Is DAP really fighting for justice; i.e. in Teoh’s case?

The pandemonium created by the DAP since the sudden demise of Political Secretary Teoh Beng Huat two weeks reached unsurpassed level for someone who was a volunteer witness in a corruption, abuse of power and probably linkages to the Lords of the Underworld Vices. Tomorrow, part of the planned illegal rally is about DAP politicizing the sudden death, even though the inquest has started.

The fact is that, are these highly charged emotions that resulted from over spinning of facts and twisting of expectations and rumours is about seeking justice for Teoh Beng Hock or is there an ulterior motive? At this point, so many level headed Malaysians believed that the DAP Leaders would be nailed when Teoh’s ‘suuden death’ is out in the open. That is why some of them are so unco-operative with the investigations, despite matching DNA found.

If justice is sought, then the effort for an already dead witness does not commerate the same for seeking justice for agrieved persons who are still alive. Case in point is that for Fourth Prime Miniser Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. He is a an internationally acclaimed and respected Statesmen. The case had been ongoing since three years ago. And yet DAP never once raised about asking for a Royal Commission to really find out who and why he was attacked by obnoxious gas at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Kota Bahru.

Then there is this complaint of Saiful Bukhary Azlan about one-time-acused-for-sodomy Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim. He has came out in the open, even swearing in the name of Allah s.w.t. by the Holy Quran in a mosque infront of an Imam to demosntrate his grievances of being sodomised by partyless Opposition Leader Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim. Of course, Anwar was at his usual theaterics and antics. And yet DAP kept completely silent about this.

Both cases are about Malaysians, in Malaysia. In both example, DAP’s failure to hold the principle of seeking justice  is about two things:

1. Politicizing

2. Chauvinism

And yet DAP’s tagline is “Malaysian, Malaysia”. So, what are all these cock-a-mamie talk about seeking justice for Teoh Beng Huat?

*Updated 300pm

More on the DAP inability to serve in the interest of seeking justice. As the inquest already started, DAP MP for Puchong Gobind Singh Deo (son of DAP Chairman Karpal Singh) is acting as the lawyer watching in brief for the Teoh family. It was said this morning that Gobind was ‘passionately defending’ on behalf of  Tan and Lee for not complying in the investigations, “One was outstation and one was not well”.

The “Thirteen Million Ringgit” question is that:

1. Why is the lawyer watching in brief for the family in the inquest making excuses for the non compliance of their party members who are implicated in the investigations?

2. Is Gobind seeking justice for Teoh or the witnesses?

It is slowly unravelling that the DAP is covering something or someone for the outcome of Teoh’s death. The plot thickens…..


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  1. Sir, the blog title asks:-

    Is DAP really fighting for justice; i.e. in Teoh’s case?

    Can I ask a question too?

    Was DAP really fighting for justice; i.e. in the malay-lady-squatting case, before?

    1. Theresa Kok of DAP did not apologise to the malay lady she “took advantage of” to gain political mileage. Will Lim Kit Siang & Lim Guan Eng apologise to the late TBH’s family?

    2. Theresa Kok of DAP did not apologise to the rakyat for causing the racial tension. Will Lim Kit Siang & Lim Guan Eng apologise to the rakyat?

    3. Theresa Kok of DAP did not apologise to the Country for causing somewhat tense in Malaysia-China relationship.Will Lim Kit Siang & Lim Guan Eng leave this Country so that this country can progress without their “evil agendas”?

    DAP must be outlawed! Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Theresa Kok and other primates of the same flock must be subjected to the law and order of this country.

    – DPP Antu

    • I’m afraid they won’t answer, mate.

      1. Because they don’t have the answer.
      2. Because they can’ answer.
      3. Because to answer would incriminate them
      4. Because no country would accept them.

      Except perhaps Singapore. But they don’t want to go an live in Singapore.


      1. how LKY treated the opposition since the early years
      of his rule
      2. how in Singapore with the latest anti-assembly law, they can be stopped by the Police even for walking alone
      3. that, as someone wrote earlier, their kind would always want to protest, rally and demonstrate
      4. that they might want to demonstrate simply because the road is too straight or too clean

      But we must keep on asking, bro.

      1. Till they come to their senses.
      2. Till they realise that people can also demonstrate against them.
      3. Till the rot in their house cause it to crumble.

      I like this numbering game. I can list out the shit in their house from the corruption they are being investigated on by MACC, to the underworld links they are being accused of by PKR Assemblyman and MP and a host of other foul smelling acts and omissions.

  2. My personal opinion is that it is not so much on finding the truth or seeking justice for the death of TBH. They are actually trying hard to find out what was the content of the statement which TBH made to MACC. This is the only reason for the big ‘huha’ to form the rci. I’m quite sure they are now desparately cleaning their act. In order to judge if they have done enough cleanup they need to lay their hands on the confessed statement by the late TBH.

