Pakatan Rakyat leaders and demonstrators should also be charged under Seditions Act

Respected blogger-journo Rocky posted a piece about the six involved in a demonstration two Fridays ago against the ‘Section 23 temple’ are expected to be charged by AG’s chamber tomorrow under Seditions Act. Apparently the Police completed their investigations and all investigation papers were passed to the AG’s chamber for further action.


If the six were to be charged, then Pakatan Rakyat leaders and demonstrators outside Ubudiah Mosque and Istana Iskandariah should also be charged under the same act. The planners and demonstrators who vehemently rejected and tried to fail the swearing in of ADUN Pangkor Dato’ Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir as the 10th Perak Menteri Besar, which included the attempt to block HRH Raja Muda Perak Raja Nazrin Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibuddin Shah’s entourage from proceeding towards the palace. Words and actions that were deemed inciting and instigating the anger of the rakyat against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak Tuanku Sultan Azlan Muhibuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah and HRH Raja Muda Perak. This blatant ‘KURANG AJARNESS’ is very reflective the minds of Pakatan Rakyat supporters, even here in bloggphere which resulted to an explicit reaction by HRH Sultan Selangor.

State Assembly under the tree

These Pakatan Rakyat Primates insulted the explicit order of HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak and instigated the fury of level headed Malaysians by organising an illegal Perak State Assembly under a  raintree. When a proper State Assembly finally convened in accordance with the Perak State Constitution, these Pakatan Rakyat Primates insulted the intelligence of HRH Raja Muda Perak who was invited to grace the augur house forum, something which could be seen as nothing less as ‘instigating’ the fury of rakyat who have affection and much regards for the Royal Household institution.

PR primates

Pakatan Rakyat component members, especially Reformasi arnachists who evolved into PKR,  are very synonymous in mobstreet politics. King of modern Malaysian anarchy former-abuse-of-powe-convict Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim should be arrested inder the same laws many times over for causing so many segments of the rakyat to be angry. His called to bring back MCP Secretary General Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng in his sordid attempt to promote ‘anarchy‘ in Malaysia should be seriously evaluated under the Seditions Act also.

DAP Leaders, which include Chairman Karpal Singh should also be charged for inciting and instigating with his “Singh is King” remark. The most recent is the moment Selangor Government DAP Exco Politcal Secretary Teoh Beng Hock was reported to be found dead the morning after being interviewed for a corruption investigation, DAP Leaders were amazingly quick to blame MACC  for the sudden death and thus instigated the rakyat to distruss and sow hatred towards the authorities.

The ‘rule of law’ shall prevail.

Unless Pakatan Rakyat under partyless-Opposition-Leader Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim felt strongly that ‘archaic and draconian’ laws such as the Internal Security Act and Seditions Act should be repealed and consistently demanded for so, then they should fight for the ‘human rights’ of these six men who are expected to be charged tomorrow under the same ‘draconian and archaic laws’.

*Updated Wednesday 9 September 2009 1200noon

Published: Wednesday September 9, 2009 MYT 11:07:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday September 9, 2009 MYT 1:09:10 PM

‘Cow head’ protestors charged with sedition, illegal assembly (Update)

SHAH ALAM: Six people have been charged in a Sessions Court with sedition in connection with last month’s cow head demonstration.

The accused arrived at the court at 8.40am and were greeted by scores of supporters in a packed court room.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohd Dusuki Mokhtar asked for bail to be set at RM15,000 each. Bail was later reduced to RM4,000 each.

The case is up for mention again on Oct 21.

The accused were later taken to a Magistrate’s court where they and six others were charged with illegal assembly under the Police Act.

Those charged with sedition and illegal assembly are Mohd Azmir Mohd Zain, Ahmad Suhairy Zakaria, Mohd Hilmi Ni, Ibrahim Sabri, Ahmad Mahayuddin Abd Manaf and Eyzva Ezhar Ramly.

Another six charged with illegal assembly alone are Jainudin Md Yusuff, Mohd Jurit Ramli, Mohammad Nordin Zakaria, Jamil Mohamad Isa, Rahimuddin Md Harun and Azhari Shaari.

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  1. Macam mana saya nak sokong umno …. orang melayu demo kena charge bila india hindraf demo apa pun takdak.Mengapa umno begitu takut ?

