MB Khalid days are numbered and will there be a ‘civil war’ within Selangor Pakatan Rakyat?

The series of the development within the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government since coming onto power post 8 March 2008 12th GE went into endless and spiral conundrum. We at BigDogDotCom felt and rather convinced that Pakatan Rakyat Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim days are really numbered.

Clear indications are:

1. He did not accompany HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor upon the reception and dedication of KD Tunku Abdul Rahman on Thursday

2. State Exco Dr Hassan Ali went to present the case on the ‘sale of alcohol policy’ to HRH Sultan Selangor instead of the MB, which is highly unlikely when an MB is still on duty. It suspected that the discussion did not only centre on the ‘alcohol issue’

3. The Section 23 temple relocation proposal attracted the attention of HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah officially and also personally.

4. Has the Selangor State Government gone into serious financial position, that MB Khalid proposed to use Baitulmal Zakat’s funds for development, including infrastructure purposes? The proposal of using ‘zakat for development’ really did not go well with HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah

5. The Selangor State Exco really went into badlight when MACC investigations centred on intensified allegations about DAP elected representatives being involved in abuse of power, corrupt practices and finally Lords of the Underworld Vices

6. Point #5 was actually highlighted by two PKR elected representatives, YB Wee Choo Keong and YB Azmin Ali. They insisted that Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government be revamped and thus highlighted the emminence of ‘infghting’

7. Personal loan of RM 67 million to Bank Islam and High Court ordered to pay back does not look good for the Chief Executive of the wealthiest state in the Federation. On that score, the rakyat should be reminded of Khalid’s past corporate endevour

8. The ‘Eli Wong Affair’ did not result into her dismissal but instead MB Khalid was adamant to maintain her in the Exco. This is a rather distasteful political decision. Moral  with regards to ‘sex scandal’ is a sensitive issue within Selangor State Government as there was already a precedence. Former MB Tan Sri Abu Hassan Omar was asked to go by then Prime Minsiter Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for an alleged ‘sex scandal’

9. The ‘Khalid-Lembu-Korban’ fiasco is still fresh in everyone’s mind when funds from one of the State’s GLC were used to pay for the 46 slaughter cows  for a Parliamentary constituency outside the state

10. The ‘industrial-pig-rearing-for-Singapore-maket’ approval really did not go down well amongst the predominantly Malay Muslims, especially in the Kuala Langat-Sepang districts. And yet this was the first State Government decision after Pakatan Rakyat took over

If this attempt by one of MB Khalid’s Exco Dr. Jayakumar attempted to lie about the ‘outsiders attending the disgracefully disastrous town hall meeting on Saturday’ and being blown wide open by MSMs, then the credibility of Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government under Khalid will sink deeper.

All these grievances are believed to be ‘conveyed’ to HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. The Selangor Civil Service is also believed to be ‘not in tandem’ with MB Khalid and his Exco. The decision to bannish five BN elected representatives which include Opposition Leader Dato’ Seri Mohd. Khir Toyo from the State Assembly is thought to be ‘politically detrimental’, especially MB Khalid’s own party PKR stands by the concept of ‘justice’. The question now who will replace MB Khalid if and when HRH Sultan Selangor no longer want him as the Menteri Besar?

Will it be YB Dr Hassan Ali (PAS) or YB Azmin Ali (PKR)? (Don’t anyone even bother suggesting DAP elected representative!)

Even within Pakatan Rakyat, there is endless ‘sibling rivalry’ on this ‘succession plan’. For one, the appointment of Dr. Hassan, the most junior partner within Selangor Pakatan Rakyat would not go well amongst the DAP and Non Malay-Muslim PKR. The most clear demonstration on this fact is the ‘sale of alcohol’ issue recently in Shah Alam and the on going open contradiction.

Two, the strange-bedfellows-unholy-marriage-of-covenience DAP-PAS spat and deep mutual distruss has not been resolved yet.

Three, the intra-PAS rivalry of the ‘Ulama Vs Erdogan’ is still on going. The result of the recent party elections shows that the ‘Erdogan faction’, who are known to be pro-Anwar “Acused for second time of sodomy” Ibrahim lost. Many within PAS incessantlty are not comfortable on the relationship with Anwar.

