Anarchy is Anwar’s sodomy trial delay game

Party-less Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim is playing his usual legal antics, to delay any proceedings against him. The trial of sodomy case Anwar onto Mohd. Saiful Bahri Azlan has gone into all sorts of technical process that actually prolong the proceedings.

So many Malaysians want to see a closure of the episode of Anwar as a sodomite. He was charged buggering wife-0f-twenty-years Datin Seri Wan Azizah Ismail’s former driver Azizan Abu Bakar and found guilty by High Court Judge Dato’ Ariffin Jaka in 2000. After series of appeal, Federal Court favoured to acquit Anwar for technical reasons in 2004. Now that he got into the cycle of another sodomy scandal, Malaysians are simply tired to go through more theatrics. Even one time Keadilan Deputy President Dr. Chandra Muzaffar has sounded out on Anwar chickening out.

The Star has the story:

Tuesday September 8, 2009

Chandra accuses Anwar of being afraid


UTUSAN Malaysia front-paged a report that PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim need not be afraid and postpone his trial if he is not guilty.

Political analysis Dr Chandra Muzaffar said Anwar’s action of postponing his sodomy trial gave the impression that he was afraid of the truth.

“Why does he want to postpone the trial if he is not guilty? Anwar is acting as though he is afraid of something, afraid of the truth that will be exposed in the trial,” he said.

Dr Chandra added that the case was very important to the people and it involved moral issues.

“As a so-called fighter for justice and the people, Anwar should ensure that his trial is over as soon as possible. Anwar must act fairly to the court, the people and, most importantly, to the victim or the complainant in the case,” he said, adding that the court should not be blamed for the frequent postponements.


As the saying goes, “Justice delayed is justice denied”. The delay of the trial means not only the victim, Mohd. Saiful Bahri Azlan does not get justice to his complaint, but Malaysians at large are being put to the test of believing and vehemently against of the despicable charge. On the same note, practicioners in the legal profession felt that the bench or AG could expedite the case in the interest of the Malaysian public at large.

The Star has the story:

Thursday September 10, 2009

Lawyer: A-G or CJ can expedite Anwar’s sodomy trial

PETALING JAYA: A defence lawyer has suggested several mechanisms in which Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial can be expedited.

Commenting that the case had the “necessary qualities to be declared as a case of public interest”, lawyer Hasnal Rezua Merican said that there were two ways in which cases could be sped up.

“In the first situation, the Attorney-General can exercise his power to certify a case to be one of emergency, and the case can be tried under the emergency law.

“He can then transfer the case to whichever court he wants, and it can be tried every day until the end of the case,” he said when contacted yesterday.

The second option was via the Chief Justice (CJ), who has the power under the Courts of Judicature Act to direct the High Court to expedite the matter.

“If the CJ finds that the case is one of public interest, he can use his powers administratively to speed up the proceedings by not entertaining any applications to postpone the case, unless there is a very valid reason.

“He can also order the court to postpone all other cases until this case is disposed of,” he said.

Hasnal Rezua then cited the cases of al-Maunah and the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shariibuu, in which these two mechanisms were used. He was the defence counsel in both cases.

“If it can be done in those two cases, why can’t it be used here?” he asked.

Anwar, 62, had on March 10, pleaded not guilty to sodomising his former personal aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 24, at a condominium in Bukit Damansara on June 26 last year.

The trial proper was to have begun on July 1, but has been repeatedly postponed to dispose of applications to strike out the sodomy trial and to disqualify the entire prosecuting team, among others.

When asked what were the benefits of hastening the sodomy trial, Hasnal Rezua replied: “The accused is the Opposition Leader. The outcome of a case against him is of utmost importance.”

He said the continued delay of the matter was also causing frustration to the accuser.

“Justice must be given to both parties, and not just the accused,” he said.


Lets the recap all of the theatrics that are looming and overcasting Malaysians and the political scene:

1. 31 BN MPs abandoning the ruling coalition in favour of Pakatan Rakyat and 16 September 2008 Federal Government ‘democratic coup d’etat’.