    • telur dah simpan dalam peti ais la bro takut pecah

  2. Najib got not guts. Tak da telur.

  3. Let alone the Pakatan Primates, Najib even has no guts to take action on Khairy Jamaluddin. The longer “no action” by Najib on KJ, the thicker the perceptions that KJ having copies of files what Najib is all about. Just call UMNO EGM, sack KJ should Najib doesnt has gut on his own.

    Dear Najib, Tun Mahathir even sacked his Deputy and Deputy PM for the later abused his power. That what we call a “man”.

  4. I’ll sit out this UMNO on UMNO fight and watch with glee from the sidelines.

    • We know you have even agreed to be called idiot.

      • Absolutely. Its a small sacrifice so that UMNO continues to be just the way it is.
        You guys rock!

    • I’m watching gleefully too as PR Selangor is in the brink of collapsing 🙂

  5. Payah-payah sangat nak berubah, bubarkan saja UMNO dan masukkan ke dalam Muzium Negara.

    Sesungguhnya UMNO adalah parti yang amat berjasa dalam membela bangsa dan bangsat Melayu.

    • Setuju !

      • tak setuju he he!

  6. Terima kasih tuan kerana mengingatkan. Lembu2 1Malaysia ini terlalu cepat lupa bila Islam dihina, Melayu dicerca. Almaklumlah.


    Death Toll : 5
    Raped : 1
    Drug charge : Many

    1. JOHOR BARU: The body of a man wrapped up in a carpet was found stuck in a garbage trap near the Pulai water reservoir here. R. Maniam, 30 is believed to have been murdered elsewhere and dumped into the river.

    2. SEREMBAN: A man found guilty for the murders of a politician and his son five years ago was saved from being sent to the gallows — as he was one month short of his 18th birthday when the killings took place. The man, who turns 23 next month, was convicted of killing former Rahang MIC branch chairman D. Balakrishnan, 54, and his 21-year-old son Kartigesan in September 2004.

    3. JOHOR BARU: A 30-year-old man was jailed 12 years by the High Court here after he pleaded guilty to causing the death of his month-old son in June. G. Arumugam admitted to the offence. Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohd Fazaly Mohd Ghazaly said the baby suffered multiple injuries caused by a blunt object on his head, chest and abdomen.

    4. KUALA LUMPUR: The main suspect in the murder of a woman whose body was found buried in a concrete staircase landing is a violent man with a history of child abuse and assault. The wife of the man had admitted during police questioning that she saw her husband killing the woman after a heated argument. The dead woman has been identified as Chitra, 43, a divorcee

    5. KUALA LUMPUR: A 27-year-old woman was being raped by two men in a shed when a passer-by, who heard her screams, alerted the police who rushed to the scene and rescued her. ACP Rahim urged anyone with information on the whereabouts of G. Dyayalan (I.C. No 840410-14-6187), whose last known address is 22-00-09 Gombak Setia, Batu 5, KL, to alert the nearest police station

    6. KUALA LUMPUR: A drug trafficking syndicate operating within the compounds of various temples in the city has been smashed following the arrest of five of its members. Initial investigations showed that the members would wait for their clients in areas around Brickfields, Pantai Dalam and Bangsar. Three men and a woman, aged between 31 and 51 years, were nabbed at the temple at 10.45pm. All of them tested positive for opium.

  8. So what if they are charged – for stamping down on the infamous cow head and that is called sedition? It’s the greatest joke but then on the other hand, it may serve as the forerunner for countless others to follow suit. I am not overly worried for the cow protesters because what they did was in the best interest of their Muslim community and insya’allah they will be rewarded in this world and in the hereafter. I am sure there will be many for will contribute for a just Muslim cause in paying up the fines. If they want to fight the case too, they will get support from the Muslim community too.

    But look at what Khalid Samad said, as quoted in Malaysia Insider “Cow Head will haunt UMNO in Bagan Pinang”. KS exemplifies everything Pakatan does, in this case, PAS, is connected with politic leverage proving PAS is not necessary fighting for Islam but using religion for political gains. Thus nothing surprising for KS sold the word of Allah to the Catholic Church. Not much difference that his other K, the flip flop MB.