Then there is the intra-PKR ‘sibling rivalry’ which is believed to escalate into a ‘conspiracy’. It was very clear that YB Azmin was partyless-Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s choice for the Selangor MB. However, PKR President Wan Azizah, who is Anwar’s wife for thirty years is said to be still sore and suspicious of Anwar’s alleged and widely spoken about intimate relationship with a woman  who is a wife of a YB, that the one time Permatang Pauh MP insisted that Khalid should be MB.

The truth has yet to prevail. These prickly factors are inadvertently not good for Selangor and the rakyat. Being the wealthiest and most industrious state, Selangor naturally demands more of and from the Leadership. Consider the fact when BN Government led by Dato’ Seri Dr. Mohd. Khir Toyo was ousted on 8 March 2008 in a ‘democratic coup d’etat‘, Selangor had RM 1.4 billion accumulated  in its coffers and reserves (including State GLCs). How and where the monies went, is still a mystery.

Undoubtably, in the final analysis is all about ‘money’, the underlying factor for who ever desire to ascend and remain in power.

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  2. Sad yes, wang ZAKAT!

    We have all decided to hand personally this year’s Zakat contributions direct to the needy, supaya sumbangan kami setidaknya dapat dinikmati kaum Islam yang benar2 tersenarai berhak menerima zakat.

    Mana tau, esok they decide to use the money to help build the Sek23 KUIL!

  3. tu la nye, kata untuk tujuan pembangunan, camne la ko amik duit zakat nih, dah takde duit ke selangor sampai amik duit zakat. Dalam banyak2 kompeni kerajaan negeri tuh… pe la, nasib orang islam, ada bantuan, kerajaan ambil, buat pembangunan. Patutnya duit zakat tu la membela nasib orang miskin, aku bayar pon sebab nak tolong orang miskin, bukan nak buat bangunan ke pe. Tak senonoh la kerajaan negeri nih, haram la duit zakat aku tu kalau dia gune buat kuil. Duit zakat tu duit rakyat. Nih dah la sewa rumah dah naik, bil air pun aku pakai ke tak, same je. Nak perah kami nih camne lagi. MB nih, pegi jual la rumah besar kau tu, duit tu pegi buat kuil, kalau betul la prihatin. Satu lagi aku pelik, aku nak mintak loan 60,000 nak beli rumah pun payah, camne mamat nih boleh mintak loan 67 juta…. gile la…. kira dia hutang 67 juta la nih kan? Gilek la…. 67 juta…. Kaya rupanya mamat nih, yang harrier dia nih suh repair pakai duit rakyat buat pe? 67 juta…. aku rasa duit zakat la kalau 67 juta… silap2 dia kebas buat bayau hutang. Nasib baik la aku nih keje kerani je. Makan duit halal gaji aku. Nak dapat lebih nih la meniaga pasar ramadhan. Entah2 gaji aku pun tak halal betul. Duit cukai rumah urut. Ape la MB….. Kalau betul la, memang aku dengan anak2 bini aku sumpah dia laknat sampai mampus.

    • Tak tau lah dia kaya ke tidak. Dia pinjam dulu beratus juta. Cagarkan saham syarikat Guthrie. Saham itu boleh di niagakan, boleh jual beli di pasaran saham.

      Dia tak boleh bayar apa yang di janji dengan bank. Bank atur semula cara bayar balik pinjaman dia. Pun tak boleh bayar balik. Bank jualkan saham dia untuk bayar balik hutang. Tapi salepas jual saham dia, duit nya tak cukup nak bayar balik semua hutang. Sekarang baki yang tak di bayar balik ia lah RM67 juta. Cukup besar hutang tu.

      Kawan saya cakap dia tak ada harta berjuta Ringgit. Tapi tak ada hutang berjuta Ringgit. Lepas kira semua, dia kata dia ada lebih beberapa ratus Ringgit saja. Dia kata dia lebih kaya dari orang yang ada harta berjuta tapi berhutang berjuta lebih dari harta. Nasib orang orang lah. Tuhan tu kaya.

      • MB nih kena masuk AKPK la gamaknye

  4. Eh, satu lagi nak tanya, anak aku nih nak masuk UKM nih, mana dia bantuan RM1000 yang diaorang janji dulu untuk budak2 masuk uni nih?

    • hang tak pi mintak? kawan aku dapat. kerja hang melalak aje, typical AMENO goon. rajin lah sikit.

