How far will Pakatan Rakyat leaders empower and implement new inconsistent laws?

The recent tiff between Selangor Pakatan Rakyat leaders pertaining to the alcohol issue seems to be  spiraling into deeper complications. The Menteri Besar, who is caught in the middle, has allowed decisions that would complicate matters further. Religious officers, which include mosque officials are now given empowerment to act on these alcohol issues.

The Star has the story:

Published: Monday August 24, 2009 MYT 5:47:00 PM
Updated: Monday August 24, 2009 MYT 7:08:04 PM

Selangor mosque officers can now arrest Muslims drinking in public

KUALA LUMPUR: Selangor mosque officers – imam, nazir, bilal and siak – are now empowered to arrest Muslims drinking alcohol in public places, said Selangor executive councillor for religious matters Dr Hassan Ali.

He said they could also arrest Muslims selling and storing alcohol beverages.

The officers were also empowered to arrest Muslims who commit offences deemed disrespectful in the month of Ramadan.

Hassan Ali said that more than 1,500 officers would be briefed on the relevant enactments so that they understood how to enforce the law properly, including gathering enough evidence, before bringing the suspects to Syariah Court.


This decision ought to be seen in different perspectives. The main point is that some of these mosque offcials that the Selangor Government empowering are not officials within the State Government formal structure. In fact most of them only are gven allowance for their ‘adhoc’ duties. Then eventually one might start to question the legality of this empowerment.

Another is that, what is the stand of DAP and PKR, who are PAS’s equal ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ strange-bedfellow partners in the unholy and ‘marriage of incovenience’. Isn’t any of PAS’s partners want to raise this as something which ‘infringing into human rights’?

The next “Thirteen Million Ringgit” question is that, would this be a national policy if and when Pakatan Rakyat under Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim fulfil his ’16 September’ promise?

Our next contention is that, would champion of ‘civil liberty’ like law practicioner Haris Ibrahim, who has been an advocate almost everything that PAS and Pakatan Rakyat stood for, stand by the merits, spirit and implementation of this latest Selangor Pakatan Rakyat decision?

Then again, one wonders how much of this empowerment will carry on further. Would be for politics, such decision would escalate into the empowerment of reprimanding women who does not observe their aurat such as singing in public, not wearing hijab, wearing short skirt and sleeveless shirts and even body hugging ware? Would eventually PAS enforce punishment for women who swim in public places?

Two and half weeks earlier, Selangor State Government introduced new ‘selective and inconsistent’ law perrtaining on the issue of alcohol management and enforcement. has the story:


August 07, 2009 19:25 PM <!–E-mail this news to a friend Printable version of this news–>

Self-Regulation On Sale Of Alcohol In Selangor


SHAH ALAM, Aug 7 Bernama) — The Selangor state government has decided that the sale of alcohol in the state would be guided by self-regulation on the part of the sellers in areas where its sales are prohibited to the Muslim community.

Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said, by “self-regulation” the seller could sell alcohol outside their premises if the demand for alcohol there was low.

He said, the state government would not prohibit the sale of alcohol in Selangor but that the shopkeepers were given a grace period of one month to stop the sale of aclohol to Muslims.

“We will start ‘self-regulation’ in Shah Alam to see how the concept of selling alcohol could be implemented to the non-Muslims,” he told reporters after meeting representatives from the Shah Alam Municipal Council (MBSA), KK Group of Companies and 7-Eleven, here Friday.

Abdul Khalid added that 7-Eleven, as an example, had stopped selling alcohol at 10 of its outlets in Shah Alam when there was no demand for alcoholic drinks.

Having stated that, he said the draft proposal by PAS to ban the sale of alcohor was not relevant.

“We must consider several factors to maintain the balance between sellers, buyers and the needs of the community. Selangor could be a friendly business state but there is also the need to tackle social problems in the state.

“So we cannot just stop the sale of alcohol. Stopping it will not solve social problems. We do not need too many laws, but we do need to respect each others’ needs in business, culture and the needs of the community,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shah Alam Mayor Mazalan Md Nor said the MBSA would follow the decision made by the Menteri Besar to implement the concept of ‘self-regulation’.

“The MBSA will give full cooperation to its business community following the decision by the state government and we will monitor its feedback within a month. We will focus on 17 mini markets in Section 1 to Section 24,” he said.

Chief executive officer of the KK Group of Companies, Datuk Dr Douglas KK Chai, said the decision by the Menteri Besar was fair because the company depended on the sale of alcohol.

“We will wait and see after one month if the self-regulatory concept works. It is a good step to take,” he said adding that the company had 40 mini markets in Selangor.