    While Muslims in this country are called to be tolerant to the other minority faiths by following the manifestation of Islam’s glorious past, let’s use our head as well as our hearts in confronting with this predicament. Lets not just look at history as presented and written in the West but to the inherent messages that are presented in such past revealed to each of us as we pray with the greatest of faith for guidance and enlightenment in our daily lives.
    I would believe the vast majority of the majority (Malays) have been more than tolerant to the minorities; what we the majority asked for are equal measure based on our constitution and social contract. Let us not being fooled or manipulated for being called intolerant. We Malays must confront the many dangers before us and be especially careful of those wolves within our brotherhood, in this instance the 2Ks……ugh they are so, so hideous.

    Let’s also be honest and not kid ourselves. In our political system, it’s less about religious sensitivities than about the special rights enshrined in our Constitution and the Social Contract because there’s where the rinngit and sen for our livelihood and future prospects are translated; let’s nip the bud against those who disagree on our Constitution and Social Contract and haul them up for sedition.

    • Setuju.

      • Setuju. Jasamu tetap dikenang setelah Parti Islam SeMalaysia menjadi pemerintah. Tetapi badanmu akan hancur setelah segala penyelewangan dan jenayah yang didalangi oleh parti UMNO dibawak ke muka pengadilaan.

      • setuju tapi tak setuju dgn kacangcase

      • PAS memerintah…. TAKE BEER..!!!!! opps… takbir…!!!!

      • pegi mampus dolah,Jangan main-main dengan istilah Takbir(Membesarkan Allah). Jangan sesakali ubah perkataan takbir

  9. Kerajaan tidak habis-habis dengan sikap “apologetic”nya. Kalau Melayu “melaung” untuk mempertahankan haknya, cepat-cepat kerajaan “pulas telinga”. Kalau kaum-kaum kurang ajar dengan Raja-Raja Melayu, dengan biadap sekali menceceh dengan perkataan yang amat keji dan menulisnya di portal-portal news, apa kerajaan buat? Berdiam diri saja?

    Kenapa tidak ditangkap mereka-mereka yang menghina Raja?

    Kenapa tidak ditangkap mereka-mereka yang terlibat dalam isu Chin Peng?

    Kenapa dibiarkan portal-portal seperti MT, Malaysia kini etc yang menjurus kepada anti nasional dalam tulisan-tulisan mereka, bermaharajalela di media?

    Apa jadi dengan blog haram jadah sjsandteam bastard dulu?

    Kenapa orang-orang bernama LKS, Karpal S dan yang seangkatan dibiarkan saja menghasut rakyat?

    Kenapa ditangguh-tangguh entah sampai bila perbicaraan Anwar Ibrahim?

    Apa ini semua, Dato Najib?

    Kerana memikat undi kaum yang bukan majoriti????? Jangan sampai burung di belukar tidak terjerat, burung di tangan terlepas lari!

    Mungkin sudah sampai masanya untuk Orang Melayu menubuhkan parti politiknya sendiri!!!

    “Negara ini namanya Tanah Melayu”

    Semerah Padi

    • Saya pun pernah terfikir apa yang saudara sarankan. Nampak gayanya UMNO dibawah Najib tak ada lebihnya dari UMNO dibawah Dollah Al-Tiduri.

      Adalah lebih baik dutubuhkan suatu parti untuk Melayu yang baru. UMNO, PAS & PKR tidak boleh menjadi dahan untuk berpaut. Mujur ada DYMM Agong dan Duli-Duli Sultan, payung untuk kita berteduh.

      Wahai cendikiawan Melayu diluarsana, usahakn suatu parti siasah khusus untuk orang-orang Melayu yang telah meluat dengan UMNO, PAS dan PKR. Biar kira racist kerana hanya cara itu sahaja kita dapat pertahankan hak dan bumi Melayu ini.

      • semerah padi & apa pasal. dua2 typical melayu yang bodoh sombong. biar racist asalkan hak kita dapat dipertahankan? halo, ni gua mana kau baru keluar dah? nak suruh najib zalim kat bangsa lain pasal melayu yang bodoh? ini lah akibatnya jika terlampau percaya kepada propaganda BTN. Masalah sebenar bukan bangsa lain, tapi pemimpin melayu itu sendiri. melayu yang makan rasuah, yang beri rasuah, yang bunuh melayu sendiri. kebanyakannya melayu dari golongan orang UMNO. cukuplah dengan 50 tahun penipuan.