      • Kawan ko buat pe… kau? Aku pun dengar orang2 lain kata cam tu, tapi mananye. Ada limit ke polisi tu? Dah aku kirimkan surat kat MB takda pun reply. Belah la, baik ko cite pasal ayam berkokok ke, bukan selesai masalah. Ameno ke tak, bukan semua patut dapat ke? Ke dapat masa tahun memang pilihanraya tu? Kau tu pun melalak je kata orang lain yang dah dapat. Kaunye? Kalau kau rajin sangat, mana maklumatnye?

  5. Senang janji tapi susah nak laksana… This is what I find that is going on with Selangor PR. They have wasted 18 months with their “We can do no wrong” and “Blame it on the other guy” syndrome. The state is becoming dysfunctional. The people are now fed with populist propaganda (does it remind you of any particular leaders, past or present?) instead of development.

    In the end, people suffer and are in a state of flux. Instead of being promised solutions to present problems, the past was blamed instead. Decisions are made without taking sentiments into consideration… Apa punya gomen macam ni…

    And one more thing. Can we stop addressing these young yahoos from DAP or wherever who are appointed political secretaries to their respective assemblymen as Political Secretaries. Perhaps many are not aware of this but Political Secretaries, in real life, are members of the Administration, which these yahoos are not. Cheers Big Dog… bila nak teh tarek?

    • Agreed. The Pol Sec title was used by like-minded reporters in sympathy with the DAP fellows. I suppose want to glorify them as much as possible.

      Pol Sec my kaki. They are mere Assistants of one kind or the other. Now we read MACC investigations involving 1-2 of them helping spend RM500,000 public money in dubious ways.

      • Before I forget, I think this PR government learnt a lot from Bart Simpson kot… “It wasn’t me!!!”

    • Sure.

      Just get in touch with me. We shall find a convenient time for teh-tarik for you and any other sugar-free beverage for me.


  6. Yes yes get rid or khalid and reappoint dr khir toyo and do it fast my fulus running out, no contracts la.

  7. Aku dulu undi pr kerana anak aku nak masuk universiti. Aku mengharap dapatlah bantuan. Tapi apa dah jadi. Dua rezab 1.2 billion enrah kemana…Janji hampa sahaja… Dah tak payahlah undi pr lagi. Lagipun dalam pr tak ada yang layak untuk menjadi pentadbir. Mereka banyak belajar….. dan kita tak boleh tunggu lagi….carilah kerajaan yang telah berpengalaman dan adakan pemantauan supaya mereka ini nanti tidak mengulangi kesilapan lalu…(projekkkkk2 kemisen mr 10%).Akirnya lupa rakyat kenyangkan perut sendiri.


  8. Should’ve posted these here, sorry Big Guy. Good take on the Selangor issue, agreeing with you all the way, except of the outnumbering of days part. If the people (including myself, can’t believe I actually voted for these idiots before) can actually think and realize the galactical difference between lies spinned as the truth and the truth with written and absolute proof, what you said, word for word might be a reality. But, I don’t know, is it easier to believe in lies doctored as truth or the real truth with proofs?

    Well, it would take a really good, mother of all spins, to get PR back into the leading position of the race. Knowing the combination of anwar, DAP and Nik Aziz on the sidelines giving out the get-into-heaven passes for all of them might just pull it off, probably. I just hope they stay at the bottom as they were before, as an opposition, they were much better back then. Let the real McCoy do this governing thing. A statesman whom actually works for the state, for the people, not for himself. Probably expecting unfriendly gestures, whomever you are, stupidity can be very intoxicating and addictive, especially coming from someone who has a thick load of it.

    Cheers Big Guy. Hope you enjoy the rest of this Ramadhan.

    • The bottom line is, no matter what you spin and selectively exclude, highlight, transmongify and the like, Pakatan Rakyat will still retain Selangor.

      • Keep on dreaming, man.

    • Yeah keep dreaming man of PR remain in power. Come PRU13, PR is history….

  9. I like what is written above. They include hopeful thinking but those that are factual cannot be denied. Most of the points listed there are facts.

    Point No. 3 has not been reported on but it is highly probable that the Section 23 temple relocation proposal attracted the attention of HRH Sultan. He keeps abreast with developments in his state, reads and listens to news and those around him are ever willing to advise whenever asked.

