DAP theatrics linger on

The usual DAP theaterics lingers on. Special Assitant to highly controversial Selangor State Exco Ronnie Liu, who has been implicated in the investigations of DAP elected representatives abuse of power and probable corrupt practices (as per exposed by blog Truth-For-Teoh upon the calling of the MACC being responsible of the “Blood of Teoh Beng Hock”) was arrested this morning by the MACC.

The Star has the story:

Published: Friday August 14, 2009 MYT 1:58:00 PM
Updated: Friday August 14, 2009 MYT 2:34:29 PM

MACC nabs Ronnie Liu’s assistant after scuffle (Update)


Wong arrested

SHAH ALAM: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has arrested Wong Chuan How, special assistant to Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu, after a scuffle Friday morning.

Both parties have lodged police reports over the incident, which saw Wong injured.

The MACC alleged that Wong, also a Sepang municipal councillor and a contractor, tried to resist arrest and attempted to flee during the 9.30am incident at the Sungai Pelek service centre in the Sepang district.

They were investigating allegations of the abuse of constituency funds by several state assemblymen.

Sources said the MACC officers were meeting Wong on Friday morning, claiming that he had “gone missing” for several weeks despite numerous attempts to contact him over allegations that he had been awarded more than 230 projects worth a total of nearly RM500,000.

The sources said the MACC had last week detained two men whose company was used as a front by a contractor to obtain projects.

When contacted Friday afternoon, Liu was rushing Wong, 50, to the Serdang Hospital to treat his injuries.

Liu said that Wong had been initially told that he was to be questioned as a witness, but the three MACC officers who came to the service centre Friday morning instead told him he was a suspect and was to be arrested and taken to their office for questioning.

“When I was alerted to this, I called the senior MACC officer there and asked him if they could guarantee Wong’s personal safety.

“When they wouldn’t do so, I told Wong to lodge a police report before going with them.

“The Selangor state government will not take chances anymore when it comes to the safety of its employees, given the Teoh case,” he said.

Political aide Teoh Beng Hock was found dead near the MACC office on July 16, the day after he was taken in for questioning. An inquest is currently being conducted into his death.

Liu said the MACC officers should have conducted their questioning at the Sungai Pelek service centre.

“The law does not stipulate where the MACC has to conduct its questioning, so there was no need for them to take him to their office,” said Liu, who claimed the scuffle occurred as Wong stepped out of the office to lodge a report at the police station.

Liu claimed there was some pushing which caused Wong to lose his balance and fall.

“He can’t walk at the moment and his entire right leg is swollen.” he claimed, adding that Wong was “not a young man and is quite heavy-set.”

Liu said he requested the MACC officers allow Wong to be admitted to the hospital for treatment instead of being taken in for questioning.

“But the senior MACC officer disagreed and said they would allow him to receive outpatient treatment and that the questioning would continue,” Liu said.


When it comes to the book being thrown against one of the Chinese Chauvinists, they will play the usual ‘Minorities being oppressed by the Majority card’. It was and will never about standing up for the justice or interests of the rakyat. It was never, nor will ever in the interests of democracy nor action. It was all about Chinese Chauvinists looking after the interest of their own.

That is why it is so obvious that these people are now closely associated, if not linked to the Lords of the Underworld Vices.

Previously we here at BigDogDotCom challenged the DAP chauvinists to live up to their “Malaysian, Malaysia” PAP -spin-off slogan and do something about the defense of the realm. Now we challenge that if Selangor State Exco Ronnie Liu is really involved with the Lords of the Underworld Vices (as per previously raised by Pakatan Rakyat strange bedfellow partners PKR elected representatives), then they do away with their usual and planned theatrics if and when Liu is arrested in the interest of the public and rule of law. He has already broke the law and should be arrested. The DAP elected representatives should support the process of finding the truth, as per provided by law, which they already vowed to protect and uphold. The rakyat deserve better.

