Probable reasons for Anwar’s denial on meeting PM

Party-less Opposition Leader Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim has denied having a secret meeting with Sixth Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak.

The Star has the story:

Published: Tuesday August 25, 2009 MYT 12:34:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday August 25, 2009 MYT 1:13:08 PM

Anwar denies secretly meeting PM


BUKIT MERTAJAM: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has denied a report that he had a private meeting with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the Prime Minister’s residence in Putrajaya recently.

Anwar said he had met Najib privately in the past, but not recently.

“Who said that (I met with the Prime Minister)? Did Datuk Seri Najib say that?” he told reporters after casting his vote at SK Seri Penanti, Permatang Pasir here on Tuesday.

Anwar said on Tuesday that he meets Najib often during the Dewan Rakyat sitting.

On Monday, an online news portal reported carried a report on a purported secret meeting between Anwar and Najib last month.

It alleged that Najib had asked for the Opposition to work closely with the Government.

It also claimed that Najib had wanted to send the message that as prime minister, he was willing to work with the Opposition.

The portal claimed that Najib had told Anwar that it was important for foreign investors to have confidence in Malaysia.

The portal also quoted a report from an English daily online on Tuesday as saying that political sources from the Najib and Anwar camps had confirmed that the two politicians met at the prime minister’s residence.

According to the daily, the sources remain vague about what transpired at the session, which lasted just over an hour.


So much talk about this meeting actually took place. If it did, then it is a boon for PM Najib because the meeting is reflective who is actually in control and has the upperhand and where the power base really lies. It would be a bane for Anwar “Zionist PM of Malaysia” Ibrahim because it is reflective that his support is dwindling down. There are probable reasons why Former abuse of power convict Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim denied on the clandestine meeting, if it did actually took place:

1. The former-one-time-acused-of-sodomy Anwar is shameful that he is charged for the same crime and playing the same court-room-delay drama, again. This time, there is no Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to blame. Of course Anwar has yet to adrress a lot of unaswered questions.

2. Anwar “Someone-tried-to-arsenic-poison-me-in-prison” Ibrahim’s attempt to demonise PM Najib with the Sukhoi and Scorpene acquisition scandals  and the murder of Mongolian model Altantuyaa Shaaribuu failed

3. Anwar “Compulsive Liar” Ibrahim failed to deliver the “31 BN MPsready to cross over”  for the execution of the  “16 September 2008” Federal Government ‘democratically hostile take over’  which he promised to do so at Kelab Sultan Sultan Sulaiman padang when he announced “Ketuanan Rakyat” on ‘Black-14’ 14 April 2008

4. PKR lost two consecutive ADUNs and State Excos in Kedah, within six months and the evidence of ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ strange-bedfellows-in-an-unholy- and-‘marriage of incovenience’ backstabbing each other  is emminent

5. PKR Deputy Chief Minister of Penang (which is Anwar’s home state) Mohd. Fairus resigned in shame and disunity within the Pakatan Rakyat’s ‘strange-bedfellows-in-an-unholy-marriage-of-inconvenience’ is very apparent

6. Through the years, Anwar’s trusted right hand men such as Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, Ezam Mohd. Nor, Lokman Noor Adam, Abdul Rahman Osman and Ruslan Kassim left him and more and more dissappointed politicians who jumped into the PKR bandwagon realised that PKR is all about Anwar’s personal agenda and nothing else. All, is actually at the expense of the tanahair and anak bangsa, ibu pertiwi and even to a point where he is willing to politically-prostitute the sentiments of the majority against bringing back the “Butcher of Malaya” and his former personal counsel even described him as “Treacherous”!

7. Anwar’s own corporate Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim who is hand picked to manage the wealthiest state in the Federation has been declared by Kuala Lumpur High Court to pay back a sum of RM 67 million corporate loan, which he thought he could get away with

8. Anwar’s own trusted aide in Selangor YB Azmin Ali started the ruckus about Selangor Pakatan Rakyat’s DAP-strange-bedfellow-partners being hould be thrown out from the State Exco for being involved the Lords of the Underworld

9. Anwar’s trusted techno-cyber-anarchist Raja Petra Kamaruddin chickened out and now a fugitive in the UK. Despite being a darling of the Americans, personal relationships of his Jewish Neo Con friends and their ongoing strategic agenda to demonise PM Najib and Malaysia are failing and  starting to ween out

10. All of the above is about PM Najib was once a subordinate to Anwar “Pengkhianat Negara” Ibrahim as UMNO Youth Chief (1984-1987) and Deputy Prime Minister (1993-1998) and eventually PM Najib made it as the Prime Minister first and Anwar’s UMNO Youth Exco (1984-1987) is now the Deputy Prime Minister. Even disciples such as one-time-Anwar’s-“cronysim”-mouth-piece-as-UMNO-Youth-Chief and ISA detainees when Anwar started the mob-street Reformasi Dato’ Seri Dr. Zahid Hamidi is now UMO Vice President and Minister of Defense and Dato’ Seri Dr. Zambry Kadir is now Perak BN Chairman and managed to wrestle Perak from Pakatan Rakyat’s (specifically DAP’s) evil clutches

All these is inclusive of his failure to make the augur houses and Constitution as his circus and ‘indirect attempt’ to have a portion of the rakyat to rise, ingkar and derhaka against HRH Rulers in his sordid personal agenda to gain power.

