What is DAP’s contribution to the defense of the realm?

Yesterday, was the national level celebrations to honour our warriors. It is to commemorate those who bear arms to defend the sovereignity of this tanahair and ibu pertiwi.

Since 1933, Malaya has had military units. The oldest is the Royal Malay Regiment even though the Police has then around since 1807. Men have lost lives, been wounded and their families suffered for the sake of this nation ever since. To date, they have accumulated so much victories and success stories. Equally, they have made sacrifices. Like the Royal Malaysian Police in Bukit Kepong , Johor (during Emergency), Royal Malay Regiment in Kalabakan, Sabah (during Confrotation) and Royal Malaysian Navy lost a ship KD Seri Perak in a South China Sea storm, 1984. These dead and surviving warriors are honoured.

DAP claim that they are a multiracial Malaysian political party, which promotes equality amongst Malaysians. Their tagline is “Malaysian, Malaysia”. ‘Equality’ should transcend beyond rights and privileges but should also include responsibility. DAP should promote that all Malaysians bear the responsibility to take care this nation, which include risking their lives to defend the sovereignty of tanahair and ibu pertiwi.

Yet, so far we fail to see that. What we only see is that DAP will politicize and capitalise to the maximum every opportunity to bash enforcement agencies, especially the Police. DAP Leaders in private even supported the idea and attempt to bring back Former CPM Secretary General Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng.

Hence, for this year’s warriors day celebrations, we here at BigDogDotCom demand that DAP play their role to constructively promote human capital initiatives for the defense of the realm. Enough is enough on the Police and enforcement agency bashing. We hereby challenge DAP bring out the Non Malays, particularly the Chinese to the very least make up 35% of the application into all positions within essential services, especially the military and Police.

Before anyone argues that the Non Malays, especially the Chinese would be marginalised and even alienated if they join the any of the essential service forces, think again. Malaysia is not like Singapore. In Malaysia we will allow Non Malays to have a career in all the military services and Police Force.

Failure, especially with excuses will only demonstrate DAP being a true blue chauvinist party.

In the time being, lets sing the patriotic song for the warriors:


Inilah barisan kita,
Yang ikhlas berjuang.
Siap sedia berkorban,
Untuk ibu pertiwi!
Sebelum kita berjaya,
Jangan harap kami pulang!
Inilah sumpah pendekar kita,
Menuju medan bakti!
Andai kata kami gugur semua,
Taburlah bunga di atas pusara.
Kami mohon doa,
Malaysia berjaya!
Semboyan telah berbunyi,
Menuju medan bakti!
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  1. Nothing, bro, nothing as I know of except loud bad mouthing in their focus objective of weakening Islam and the Malays, all in the name of Malaysian Malaysia and for the nation to be similar Singapore where the Melayu will be completely marginalized. Sickening also is action of the 1,000 strong amal warriors of PAS in the anti ISA possession standing ready to guard these chauvinist pigs and their subversive collaborators including lovers of the CIA in undermining the peace and security of the nation. As such, the same question should be asked “what has PAS done for the betterment and development of Islam and the Malays besides bad mouthing and being a puppet of the DAP?” Similarly the same question is asked of the Drama King and his loose gang of PKR bandits. They are indeed, yesterday, today and tomorrow, all indeed birds of a feather flocking together, aren’t DAP, PAS and PKR being vicious vultures on the prowl without contributing to national security?

  2. Yeah

    They only bark about how much taxes they pay. They should be charged FULL rental fees for using Tanah Melayu to make their millions over decades.

    This huru hara agenda is reminiscient of Thailand red movement. Thaksin of chinese ethnicity is plotting to make a comeback.

    This mob-street-demo culture must NEVER be allowed to take root. Malaysia’s gradual progress and development should not be jeopardised at all costs.

    Slow and steady wins the race. Unlike a nation that is rushing too fast to win the 100m sprint – only to realise that life is actually the triathlon.

    So they are now breathless – losing billions of hard-earned money.

