which may show the DAP Exco links with the Underworld. They should be whacked. And whacked real hard!

  8. The MACC should continue speedily with their investigations reagrdless of threats so that they can clear up once and for all if it is one or two bad apples that are involved, or is it the whole of DAP (as pro UMNO bloggers and MSM would have us believe) or anyone from DAP at all, in these alleged financial frauds, and therefore somehow in the death of TBH!!

    Is it not curious though that PM Najib mentioned only the re-assignment, but not the ‘underworld death threats’ but today we have an extension of the re-assignment reason?

    Such threats go with the territory of Police and MACC. As they say ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’!!

    We are all of one Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

    • I’ve seen this fellow get whacked by several commenters at Demi Negara blog.

      He was theorising that Teoh’s death was accidental but placed the blame on MACC because he was in MACC “custody”, he said.

      Now he picks out PM’s statement not mentioning the threat on the life of the MACC Lead Investigator. He doesn’t think that the PM possibly wants to avoid heightening people’s feelings on the issue. Or that
      the MACC boss has all the facts and that he would not have said something so serious as that if it weren’t true. Of course, the Anarchists would would spew one or two liners saying it’s all a lie.

      He may have unwittingly gone into the group spoken about above. He sounds intelligent enough but chooses to blame the authorities before the investigations are complete. He had not mentioned the allegation by the PKR Assemblyman and PKR MP of DAP links with the underworld.

      Maybe he is really one of them but because of insufficient evidence, let’s just say he has gone into that group without realising the full implications of doing so. We’ll not jump into conclusions about him like they all do about the Establishment.

      I’ll wait until he says something about the PKR allegations on the DAP links with the underworld. Then I’ll form another opinion about him.

  9. Wa the fear of the gravy train coming to a halt has really frightened the shit out of so many kah lah kah kah.

  10. “He doesn’t think that the PM possibly wants to avoid heightening people’s feelings on the issue”? Abu Said.

    If the PM chose to remain silent on this issue out of concern for people’s feelings, then why didn’t Hamdan respect that?

    Also, if the new guys are all threatened as well, and that’s likely to happen if all this is true, what’s going to happen? Re-assignments ad infinitum? Sounds fishy to me!

    As for being ‘wahcked by commenters at DM’s blog’ I don’t know how you arrive at that conclusion. Sure, a bunch of ‘pundek’ Anons as they call themselves vented their disagreement heatedly. If that’s ‘whacking’, I too ‘whacked’ back. Sticks and bones……

    And please check the dictionary for the difference between ‘anarchist’ – I do not condone violence – and ‘iconoclast’.

    • Folks, see this fellow. He just rattles what he likes. The same, all of them. They don’t care whether what they say is accurate or not. This one is even ridiculous, big bluff.

      He asks people to check the dictionary for the word “anarchist” and “iconoclast”. I don’t know what dictionary he keeps (he might not even have one) but my Concise Oxford Dictionary says:

      anarch = leader of revolt
      anarchy = absence of government; disorder; confusion
      anarchical = lawless

      iconoclast = breaker of images, especially against use of images in religious worship; one who assails in cherished beliefs.

      He says he does not condone violence, implying that to be an anarchist, one has to condone violence. He is totally wrong. There is no mention at all about violence in the definition of anarchist.

      So, he is a loose tongue, isn’t he? Can we believe in this kind of fellows? Can we trust his statements, made without checking the facts, yet daring people to check the facts. He thinks he can get away wih poker bluffs like that. Bluffing that he knows when he doesn’t. What a fellow!

      Having given the dictionary definitions above, I’ll leave it to readers to decide whether the statements made by him and people like him here and in other blogs are anarchistic or not. I don’t want to be monopolising Big Guy’s spaces here, don’t want to exploit his kind-heartedness.