Law exist for many reasons, which include consistency. In that sense, God commands his subjects to be consistent in their approach to administer management of His Kingdom on earth. Are the Pakatan Rakyat leaders ready to implement and empower enforcement officers, which now include mosque officials, to be comprehensively consistent? Is the enforcement by these ‘adhoc enforcement officials’ only for the month of Ramadhan? What about other non Ramadhan months?

According to the religion od peace Islam, laws supposed to be just. “If its unjust, then it is not Islamic”.

Otherwise, one might think like anything that Pakatan Rakyat leaders do when they assume power, is all about politics and nothing else. These inconsistencies were previously seen in Kelantan and Terengganu, when PAS was briefly in power. This is a new ruling enforced by the same Pakatan Rakyat leaders who were alleged to have links if not association to the Lords of the Underworld Vices. Unless Selangor Pakatan Rakyat leaders do not practice the concept of ‘collective responsibility’.

Selangor people, be it Muslims or Non Muslims do deserve better.

 *Updated Tuesday 25 August 2009 800am

The Star has the full story on this new Selangor State Government ruling:

Tuesday August 25, 2009

Mosque officials get power to nab Muslims drinking alcohol


SHAH ALAM: Mosque officials in Selangor have now been empowered to arrest Muslims drinking alcohol in public places.

Also at risk of being arrested are Muslims selling, storing and displaying alcoholic drinks for sale.

Announcing this yesterday, Selangor executive councillor Datuk Dr Hassan Mohd Ali said the mosque officials empowered to carry out the arrest were the nazir, imam, bilal and siak.

Dr Hassan, who is also the Selangor PAS commissioner, said the officials were empowered to arrest without warrant under Section 18 of the Syariah Criminal Precedure (State of Selangor) Enactment 2003.

He said the officials would be required to adhere to procedures under the enactment.

“These officials have been appointed to assist the Selangor Islamic Religious Council and the Selangor Islamic Re­­ligious Department,” he told reporters after a briefing at Shah Alam mosque here.

The briefing was for the first batch of 300 mosque officials and was conducted by Selangor assistant Syariah legal adviser Mohamed Fouzi Mokh­tar.

Dr Hassan said officials from 170 mosques throughout the state would be briefed on the arrest procedure.

Explaining the procedure, Dr Hassan said those who drank in public would not be immediately arrested.

“They will be issued with a notice and they can be fined, especially those who retaliate or are uncooperative,” he said.

He added that mosque officials could not detain the alleged offenders for more than 24 hours.

“They have to be surrendered to the police or religious authorities within that period,” he said.

Dr Hassan said that if convicted of consuming alcohol in public places, an offender could be fined RM3,000 or jailed not more than two years or both under Section 18 of the Syariah Crimi­nal (State of Selangor) Enactment 1995.

Those caught selling, displaying for sale and storing or buying alcohol, could be charged under the same section and fined RM5,000 or jailed for not more than three years or both.


The fact is that, where will the alcohol offenders be held by these mosque officials,  in Dr Hassan Ali’s word “for less than 24 hours” or even a brief moment? Is this new ruling thought through at all, even the least?

*Updated 1230pm

Please read today’s Malay Mail and see how civil liberty lawyers Malik Imtiaz Sarwar and Haris Ibrahim reacted to this new Dr Hassan Ali’s ruling. Pro Pakatan Rakyat blogger Haris who was the counsel for one of Ayah Pin’s deviationist disciple was quoted that Pakatan Rakyat might not able to take over the Federal Government in the next General Elections.

Excerpts from The Malay Mail:

Lawyer Haris Ibrahim was more vocal in criticising the move by Hassan, saying even Muslims were not behind this ruling.

“If Hassan plans to push this through, I would think Pakatan Rakyat’s prospects of taking over the Federal government in the next election will get dimmer and dimmer,” said Haris when asked whether this could be seen as a national policy, if one day Pakatan Rakyat took over the Federal government as it had been planning to do.

Haris said Hassan’s move could be seen as an abandonment of a blueprint that had been agreed upon by Pas “which is not to form a Muslim State”.

“(It is) somewhat breaking a consensus that was reached when they formed Pakatan Rakyat.”


Lets see if Selangor Pakatan Rakyat can manage to even maintain half a term before it crumbles, just like their Perak cousins.  Unlike Barisan Nasional which has been around since 1953, ‘Marriage of inconvenience’ between strange bedfellows don’t usual last that long.

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11 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. My my..
    How well do these newly elected PR Government know the background of the “Mosque” officials to give them the rights to arrest people?


    Our Kampung mosque once was managed by a Nazir sama macam Khalid, hutang orang beribu ringgit dan bertahun2 lari tak mau bayar!

    And they want to give these kind of people authority to arrest others, gila benar PR nih!