Otherwise, it is all about “Cakap tak serupa bikin” all along. With the recent more apparent cracking up of the ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’, especially in Selangor, the rakyat should really take stock and reconsider the position for the people who for politics were willing prostitute themselves to support barbarism.

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  1. Dear Macc,

    Aloooo…MACC,when are you going to start with MCA head who received kickbacks RM10mil cash from PKFZ Billionaire Boy Club?

    PKFZ Fan Club

    • All lebais should know the merits of patience

      fyi it has started …

      • ..but this lebai have no patience one!! Someone one said this lebai actually a pariah? Ayo! yo!

      • This lebai people say is actually donplaypuks, who while claiming all humans are but one, he insists on being different and special apart and detached from everyone.

        You can see this through all his claim that he is never wrong while everybody else is never right.

        This person is nothing but a gunny sack full of coconut husk soaked with 4th grade todi.

    • Don’t try to change the subject lah lebai. It is about TBH’s death (and the corruption by the DAP) that MACC is trying to put things together. Don’t be so biased and racist lah, just because the MACC guys are mostly Melayus. Let the MACC guys do their job and YOU stop deviating from the subject, understand?!!!

      Patience is golden, pseudo lebai!!!!

    • DontPlayPuks aka Lebaikudin,

      Lourdes Charles, who wrote the Star piece up there also wrote this, today:

      Sunday August 16, 2009

      MACC officers quiz Kuala Dimensi CEO over PKFZ scandal


      KUALA LUMPUR: Embattled Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd CEO Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing was quizzed by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers over the PKFZ scandal as well as his allegations against MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

      It is learnt that three MACC officers went to Tiong’s office here on Thursday at 2pm and grilled him for more than four hours. His lawyers were also present as Tiong had been given notice of the MACC’s arrival. The officers left at 6.30pm, taking along several files.

      Tiong, who is Bintulu MP and also the treasurer-general of the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party, was said to have handed over files and documents to the officers pertaining to the allegations.

      The MACC started investigations following reports lodged last week by Port Klang Authority chairman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng alleging that Tiong’s Kuala Dimensi – the turnkey contractor for the construction of the PKFZ – was allegedly involved in possible fraud, unsubstantiated claims and overcharging amounting to hundreds of millions of ringgit.

      Lee lodged the reports following the findings of a special task force set up on June 10 to look into the legal and financial aspects of PKA and PKFZ.

      It is learnt that the MACC also quizzed Tiong regarding his allegation that he had given MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat a RM10mil loan.

      Besides Tiong, who is also the Backbenchers Club chairman, the MACC officers also questioned and recorded statements from Kuala Dimensi deputy CEO Datuk Faisal Abdullah who alleged that Ong had travelled on the company’s jet without making any payment.

      Ong, who has vehemently denied accepting a RM10mil loan from Tiong, has not only lodged a police report against Tiong for the alleged defamation but also gave Tiong seven days to apologise, failing which he (Ong) would initiate legal proceedings.

      As to the allegation that he used their company’s jet without paying, the Transport Minister said that he had yet to receive the billings for the use of the jet.

      Ong said the wild allegations against him were the move by certain people to undermine his integrity and obligation as Transport Minister.

      He added that his lawyers had been instructed to file an injunction to prevent the perpetrator from making further defamatory allegations.

      • Is it really DPP and Lebaikudin is same person ??

        if that soo my tagline to this assholes is TRUE !


        1 race 1 Nation is only a bullshit !!! DPP proved it !

      • Mark my word,the MACC findings will be the RM10mil & free plane ride is just personal gestures,like how Nazri concluded..and how about Rafidah’s case?KJ?Dr. Khir?Since the two biggest gangsters who protecting them already gone..When are you all going to start the campaign?Or wait ’till it become Zakaria Deros (may he RIP)?Another case of selective amnesia or hoping people to forget..don’t try to crap me with ‘where is the proof?’ or ‘be patience’..