      I’m sorry to have to say this but even the very name he chooses tends to be anarchistic. It suggests obscenity in the Malay language. It’s an affront to the Malays. It can create ill feelings. And these can degenerate into racial ill will. When that happens,it may contribute towards destabilising peace and order in the country. And then disorder, confusion – the basic ingredients of anarchism. That’s the kind of fellow we have here.

      What “iconoclast = breaker of images, especially against use of images in religious worship” is he talking about? What “assailing cherished beliefs” does he mean? Utter rubbish! This man is just a loose tongue motivated by unadmitted anarchistic tendencies. No wonder he got whacked hard at Demi Negara.

    • “Also, if the new guys are all threatened as well, and that’s likely to happen if all this is true, what’s going to happen? Re-assignments ad infinitum? Sounds fishy to me!”

      Hey man, you want “something fishy”.

      The “Sudden Death” is playing by DAP infinity . And those crook want MACC investigate them with 5-star-hotel-style WTF ?! , even they also want all the investigation about them is stop .

  11. A.Said

    Predictably you took the dictionary definitions and then aplied your shallow understanding of the literal meanings to launch a personal attack on me.

    Firstly, a state of anarchy cannot be achieved or maintained without violence; the two go hand in hand. E.g. there’s no need to say wet water or black negro; that would be redundant. I do not condone violence and hence, anarchy!

    As to iconoclasm, unless one is directly attacking a church etc., that word is rarely used to mean ““iconoclast = breaker of images, especially against use of images in religious worship” as per your words. As to its more common and modern usage, it’s not my job to enlighten you. Go get an education! If you still have some doubts, you can always consult a professor of English.

    As the coiner of the word ‘donplaypuks’ I can guarantee you that neither that word nor its constituent parts are derived from any known Malay word. Again, predictably, when you cannot respond logically to my comments, you resort to that usual last line of defence that racists and bigots will jump to. i.e. “It suggests obscenity in the Malay language. It’s an affront to the Malays”. It suggests you will play the man and not the ball when you have nothing else to respond with. I dare say that there may be many Malay words that may affront non-Malays here and foreigners elsewhere, but have the Malays anything to apologise for? Of course not!!

    If you care to debate without getting personal, then answer:-

    1. Why if the PM is sensitive to peoples’ feelings, Hamdan should go further?

    2. If the replacement MACC officer is alo threatened, is Hamdan going to reassign him and announce it in a press conference too? Where will such a policy end? Surely our police and investigating officers are made of sterner stuff and gumption?

    I read this all as an unnecessary face-saving exercise from Hamdan. Sometimes, silence IS golden!

    We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

    • With Big Dog’s permission hopefully, I’ll engage this man a little.

      So we’re getting’ personal, ain’t we? Shallow understanding, literal meanings, etc.

      First you ask people to look up the dictionary. Then when the definitions go against you, you ask people to get an education, see an English Professor. Not a History Professor, ha? History has tons of record on anarchy, man. Much more than English or Sociologist Professors have.

      Btw, if you are good in English, why couldn’t you distinguish between “sate of anarchy” that you talk about and “anarchistic tendencies”, “anarchistic thinking” or “being anarchist” that people talk about? But of course, your next argument would be people are trying to split hairs, wouldn’t it?

      Having been shown the dictionary definition of “iconoclasm”, you now say there is a “more common and modern usage”. Are you saying that the Oxford Dictionary is wrong, that it does not include “more common and modern usage”? I didn’t know that the Oxford people compiled a dictionary based on Chaucer’s English! Or even Shakespeare’s English for that matter?

      But of course you are the only one who is right. And a Professor you would not name. Even typing the 1st sentence of the above paragraph makes my laptop automatically underlines it. It usually is an indication of some spelling mistakes or validity of statement. But then, you are the educated man. You can’t be wrong, can you?

      Similarly, all the authorities – MACC, PDRM and others -are also wrong. You and a few others are always right!

