It has been three years now….

It has been three years now….

Three years ago today, Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was attacked by obnoxious substance, believed to be gas as he stepped out of the protocol door of the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Kota Bahru, Kelantan and sat in a Mitsubishi Pajero. He was about to stick his head out of the SUV’s sunroof to impromptu address a welcoming crowd of at least 1,000 eager well wishers. Many are UMNO members and supporters. As the result of the attack,  he suffered breathing difficulty. So were almost 20 others who were in close proximity to the SUV.

He was yanked out of the ‘trapped’ SUV and driven away to recuperate at the Kota Bahru Rennaisance Hotel. In the time being, former UMNO Pasir Mas Division Head Dato’ Ibrahim Ali made a Police report at the Kota Bahru Police IPD.

The Kelantan Police CID was scrambled to investigate on the case. Later, some men were picked up for investigations. Former Kuala Krai UMNO leader Dato’ Nik Sapiea Nik Yusoff was later charged under Penal Code Sect 324 for intentionally causing the hurt to Tun Dr. Mahathir and three others. If convicted, Nik Sapeia could be jailed up to a maximum three years, fine and/or whipping.

The trial is on going. The last witness of the 40 called to testify for the prosecution gave his tesimony in Kelantan criminal court on 1 June 2008 and the accused was called to defend himself.

A lot of people want to see the case concluded. If the acused can be proven, then he should be punished. If there is ‘reasonable doubt’ to exonerate him, then he should allowed to walk as a free man. Regardless, the case needs a closure. As they say, “Justice delayed is justice denied”.

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  1. If guilty then the accused should be given the maximum sentence under the law, there is no excuse for trying to cause harm especially to a former Prime Minister who had served and dedicated his life to this nation for over 20 years.

  2. Ini menunjukkan betapa lembabnya proses keadilan kita.

    Kalaulah Mahkamah ada sedikit ‘ownership’ supaya semua kes-kes disegerakan supaya keadilan dapat dirasai oleh semua pihak.

    Bermimpi disiang hari saya ni.

    • Bukan kah ada Suruhanjaya Kehakiman di tubuhkan di masa pemerintahan yang lalu? Apa jadi kapada nya?

      Bukan kah Suruhanjaya itu untuk mengurangkan masaelah bertindan tindan kes tidak di bicarakan di mahkamah?

      Kalau betul, saya harap Kerajaan sekarang ambil tindakan tegas supaya penyakit yang kita hidapi banyak tahun ini di sembuhkan.

      Saya khuatir bila membaca kes Hakim di Kota Bharu tidak pun membuat pengadilan bertulis nya salepas 7 (?) tahun! YAA Ketua Hakim mesti ambil tindakan disiplin terhadap Hakim tersebut.

      Hakim tidak di kecualikan dari tindakan undang undang atau disiplin. Perlu di ambil tindakan tauladan di atas nya. Supaya yang lain sedar dan tidak mengabaikan tanggung jawab mereka. Supaya rakyat boleh harapkan keadilan dalam tempoh yang berpatutan.

  3. There is no excuse for any human being (unless mentally ill or retarded) to do such act to our most respected and elderly statesman. Fortunately things did not get out of hand. Unfortunately the case took too long to be resolved. What should have been done was for the witnesses to try lynching the accused there and then. I am quite sure the accused would have been deadly shocked and repented; justice would have been better served and done with.

  4. Big Dog, tak macam you yang kenal tuan dan boleh bertindak waras,

    Dalam BN ada banyak anjing yang perlu ditendang, nak tahu siapa mereka, bacalah blog ini

  5. Just imagine bro, if it is happened to opposition leader. Surely they will call up for massive demonstration all over Malaysia.

  6. Hakim yg bagus dah semua dibuang MADEY lah.

  7. Big Guy,

    My 8.02 comment was aimed at the fellow called Ruyom who called Tun Dr Mahathir names, etc.

    If you have removed his comment because of his lack of decorum and decency, I support you 100%.

    He and his kind with the irresponsible and indecent type of comments have no place in this respectable blog of yours.

  8. […] Mahathir Mohamad. He is a an internationally acclaimed and respected Statesmen. The case had been ongoing since three years ago. And yet DAP never once raised about asking for a Royal Commission to really find out who and why […]

  9. “As they say, “Justice delayed is justice denied”.

    Ya, 3 years is long but relatively compared to others I must dutifully say “Baru lah 3 tahun”.

    That guy who did it to the old man must be really pissed off by the sight of the old man don’t you think?

    And to add salt to the wound, the guy and the old man were apparently friends before the incident.

    So, the question? what did the old man do to really really really pissed of the guy? Must be something really really really …… it’s beyond me to put such words that I have in mind into public domain.

    By the way, your commentators were quite civil don’t you think?

    Have a nice day.

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