    My sympathy goes to the Government officials. Selangor was a Federated Malay State and therefore has Federal Officers serving in the state. They are obliged to follow Federal procedures but are expected to carry out non-regular practices such as using zakat funds for development. Mana boleh?

    The hot-potch PR government sudah desperate and bingong. They really are on the way down. The sooner the better.

    • I think we are in need of a publicist, or several, to make public the good things being done like the PR does when they did… hmmm… something. Can’t really remember the last thing they did good, oh yeah, moving the temple to seksyen 23. The PR, have done an excellent job in potraying UMNO and the Malays as somewhat a bad seed. Hence blaming on UMNO and the Malays is a fashion, and it can also be suited for any occasion..!!!! Cum rain and shine..!!!

  10. That’s the best news for Selangor for such a long while. Unlikely Hasan or any PAS assemblyman to take over unless the DAP has agreed to masuk jawi. Azmin Ali, I am too sure of this guy’s credibility who once let his boss, the Fallen One, used his wife upside down inside out as proven in court. But when comes to Selangor, it’s the DAP that decides and I can bet they will chose anyone not from PAS for there’s too much at stake. But then who knows, it might sooner than expected that BN takes over – following Perak with significant cross overs. When that happens, let’t have a kenduri besar and invite DAP die hards to the party. No beers, no gamling, no massage please at the kenduri….he…he…he.

  11. BDOG dan kaWAN2 sendiri cakap,sendiri komen,last last ada syok sendiri taK?

    • kalau tak ada modal, diam saja lah. jangan menyelit buat orang menyampah saja di bulan puasa ni. buang masa orang membaca.

      aku masuk ni sebab nak ajar kau saja. kalau tak, aku diam saja.

    • Bill nak bagi komen syok sendiri tu hahahahaha

  12. Kalau Khalid Ibrahim kena turun dari jadi MB, gantinya tentulah ADUN PAS atau PKR. MB baru tentu kena dapat ‘restu’ DAP jugak. Kemana pula arah MB baru ni ?

    Kalaupun, BN dapat majoriti, jika ade ADUN lompat, tolonglah JANGAN lantik Khir Toyo. Kerana benci kepada Khir Toyo lah org Melayu sanggup undi DAP, PAS dan PKR.

    BN mesti mula mencari orang baru sebagai nafas baru pembaharuan. Jika tidak PRU13 nanti …

    • Khir Toyo is much much better than you do I guess.

  13. i seemed to like u…

  14. Mana nak ada duit.. Dulu tuduh zaman UMNO kilang haram banyak. Konon time dia nak hapuskan. Lancau ler.. Lagi byk kilang haram jadah skg ni sebab DAP kan bersekongkol dgn MAFIA. Kilang haram tak menyumbang kpd cukai.. sebab tu duit takde..

    • Bloody good point – kilang haram tak menyumbang kpd cukai.. sebab tu duit takde..

      • DAP mesti mau jaga CINA maaaa.. Kilang Halam jadah semua Cina MAfia punya.. Itu olang Ian jaga mesti banyak masyukk..

  15. adakah UMNO nak jadikan Selangor Perak kedua dan dikutuk oleh rakyat?

    • Which rakyat?

      • Yeah, which rakyat? coz I am also rakyat and feel glad that BN back in power in Perak.

      • Whatever it is, BN still have the majority in the Parliament to rule the country. Which RAKYAT? I think only fucking rakyat Pakatan Rakyat support the sickening PR govt.

    • Ye lor, which Rakyat.. Majority?

      Hanya minority yang sedang mengoyan tak habis habis macam kera dapat berlian!

  16. Ini nampak sangat propaganda UMNO nak terbalikkan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor. Namun demikian, sebagai rakyat Melayu dan Islam, aku yakin ada asasnya semua perkara yang dibangkitkan…

    ini lah kesannya kalau pemimpin suka dengar cakap orang atau bersikap seperti ‘lembu dicucuk hidung(atau bahagian lain)’…

    kalau memang banyak kesilapan/kekurangan, silakan diguna sistem perundangan semasa untuk mengubah kepada pemerintahan lebih baik… boleh jadi BN perintah semula atau kalau PR pandai, tukaq MB dan Exco segala…

    • Hello beb, kerja orang politik memang macam tu. Serupa la juga Anwar kononnya “we have the number” dan nak tubuh kerajaan persekutuan cara yang dia amat expert i.e “”back door”.