Has Anwar no shame?

We here at BigDogDotCom aspire to be David Letterman in countdown-ing this list but we are having a difficult time and experiencing the agony of choice to sequentially list it according to merits. So do feel free to indulge!

P/S: Congratulations to Penang PAS Commissioner Mohd Salleh Man for winning N11 State Assembly seat


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  1. big dog

    kasi tunjuk jantan la, kasi bukti

    gua tau kote lu kecil berdasarkan hidung kecik dan kemek lu


    • yang nak cabar tunjuk bukti pun tengah “high” abiskan supply anak.

      beranikah pak lebai perosak rumahtangga buat polis repot pula? atau nak tunggu borang yang tulisan jawi???

  2. Very funny reasons, satu pon tak masok akal.

    • Atau akal kamu pendek???

  3. Wa mau lu tukar ini malaysia jadi cinasia.long live dap

    • dream on mate …

    • With a name like yours, it will never happen, dumbass.

      With a name like mine will ensure it’ll never happen.

  4. Easy, just show CCTV footage of his entrance to the PM residence.
    Semua orang yang keluar masuk akan dirakam pergerakan mereka, melainkan anwar itu adalah sejenis makhluk halus ( yang suka menghasut )

  5. RPK now a fugative in the UK? Where? Where? I thought he is in Mongolia with Bala?

    • heh heh, not suitable too cold

      already they got COLD FEET, not wanting to face the music

      maybe africa, haha

  6. Congratulation to PAS win with big majority. This si the proof that Malay support Anwar and UMNO will become history in next election.

    • HAHA

      Malay support PAS not anwar, heh heh

      such a twisted and shameless attempt at brainwashing

    • PAS candidate winning at a traditonally huge PAS majority area since 1999 (which happens to be the Anwar “Pengkhianat Negara” Ibrahim’s stronghold) isn’t something to shout about. More over, when this time majority is reduced.

      26% of the 20,290 voters are Chinese and 1.5% are Indians. If prorate of the 73% voters turnout, that should account for 4,050 votes.

      Just for agument sake since so many anti Malays who commented here in BigDogDotCom that ALL the Non Malays are so anti UMNO and vis-a-vis, pro PKR aka Anwar “Liar, Liar” Ibrahim, then all the 4,050 voters must have voted for PAS instead of BN. That only means for Mohd. Salleh Man to win a 4,551 majority, the 501 votes are Malays.

      That’s a good 50:50 split in the middle. How could one put up an argument that the Malays wholesomely rejected UMNO, especially in a PAS and Anwar stronghold?

      Had the voters turnout was at 83% (the difference of 10% which translate to 2029 votes), then with the same pattern, BN could have probably won.

      Considering that the BN candidate is a ‘problematic UMNO Youth man’, we must say that UMNO did a splendidly good job in harnessing so much equivalent votes in a PAS and Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim stronghold. The repeat of Manek Urai has happened.

  7. Hey BigDog

    Great article.

    In case the PKR supporters did not know or forgot, they can always interview his ex-close friends you mentioned in your article.

    That is if they really want to know the truth.

    HE HE HE

    • Hidup DAP, kudakan PAS ni cukup2, selagi kita boleh tunggang kuda ni kasik tunggang, yehaa…. PAS menang tak apa, itu negeri kita yang punye, PAS bukan boleh buat apa2 pun dalam ini negeri, bising2 sikit takpe la, nanti kita kowtim dengan dia punye pak sheikh, kalau pak sheikh dia susah mau kaotim kita kaotim dengan itu pak sheikh punye pak sheikh, tak susah, kasik satu hensemboy, kulit licin, dia suka la…. hahahaha hidup DAP..!!!! Ini penang, kita yang punye…!!!

  9. I like the 10 points you enumerated, bro. There are more but those are enough to show the kind of man he is.

    He simply cannot and must not be PM. Teruk negara di buat nya kalau dia jadi PM. He’ll do anything to get and remain in power. The rakyat suffers.

    He’ll claim a great victory in the Permatang Pasir PRK. But, like PRU12, it’s more of BN weaknesses than PR strength. UMNO didn’t vet the candidate properly. The battle was almost lost before it’s begun.

    But there are many signs of the PR crumbling. In Selangor the PKR is accusing DAP of Underworld links. PAS is in some kind of fracas over the sale of beer. In Kedah one Exco resigned and disbanded his PKR Division after having lost faith in the “Mat King Leather” Pak Sheikh.

    People are seeing who’s making use of who among PKR, PAS and DAP in the Pakatan. Most of all the Pak Sheikh is using everybody else in his attempt at gaining power for himself. His sodomy cases will haunt him. If his conscience (does he have much?) doesn’t, the courts will.

