The plot thickens….

The inquest in the death of DAP Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock is really coming up more interesting by the day. It is almost like a Hollywood crime thriller.

The Star has the full report:

Published: Wednesday August 26, 2009 MYT 9:27:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday August 26, 2009 MYT 3:26:06 PM

Teoh Beng Hock Inquest Day 14: Testimony of alleged kickbacks expunged

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03:23pm: Court adjourns to 2pm tomorrow. Witnesses expected to take the stand tomorrow are MACC officers Mohd Najeib Ahmad Walad, Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus and K. Sachianandan.

03:17pm: Abd Razak starts questioning Azhar. Azhar says Teoh appeared restless during the car ride to the MACC office,

03:05pm: Azhar disagrees with Gobind’s suggestion that Teoh was asked to drive his own car to MACC office because he would not get out of the MACC building. Azhar, who had the laptop and Hafiz, had the CPU. The two officers rode with Teoh in his car from Ean Yong’s office at the state secretariat building to MACC office in Plaza Masalam. Both offices are only a short distance away.

03:00pm: Gobind starts questioning Azhar.

02:56pm: Azhar said he last saw Teoh at 10pm in Selangor MACC office before he left to go back to his Putrajaya base.

02:35pm: Azhar said he was directed by Anuar to bring the laptop seized from Ean Yong’s office to the Selangor MACC office in Plaza Masalam. Another colleague Mohd Hafiz Idris was directed to bring the CPU. Azhar said he did not know why he was asked to bring the laptop.

02:10pm: Court resumes. Anuar’s testimony of alleged kickbacks made to a political party ordered to be expunged by coroner. 17th witness called to the stand – Putrajaya MACC officer Mohd Azhar Abang Menteri.

12:15pm: Court breaks for lunch. Proceedings resume at 2pm.

11:40am: To a question by Abd Razak, Anuar tells the court that an MACC officer, Bulkani Paharuddin had told him that another witness Tan Boon Wah, was arguing with Teoh in the men’s room of the MACC office at about 2am on July 16. Tan, who is a Kajang Municipal councillor, was one of the four witnesses present at MACC that night.

11:30am: Anuar says he didn’t lodge a police report straightaway after finding Teoh’s body because he believed that the first person who found Teoh had done so. At the time when he saw the body, there were already many people gathering on the fifth floor of the building.

11:22am: Anuar explains to the court the reason why MACC conducts night interrogation. He says in some investigations, witnesses who hold day jobs choose to be interrogated at night so it will not interfere with their work. Some witnesses choose not to be seen at MACC building for their own reasons so they choose night time to record their statement with MACC. Anuar adds the MACC office is open 24 hours.

11:10am: Court resumes

10:25am: Court takes a short recess.

10:20am: Tan Hock Chuan asks for a short break for all interested parties to have a discussion. Gobind objects again, saying, “No, the damage has been done. The allegations about DAP has been put on record. Teoh did nothing wrong. This inquest has turned into a corruption trial of Teoh Beng Hock.”

10:10am: Gobind gets up to object about Anuar’s testimony of alleged kickbacks received by a political party. He says Abd Razak has breached what was agreed yesterday, which was for the inquest to stay within the statement taken from Mohd Anuar by investigating officer ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal. Gobind says Abd Razak is using the inquest as a platform to talk about the entire investigation by MACC. “We have nothing to hide. We can bring our witnesses and justify the allegations by Mohd Anuar. Mohd Anuar’s allegations are baseless. it is unfair for my deceased client,” Gobind tells the coroner. Abd Razak says the result of the investigation by MACC is important to establish Teoh’s state of mind.

09:35am: Mohd Anuar takes the stand for the fourth time. He is now being questioned by lawyer representing MACC Datuk Abd Razak Musa.

09:30am: Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas allows application made by lawyer Salim Bashir for his client, Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah to sit in the court so that Ean Yong can listen to the testimony of Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officer Mohd Anuar Ismail.

09:25am: Day 14 of Teoh Beng Hock inquest begins.


Will heads roll? Time will tell.  Tan Boon Wah, who is the last person known to see Teoh Beng Hock alive had an argument with the deceased few hours before he died and later when the investigations started, was reluctant to give a timely full co-coperation. has the story:

August 26, 2009 15:53 PM

Teoh Had Argument With Another MACC Witness, Inquest Told


SHAH ALAM, Aug 26 (Bernama) — A Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigating officer told the Coroner’s Court here on Wednesday he was informed that the late political aide Teoh Beng Hock had an argument with another MACC witness at the Selangor MACC office.

Mohd Anuar Ismail, who is Selangor MACC acting senior superintendent, said that after Teoh was found dead he was informed by MACC officer Bulkini Paharuddin that Teoh and Kajang Municipal Councillor Tan Boon Wah had an argument at 2am in a toilet.

Questioned by Datuk Abdul Razak Musa, the lawyer representing the MACC, at the inquest into Teoh’s death, Mohd Anuar,32, said Teoh could not have died in detention because he was released and allowed to return home after questioning.

Teoh, 30, who was a political aide to Selangor New Village Development and Illegal Factories Task Force Committee chairman Ean Yong Hian Wah, was found dead on July 16 on the fifth floor corridor of Plaza Masalam, where the Selangor MACC office is located on the 14th floor, after questioning as a witness by the MACC over alleged misappropriation of Selangor government allocations.

“I do not agree that he (Teoh) died in detention because the witness was released at 3.45am and allowed to return home. However, Teoh sought permission from the recording officer (Mohd Nadzri Ibrahim) to rest for a while. I thought he had gone back then,” said Mohd Anuar.

He also said that after seeing Teoh’s bag, he tried to locate Teoh at the MACC office but failed to do so and he was sure then that Teoh had left and would come back to the MACC office with the documents he had been asked to bring.

As such, he said, he did not contact Teoh’s lawyer or family members to enquire about him, and he had intended to hand over Teoh’s bag when they met again.

Mohd Anuar also said that no force whatsoever was used on Teoh during questioning.

Questioned about Teoh’s lawyer, M. Manoharan, who was said to have been present at the MACC office and had attempted to contact Teoh on the day he was questioned, Mohd Anuar said: “I do not know (about that).”

Asked about the MACC operating round-the-clock, Mohd Anuar explained that this was necessary because some witnesses who worked during the day would ask to have their statements recorded at night so as not to disrupt their work. Some witnesses would not want to be seen coming to the MACC office for obvious reasons and would choose to have their statements recorded at night,” he said.

The hearing, before Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas, continues in the afternoon.


By: Ramjit

Meanwhile Gobind Singh Deo is like a defense lawyer for an acused murderer using the court room to make a political statement instead of a watch-in-brief-or-the-Teohs lawyer. More DAP theatrics is expected. Closer and closer, the realism of DAP leaders involved in hedious crimes of the underworld vices will be unravelled.

And so, the plot thickens….

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