Pakatan Rakyat Primates upto mobstreet politics anarchy again

The Pakatan Rakyat Primates are planning to take their brand of politics into the street again. These pseudo anarchists, worthy to be called as ‘Pakatan Samseng (Gangster)’ plan to take on the street 100,000 people to march against the Federal Constitution and for the abolition of the Internal Security Act (ISA). has the story:

July 23, 2009 15:48 PM

GMI Hands Over Memo On I.S.A. To Palace

KUALA LUMPUR, July 23 (Bernama) — The Movement for the Abolition of the ISA (GMI) on Thursday submitted to the Istana Negara a memorandum calling for the abolition of the Internal Security Act (ISA).

GMI chairman Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh handed over the memorandum to Istana Negara public relations officer Mohd Khairi Abdul Rahman at the security post at the main entrance of the palace.

Syed Ibrahim told reporters later that the GMI had also requested for an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, on Aug 1 to hand over a “people’s declaration” condemning the ISA.

“On that day, we expect about 100,000 people, comprising also representatives of non-governmental organisations and political parties, to walk in a procession to the Istana Negara from the Sogo shopping complex and Masjid Jamek to deliver the declaration,” he said.

He also said that GMI would apply for a police permit for the gathering and procession.


By: Ramjit


The leader of the gangster pack is none other than partyless Opposition Leader Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim. As the prime promoter of anarchy reinstituted since his dismissal from as the Deputy Prime Minister on 2 September 1998 and as an UMNO member 3 September 1998, he has took his politics to the street and infuriating the common rakyat with his oratory skills. As a student leader, he was detained under the ISA in 1974 for an unstantiated claim that a person died of starvation due to poverty in Baling. Till present, no one could actually prove the claim.

The planned anarchy rally is a consequence of the failled rally for Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock two Sundays ago. Anwar was the mastermind of the rally against HRH Sultan of Perak earlier this year and fully in support fot the HINDRAF and “Yellow shirt march” in November 2007.

It shows that one-time-sodomy-acused Anwar is capitalising issues such as Teoh’s sudden death (which fellow Pakatan Rakyat’s Primates conveniently blame the MACC for the demise) , attempt to bring back ‘Butcher of Malaya’ as a typical stunt to appease the Non Malay support that is against the establishment and  Perak Government change-over for the mobstreet politics this time around as a diversion against the real issues such as his second time sodomy trial and the seven Pakatan Gangster colleagues who were under MACC investigation for misappropriation and abuse of power of the Selangor State Funds. The investigations went into a comlicated twist when two PKR elected representatives acused the Selangor DAP Leadership, who are also State Governmen Excos for linkages with the Lords of the Underworld Vices.

The anarchy is very apparent. These Pakatan Gangster cyber-anarchist went upto blatantly lying of the goodname  of HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong XIII Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Almarhum Sultan Mahmood to create a confusion to justify that the Palace supported the 10 November 2007 illegal rally.

What is important that the rakyat stays focus on the real issues such as the MACC investigations of the Selangor DAP Leaders, sodomy trial of Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim and most of all, Anwar’s failure to deliver the Federal Government into the hands of the Pakatan Rakyat Primates by 16 September 2008, a claim which is almost a year old.

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