2. The ‘anarchy’ facilitated by ‘intellectual discourse’ and intense techn0-cyber-anarchy

3. The Perak pseudo-constitutional crisis and the ‘revolution’ against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak

4. The ongoing by-elections drama

5. On going ‘contagious’ Ketuanan Rakyat Conundrum

6. Kampung Berjaya Pig Slaughterhouse, Kampung Buah Pala and Selangor Pakatan Rakyat controversies 

7. Bringing back “The Butcher of Malaya”

8. The hyped-up sudden death of DAP Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock  and blaming authorities

9. The sudden revitalised anti-ISA riot

10. The relocation of Hindu temple to Section 23 Shah Alam controversy

11. The anti-Malaysia (Malingsia) ‘Sweeping Malaysia’ campaign in Indonesia

We believe that the on going anarchy within Malaysia now is all about Anwar deflecting the fact that he is attempting very hard to maintain his ‘innocence’. The sooner this is resolved, lesser politicking it is for Malaysia and the process of weathering the economic storm and nation building can carry on.

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  1. Yes, now that some Indonesians are getting into the act and calling for war over a flimsy excuse, there is not much time to waste.

    Someone is on overdrive and bent on ‘rocking the Malaysian boat’.

    Remember chin peng as ‘pejuang bangsa’ initiative.

    The common denominator could be mat king leather.

  2. almost believable until i saw the name chandra.


  3. Fishing as usual, any bites?

    • haha

      nutcase is lost for words???

    • Dear Nutcase
      “Fishing as usual, any bites?”. For me, who wants peace above everything else in this beloved country, wants Anuar to be sent away. He is a problem which is not worth anything.I still don’t understand why people are supporting him. I really don’t.

      He avoid being tried in court. May be he knew they have solid evidence to nail him.I believe his lawyers knew this.

      What if they found his DNA inside Saiful. Would you accept it. Or would that be a conspiracy too?


      • Mohamed,
        You really don’t understand why the majority of the rakyat still support DSAI–the answer is simple–he is the crusader against all forms of corruption and abuse of power in the country.
        He is not avoiding from the trial. In fact it was the prosecution who had caused all this delay. When the case came up first in the sessions court and the IMPARTIAL judge wanted the case to continue there, it was the prosecution who wanted to transfer the case to the High Court—-WHY–now you answer me. If only the case would have continued in the sessions court, I dare say Justice Komathy would have thrown out the case.
        Finally, when 4 doctors(3 of them specialists) confirmed that there were no signs of sodomy–DSAI’s DNA was found in Sialful’s anus–easy–the conspirators planted DSAI’s old DNA into Sialful’s anus–this is not a difficult thing to do. I just ask you a simple question–this victim is only 23 years old, tall and well built–cant he overpower an old and a person suffering from backache–from the sodomy attack–its really hilarious. If he consented for the sodomy, then when he reported to the polis then the polis should have set a trap to video tape the sodomy action–then no body will question like what happened to Chua Soi Lek. But instead of that, they relying on circumstantial evidence–this must be the biggest joke of the centuruy.

      • Mindboggler

        I have no further comment on this subject. Some will believe you and some won’t.


    • bro Nut,

      we’re all the same boat…

    • this articles bites nutman hahaha

  4. His is a very sorrowful case, really. It’s a case of unrealised potential. From DPM to nonentity. He’s even party-less now.

    Who knows that in his scheme of things he may secretly harbour thoughts or even have plans of getting invited back to UMNO. He might have struck a deal with Pak Lah who arranged for him to be let out of prison, and the SIL Khairy, who wanted to be PM by 40 and who might have benefited from the deal, rushed to bring Anwar’s passport and personally hand it over. But things went awry and Dato Seri Najib is now in the Chair.

    And they are sworn enemies, DSN and Anwar. It has to be if DSN wants to keep his post. Anwar blames DSN for the 2nd sodomy trial and will never forgive DSN for it. The trial may be the final nail in the coffin. His Chief Legal Counsel, Haji Sulaiman Abdullah, withdrew on some unconvincing reason. Now even Chandra Muzaffar appears to be expressing doubts on how the case would turn out for his ex-comrade.

    Anwar has to doggedly pursue his antics because he does not have much time left. At 62, the unrealised potential may be a permanent feature of his life.