      But, just to humour myself a little, I’ll try to answer a few of the questions you put out:

      1. If you have bothered to read the newspaper report Big Dog put out above, you would have noticed that the MACC Chief was questioned by pressmen. It was not a voluntary piece of information. Read the statement, “Ahmad also confirmed that the commission had received several threats, demanding that it stop investigations into the case.” The operative word was “confirmed”, man. Clearly implying that he was asked a “leading question” (being a “Master in English”, you would know the meaning of these words, wouldn’t you?).

      2. The man would have to show that MACC was not responsible for Teoh’s death – it’s still being investigated, for crying out loud. To say the Lead Investigator was simply taken out and reassigned to other duties would have implied that. MACC opponents would be clapping their hands and DAP Sec Gen would put out another letter shouting victory, claiming kudos, etc. It was therefore his duty to defend his people, his agency, to show the goons and others that MACC has resolve, is still carrying on with the investigation, despite the death threats. In fact he said so, and the report quoted him so.

      3. You need to remember that the MACC is not a Police agency having the means and the resources for the protection of its personnel from criminals threatenting death. Even the Police had one Inspector Genreal shot dead on his way to work some time ago. You talk about “sterner stuff and gumption” as if this is a matter of irate or grumpy fellows complaining about cars being scratched and the like. You don’t seem to understand the difference between MACC and the Police set up. But then of course you would say I’m being personal in saying that!

      You said, “I read this all as an unnecessary face-saving exercise from Hamdan.” Do read better and more closely, my dear fellow – like the report on MACC Chief’s statements that Big Dog has put out above. Nothing personal, perhaps a friendly advice.

      Be broad minded, man. Be proud of some of the things in your own country. Often, our experts are as good as the foreign ones. And the definitions in the Oxford Dictionary are certainly modern. Ask any English Professor.

      • well Mr Abu . , good written . He simply want demise Mr Hamdan and of coz the MACC . like what those DAP were desperately trying for their OWN ass actually !!!.

        These kind of people everything they dont believe – Police , MACC bla bla bla except if the judgement favour them , now the justice have been done hahahaha thats so selective hipocrite !

  12. And Said

    Here’s a definitions from ‘Websters Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language’:-

    Anarchist – “a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed”.

    Iconoclast – “one who atacks cherished beliefs, traditional institutions etc., as being an error or superstition.

    Comprende? The pen is mightier than the sword!

    You need precise dcitionaries, not merely concise!

    We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

    • What DAP planned but failed to do, two Sundays ago was to instigate and incite towards anarchy!

      What the DAP plan to do on Saturday 1 Aug 2009 is anarchy!

      • Ha ha ha,
        DPP got you good. Usually he is well behaved on my blog. Aah well, lets see whether Abu can start to ‘up his game’

      • This fellow Wenger once had a blog that was plagued with so many disparaging and rude comments that he scratched it and finally closed it.

        He likes to drive a wedge into any crack he sees. He once criticised Anons but when pointed out that he himself is an anon, he said that most people know who Wenger is, and Parpu says that he is the son-in-law KJ himself. If true, then I rest my case.

  13. Biggum Dogmannsteinberg

    So, when UMNO marched in Penang after Pakatan victory following GE 2008, and carried banners in KT referring to the Sultan as ‘Natang’ was that to instigate and incite anarchy or not?

    I disagree with you that in the DAP case or that with UMNO, that they were to incite anything.

    We are a Democratic nation and the PEOPLE have a right now and then to vent and display their disagreement openly and peacefully, be it UMNO, DAP, PAS or PKR.

    But I notice that only gatherings by Opposition parties, even candle light vigilances, are objected to by the authorities where innocent parties can be arrested under the ISA for ‘their own safety’!

    No, just like a woman cannot be half pregnant, so too, we cannot be half a democracy. We must believe and act on it fully!

    • Have you thought about intent, past records, nature of assembly, behaviour of participants and the like?

      What would you call lying down on the road, blocking the path of the Raja Muda’s car? How to tell whether a crowd would be behaving in a ruly or peaceful manner?