      • Yes we are racist. So what?

      • Hindu Sangam that operates that “150 years old” kuil in Sec.19 also racist. DAP also racist. MCA racist PAS racist so?

      • pribumi perkasa!

        we r all racists just admit it

      • Melayu bukan racis. Kaum UMNO yg racis sama seperti Kaum DAP dan Kaum Hindraf. Hanya Melayu PAS dan PKR yang tak racis dan kerana tu kaum lain sanggup memberi kepercayaan kepada mereka untuk menerajui pimpinan negara dibawah Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Kerana dia tau dia akan bertindak dengan adil. Kalau ada isu yg membabitkan kaum, bukan sentiasa kaum Melayu atau kaum bukan Melayu akan menang. Tetapi kita pasti keputusan yang bakal dilaksanakan bertujuaan untuk mengukuhkan negara dari sektor ekonomi, sosial dan sebagainya.

        Orang lain dah berpakat tak nak undi UMNO. Biarlah UMNO turun dengan labu racisnya.

    • Siapa kata kita Melayu racists? Tengok golongan Bumiputra, ada berapa bangsa dalamnya dan kita begitu bermesra sekali.. Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak.. kira berapa semuanya.

      Dalam keluarga saya juga ada yang berkahwin dengan Kadazan, Cina dan India masuk Islam, Irish, Mauritian, Zambian, Pakistani, Thai dan Filipino.. Nah! berapa races.

      Bila mereka pijak kaki kat Tanah in dengan bangga dan jiwa “to belong” telah mengikut cara dan adat sopan santun orang sini, pakai baju Melayu, kebaya kurung dan guarantee dalam 2tahun fasih dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

      Yang duk mengada2 mereka yang sama juga datang dari Negara luar tapi Bahasa Kebangsaan pun cakap tak faham, adat sopan santun budaya asal Tanah ini pun tak faham, mengaku dah 150 dah duk kat sini?

      Sebenarnya, mereka ni yang tak tau arah tujuan hidup! Melalak sana sini kata orang lain yang racist!

  10. The situation now is very similar to 100 years ago. Nobody cares about Melayu & Islam. But then we were under the British rule.

    History will repeat itself – WW1, WW2, Facist, Socialist, Communist, Imperialist

    • 1oo years? heheheheh that kuil is 150 years LOL..

  11. Dammed you GANI PATAIL ! are we having two sets of laws in this country ? one for the malay muslim and one for the Hindu indian.

    When HINDARAF(HINDU RIGHT ACTION FORCE)invaded and went on rampage during Prime Minister Hari Raya open house at PWTC last year there was no action taken on all this gangsters.

    Gani Patail, Hari raya Puasa open house is a religous occasion and those HINDRAF MEMBERS shows no respect at all towards ISLAM our religion.Why was no action taken on these gangsters and worst still when a muslim go on demonstration to protest the building of a HINDU tample in their areas you immediately jump the gun and charge them in court,not one charge but two charges.

    Gani Patail why are you practising double standard ? UMNO will be the victim of your stupid action.

    • UMNO will be losing even more votes for neglecting the Malays, the majority.

      I thought after Dollah Al-Tiduri was “sacked”, UMNO is getting better. No Action and oppression on Malays will send UMNO to its grave in PRU13.

      • Major, if you are truly want to show your anger, dont gift your postal vote…Be Smart!

  12. “PM: UMNO tidak akan gadai maruah


    KUALA KRAI 7 Sept. – UMNO tidak akan menggadai maruahnya walaupun ia bersedia untuk bersama-sama dengan Pas bagi membincangkan perkara yang menyentuh kepentingan ummah dan Islam di negara ini.

    Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yang mengulangi kesanggupannya berunding dengan Pas berkata, ia dilakukan semata-mata untuk melihat nasib umat Islam negara ini terus dibela dan dipertingkatkan.

    Namun tegasnya, dalam usaha ke arah itu beliau tidak rela UMNO dan mereka yang menyokong parti itu dihina, dipersoal dan diperkecilkan oleh mana-mana pihak.”


    • Tau ta’pa!

  13. baru korang tau, apa warna rambut? apa warna tapak kaki?

