Power crazy DAP is nothing but ‘kaki kencing’!

We  very well know this is inappropriate to do in commemoration of the 52nd Independence Day celebrations. Political situations have ‘gone to the dogs’, ever since these Pakatan Rakyat Primates took over control of several states. Never the less, we must put forth our through thoughts of what Malaysians are facing now and tomorrow.

DAP says they are both ‘democratic’ and ‘action oriented’. In the case of Kampung Buah Pala in Penang, it is not. In fact, DAP Penang Government lied. The Star has the story:

Published: Sunday August 30, 2009 MYT 6:39:00 PM

Guan Eng only gave partial truth about Kg Buah Pala, says Koh


GEORGE TOWN: Former Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon hit out at his successor Lim Guan Eng for not telling the whole truth about the Kampung Buah Pala land issue.

“He has told only the partial truth, and is good in twisting facts about the issue.

“He said he had the chronology of the minutes during the state executive council meeting related to the issue by the previous government, but he has only revealed partial information.

“This is unfair, and if he wants, we can answer all his allegations. We had found solutions to the problems faced by the villagers problems but it was the Opposition that then tried to create problems,’’ he added when opening the Penang Gerakan’s annual delegates conference Sunday.

Dr Koh, who is Gerakan president, also urged the state government to start getting down to real work, and not to just play politics.

He said the previous state government proposed the light monorail transit project, for which it had identified routes, and Rapid Penang.

“But when Pakatan took over the state, Lim announced that an underground subway was better, a few months later he said a skytrain was a better option.

“Rather than talking about solid and concrete planning, Lim is just making all kinds of announcements according to his whim and fancy.

“The state government has been sending out different kinds of signals and messages.

“Hence, the Federal Government has to postpone the plans as it does not know what is going on, one minute it’s this and the next minute it’s something else,’’ he said.

He later told reporters that the party’s younger members here should engage themselves in debates with Lim to answer accusations made against the previous state government.

He said the party was training many young leaders who could take on Lim.

“I will be around to back them up. However, I want to advise them not to go to the extreme, as criticism must be based on facts and on the welfare and interest of the people,” he said.


Lets briefly analyse the DAP. It was a spinoff of Chinese Chauvinist PAP when Singapore was expelled from the Federation of Malaysia because they are ambitiously-greedy, really cannot keep to their promises when they were admitted as a ticket to get out from the status of autonomy and yet still in the realm of British Crown Colony. The are so undemocratic as the Lees had been at the helm of the party (with the exception of Kerk Kim Hock as the Secretary General briefly). The DAP has no plans what so ever to address the Malays and their inherent issues, being more than 65% of the populus. They even have only one Malay man in their Central Executive Committee, on top of the recently appointed Malay Vice Chairman.

They are nothing about democracy. They are nothing about rakyat. They are nothing about action. They are nothing about social justice. They are about minorities with little regards for adab, tradition, heritage and history upholding their Chinese Chauvinism, using intellectually acceptable universal values and principles of ‘democracy, social justice, human rights and civil liberty’ as all time connivingly sleek excuse to be in the business of messing what is important for the majority. They even resorted to being blatantly ingkar and derhaka, to HRH Rulers.

To defy the interests of the majority for the skewed agenda of the minorities is utterly un-nationalistic and unpatriotic. For 44 years, the Malayan Communists Party (via Malayan People Liberation Army) did exactly that, but brutally.  The socio-political landscape of pre-Independence Malaya was changed by the terrorism caused by these merciless rebels. Now after the Hadyaii Accord been signed in December 1989, the ‘objective’  of minorities to assume power and defy interests of the majority  is being ‘masquaraded’ to what is palatable to the more educated, intellectual, professional, sophisticated and urbanite Malaysians, especially the Non Malays. Strategically, they now use techno-cyber tools as their modus operandi.

As the Malays say it, Jangan terhantuk baru nak tergadah. By then, its “Nasi menjadi bubur“!

It is a timely reminder for the 52nd Hari Kemerdekaan. It is already proven that the DAP Leaders would do very little to ensure for the defense of the realm. Do not allow the rakyat go on the wrath just because of some Chauvinist. The majority, which include the Chinese who are pro-nationalist instead of the pro-socialist DAP, have a bigger stake to see the sucess of this tanahair.