    It’s a case of desperation. Lim Kit Siang was recently reported as having serious misgivings about Pakatan. Unresolved “internal conflicts” he calls them. One PKR ADUN Selangor and one PKR MP even alleged DAP Exco Selangor of Underworld links. Very serious charges.

    The end of the road is near for this ungrateful man who Tun Dr Mahathir picked as a political nobody and nurtured until DPMship. But he couldn’t wait his turn. Now he may not have a turn to wait.

    • Yeah

      He bites the hand that feeds.

      • Correct Ray, Correct, Correct, Correct.
        I am speechless.
        There are a series of events described which all are attributed to Anwar. The fact that you have to go so low to ascribe the validity to what Chandra Muzzafar says, (wasnt he the guy who predicted a whitewash for the Opposition pre Election), shows that there is no credibility. So I am taking a page out of Kama’s playbook and just looking on with glee.

      • Nutcase

        Who says Chandra Muzaffar has no credibility? Even if he did predict wrongly, do you predict correctly all the time?

        I think he is better qualified and more experienced than you are. At least he is there, right in the field of politics whereas we are only armchair politicians.

        Sorry, but I’d rather quote him than you anytime.

      • No need to apologize. When has UMNO ever accepted a contrary opinion?
        Now UMNO accepts what Chandra Muzaffar says. Thats good news. Keep it up 🙂

      • nutcase nutcase

        who is the author of BN crossovers?

        who is the speech writer of 916?

        is your beloved full of credibility???

        tepuk dada tanya selera

  5. Do we honestly believe a 60 year old weak man overpowered a fit 20-something year old man who conveniently happened to visit the DPM before the alleged act?

    • Nimalan

      So you dont believe? It is up to you. But you are
      so naive to think that brute force is the only form of overpwering a person. It is not. Think about it.

      I am sorry to say this. But this stupid statement of old man CANNOT over power a young man is not correct. Only fools would believe this.


      • Nimalan,So the next time a 60 yr old man asks you to strip down and force himself upon you, take it with an open mind. After all, these guys have special ‘magical’ powers and only a ‘fool’ will believe that you cannot fight back.
        Right mohamed?

    • this kind of conviction is demonstrative of a gullible and stubborn ignoramus, definitely not a well-read person

      perfect candidates for perpetual and consistent brainwashing

      my advice – go read up on studies and research on psychological theories

      power is not vested SOLELY in physical strength

  6. Funny isn’t it, the founder of PARTY KEADILAN RAKYAT demonstrating that his slogan is all but bull shit? He cannot be allowed to forever hide his dirty linen in and behind the suspenders of foreign powers. There must be more calls, consistent and overwhelming by Malaysians for justice to be seen and done in the Sodomy II trial otherwise the damage to our justice system would be irreparable.

    I dare the Bar Council to heed such public demand by joining this call. Bar Council members making fast buck in advising the Fallen One with all the legal technicalities should be shameful of their profession. But then what would these so called professionals care when they are wholesomely prejudiced with much of their political aspirations at stake? I am ashamed of the Bar Council whose key members have deviated due to political vested interest. The speedy conclusion of Public Inquiry into the death of a DAP member has been protracted and made a mockery due to political manipulations also advised by Bar Council members.

    The laws and justice system in this country must be respected and should not be cowed by foreign interference and demands in the name of “greater freedom and liberty” as well as their local advocates.

    • whack,

      whatever you’re smoking, I’ll have some..

      • pj

        “If you can’t rebut, accuse” = typical opposition modus operandi

        I agree with whackthembugger, justice delayed is justice denied.

        The actions of BC of late is more in line with an opposition political party.

  7. By the way,why dont you actually try to convince that UMNO is better alternative. All I am hearing is that DSAI is so powerful he can shake Malaysia as he chooses. Then what is the present Government doing? Why not try to tell why UMNO is worth to support. If the argument is good, then we can accept. If you say, support UMNO because I told you so, then we look on and smile 🙂

    • I thought you are a lawyer. When we accuse him and you like to defend him, then we expect you to not only argue but provide the facts and verifiable information.