    Hitam berkuasa, King of Snake. Walau kecil tapi berbisa.
    Tak perlu jadi Raja, Prof, Dr, Menteri, tak perlu UiTM, kuata

    ..hanya patuk aje..

    Semua akan kalah..Baca Ni

    • Sebak sahaja bila lihat bangsa aku diperbuat sebegini rupa tetapi ini adalah padah daripada pemimpin yang lembik lemah kepala lutut otak letak kat punggung bila duduk aje penyek

  14. And you as a pro Sedition charge person should support this action against the 6, yes?

  15. “If the six were to be charged, then Pakatan Rakyat leaders and demonstrators outside Ubudiah Mosque and Istana Iskandariah should also be charged under the same act”

    Are you saying the six should not be charged? Are you supporting them?

    • Nope. If these six men broke the law, then throw the book at them.

      AG should also throw the book against Pakatan Rakyat Leaders and demonstrators, who instigated against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak upon the decision to dismiss DAP-Puppet MB Nizar, appoint Dato Dr Zambry Kadir instead, defying HRH’s explicit instruction to not hv the State Assembly which was held instead under the raintree and the primate-like-behaviour and defiance on the 8 May State Assembly.

      The Rule of Law should prevail.

      • shove it up your ass your rule of law big doggie…

      • Ass2 nih, mcm biasa nampak? Member kot….

      • Where is the law that says if someone says “Bodoh Macam Lembu” is seditious? or if someone associate the cow as “bodoh”?

  16. Ha! ha! You can continue to bark but your master still have no balls to do anything.

  17. Saudara Big Dog

    You wrote,

    “The ‘rule of law’ shall prevail.” So true my Brother.So true.

    This should applied to every body. Let us forget the past during Badawi era. This is the darkest era of our journey of post independant.There was no rule of law. This was the time of anarchy while he and his family/cronies doing “business as usual”. This is time when people of all races were fed up. The DAP, PAS and PKR saw it and took the initiative. The rest is what we get now.

    When I saw the video of those indians on candle light vigils got arrested, I got faith in rule of law.
    I salute the DSP who led the arrest. Thank you Tan Sri.

    Next came the the arrest of demonstrators with the cow head meant for the MB of Selangor.Their reasons are valid but their method is against the law. So the arrest.

    If we go back in time. Who voted in this gang to form a goverment? Mainly Melayu, nevertheless they form a goverment.(In any other country I believe the king or the president would have invited the party with the most representatives to form a coalition). Next time think before we vote. PAS is a joke led by a Joker. He is there to represent and to protect Islam, is he not?

    He should be doing the protest. Not you.
    So shut this joker up in the next election. He is false.

    PKR? I can imagine what it has to offer us Malays.Nothing!

    Please dont judge UMNO by some of its members. The cleansing process is on going I am sure.It’s better if this is done publicly though: using the “rule of law”. This is what the people want. And also in this way these bastards cannot come back and haunt UMNO. Their “tembelang sudah pecah”.

    UMNO has done so much for us for the past years.Let us be thankful. What did PKR and PAS gave us other than sweet promises. Nothing!

    Back to the “rule of law”. I am sure the next one of interest to the police are those invloved in anti-ISA demo in KL, followed by those in Perak. Please have patient.


    • My point exactly!

      • Gila la, pak lah dan menantu nih punye tahi, sampai skarang bau busuk, tak hilang2 lagi.

  18. Anjing Besar,

    Rocky Bru respected blogger? he’s nothing but a member of the pack of running dogs for Najib. Together with the overweight canine,that idiotic magpie, the sour pussy parpu kari, they are just bunch of motherfucking UMNO goons. Similarly those Pekida gangsters acting as UMNO gorillas. Rule of law my ass. Why selective persecution of Badawi, weren’t Mahathir’s sons taking advantage of dad’s position to dabble in business? If you deny this, you are really an asshole. If UMNO members are serious in cleansing, get rid of Najib. Fuck, those that believe in UMNO are bunch of jokers..


    • Hahaha… dari peguam kerajaan langit nih, kaunsel BARat sebelah, malik imtiaz yang pergi pertahan orang nak murtad, pe lagi, mat nuar yang dah sabit kesalahan liwat (oleh 8 hakim dari 10) dok kena tuduh liwat lagi, aku rasa baik la mamat rocky nih. Ko tak suka dengar, pi duk main jauh2 beb. Aku berani jamin la, kalau si sepul nih dah settle kes dia, akan ada orang lagi akan dakwa anwar nih liwat. Semua orang tau kondo liwat kat damansara tu, nak jual pun dah susah.