  10. Annuar “Drama King” is bogged down with myriad of personal & political problems that he will continue to be in a state of denial. Sulaiman Abdullah, leader of his team of senior lawyers defending him in his sodomy trial, suddenly left. Any idea why?

    • Ideas yes, facts not sure (being honest, unlike DAP and other fellows).

      Lawyers are supposed to defend even guilty people.
      And they are committed to defend, no matter what. Provided the accused are honest. Give the full facts so that the lawyers won’t face surprises, laughed at in court and elsewhere when they find out clients’ statements differ from the facts, or the facts shifting from one to another, or so hazy or tainted that they can’t prepare their cases and defend properly.

      Sulaiman Abdullah (a Muslim and a Haji) may have found one or more of the above-stated situations.
      He is not obliged to continue defending if any of the above happens. He won’t simply abandon a client unless it’s a serious reason. The good Haji pleaded illness probably to save his client’s face but the illness was not permanent.

  11. “So much talk about this meeting actually took place. If it did, then it is a boon for PM Najib because the meeting is reflective who is actually in control and has the upperhand and where the power base really lies.”

    Another way of looking at this scenario is : if indeed the meeting did take place then it is a boon for Anwar. This is Najib saying he recognises Anwar as the leader of the Opposition. Therefore, Najib admits the validity of an Opposition in a democracy. Good news all round for those who want to see a thriving two-party system in Malaysia.

    • No need for PM Najib to recognise Anwar as the Leader of the Opposition. He is already Opposition Leader in Dewan Rakyat! He is drawing salary and perks accorded to an Opposition Leader in Dewan Rakyat.

      The validity of having an official Opposition Leader in the Dewan Rakyat has been practiced since the first augur house convened after the 1955 GE and never before has the Dewan Rakyat did not recognise nor dishonour this official post.

      Lame argument indeed

  12. Dear Big Dog:

    Ini (sepuluh points) semua macan kelentong ‘aja.

    Source atasan saya dalam PDRM (yang masih jernih – dan yang kuat sembayang – macan ex-OCPD Sentul) cerita sebaliknya. NCO dan pegawai-pegawai Kanan yang kuat sembayang kat Bukit Aman semua tahu apa yang berlaku dengan kes DPM Anwar 1988.

    Sila “eloborate (terangkan)” dengan bukti-bukti yang sah dari pihak (source) anda.

    Yang Big Dog pampar di blog in dah cerita donggeng dan konspirasi Musa Hasan cum AG dengan orang tinggi politik UMNO.

    Si IGP dan AG itu memang kriminal betul (mintak-ma’af lah pegunaan bahasa (tulisan) gua) dengan intel kami.

    Anak buah-anak buah bawahan semua nak “belot” dan cuma tunggu saat-saat terperinci dan “kemunculan” pemimpin-pemimpin yang suci dan charismatic.

    • Kalau nak belot pun, pastikanlah belot pada pihak yang betul. Dah nama pun belot kan, hmmm… back when I was in the states, I do feel lucky that anwar didnt succeed as the PM, he was so close. You want to know what a jewish state feels like? The jews kept him close, ever wondered why? Suci konon, suci sangat la kalau berjuang untuk orang yang nyaris2 letak Malaysia ni on a platter to the IMF? Suci sangat la untuk orang yang bertuhankan yahudi di barat? For god’s sake dude, open up your eyes, he is best buddies with paul wolfowitz, how did that happened? He even put a girl, under his recommendation working with the IMF chief. Are you best friends with any jews? A particularly influential jew like Paul Wolfowitz, perhaps? If you do, how did you go about doing so? Do you know what is this Conrad Foundation? Go look it up, then baru la kau sembang gempak2 kat sini. Orang tu kalau dia imamkan sembahyang, baca khutbah, tu kira mukmin sejati ke? Kalau kau nih melayu la, takkan tak pernah dengar orang tua2 kata musang berbulu ayam? Suci kepala lutut kau la, alang2 kau nak belot nih, pegi la terang2 sokong israel state tu… sama je, kalau kau sokong anwar nih. Orang takkan dakwa sesiapapun on double jeopardy kalau takde bukti kukuh, kalau berani lawan la kat court. Mahkamah kan dah bersih, macam kau, sekarang nih kan? Lawan la beb. Nih nak tangguh2, cam takde telo. Kalau benar kena berani la, suci dan karismatik konon, poyo la beb. Kau tuduh orang2 nih apa kata explain, bukti2 dia, masuk rumah orang tak bagi salam, terus2 tuduh dongeng. Cite kau tu pun aku boleh kata dongeng. Kalau kau ada telo la, elaboratekan sikit dengan bukti2 yang sah… apa jadi pada 1988 tu? Musa hasan tu kotor? Mana bukti2 kau. Kalau berani la kan….

    • hehehe kelentong ??? , baik tanya Parti kelentong Rakyat .. 16 september dah dekat ni hahahahahaha bila lagi kot .

  13. […] Apakah pengikut tegar Pakatan Rakyat Primates bersedia untuk mengaku dan pasrah bahawa mereka sebenarnya ditipu bulat bulat dan hidup hidup, oleh Anwar “Pembohong” […]

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