  3. […] View original here: What is DAP’s contribution to the defense of the realm? […]

  4. DAP and their kinds are only interested in:-

    1. Money (bring paper money to next world too!) – see how they have no second thought of doing anything in the name of money (therefore vice, gangster, kow-tim culture etc)

    2. Sex (vice dens, import hookers, human trafficking)

    3. Food (anything hentam, tolak batu & kayu, monkey brain while it still alive, rare animal species on their dining table, etc)

    To defend the nation? hhhaaaaa?! what?! what?! no understand la! Next thing you know, they all ‘cabut’ when it become necessary to stay put to defend the nation. Was it some 10,000 fled the country when the British called for the fight against the communist? Only a copule of hundreds of “Pemuda China” join the forces whom their generation make the country proud today. Most likely these “Pemuda China” and their generation wont get themselves involved with such damn DAP goons and gangsters!

    DAP should be OUTLAWED!!!!! DAP goons should be questioned of their citizenships! Better for them to leave this country!

    – Antu Bolong

    • Wa t appen to your “H” and “H”?

  5. The DAP is mainly Chinese. As has been pointed out in comments to your earlier postings, it’s their way of thinking, their mentality, to look down upon service in the Military or the Police. It has something to do with their long history of endless wars, fighting, and killing among themselves in China. History books tell us this.

    That’s why they would not join the Army, Navy, Air Force or the Police. Except for a smattering few. And they prefer the Officer grades. A relatively very small number want to join the rank and file.

    Granted, the salary schemes may not be attractive. But the sales assistants and the workshop hands don’t get much, too. Their incomes are not attractive either. But, where there is a choice, they shun the Military and the Police Forces.

    Most of them in the DAP have no clear ideas of what loyalty and patriotism means. They don’t even respect the Constitution of the country, the very foundation of our existence. Respect for, abiding and living by the Constitution is the very basic requirement of loyalty and patriotism for the country. Yet they don’t even respect the national language, a clearly spellt out Article of the Constituion. They speak for vernacular schools with Mandarin and Tamil as medium of instruction. So, when they don’t have that kind of feelings for the country, how can we expect them to fight for and die for the country. But some might be prepared to die for “the Little Middle Kingdom” and “the Little Emperor” (to use Tun Dr Mahathir’s words) down below.

    But the damn thing is that some of them dare to say that the authorities don’t open up the Military and the Police Forces to non-Malays. These so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” fellows are trouble makers, always out to object, oppose, rally and demonstrate at every opportunity they have. That, too, is part of the mentality that developed from hundreds of years of Mainland Chinese being ruled and bullied by foreigners –
    the Mongols, the Manchus, the Japanese and the British.

    Yes, some even speak for the return of Chin Peng and the Malayan Communist Party. They ask us to read the writings of Chin Peng and the MCP, and want to change Malayan/ Malaysian history. These are the subversive kind. They should be put under ISA detention like the Communists used to be.

  6. They even try to say that Chin Peng and the MCP are nationalists. Nationalist my foot. They caused the deaths of thousands of our armed forces, killed thousands of innocent civilians, terrorised the country, thwarted the progress of the country by decades. Is this what the DAP want? Or they just want huru hara so that they can thrive? That is communistic.

    Some even say they’ll do for the country only after they get what they want from the country. I’ve seen this very ungrateful kind of statemnt in one blog. Incredible, the kind of warped and subversive thinking they have.

    • Yes, they forgot that they were already given and got citizenship. Which, before Merdeka, none of them had.

      Or they take citizenship for granted. They tell thesmselves, Ah, I’ve already got citizenship right,
      now I must try to get more and more. They say that the Chinese pay a lot of tax. They forgot that a lot of that money is used for maintaining the Military and the Police forces to which they hardly contribute.

      Another damn thing is that although they adore “the Little Emperor” and “the Little Middle Kingdom” down south, they don’t want to go and live there. They know they won’t get what they want there. And they continue to bikin kacau here. Let’s see how many of them go and apply at the Military and Police Forces recruitment centres as a result of your challenge, Big Guy.

      I’ll bet you they’ll just hide under the armpits of the thugs and gangsters that the PKR Wakil Rakyat and MP have accused them of having links with. Nasty fellows.

  7. dap tatak timpat sini lulok in ninggilli. dap tatak intilested kasi ini ninggilli sinnang.

    kila-kila sutak manyak babut kita kasi olang olang dap satu bungkut tanah satu olang pigi sana lawut bikin singkili punya lomah.

    summa cina kominis punya anak summa jali olang dap. itu pasat lia olang mau kasi chin peng sini balik. itu cing ping kanninnabu blitish punya citizen. apa pasat olang dap mau kasi lia sini mali?