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  1. Bila dia pikiaq nak buat underground rail, nah, tak pasai2 Penang mula BANJIR besar!

    Pasai sistem erobus tu, dah lapok, DBKL dah ada kajian terperinci dan unit khas untuk tujuan ini pada tahun 1985 dulu. Bayangkan 24tahun – dia duk nganga baru keluaq sekolah, bekas Dato Bandar dah keSwitzerland jumpa Mendiang inventor sistem tersebut. OUT OF DATE..

    Kesian tengok dia.. masih hingusan duk pedo’ apa pembangunan nak dia bawak masuk.. golf? Sekarang sekadar jadi Mandor duk manage projek orang2 lama..

  2. Lim Kit Siang had since the days PAP and Singapore were kicked out of Malaysia been admiring Lee Kuan Yew so much that every little thing Lee Kuan Yew he wants to follow.

    Right from the all-white party dressing to mentoring a son as the chief of an island. He was over-awed with anything Lee Kuan Yew. The so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” chauvinism, non-acknowledgement of the established history of the country, the Social Contract and not respecting the Constitution of the country. Now Lim Kit Siang probably imagines himself to be the “Little Emperor No.2” in not so middle “Little Middle Kingdom” up north.

    He and his supporters exploit each and every opportunity they can find and turn it into ant-Establishment, anti-mainstream bashing. They are racist chauvinists when they are not thankful of the Malay leaders agreeing at Merdeka that non-Malays be given citizenship and non-Malay leaders agreeing the Malays be given a Special Position. Followers of Tun Tan Siew Sin acknowledged agreed that the wise old man had said in 1969 that the Malays had been “generous enough” not only in agreeing to citizenship for non-Malays at Merdeka but also relaxing citizenship rules after Merdeka.

    They even try to question the Special Position of the Malays that has been enshrined in the Constitution. They must realise that the Malays can question their right to citizenship because the one was agreed to in consideration or in exchange for the other. Really, these fellows are trouble makers and must be watched in the national security interest.

  3. No matter what, DAP is still better than racist UMNO.110%

    • yeah right and you are superman as UMNO is not as racist as DAP where everything is about the father and the son

    • Nobody in their right mind would deny that UMNO (Malay race) have been working hand in hand with MCA (Chinese race) and MIC (Indian race) eversince Merdeka days, not to mention Gerakan, PPP etc.

      But what other race party has DAP been working hand in hand with? PAS? PKR? since when? can you say this DAP-PAS is truly hand in hand?

      DAP has always been chinese and NEVER Malaysian. Of late the party should be banned and its leader should be considered for citizenship strip!

  4. At least a Malay can join DAP anytime he wants, even YOU!

    Can a chinese or indian join UMNO?

    whos the racist party?

    • You don’t know to say anything else, do you? You have no clue about political parties. Just make 1-2 lines racism accusation here and there.

      That’s the problem with DAP supporters. They don’t know much but want to speak out a lot. They start concocting things, including the history of this country. Then they accuse people with all sorts of things. Imagine the DAP Sec General blaming MACC just as the Police was starting their investigation over Teoh’s death.

      Then they say they don’t trust the Police, MACC and everybody else. And they trust the Selangor Exco members alleged to have Underworld links by fellow PR ADUN and MP. And those fellows who are being investigated for taking money meant for public projects.

      You and your kind are sad specimen of Malaysians, Gopal. Try to think wider, outside your own box. Try to have a wider perspective. Then you might find that life is more meaningful for you.

    • DAP racist hypocrite !!! , shouting about “Malaysian Malaysian” . At the end its all about they chauvanist racist minded .

      Shouting About Ketuanan Rakyat !!! But its Ketuanan DAP and Hindraf bastards !!! Rakyat being bullied by this hypocrite racist .

      DAP is just about hypocrite !!!

    • what is one Malay in chauvinist chinese DAP compared to thousands of chinese in MCA & Gerakan, who really work together with UMNO?

      Only one patung Malay in chauvinist chinese DAP is as good as nothing. It is just a desperate move by this chauvinist chinese DAP trying to fool Malaysians!

    • Sunwayopal,

      DAP is actually UMNO but without its compromise. I don’t think by bragging about how easy we can join will delete the fact that DAP works ALONE no matter which angle you look at. They can’t work well with PAS. They can’t tolerate much PKR.