      Is it not by way of information or intelligence on the kind of people going to participate or, if that is not available, assessment based on the kind of people likely to participate or, where that is not possible, based on trends set by past cases? Who would know to assess that – you, I, DAP, UMNO or the Police?

      I don’t know, and don’t claim to know. I can only say that the Police would have known, from records of past cases, including those preceding May 13 and other unruly assemblies or demonstrations, the kind of groups, occasions and locations of demonstrations that may be troublesome and exercise their judgment in permit approvals. If those happen to be Opposition groups, it would have been their past records and the like.

      Of course, all opposition groups would be claiming bias.
      Many would be shouting it’s undemocratic, compare us with and praise Singapore where their idol resides, yet keep quiet when Singapore passed an anti-assembly law empowering their Police to accost an individual walking alone on the street (Tun Dr Mahathir has written about this in his blog).

  14. Ai big dog isn’t pas and pkr in the planned rally n isn’t what that frog ibrahim said lead to anarchy.What say u big man.

  15. A.Said

    I just picked this at random from googling – “Frank Zappa, a composer, guitarist, band leader and producer who was rock’s most committed iconoclast, died Saturday evening at his home in Los Angeles. He was 52 years old.”

    You think iconoclast in this context means someone who destroys churches etc., or?

    I am lost on your rant on ‘anarchy’, ‘anarchistic’ and ‘anarchistic tendencies. Forgive my ignorance and limited command of English.

    As to your various comments:

    1.M’sia has been my home all my life.

    2. I am proud of M’sia and its many achievements, just as much as any other M’sian. But I reserve the right to criticize the Government, its performance and any politician including those from the Opposition for the mistakes they make and will not put right.

    3. I am under no illusion that I am always right. I am human, have and do make mistakes, sometimes very bad ones. After all, to err is human, to forgive, Divine.

    I trust that explains my stance.

    We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that matters.

    • “Forgive my ignorance and limited command of English” – the tone of defeat, thus milking for sympathy

      lost the factual and linguistic debate, so go for the human angle

  16. “I am proud of M’sia and its many achievements, just as much as any other M’sian. But I reserve the right to criticize the Government, its performance and any politician including those from the Opposition for the mistakes they make and will not put right.”

    When you say these, we are friends, my friend.

    I don’t dispute your right to criticise the Government at all. I also do, at times. Especially on money politics and corruption. I’m also human, not infallible. Only that one sees the criticisms more often than the praise, and in rather heightened fashion. Perhaps it’s the signs of the times.

    But we must allow the authorities to complete their investigations first before assigning blame. And I’m most interested in the allegations on Underworld links. We just cannot afford to have those linked to the Underworld – if proven so – participate in any government. Our country will go to the dogs, otherwise. (No untoward inference intended on our friend Big Dog!)

    All of us as citizens must do what we can to avoid the underworld having a role in government. Best wishes to you in the meanwhile.

  17. Elsewhere, particularly in Deminegara, I have branded and labelled this DontPlayPundek fella as smart and intelligent. I would like to extend that praise here to some more episcopalic domain: this fella is a man of faith, of belief, of religiosity.

    The faith with which he believes that the government is guilty is staunchly tenable, impregnably true. He TRULY believes, in his heart, that the DAP can do no wrong, that the possibility of Underworld participations in Teoh’s death is zilch, and that the MACC is purely to blame 100%. Calls to wait for the investigation to be over, as would any reasonable and fair demand from souls of repute, in his eyes, are diabolical attempts from the part of the malay-infested government to hide the truth whence even in its own unsliced perception it would be the DAP who is facing that predicament. He believes religiously, as is manifested in ALL of his writings so far, that whenever an issue is brought about involving the malay-centric government as opposed to the opposition, that by default, it would be the former who will be most likely at fault. In his deluded mind, Dontplaypuks blames first and asks questions later.