  8. Bravo!
    This line of argument is the best I’ve ever seen to counter the racially provocative insinuations by the so called “Malaysian Malaysia” protagonists.

    So far, apart from a very few group of individuals, it appears that the true nationalist Malaysians are dumbfounded and somewhat apologetic in the counter arguments over this “I am more nationailist than thou” battle of the Malaysian polical mindset. I think even the government is somewhat relenting towards agreeing with their very own antagonists if we weigh the recent policy initiatives undertaken most recently.

    Keep it up!

  9. Ada, Bigdog. Ayaq Lioq Basi. bersemboq dok hamun defenders of the realm (yang incidentally would put their lives on the line to defend these very ungka). What else is new?

  10. What a bunch of canines with nothing but rabid hate!

    • I beg your pardon.

      the deep hatred and self-righteous condemnation comes through CLEARLY in your one-liner, my dear jamban-la

      you need a spa and yoga to cleanse your shrinking heart back to spiritual health

      these expressions here are defined as PATRIOTISM, not whatever mumbo jumbo you chose as your signature IQ identifier

      chill …

  11. I think ‘Barisan Kita’ is the greatest M’sian patriotic song that was ever composed!

    As schoolboys, we used to sing it as a motivational song for our school football team in the late ’60’s.

    The political divide in M’sia is no barrier to anyone’s appreciation of these brilliant, rallying patriotic songs.

    We may be divided by our loyalties to UMNO or PKR or DAP, but in our desire for the best of all things for M’sia, I trust we all remain true Malaysians!

    We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that rally matters.

  12. ……..




    silence is golden, golden …..

    • aiyoyo

      then why you write in?

      action is 14carat diamond, 14carat diamond …

      • HA ! HA! HA! HA!

        now you make my SILENCE pocah maannn!!!

        KUA! KUA! KUA!

        laugh is good for health, is good for health…

    • ………..




      silence is golden, golden

      read between the lines my brothers, if you can’t I can’t help you!

      • …………………..
        now you read between these lines.. can’t read? Err..Now we’re even

  13. Defense of the realm? Whose “realm”? Whose “tanah air” GET REAL! Discrimination today make Malaysians feel marginalised and unappreciated. No reason to DIE for this country.. more to MIGRATE! Hey, I wouldn’t join the Malaysian army even if my own father beseeched me, let alone the DAP!

    • yeeaahhh just migrate, this “tanah air” dont want you too chauvanist racist pig . why let alone DAP ? this racist party full of bullshit.

      Dont tell us about Discrimination and marginalised . We feel it when we work with people DAP-minded .

  14. DAP is doing a good job with PAS & KEADILAN. Keep up the good work for the benefit of all races! My friends support you. Blessings to you all.

    • hahaha DAP cybertroopers is cuming to save the bastards liar . DAPigs for all race ??? come on get a life . dont be soo retard !

  15. […] If he has some degree of common sense as an Executive of a state and is grateful enough, then he should lead his party to reconsider their position of the Police. In fact, they should constructively do to ensure that the people who the DAP serve are being considered everytime there is an enrolment into the Police Force. […]

  16. […] the DAP chauvinists to live up to their “Malaysian, Malaysia” PAP -spin-off slogan and do something about the defense of the realm. Now we challenge that if Selangor State Exco Ronnie Liu is really involved with the Lords of the […]

  17. […] is a timely reminder for the 52nd Hari Kemerdekaan. It is already proven that the DAP Leaders would do very little to ensure for the defense of the realm. Do not allow the rakyat go on the wrath just because of some Chauvinist. The majority, which […]

  18. […] who calls themselves “multiracial party” and advocated “Malaysian, Malaysia” to do their bit for the defense of the realm in getting an influx of Non Malay applicants into the Police, Army and other essential services […]

  19. […] Chauvinist party DAP (who advocated the ‘Malaysian, Malaysia’ call) to ensure that Non Malays make up the 30% application to join security and essential services such as Police, Armed Forces, Fire Services, Prisons and nurses recruitment […]

  20. […] redeem his anti Malay trait of being a DAP leader and demonstrate his patriotism by proving their contribution to the defense of the realm of ensuring that 25% of applicants of the armed forces recruitment drive are Chinese […]

  21. […] we challenged DAP to do their bit for the defense of the realm. Since they call for “Malaysian, Malaysia”, then they should prove their patriotism in […]

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