      BN on the other hand work differently whereby you don’t have to join UMNO in order to be BN.

      If UMNO, MIC and MCA are the utmost racism that we have, at least they’re still in one coalition.

  5. DAP bukan sahaja tebal dengan perkauman tetapi tebal dengan benteng anak beranak.. Lims dan Karpals. Begitu juga dalam PKR.

    Keahlian pelbagai bangsa di DAP dan PKR sekadar mengkelabukan dan cuba menjadi putih dari daki yang tegar.

  6. Koh Tsu Koon, typical UMNO racial supremacist dog. Create a problem for their own benefit and when these dogs get no benefits they blame someone else for the mess they created.

    These are the same UMNO MOOhidden racial supremacist in Shah Alam with their Cow Head tactics to start racial riots. Then when a riot does not happen they blame the PR government in Selangor as stooges for the DAP.

    We know what you UMNO racist are up to and we WILL punish you racial supremacist come the next GE. Your racist tactics hardly made a dent in the Permatang Pasir by-election and we will make sure you fail nationwide. If I am not mistaken 60% of the parliamentary seats in the peninsula are mixed constituencies like the Permatang Pasir seat. Do you see the end of UMNO now?

    UMNO clowns fomenting racial riots and engineering power grabs when the economy is falling like a rock. Economic issues too difficult for your UMNO racist brain to deal with? Then again with Badawi the man who bombed economics in the university controlling UMNO from behind what can one expect from UMNO. Mahathir is racist but he understands the economy. To be accurate, he is damn good at managing the economy. The present crop of UMNO leaders are just racist idiots, period

    • You dream mehh.. GE 13, the Malays will solidly supporting BN again. Only the PKR Malay will still hulahup with Anwar and Racist DAP.

    • Attention! Attention! Attention!

      Come and let us hear who is spewing racist remarks here!

      Can you see him? Too dark? Hitam legam? No wonder, he came from dark underground filthy world and he should be kicked in the butt to wherever he came from!

    • Vinnan,

      In BN, we have put a chinese candidate in majority malay area such as Kong Cho Ha in Lumut.

      We also have Kayveas in Taiping which has Chinese majority.

      Any example on your side?

      Anyone can talk cheap.

  7. Vinnan, take a step back and listen to yourself. You are just as racist, with your comments. If your don’t like this country so much, why don’t you go back where your forefathers came from? That’s one good option you should consider, you know. Maybe you can be a Tuan back “HOME”?

    • I refused in the past to react to this vile and vicious dog I see barking here and there. I didn’t want to bring myself down to his level.

      But I think you are right, Kama. He and the likes of him who hardly see anything good in this country and don’t even respect the Constitution should really get lost. Malaysia won’t lose one little bit from them. In fact, will gain from less problem on the path towards progress.

      They tweak and twist events and statements, and accuse others of fomenting racial riots. They refuse to see or deliberately omit acknowledging the explanation by one of the demo leaders that the cow head was not intended to insult Hindus, it was not left at the temple site but at the gate of Khalid’s offices as a symbol of Khalid’s stupidity over such and other issues, being led by the nose, like a cow, by DAP goons. And people say the demo organisers were Khalid’s own party members.

      I agree 100% with what you said above.

      • I am wondering where were Lim Kit Siang and those Racist bunch when A Pig Head was thrown into the mosque? Where were Samy Vellu and Hindraf then..

      • hahahah AntiHipokrit..

        Im also wondering the same thing.. where is those racist “Sinking Ship” and Maulana Guan Eng when those thing happened??

        and where is Terresa Kok when the poor girl in “Nude Squat” case turned out to be Malay?

        Where are they?? Where are the non-malays dominated NGO’s?

  8. nah. let us now cakap pasal DAP. how many Malays in the Central Committee?

    We must understand that DAP is a multi racial party. So the Central Committee must consist of pelbagai kaum. But then, hey berapa banyak chinese ada dalam DAP? dalam Central Committee? compare to the malay/indian?

    that is for a party who been labeled as multi racial.

    for UMNO it is been always a different story. UMNO has always been and shall always be a Malay party.

    so, the keahlian of non malay in UMNO is out of question.

    now, do you get it?