      Tidaklah menjadi pelih jika BN berhasrat nak jatuhkan kerajaan PR. Dah tentu BN suatu pertubuhan siasah yang sah dari segi undang2.

      At least, BN governs better than what PR has done tho only 18 months.

      • setuju la beb..100 peratus

  17. A Short note on Anwar Ibrahim

    Anwar’s biggest problem is that he is hooked on public attention. The real reason why he is really pissed off and wanted to take revenge against Umno is because Tun put him in prison..

    He loved every minute of reformasi because he was at the centre of attention but away in prison, he was dying from public attention deficit and that really made his anger grow

    Even his CIA handlers are starting to find this trait annoying you see he is not the only one they have lined up for Malaysia, he has a British counterpart that is working for the same agenda, to destabilise the most prosperous and forward looking Muslim state on the planet, Malaysia. In fact Sept 16 was self sabotaged by Anwar because he realized he could not be in full control due to strong resistance from within his coalition

    Remember the Indonesian Karate man who was arrested in Malaysia for solicting prostitues?
    His friend is sponsoring the Indon riots
    Karate man was arrested here and the official line is that he was looking for girls, the real story is that he was looking for young boys, Anwar may want to deny this link but these two boy lovers are linked by fate, their insatiable love for men have made them kindred spirit. Anwar uses his Indonesian network to generate the current hatred for Malaysia, as part of his global assignment…
    Anwar’s links in Indonesia goes to the same operatives in Indonesia where the CIA is known to be very active
    Anwar is part of the machinery that have been feeding hate messages into Indonesian Media, every maid brutality case is meticulously and religiously forwarded to the Indonesians to be played up by the Media
    If there is no good news then bad news is the only news, that is Anwar’s operating tactic in Malaysia, the same approach is being used by the CIA in Indonesia to damage Malaysia’s reputation and the bond between two well known and resolute Islamic countries,

    the long term strategy is to discredit traditional Islam and plant one of two of America’s version of Islam in all Islamic states, the hate-propelled Islam of Ben Laden and hi Wahabbi movement and the Orientalist Islam, which is the same as the agnostic movement in the Christian Church where God is just a discussion point, a focal point for their logic driven moral compass


  18. TS Khalid bolehlah dikatakan hebat dalam arena pengurusan perniagaan. Saya telah bersamanya lebih kurang 6 tahun semasa saya berkhidmat bersama kumpulan Komplek Kewangaan (sekarang di bawah Najib Abdullah – MIDF Group.

    Walaubagaimanapun TS Khalid perlu banyak belajar untuk mengendalikan sebuah kerajaan (Pentadbiran Awam. Mentadbir sebuah kerajaan adalah amat berbeza dengan pengurusan perniagaan. Didalam pentadbiran awan skopnya adalah lebih luas kerana “stakeholdernya adalah lebih berganda dibandingkan dengan bidang perniagaan.

    Disini saya melihat didalam PKR memang tidak ada saorang pun yang berkaliber untuk tujuan diatas. Mereka memerlukan masa yang amat panjang untuk menimba pengalaman untuk diterapkan kedalaman pentadbiranya… sekurang-kurangnya 5-10 tahun. Adakah kita boleh menunggu begitu lama. Apa akan jadi dengan ekonomi, politik, kerukunan masyarakat majmuk, agama berbilang bangsa, pembangunan, hubungan luar negara dan sebagainya. Dalam tempoh tersebut mungkin negara akan bungkus. Kerana satu jam tersilap nagara yang dibena selama 1000 tahun akan hancur.

    Pada masa saya bersama TS Khalid saya ada membuat usus untuk menaikan pangkat orang bawahan saya untuk menjawat jawatan pengurus. Calun ini masih baru dalam bidang pengurusan (tidak cukup pengalaman). Saya katakan pada TS Khalid saya boleh latih calun ini menjadi saorang pengurus yang baik. Tetapi Khalid kata. “Kita tak boleh tu tung gu (gagap) sebab kita ada urgent work to do”.

    Oleh yang demekian kita pun tak boleh tunggu untuk Khalid belajar dan sesiapa sahaja yang bercita-cita menjadi MB tetapi tiada kelayakan.

    Carilah parti yang mempunyai kelayakan mentadbir dan adakan pemantauan.