  3. Desepite whatever inquest and investigation, the true reason for DAP is quite simple.

    Sudah resam kaum pseudo-liberal, mereka akan gunakan akar, walau akar selembut mana pun bila rotan tiada untuk diguna.

  4. BD,

    You mean that Godind is the lawyer watching for the late Teoh? and Gobind advise the Tan and LWW not to give the DNA ?


    The late Teoh family should remove that fucker for being their watching lawyer. He should demand that the Kajang Counsillor & LWW to give DNA for him being taking care the interest of the late Teoh.


  5. A suggestion; those going to the pro gathering carry along larger posters “ISA for the cold blooded DAP murderers of Teoh Beng Huat” and distribute fliers on same the moment elements of the anti gathering blames UMNO/ MACC for the murder. Wow I bet tempers will fly.

    The Public Inquiry is turning into a Public Trial. If you see the CSI series on Astro, the moment a person under investigation sensed he/she is trapped during questioning, the immediate reaction is “I want my lawyer” and at the end of the story, indeed he/she is found guilty. Obstructing justice by conspiring to be uncooperative and heeding the advice of Pakatan lawyers for every move makes a mockery of their demand of a RC on the actual death. My thoughts however is that the call for RC and the obstructions to justice is to buy whatever little time and by whatever means for the sinners and their conspirators to cover tracks of embezzlement, collaboration with the Underworld and especially the evil truth behind the death. Fancy, Gobind saying “not to rush into the inquiry as all the investigation is not complete (ie DNA sampling not fully completed). The Family wants all the documents the authorities have, even copies of all statements”. So the late Teoh Beng Huat Public Inquiry = Trial of Sodomy Part 2. But as you questioned, why then there’s no call for RC on Sodomy 2? Indeed chauvinist pigs they are behaving like primates, protecting only their kind under the law of the jungle

    “The DAP is covering something or someone from the outcome of Teoh’s death”; that became apparent the moment they accused UMNO and MACC for the death immediately upon the discovery of the body. That is the law of the jungle, the law under Malaysian Malaysia, among which is “Guilty before proven Innocent” to cause public disorder; that is why the ISA MUST STAY for greater peace and tranquility and especially JUSTICE.

    1. I just laughed when I read Ronnie’s statement that no new licenses have been issued on “vice” operations/ outlets. The Star already reported branches are being set up from existing operating licenses, thus the manifold increase since Pakatan came into power. That MF thinks he can take the public for a ride on the boom of massage parlors etc! Not under his care? Don’t take us for fools! The public is aware of the vast potential of illegal businesses when primates and criminals especially the Underworld come together to destroy the very fabric of our society.
    2. The Government should refrain from issuing a birth cert naming the dead father to the unborn child. Imagine the ghastly precedence and complication to the many other cases of kids made and being made out of wedlock as well as to the adoption procedures. The Government should stop feeling guilty!

    • Why in the blazes do the Ministry of Home Affairs want to layan and react to this anak haram issue – excuse me, no offence intended to families of the late Teoh and the girlfriend, but it really is just that, because they were not yet married although arrangements have been made for them to do so.

      I have all my sympathies to Teoh and the girl friend but that was just a very unfortunate event for them. Whatever the results of the Police investigation, the Inquest and the CI.

      As I see it, the Government has bent backwards to accomodate the parties concerned. Had the MACC Investigating Team suspended, an Inquest, a CI set up, the PM making time to meet and personally console the parents. He even appears to be caving in to the demands of the politically and highly exploitative Opposition parties.

      The MHA announcing a coming decision on the issue is already appearing too much placating certain sectors of the population. What more if they decide in accordance with the wishes of the parties concerned.

      I simply do not understand them. The precedence created would have far-reaching consequences.

  6. semua orang perlu bekerjasama untuk mencari kebenaran kes ni…

    Pendirian Generasi Baru 1 Malaysia Tetap Sama:
    Rujuk >> Blog 1 Malaysia

  7. Well,it seem that the underworld gangsters and DAP are conspiring to kill TBH..we all,UMNO,MACC,police.. including PR people agreed to some extent..but what if the DNA at the crime scene doesn’t match with the samples taken?How are you all,the over zealous bloggers,cybertroopers,spin doctors going to change your stand?Nothing surprised me anymore these days..Nothing..Malaysia Boleh!

    • heyyaa lebaikudin orrr

      lulu lu kuat ciakap umno macc tingtu salah kasi mati teoh

      sikalang summa evident atak tungjuk itu kilija busuk kasi mati teoh summa kilija dap sama itu cibai tan sama lee

      itu dap cibai tan sama lee manyak takut sama itu inkuest

      itu inkuest kalu butut butut kasi bokti cibai tan sama lee sutak kasi teoh mati, lu apa maciam?

      lebaikudin orrrr, lu selupa itu donplaypaks kling kwai tatak paluli sama ungdang ungdang law arrrr? salah kaaa butut kaaa, dap misti butut aaaar? salah kaa butut kaaa cibai tan sama lee misti butut aaarrr?

