The history that we wished did not happen

Sixty four years ago this morning, USAAF Col. Paul Tibbets piloted a B-29 “Enola Gay” that flew from Tinian Island in the Pacific and changed the world with his act to deploy Robert Oppenheimer’s tool of total and massive destruction. 

The “Little Boy” was an option chosen by President Harry S. Truman to force Japan to end the war immediately, especially as the European Theatre ended fighting three months earlier. The target was  Hiroshima, Japan. It was against US legendary Pacific Theater army boss General Douglass MacArthur’s conventional battle plans, who wanted to land troops in mainland Japan. The US Navy under Admiral Chester W. Nimitz already obliterated the entire Imperial Navy capability, with the sinking of the dreaded Yamato four months earlier off Okinawa, her sister ship Mushashi off the Phillipines the year before and Admiral Nagumo’s entire carrier capability at Midway three years earlier.

Three days later it was repeated at Nagasaki. Over radio, Emperor Hirohito unceremoniusly announced that Japan surrendered six days after “Fat Man” killed more than 70,000 innocent lives.

This act of barbarism and peril changed the way mankind dealt amongst themselves ever since. The atomic bomb race began there on. At its height between 1960s-90s (known as the Cold War), every single diplomatic conflict is threatened and exist the paranoia of a more powerful device compare to the ones used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

The world had since exist being ransomed with these weapons of massive destructions, especially in the hands of mad men. God help us all!

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