    I am sad. What has he undergone in life that has driven him to be in this state?


    • hahahaha to them DAP sooo Angelic ! Never wrong ! Always right!!

      even those monkeys shout WHY ONLY CHINESE ADUN BEING INVESTIGATE !?

      and DAP hipocrite still proud to say Only One Race the Human hahahahahaha hipocrite racist !!!

  18. BAN DAP !

  19. We should have been happy if MAAC had not threaten anybody lest the opposition. How can one be so naive as to believe that MAAC is being threatened.This writer must have been a REAL JOKE or he must have been REAL PRO …, which you should know ???

    • sooo what you trying to say , DAP sooo angelic …hahahaha so desperate DAP cyber troopers nowadays

      read this :-

      “Chuan How yang juga pembantu kepada Exco Selangor, Ronnie Liu menyatakan, bahawa 84 projek berjumlah RM200,000 yang diberikan kepadanya itu diperoleh daripada pemimpin BN Selangor sebelum ini.

      Bagaimanapun, beliau menyatakan projek-projek berkenaan sebenarnya diperoleh daripada kerajaan pakatan pembangkang yang mentadbir Selangor ketika ini.

      Chuan How dikaitkan dengan dakwaan aktiviti DAP menggelapkan peruntukan ADUN Selangor yang disiarkan dalam sebuah laman blog, sebelum ini.

      Laman blog berkenaan mendakwa Chuan How telah diberikan 84 buah projek berjumlah RM200,000 oleh Ronnie antaranya mengadakan majlis Tarian Cina Persatuan Bahasa, Perayaan Persatuan Buddha Huan Chian Chuen dan Kejohanan Bola Keranjang.

      Laporan blog itu turut menyebut DAP dikatakan menjalankan kegiatan mencuri peruntukan ADUN dengan menubuhkan sebuah syarikat, invois serta projek palsu bagi membolehkan peruntukan ADUN Selangor sebanyak RM500,000 seorang dikeluar dan disalurkan ke dalam akaun parti itu.”

      hahahaha kejap kata BN bagi , tapi dah tak boleh nak tipu lagi macam teresa cock , barulah nak mengaku projek DAP yg bagi hahahahaha . itu baru satu olang punya songlap .

      Transparent goverment ??? DAPigsss hahahaha

  20. Ray
    “Forgive my ignorance and limited command of English” – the tone of defeat, thus milking for sympathy

    lost the factual and linguistic debate, so go for the human angle”

    The guy didn’t get ‘anarchy’ and ‘iconoclast’ right and I lost the factual and linguistic debate. Read again bro, read again!

  21. […] juga cuba mengalihkan perhatian orang ramai daripada menilai keburukan parti DAP dengan menggunapakai perkataan ‘konspirasi’, satu perkataan yang seronok digunakan oleh […]

  22. DontplayPundekFoe

    It’s you who have gone off at a tangent and bringing in racism, Malay centricity, Malay infested Govt etc., into a civilized debate, NOT ME!! I have not made this a Chinese, Indian or Malay issue. So, why are you creating this sandiwara and smokescreen for?

    Go figure out what YOU have undergone in life that has driven YOU to be in this state. My conscience is clear.

    We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters

  23. […] :: MACC investigators threatened by the Underworld […]

  24. […] Instead of the MACC investigating the corruption allegation, it is now the MACC who is being investigated. Then who is monitoring the corruption activities now especially when more than 20 MACC officers are being subpoenaed and the lead officer being reassigned? […]

  25. Like the Underworld caused the UMNO to lose control of Selangor!
    Less than 18 months and the extent of the underworld is such that they can reach into institutions like MACC and destroy a key witness!
    It looks like the people are now defenceless because the police are powerless and treated with contempt by the gangs!

  26. […] witness, since he is an aide of Selangor State Exco Ean Yong, who is also under investigations. MACC investigators even received death threats. The rest is […]

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