        1Malaysia,Sudah Tahu

  2. Barely a year old, the MACC has generated so much mistrust for itself. Does it not have a sense of shame?

    And we thought we would see improvements with ACA being replaced by MACC. This is worse than a prostitute dressed in white for a wedding proclaiming she is still a virgin.

    • so are you saying Eli Wong is better, sleeping with someone else’s husband

      and then getting an indecent exposure

      and proudly crying, blaming others of a setup

      and then coming out with a statement as a VICTIM flanked by MAKCIKS with tudungs


    • and barely one year plus the PR took over Selangor state, MACC have had not enough hands to handle all the misdeeds. MACC working overdrive only at Selangor state excos, not yet the whole country.

      With all the kongsi gelaps, underworld links, fund misappropriations in just one state government, there’ll be too many files to handle at the office.

      We need one MACC for Selangor state, and another new MACC to handle the rest of the cases.

      Antu MACC

    • Just wait and see. The next on your chopping block will be the Forensics team. hehe

      Shame with your CAT bullshit, you people should be the ones going all out to cooperate and ensure that TEOH did not die in vain.

      Shame, the actions showed by this silly 50yr-old, he should go all out to proof the allegations not true, ini belum apa dah behave macam ALREADY GUILTY.

      Whatever, own conscience will eat you all up! Poor TEOH. May he RIP..

      • This ruyom is another half amoeba, the cousin of donplaypuks. Whilst sharing the hellish qualities of donplaypuks, he esteems himself with the delusional notion that he is the bastard offspring of a fairy diva vested with an all powerful and all seeing crystal ball whose capability is only at mirroring his own putrid ugliness all over the blogosphere, making it out that Malaysia is hell but his illegally built temple under the angsana tree at Lorong Berunai is heaven. Yeah it is heaven for prostitutes bought at 25cts per kilo from China.

        ruyom is the master pimp.

    • heiyyaa mistah ruyom. lu apa cilita. itu macc lu mintak abdula kasi lu apaaa. lu sutak lapat macc apa pasat lu manyak cyakap? lu busuk cibai punya olang. summa summa olang manyak salah. lu satu olang butut kaaa? lu mau satu olang butut arrrr sana lu pigi atas lawut lulok maaaa.

      ini malaisia bukan lu satu olang punya. lu mau itu macyam lu sana pigi bikin lomah atas lawut lorrrr. gwa bole kasi lu tikak loli pasik. singkaporrr bole kasi lu lua biji batu. cyukup laaaa itu macyam.

      itu jyam tun mahathir lu lulok lalam isa. kita summa happy lulok aman tatak kacyau. bilakang itu dolah mali kasi lu kiluar. waaaaaaa sampei sikalang manyak kacyau. lu cilakak punya cibai.

  3. Bro bigguy . MACC now have video camera !!! . We can see how this monkey DAP acting like “orang bodoh”. And this monkey DAP cannot blantantly telling liar as usual .

    MACC done a good job ! How DAP shout about anti corruption , now their hand is dirty . The funny things is they want run from investigation ! How shitlaa this DAP people.

    TBH case is being manipulate for corrupt DAP to get away from their corruption . Now who have an advantage and motive for TBH “sudden death” !

  4. when BPR / ACA becomes MACC everybody said MACC was a good thing. Limks, anwar and yes, even hadi said Pak Lah was doing a good Job. UMNO pemuda said it was a bad idea and parade in front of PWTC.
    now, it’s the other way around, more UMNO got convicted and so does the other party.
    And when that happen to other party, all hell break lose!
    Like Nik Aziz said la, it’s ok to smear if you don’t know la. but for those who knew, they are the worst kind!
    coming from PAS, now DAP is the worst kind!

    • Who in UMNO got convicted?

      • don’t just read harakah online. once in a while read utusan, malaysiakini etc.

  5. Ermmmm…org cina memang perangai mcm tu..dia boleh kutuk kaum lain, tapi kalau kaum dia kena kutuk..dia meroyan mcm org gila..hmmmm..dasar cina!!