      • dollah,

        jangan buat lawak. zaman Mahafiraun punya mahkamah, kangaroo court. Orang bodoh mcm kau ni lah yang patut kena sontot. Tulah orang suruh pi surf internet tambah ilmu, dia pi tengok porn site.

        rooney tune

    • Same with Sheikh Kickdefella…running dog for Husam Musa, same with Screenshot…running dog for DAP viz-a-viz. Nothing wrong with Rocky’s Bru for being associated with Najib. Is there a law says that if someone associate with Najib, he commited an offence? ANSWER ME !

  19. Peh… jangan mare beb, aku cakap pada mende yang ada bukti je, tak pandai tuduh2 orang bukan2. Kau mungkin boleh kot. Ye la, kau tuduh2 orang nih, pak sheikh kau kata konpem syurga ye tak… Takpe la, tuduh la, aku dengan tuhan aku, kau dengan tuhan kau. Mahkamah kengeroo tu je la yang salah… kau kapirkan orang lain tak salah. Kalo aku salah la kan, apa la nuar nih tunggu lagi, suh mubalahah pun tak mau, ustaz dia kata tak payah, entah ustaz mana la dia amik, ustaz paul wolfowitz kot? Lawan tetap lawan kan? Seingat aku la masa zaman2 reformasi nih… Kenapa tangguh2 kat mahkamah, dah takde pon mahathir nih, apa tangguh2… mana dia lawyer islam yang bela orang nak murtad nih, lawyar islam kerajaan langit, singh is king, apasal tak lawan. Tu pun kalo aku la yang salah… kau kan dah konpem syurga… wallahualam.

  20. Wow… this rooneytune does take this freedom of speech to heart and live by it, doesn’t he? A very fine example of PR symphatist you are. Good take on the Selangor issue Big Guy, agreeing with you all the way, except of the outnumbering of days part. If the people (including myself, can’t believe I actually voted for these idiots before) can actually think and realize the galactical difference between lies spinned as the truth and the truth with written and absolute proof, what you said, word for word might be a reality. But, I don’t know, is it easier to believe in lies doctored as truth or the real truth with proofs?

    Well, it would take a really good, mother of all spins, to get PR back into the leading position of the race. Knowing the combination of anwar, DAP and Nik Aziz on the sidelines giving out the get-into-heaven passes for all of them might just pull it off, probably. I just hope they stay at the bottom as they were before, as an opposition, and let the real McCoy do this governing thing. A statesman whom actually works for the state, for the people, not for himself. Probably expecting unfriendly gestures, whomever you are, stupidity can be very intoxicating and addictive, especially coming from someone who has a thick load of it.

    Cheers Big Guy. Hope you enjoy the rest of this Ramadhan.

  21. FUCK 150 years Temple or Tempe.. Malaysiakini keep on SPINNING and TWIST about the lies of Sek 19 fucking temple.. 150 yrs mannnn..

  22. Apasal Najib ni sama tak da telor?

    Kenapa tak dakwa Anwar, LIm Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, Gobind Singh Deo, Nizar, Ngeh & Ngoh, Sivakumar & Ronnie Liu bawah akta hasutan?

    Bila nak tunggu lagi?????

    Bila kebiadapan sudah membawa rusuhan kaum & ugama?????

  23. […] undang juga jangan dijadikan ‘korban sarkas’ bagi golongan berkepentingan. Pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat juga wajar di’korban’kan bawah Akta Hasutan demi kepentingan […]

  24. […] Sultan Azlan is timely to sound this out. His state Perak tolerated too much of these Opposition staged nonsense. For a very learned Ruler HRH Sultan Azlan, who was once the Lord President to the Supreme Court, […]

  25. […] ujud bukti yang jelas dengan visual video bahawa Ketua Pembangkang ini tergamak untuk menghina dan menghasut rakyat menentang DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Perak dalam kemelut ‘peralihan kuasa’ dari Pakatan Rakyat kepada BN pada 5 Februari 2009, […]

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