    Nota : Maaf bib setelah sekian lama tidak menulis dalam bahasa Melayu. Selepas ini tulisan saya semua dalama bahasa Melayu. Saya minta kerajaan tukar secara berperingkat bahasa perniagaan dari bahasa Inggeris ke Bahasa Melayu

    • Kalau dia hebat dlm perniagaan, macam mana dia boleh terhutang sampai RM67 juta dan saham Guthrie cagaran nya habis bank jual untuk bayar jumlah yang lebih besar?

      Kalau dia betul2 ada duit nak bayar balik, kenapa dia biarkan di heret ke Mahkamah dan nama nya bergelumang?

      Nampak nya dia dah banyak sangat masaelah dan patut tarik diri.

      • Setuju! Mana dia cekap berniaga kalau hutang RM67juta tak dapat dilangsai.

        Kejayaan di PNB bukan kerana Khalid semata2. Kejayaan tersebut adalah wisdom Allahyarham Tun Ismail Ali Pengerusi PNB (kebetulan beliau ipar Tun Mahathir) dan dasar2 kerajaan BN yang memberi sedikit kelebihan kepada PNB melaksanakan asas DEB kepada kaum Bumiputera. Juga kejayaan PNB kerana mempunyai panel pelaburan yang cukup berdedikasi dan berkemahiran.

        Jadi dimana hebatnya Khalid sebagai peniaga????? Pada saya hebat lagi Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Tan Sri Ananda Krishna, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh dll.

        Khalid is nobody & nowhere dalam dunia korporat!

  19. Hey you fatty,
    Do you really go down to the people and talk to them to see if they need another Khir Toyol term as MB. Go to hell they wont. They are happy with MB Khalid Ibrahim. You sit on your fat ass and do that kind of analysis.Duit haram kamu dpd UMNO dah nak habis ke?

    • Siapa cakap they are happy with Khalid as MB?

      I don’t even know Fatty but I support hie views.

      I’m not even an UMNO or any party member but BN is any time better than PR. PR won a few states at PRU12 not because voters love you all. A large part of the reason is that voters, not being used to BN’s laisez faire (right word ha?), got fed up and gave “protest votes” to PR.

      But now after just 1+ year, already macam2 hal. I kesihan kat rakyat who are suffering lah.

      • At least Khir Toyo governs better than the whole bunch of Pakatan Primates.

    • Duit haram? Apahal pulak? So, Pakatan yang bina banyak kuil, membuka banyak rumah urut “full package”, pusat2 judi bertopengkan cybercafe yang rata2 pekerja adalah Indonesia dari Pontianak (harap Imigresen semak permit kerja mereka), menjual arak dll untuk hasil yang halal???

      Aku tak happy langsung sejak Khlid bodoh macam lembu jadi MB. Ekonomi seakan2 tersekat.

    • People are happy with khalid? wow we wonder if YOUR duit haram from him is running low. kesian gak kau ni. silap2 khalid pujaan ko tu tak sampai 1 term pun. hehe.

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  22. Itulah………cepatlah Kerajaan Selangor Toooooombang.

  23. […] Rakyat cracking: ‘Bagi bunga kepada beruk’ Previously, we discussed about MB Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s days are numbered and probable very sticky sucession plan as there are infightings within Pakatan Rakyat (PR) strange bedfellows and intra party […]

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  28. BD,

    why is wang zakat being used for pembangunan? Under the syariah guideline it is very specific as to the entitlement and what it is meant for… guess i m not surprise coz i hv done an work on zakat institution before under the old regime of BN which was also abused by the way. then the new regime aint much better either. isnt there anymore sanctity? that our religious bastion/institution is being bastardize by our politician?

    Keturunan Jebat

  29. […] latest outburst. As an elected leader and member of HRH Sultan of Selangor’s Goverment (now facing a lot of serious issues), he is teaching Malaysians not to respect court rulings. This must be not good to everyone, […]

  30. […] is Pakatan Rakyat defacto leader Anwar’s preferred and obvious choice of candidate. Hence the near-civil-war within Pakatan Rakyat Selangor. It was said that Azmin is the ‘insider’ who leaked the information about Bukit Lanjan […]

  31. […] by HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah of Selangor. PKR Government under Khalid has proven to not augur well with HRH Sultan of […]

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