  9. HE HE HE

  10. I totally agree that the DAP is SICKENING!!!

  11. Vinnan, take a step back and listen to yourself. You are just as racist, with your comments. If your don't like this country so much, why don't you go back where your forefathers came from? That's one good option you should consider, you know. Maybe you can be a Tuan back "HOME"?;. All the best!!

  12. Absolutely, DAP is NAJIS. We must either patah the kaki of the NAJIS or stop the blood flow to their alat kencing.

    As a priority, DSAI must be exterminated but such must be done neatly so that no foreign interference namely the US Administration and their stooges including human rights groups can come to his rescue understanding that he is their protégée to wreak our political stability.

    He is the King Drama to many but to me, DSAI is always the “Fallen One” as in Transformers 2 – the Rise of the Fallen. If you have seen the movie, you will see the resemblance of the Evil One known in ancient history as the Master of Mischief having fallen from grace for his disobedience to Almighty. DSAI has unfortunately successfully given Tok Guru (and his reformist group) the sweet bite of the forbidden fruit i.e the taste of power sharing with the DAP, their actual arch enemy. Similarly LKS, the High Priest of Pakatan has also bitten the sweet forbidden fruit and now masterminding the destruction of Malay political dominance by throwing blind support to PAS.

    PKR as a party with little future for its existence is to mainly to support the personal devious aspirations of the Fallen One; however its main potent are several ruthless black snakes from the legal profession out to make a quick play on power and wealth. Together with their co-rogues from the Bar Council and NGO’s like Transparency International and Human Rights Watch, they vigilantly support the Malaysian Malaysia agenda (a mask hiding the finest form of racism) on human rights whist ridiculing the rights of the Bumis as enshrined in the constitution and social contract. For a few dollars more, they, together with some Malays who have all but forgotten their roots, refused to accept the unique differences and realities of our society with others.

    Thus assured with the support of their conspirators, the Najis presently stands high steaming with their alat kencing urinating whenever and wherever they wish knowing full well that if they stop kencing, they stand to loose votes garnered from their chauvinism, racism, hatred and selfishness.

    God willing, once DSAI is behind bars for his forbidden love of “the back channel”, most certainty the unholy alliance will dissipate. In the meantime, all efforts must be continued to “seek and destroy” these machineries and the support system that enables the DAP to parade starkly with their Najis under the name of greater freedom and liberty and disrespecting our Rulers. Our PM must be steadfast and stand firm in not allowing the Fallen One together with the DAP/ Pakatan continue with all their deception and falsehood. For UMNO, it must continue cleaning its liabilities like KJ; the Silent Majority will never forget his misdeeds and shortfalls of his weak father in law.

    In the longer term, I believe the solution to stop the chauvinist Najis lies in revamping our present education system into 1 Malaysia School. The shortfall of the Chinese vernacular school system was well deliberated by Rithuan Tee in his article “Merdekakan Pendidekan Perkauman” which appeared in this week’s Mingguan Malaysia. Such schools are indeed the breeding ground for the kaki kencing, lets be honest with ourselves.

  13. Let us be fair before we start to condemn others. As far as I understand fairly good enough, BN has always seen DAP as a pain in the ass. I don’t see any occassion that DAP display themselves as party of rascists, extremists and being corrupted. Tell us how many DAP leaders have been jailed for being corrupted. Tell us how many DAP leader has been jailed for saying unconstitutional words against Malays rights. Yes, they fight for the rights of all Malaysians. Is that anything wrong with that.

    In actual fact, we can see 99.9% (a non-bias statistic) of them as more loyal to the country, fighting for a just cause for all Malaysians.

    The final conclusion is that BlackBigUgly Dogs and his cohorts will fail in whatever attempts they have against DAP or Pakatan.

    • Saudara Be Fair

      You said, “In actual fact, we can see 99.9% (a non-bias statistic) of them as more loyal to the country, fighting for a just cause for all Malaysians”

      Really? Are you sure you are not talking of MCA or GERAKAN



  14. […] is illegally and unhygenically conducting his business in a residential area. In the case of ‘Kampung Buah Pala’, the DAP controlled Penang State Government couldn’t be bother… as the affected villagers are of Indian ethnicity and not […]

  15. […] like stall allocation in Komtar, Kampung Buah Pala, Kampung Tanjung Tokong and the most recent, the private college in Balik Pulau. The fact is that […]

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