  6. Theatrics indeed attempts to run away from the law in delaying the uncovering of the shitty hands of the DAP representatives. This incident portrays the DAP continuing disrespect for the law against the greater interest of people of Selangor who wish to see an abrupt end of politicking and for the State to focus on greater social economic development activities.

    No logical or valid reason can Wong justifies in hiding away from being questioned on suspected irregularities unless there’s implication to the guilt and allegations. The State Government has acted foolishly in attempting to foil the law by announcing that all MACC investigations be conducted at the Selangor Secretariat and at normal working hours on the sole basis of what happened to the late Teoh and in this case at the DAP’s premise at Sungei Pelek. But what happened to the late Teoh is yet to be determined being the subject of an ongoing public inquiry. Also in the said public inquiry, the DAP lawyers are not interested as much about seeking justice rather to prove that the MACC was solely responsible for his death, hoping to damage the integrity of the MACC and to continuously fool the public especially the Silent Majority to swallow such theatrics.

    The PR Government in Selangor is under siege with nothing to show for its report card except a booming of vice related business activities. Thus, regressing by the day the obvious way is to protect their kind even it means flouting the law and shadow play. Nay, “the fly has no legs” and sooner rather then later “Little Boy” or “Fat Man” will explode with the greatest of fouls – the true smell of the chauvinist DAP.

    I rejoice seeing the MACC, without fear and favor, now regards those apparently flouting the law as suspects rather than witnesses. Let there be more swollen legs, no, those buggers’ legs should be broken for I have no pity for such theatric swine.

    • “I have no pity for such theatric swine.”

      Yeah, they bring trouble whether they are the four-legged types or the two-legged variety.

      H1N1 is actually a polite name for SWINE flu.

  7. BigDog,

    Aku sudah bosan dgn DAP BA** ni. Betul RACIST tahap gila. Skg gunakan alasan kematian Teoh untuk lari dari MACC dan soal siasat. Kemudian gunakan media untuk SPIN cerita. Yang haram jadah lagi, media2 mcm Star, Malaysiakini, Suratkhabar Cina mensensasikan berita yg tak betul ini. So skg CINA DITINDAS MELAYU. What THE FUCK.

  8. Hei Big Dog,

    Just because the MACC have not killed any Melayus does not mean you can remain smug in your convictions that it is all DAP theatrics. The day WILL come when they kill Melayus too just like the PDRM have done. By the way Melayus make up more than 80% of the detainees under ISA with no recourse to a trial or justice. Don’t you think these ISA Melayus are like the living dead. UMNO does not give a f[;’ about the Melayus who do not kiss their ass. If UMNO wants to oppress the Melayus so that they can stay in power, what can the non-Malays do but that will not stop us from making friends with millions of Malays who do not share UMNO’s racist shit. We will not allow UMNO to beat us up and kill us as they please. We will get UMNO’s racist bastard ass, this I promise you come the next General Election

    • MACC is a killer??? My gosh!!! Vinnan! Vinnan! why dont you make a police report about this?! Let me know when and at which Balai Polis! or please post the report number here, once you’ve made the report.

      -Legam Antu

    • One of ISA detainee is in for forging OFFICAL DOCUMENTS. Aney, ada tau apa itu “Official documents?”

      So your main lubang to sneak in your kins sudah kena kambus? Itu pasal you mayak hot sama ISA ker?

      Ini macam punya pengkianat Negara, dia belum lengkap kasi semua nama2 PATI yang dia kasi roaming freely in this country as illegal “citizens of Malaysia”.

      Bila sudah lengkap, baru kasi lepas sama dia.

      Meanwhile kamu RELAX ler. Make sure your family dan saudara mara punya documents bukan dia yang kasi..