      Big Dog has listed all the verifiable information in his post above.

      But all you are doing appears to be twisting the facts. Including implying that we say DSAI is so powerful. I don’t think any of us says that. Only people like you do that.

    • Dear Nutcase

      You wrote “By the way,why dont you actually try to convince that UMNO is better alternative”

      To me and many of us Malay, UMNO is not an alternative. It is the ONLY party that has the experience and the can support the Malays. The records shows. Now we have successful Malays in many fields. Before independance we have a few and now, after indepedance we have few more. Like somebody said “Perjuangan kita belum selesai”. There should be much more successful Malay in the future. I dont think PAS has this ability neither is PKR. Why should we support them?
      Let me be frank with you. From the way our Constituion is written and the Wasiat from our Raja-Raja, our ancestors are very aware of who the “pendatang” are


      • Dear Mohamed,
        I have no issue with that.
        With your permission, this time I will paraphrase your earlier comment, ‘only a fool will not accept that UMNO views Kaum dan Lain Lain as Pendantang.’
        Am I correct?

    • Haiya nutcase

      Go on looking and smiling til the cows come home. (Ooops sorry accidentally mentioned a taboo word).

      No one is stopping you from grinning from ear to ear. If you think that you have added value to the debate here, think again.

      Your sole contribution is to reveal the kind of supporters the opposition has – intellectually not much to crow about, but worth a few private chuckles.

      We thank you for that, hee hee.


    dari malaysian insider

    Since then, Malaysians say that PR’s biggest strength is that it fights for democratic reforms (31 per cent), fights for transparency and is against corruption (29 per cent) and advocates fairness for all races ( 27per cent).

    This finding is not surprising given that the Opposition have been calling for the rehabilitation of Malaysia’s institutions, especially the judiciary and the police.

    Pakatan Rakyat has also been at the forefront of the movement to abolish the Internal Security Act and a slew of other regressive legislation.

    Broken down according to race, 65 per cent of those who think that PR’s biggest strength is racial fairness are Malays, 24 per cent Chinese and 11 per cent Indians.

    Some 59 per cent of those who felt that PR’s main selling point was fight against transparency are Malays, 32 per cent Chinese and 9 per cent Indians.

    About 63 per cent of those who believe that PR stands for democratic reforms are Malays, 26 per cent Chinese and 11 per cent Indians.

    • Watch out who does the survey, my friend. Some one pointed out that the Merdeka Center is linked to Anwar – one of the key people.

      They have in the past been putting out “research/ survey results” favouring the Pakatan group.

      Remember the Asia Research Institute or something? Imagine, their “research” finding saying the Malays already own over 40% corporate wealth when the Government said it was only 18%. They were laughed at, apologised and withdrew their “finding”.

      • If Malay equity is only 18%, after 30 years of NEP, and lets say it started out at perhaps 8% in 1979. That means on average Malay equity only grows at .33% per cent per year, and the reign of the great Tun Dr Mahathir only managed to increase Malay equity by a mere 6% after 22 years. Maybe that is proof that the Malays require a better deal, and NEP cara PKR and PAS will be more effective in raising the equity of the Malays.
        After all just imagine that .33% of 33 sen of every RM 100 spent goes to the Malays under UMNO? You surely cannot be proud of that.

      • What “NEP cara PKR and PAS” is this Nutcase fellow talking about?

        MB Khalid can’t even find the money for development projects in Selangor and want to use Zakat money instead. We don’t know where the much-touted sand sales revenue goes to. The illegal factories and massage parlours mushroom but, being illegal, who do they pay to?

        His is a simplistic argument not taking into account the Asian Financial Crisis and the fact that Malays, as a whole, are new to business, lack in wealth retention experience. He’ll probably says no Chinese has ever been bankrupt and all Chinese in business are successful.

        Your friend Khalid was once a mighty corporate success, substantial Guthrie shareholder but is sued by the bank for RM67 million debt, all mortgaged shares sold. NEP cara PKR apa?

      • Malay equity was always started with 30% given free by the non Malay. So if after so many years, they only have 18% left which mean they flunk the 12%. So don’t blame others, blame yourselves.