    • Correction.

      TAK SAMA macam Khalid.

      Khalid di tuntut bank sebanyak RM66 juta.

      Sekarang bahru saya faham tuduhan 43 ekor lembu dahulu itu.

      Bahru faham kenapa dia tak keluarkan duit sendiri untuk mera’ikan kemenangan Pilihan Raya dia.

  2. hmm a good piece bro. Pakatan Rakyat talks loudly. But when it comes to actions, the sound they make are just squeaks.

    anyway, I’m sure Haris Ibrahim will not comment anything. Neither will Malik Imtiaz and other lawyers who are pro Anwar. These erdogans will play selective politics where they get involve in things that make them look good.

  3. it take at least 3 months for police to go for training.Even immigration and custom officers have to go for training for arresting people.
    imagine tok siak trying to arrest people drinking? I think somebody gonna get killed or beaten up if tok siak in puchong or in ronnie’s backyard trying to impose the law.
    Usually we have people who are overly excited, will try to show how powerful they are. and i am not surprised that this time we will see PAS people actually lying on the road and got beaten or dead!
    And who will they blame this time? Of course BN since the enactment was introduced before PAS took controlled of selangor state.

    • Are these duties designated to the mosque officials? If they are, these people who are on allowances, would ask for salaries. Have they the budget for that?

      Or, are they only “encouraged” to do those? If so, no serious attempts at curbing those wrongs of society. Politik saja. Propaganda saja. PAS pun sudah lama pandai main propaganda. Belajar dari DAP.

      Cash incentives bila tangkap? Without training, bahaya. A lot of complications, complaints, etc. Like Rela personnel rushing out to tangkap illegal residents when they were first brought into the scheme. But a new ruling came requiring Rela to only accompany either an Immigration or Police personnel, not to do the arresting themselves.

      In the case of mosque officials, who would Hassan Ali get to help do the arresting if complications and complaints come about?

  4. Although its thumbs up for stricter enforcement, Hassan Ali must be fair – is it not the duty of all Muslims to catch their brothers caught eating and drinking during fasting month? Not only that, close proximity during the fasting month may be quite prevalent. The reward must be the same to the mosque officials and us ordinary Muslims for catching these violators. Equivalent opportunity must be given to all practicing Muslims during these hard times, otherwise the enforcement appears more of a pretense.

    Those “humans” clamoring greater rights and civil liberties like the DAP and PKR suddenly become hypocrites when their own rights as Non Muslims are unaffected by the empowerment of the mosque; unlike the hue and cry for the supererogatory fast in the condemning the Perak State Government. These anti BN jokers, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike, jumped like pirates from the Perak River insulting the Sultan while expressing their rights and civil liberties. Nay, PKR and DAP and human rights advocates will likely play ball with PAS in this empowerment so as not to endanger their loose conspiracy.

    Equally abhorring to alcohol drinks are the others vices of the Underworld, namely gambling, massage parlors and alongs etc which seemed to have boomed since Pakatan took over Selangor. “Self Regulation” does not work in today’s borderless world; how far the distance is a majority Malay area from non- majority Malay area? On any other day, Malays high for paid sex (or beer) can just walk or drive within minutes to the next neighborhood of non- majority area to get jolly good body massages plus, plus (including sodomy) of course. Malays addicted to gambling can just take a motor ride to the next available gambling outlets? Hassan Ali should focus on tackling these vices if his leadership in Pakatan is ever to be respected. However I really doubt he dared of doing so for fear of endangering the greater interest of DAP and Pakatan’s leader known as the Fallen One. (Fallen out of Grace for sodomy)

  5. Undang-undang tu memang ada dari dulu lagi . Tapi mampukah PAS melaksanakannya . Lihatlah tragedi di Shah Alam bagaimana MBSA diherdik dan dimarahi oleh Roni , apakah yg dilakukan oleh Pejuang PAS dengan kejadian ini ?? . Semuanya menyorok ketakutan dengan Ronnie . Yang lebih hairan ,pihak MBSA melakukannya mengikut undang-undang !!!

  6. Bilal kat Kampung saya kecil dan lembut orangnya.

    Silap2 pesalah yang sedang mabuk ini pulak akan tangkap semasa ia cuba menangkap mereka. Faham2 sajalah orang sedang mabuk!

    Dah jadi masaalah lain pulak nanti!

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  8. […] State Exco Dr Hassan Ali went to present the case on the ’sale of alcohol policy’ to HRH Sultan Selangor instead of the MB, which is highly unlikely when an MB is still on duty. It […]

  9. […] Isu percanggahan dasar mengenai penjualan arak  dan perlaksanaan perundangan mengenai arak yang tidak konsisten di […]

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