    • heiyyaaa vinan lu pundek sini mali kaaa. lu sana pigi laa kasi lu punya pungkok sama itu nuar belahing kasi simbayang. lu kasi goyang goyang tintu satu kali nuar jyatok belahi.

      lu koto cibai punya olang mana deserve law punya treatment. itu isa manyak cyantik kasi lu. lu tatak sukak pakei isa? lu pigi sana titon india kaa naidu kaaa sri lanka kaaa. lu manyak bikin kacyau selupa india srilanka. ini malisia maaa. sini olang mau lulok baik baik kasi, mau sinang, mau aman lu tau kaaa.

      vinnan cibai, lu tatak usah mau juai lu punya amak sini mali. lu pigi sana cali mana mana lobang tikut lu kasi masuk. lu lulok sana tiam tiam tatak bole sini kacyau sana kacyau, bangti isa gwa kasi lu.

    • excuse me Big Dog,
      If UMNO really a racist one, there’s no Malay should be arrested. And by way of reading your comments, it sounds like UMNO is racist even to Malay too.. so UMNO members are from which race?

      Do not make racist comments to satisfy your hatred that I feel it is kind of unreasonable.

      ~ OnDaStreet

    • Vinann u just show how retard racist you’re , first u question about , if MACC killing Melayu we will after MACC . Thats so retard minded from u . Racist bastards like u always plays in racial card !

      and u said

      “the detainees under ISA with no recourse to a trial or justice”

      Hahaha and clearly u accused MACC for murders , and there is no fucking trial for it ! U show how bastard racist you’re ! .

      for you justice is for ur own sake only , i see u using OTAK LEMBU for thinking !

    • Vinnan dear

      You are a mixed-up dude. You accuse UMNO as racist and yet they put mostly Melayu under ISA.
      Then you claim PDRM kill Melayu – does that mean they are racist too.

      Who are these “Melayus who do not kiss their ass

      “millions of Malays who do not share UMNO’s racist shit” – again who are they??

      I think your real AGENDA is to divide the Malays who are the majority and then go in for the kill, which is to rule the Malays.

      That was LKY’s plan with his Malaysian Malaysia concept of governance. Are you campaigning for this to happen in Malaysia.

      Look here vinnan, think long and hard – do you seriously think that the majority (this happens to be the Malays) will ALLOW that to happen?? Seriously think LONG and DEEP.

      No way will lky succeed in Tanah Melayu. He may may “succeeded” in the little red dot but here NOPE don’t this so.

      The demographics just won’t allow that to happen – face up to reality. You think Indonesia will ait idle and let it happen?? Yo think again.

      So for you as an Indian minority (I’m assuming), the best way is for you to sign up for the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua at Demi Negara’s blog and convince your kindred to do the same.

      You know why? This will give you and your race a fighting chance at survival in Malay-majority Malaysia. You won’t end up like Kugan – sidelined and marginalised simply becoz you refuse to FIT in.

      The same goes for Donplaypuks, Lebaikudin, Ling, Ruyom who are OBVIOUSLY frustrated over misconceived ideas about how best to run Malaysia Inc.

      Best Advice to you & co is to FACE FACTS with the true historical background.

      Otherwise you all are merely pawns in a BIG political game whose aim is to benefit the elite FEW.

  9. Who started the theatrics? MACC, of course. They should make up their minds whether Wong was a witness or a suspect. Mind you, to MACC they are probably one and the same.

    • duh ling!

      did u ever read the news?? MACC already said he’s the suspect, therefore need to be arrested.

      Really a retard are u??

    • haiyaaa what newspaper u read , Sin Chew ? or another chinese newspaper who always twisted into their own agenda .

      Ur comment show how dumb you’re . If dont know anything dont show like know everything laa

    • Ling dearest

      You should read extensively you know. Never take ONE source becoz you may be hoodwinked and brainwashed into a herd instinct/reaction.

      These dailies need people like you to maintain their operations cost. It is good for business.

      But we thank you, vinnan, ruyom, donplaypuks/lebaikudin et al, for expressing your REAL views (blinkered and twisted though they are).

      Coz you know what – YOU & co, help in a BIG way to awaken the sleeping tiger.