      • Well,son you can change your nicks 1000 time,sniping me from blog to blog,stoop to low into name-calling and peppered your post with vulgarity but one thing is for’re intellectual discourse disabled.

        True to the calling,that if you’re protecting your privileges more than your principle,eventually you’ll lose both.

        In our case is conflict of interest.What’s the guarantee that the proof and evidence won’t be tempered?Or the witnesses won’t be intimidated?Bear in mind these are the same regime who launch the power grab in Perak!

        Hence the need of power separation between Executive and Judiciary,and we both know pretty sure who is the same person has been calling the shot,don’t we?

        What is power without control?Destruction.I’m not going to blame you if your stand and vision being blurred by some ultra-ethnic rhetoric by desperados dinosaurs to just cling on to power.

        My sincere advise is,please get back to your religion-kezaliman atas apa alasan sekaipun adalah salah-and I don’t mean referring to kitab Machiavelli..

  8. Why was TAN still lingering around at MACC building after being dismissed at 1am? After being mistreated and harrassed (so claim), APA PASAL TUNGGU SITU LAGI?

    What was he doing near the pantry at 6am? When did he leave the building after the chanced 6am meeting while going into the toilet? Was there any recording by the building camera, when TAN LEFT THE BUILDING?

    What about the other 2nd person who refused to have DNA taken? What time was he let off by the authorities? Any recordings by building camera showing when he left the building?

    These are things to look into. Dah check telefon bimbit mereka berdua ini? After being dismissed, did they call or SMS anyone from 1am to 130pm?

    These 2charactors seem to be very suspicious.

    And yes, Ronnie.. why the hell was he the one who came kicking and shouting around, WHY HE WHY HE WHY HE?

    And Miss Teresa Kok, SHIT STIRRER, was it some kind of unspoken warning that this kind of SHIT was sure to happen? Check all her contacts… this Amoy’s reflex action is suspicious too!


    • Bro,they are gangsters remember?They don’t need proper record of interrogation or cctv in case __________(fill in the blank as you wish,I really don’t mind)

  9. It seems to me that DAP is more interested in fighting for power than for justice in the Teoh case.

    They have been out to embarass the authorities, exploit every situation to achieve that end. They want to erode the people’s confidence in the Government in the hope that they’ll get more votes in the elections.

    They appeared to have even gone to the extent of being irresponsible. How else can you describe the act of the DAP Sec General writing a letter blaming MACC of responsibility over Teoh’s death just as Police investigations were started? It is plain, simple logic that you wait for results of the investigations before assigning blame on anybody. Laymen can speculate; not the Sec General of a political party that rules Penang. Jumping the gun, a loose gun, shooting from the hip. God helps the Penang people.

    Then the DAP lawyer advised the two persons known to have last seen the deceased at the MACC premises not to give their DNA samples on the grounds the Police Officer could not explain the reasons for the need. Come on, man, this was a matter of death and those two have admitted they met/ saw Teoh at the premises before 6.30 am. True it’s their right but he should know that the authorities can find ways to get the DNA, as shown by the Inquest. By refusing to co-operate, they appeared to have something to hide.

    The fellow who immediately thereafter left for China – he must have told the lawyer his intention (didn’t news about the fellow being in China come from the lawyer?) and surely the lawyer could advise him against it, being one of two last at the scene, so to speak. And the lawyer is “an Officer of the law”, duty bound to protect the law as well. In fact, protecting the law of the country is a higher responsibility than protecting the right of the individual. The interest of justice overrides that of client confidentiality in this case.

    Where is the “fighting for justice” in these instances?

    When they suddenly saw the possibility of a huge embarassment and the consequent possible loss of votes and political position, they tried the delay tactics and used any extra time gained, as some people have suggested, to cover or remove any traces of corruption that the MACC was investigating on, and/or the Underworld links that the PKR State Assemblyman and the PKR MP alleged the DAP Exco members have.

  10. Like father like son….not surprising for Gobind though..his father knew the misdeed of Mr Al Juburi,,yet for political mileage..he became the strongest defender for Al Juburi..what a hypocryte…

  11. […] usual ‘Minorities being oppressed by the Majority card’. It was and will never about standing up for the justice or interests of the rakyat. It was never, nor will ever in the interests of democracy nor action. […]

  12. […] how is it possible that Gobind Deo, who is a DAP leader and elected representative, is doing a watching brief for Teoh’s family and making comments about the inquest?  DAP is the party on trial, and the findings of the Teoh inquest has a direct impact on the […]

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  14. […] that the counsel acting on behalf of the Teoh family is playing politics. The DAP MP for Puchong is using any opportunity within the proceeding to ‘demonise’ any of the law enforcement agencies, MACC, the Police or Attorney […]

  15. […] politic and using legal proceedings as his own political-media circus. The DAP MP for Puchong is using any opportunity within the proceeding to ‘demonise’ any of the law enforcement agencies, namely the MACC, the Police or Attorney […]

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