      No way, I repeat, NO WAY, will a humongous MISTAKE like the SOCIAL CONTRACT ever again take place in this Tanah Melayu.

      Coz it resulted in tribes forever biting the hand that feeds.

      Once bitten twice shy …..


  11. Ling

    If MACC say he is a suspect, will he appear today?

    He is a fugitive running from the law. WHy so much respect for fugitive?

    I guess the new role model for the chinese community are gangsters and crooked DAP politicians!

  12. And here comes the greatest swine of theatrics; old desperado LKS calling the MACC “Gestapo” for catching a suspected swine hoodlum. I was sure this old chauvinist swine doesn’t believe in controls, everything is “can” under Malaysian Malaysia….oops I forgot, swine are pigs, they only protect their kind especially the babi hutans at all cost. Oi old swine, your piglets making a mockery of themselves when they lodge reports for the “Gestapo” institution to investigate! Oi you piglets, don’t further stench the MACC with your twisted tongues, your short tails’ already too twisted; the MACC is not anywhere close being a modern integrated pig/ swine farm. I am sure the MACC officers will be just too happy to stuff their long wooden baton deep inside these swine butts for being called “Gestapo”. Don’t you agree, Ling and Vinnan?

  13. heiyyyaaa ling vinnan, lu manyak bolo punya cibai pundek. isa manyak babut maaaa. apa bikin buwang lakyat punya lui kasi bicala sama lu olang cipet lalam court? kungci sama lu lalam isa laaa.

    kasi singpan lu lalam isa gwa ingat pung tatak babut. apa bikin singpan lu isa lalam hali hali mau kasi lu olang makan feli bazir lui lakyat. lu olang lagi babut kasi makan singkili punya belak & kincing.

    gwa atak baca itu the kama sutra of vatyayana lalam atak tulit lingam gajah lingam kucing manyak manyak lingam. ling arrr lu apa pakei lingam gajah kaa lingam kucing kaa? lu nama ling tintu lu pakei kucing punya lingam. kling kwai cyakap lingam, cinapek dap cyakap cibai. cibai kucing lu ling. lingam tikut lu vinan. sini mali bikin kacyau. lu sana balik lu lomah sana kamintig punya.

  14. Pemimpin Orang Melayu masih menyokong Chauvinis Cina.
    Maka kalu kite serang balas Chauvis nis Cina untuk setahun, ke dua tahuan 10 tahun pun tak jadi ape sebab dema tahu pemimpin ugama Melayu ade di belakang nya.
    Punca dema kurang ajaaor adelah PM tidor dulu, yang buka pintu seluas nya semenjak 2004…
    changkat lobak
    arjuna waspada.

    • Hey, don’t insulted Tun Lah.

      He’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaay much better then you. I’ve lost count his PhD already. He has tonnes of them. What do u have contributed to Malaysia???

      (of course, i’m being sarcastic.. sorry mate..)

      PhD my arse, my foot!!!

  15. Wonder where these DAP/PR stooges got their news from? By reading their comments here, one can imagine how narrow minded, kiasu, ungrateful and yes BIG RACISTS they all are…They also pretend to be clever when in actual fact they are not……people like vinnan, DPP, ruyom etc who go round nationalist blogs and spew hate with their disinformations do that with an agenda..to divide and conquer the Malays……

    Hey, people we are not stupid …yeah thanks to your kind, the tiger has awakened (as someone just said..). No wonder other countries insists on forced assimilation…’cos you guys had shown time and again that you were skunks and will remain so till eternity……

  16. Looking at his face I doubt if he is 50? He looks older than my father who is in his ’65.

    immigration/Police… better check his citizenship documentations..

    Normally these type of people will try hard to avoid the.. Look at the PATIs, some hide on the rooftop, some under beds, some even jumped into the see..

    SgPelek’s beaches are very deserted, heard many illegals land here?

  17. We have been witnessing a spectacle of an individual (Anwar) doing things as he pleases. He, with a supporting cast of chauvinists and gangsters, has been allowed to organise demos, make a fool of the judiciary, make Muslims forget (and forgo) their religion, make a body which is supposed to combat corruption to doubt what it is supposed to do, etc, etc. I could go on with a list of what he and his gang have done, but what should already been apparent to all is that they are committing sedition and treason. Anwar and his gang don’t care a hoot about the consequences of their actions. He’s practically saying to himself, “I’m the king, I run this country, I can do whatever I want.”

    On the other side, the authorities are acting like lame-ducks, apparently unable to even lift a finger to handle the situation before it spirals out of control. They even seem to forget that they ARE the authorities with powers to act. They are there to preserve the peace and stability of the country. Yet they seem to be afraid to exercise their authority, afraid that they would be accused of “violating the human rights” of people who are themselves violating the law. The latest incident involving Wong Chuan How, the special assistant to Ronnie Liu, illustrates this. Don’t the MACC realise that there are legal provisions to use force if necessary? Do we want the authorities like MACC to be soft and defensive, and in the process further emboldening Anwer and his gang to merrily continue to taunt with their antics, thereby strengthening the perception that the current ruling party is unfit to run the government?

    Are the authorities going to allow this country to slide into anarchy? Maybe not yet. But if all that is unveiling before us continue, we may soon be on the way. Remember, one of the definitions of anarchy is the absence of or no government. Are we seeing that now – no government? Remember too the words of John Locke, the English philosopher: Where the law ends, tyranny begins.

    All this points to leadership. So the big question is: Who is actually running the country now? Anwar who seems to be a law unto himself, or Najib who possesses the full executive power but seems reluctant or afraid to use it?

  18. 1. The Boss was linked with underground activities; once Wong is arrested and information revealed that will be the end of the day. Wong takut mati.
    2. Wong has been threatened earlier by the gangster – look how he acted, pity him like old pondan. Takut dibunoh olih gangster.
    3. Let moves on, justice delayed justice denied.
    4. Opportunity seldom knocks twice, sapu bersih duit rakyat sebelum terlambat. This has been practiced by DAP.
    5. Never practiced what they preached, like empty vessels make the most noise.

  19. Alizul,

    Who is actually running the country now?

    Najib is trying his best to mend the past mistakes but Anwar, his cohorts and the DAP mobsters wouldn’t allow him.

    When Najib’s popularity is on the rise there will always be some nasty incident to make sure the people continue to hate him and the BN government.Yeoh’s death is one of them.How he died should not stay a mystery.The government must not leave any stone unturned to find the culprit, be it the MACC or the DAP mobster.

    The MACC must be stupid to shit on their own doorstep and I doubted very much they are that stupid.If the MACC made a mistake and caused the death of Yeoh than Najib should not protect them, those involved should be punished severely.I still believe this is not the area of guilt.There is something more sinister than that.

  20. Itulah mentality mereka.
    If anything is leveled against Pakatan,it is BN’s kezaliman!
    Sampai, if arrested, just shout ‘I don’t want to die!’

    For all we know, Wong knows that Teoh was pushed out the window by their own people.

    Why else is he so sure?

    Rationality has gone out the window because of Pakatan.
    Well done, all you people who wanted change, me included. Except that the change has gone weird!

    Let’s pull together and ensure that good governance and NOT STREET MOB rule when it comes to the next GE!

  21. […] death to cover up their Undeworld Vices  links and divert attention elsewhere with all the DAP theatrics, Gobind shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near the investigation.  For him to cast […]

  22. […] the court room to make a political statement instead of a watch-in-brief-or-the-Teohs lawyer. More DAP theatrics is expected. Closer and closer, the realism of DAP leaders involved in hedious crimes of the […]

  23. […] Assembly this morning. When they were barred to enter the Perak State Assembly by the authorities, the usual theatrics take place. Hence, in their sordid attempt to attract international attention, this time they convened the […]

  24. […] We should expect more DAP theatrics. […]

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