      • according to soothsayer Pasquale everything is connected to Anwar..


      • The 2nd Class fellow often talks thru his nose.

        30% “free equity given by the non-Malays” – free my foot!

        He has anarchistic thinking. Out to offend people and create ill will.

        He is even seditious. Goes here and there doing that. Short, usually offensive comments. Watch him Big Dog.

      • Thats 2nd Class really have 2nd Clas minded .. free ?? i see many DAPigs supporters have this kind minded , They’re laughing stock !!!

  9. satu lagi tulisan kajian hebat mengenai anwar..mampukah tulisan macamni menyedarkan rakyat yang terpengaruh dengan agendanya??taktaulah..pemimpin umno masih macamtu jugak..perniagaan rasuah dan pecah amanah masih diteruskan seperti biasa walhal kuasa dan amanah yang ada dah tinggal sikit..sebenarnya umno takdak pemimpin yang dapat mengatasi anwar dalam mempengaruhi rakyat..dasar umno yang memperkayakan diri kemudian bercakap soal maruah bangsa bila berjumpa orang kampung macam dah tak makan sangat sekarang ni..sebab itu banyak balaci umno hanya tahu menyerang anwar (ex-umno) tanpa senjata yang utuh..nak utuh macamana kalau yang pimpin umno pun ada isu yang hebat..yang penting bukan serang anwar, tapi macamna nak dapatkan kembali sokongan rakyat jelata yang umno/bn ini masih diperlukan..nak bicara soal moral, amat mustahil pemimpin umno semuanya sebersih kain putih..sebab itu aku dah cadang kepada saudara anjing ni untuk tulis mengenai najib, khir toyo, rosmah, anak-anak mahathir, muhyiddin dan lain-lain, sebab kajiannya hebat..itu pun kalau anjing ini ada ‘telur’..

    • Kalau lah Sdr perenggankan penulisan Sdr ini, senang lah pembaca faham maksud Sdr dan bermakna lah interaksi kita.

      Yang padat saperti di atas biasa nya ahli statistik,
      saintis dan loyar sahaja yang senang menyerap nya.

      • Saudara Wan

        “Yang padat saperti di atas biasa nya ahli statistik,saintis dan loyar sahaja yang senang menyerap nya”. Saya agak mereka pun susah nak faham.

        Yang saya faham si vivo ni nak suruh Big Dog hantam Najib, Khir toyo, Rosmah dan lain-lain.

        Ini mesti barua PKR atau PAS yang hanyut kat sini


  10. Dear Nutcase
    “After all, these guys have special ‘magical’ powers and only a ‘fool’ will believe that you cannot fight back.
    Right mohamed?” No

    I am not into “jumpi” or that kind of things.I am more of the real thing. I am thinking of rewards, money, possition and many, many more. Even a promise of these that will make a person go down on his knees. This is power my friend. Especially if you are young and gullible.

    Right nutcase?


    • Nak buat tang mana Pak Mohamed, dah nuar nih ada kuasa magik nih, padan la orang macam kacang nih buleh terpengaruh, macam la nuar nih takda buat salah. Dah la sebelum nih, kena sabit kesalahan, lepas tang teknikaliti. Takda bukti kata dia tak buat pun. Ikut kacang, nuar nih macam tuhan, tak boleh kena sentuh. Sentuh sikit, kita yang salah, dia ja yang betui.

      Macamana buleh kata konfiden dia tak buat, takda bukti, tapi tak boleh terima kata dia buat. Kalau keadilan, mesti ikut saluran kehakiman yang betul, nih dok tangguh2. Yang tuduh nih bukan PM pun, budak kopi dia ja. Suruh mubalahah tak mau, kata ustaz tak bagi la pa la, nih mufti kata boleh, dia kata tak. Macam dia lagi hebat dari mufti. Nik Aziz pun sama, sedih dengar, dia siap keluar ayat quran halalkan bina kuil nih. Nik Aziz halalkan tak payah mubalahah, apa la pak nik, orang kena liwat mana sama dengan orang lain tuduh orang lain liwat. Mangsa liwat mengaku dia kena liwat dengan orang menuduh orang lain yang takde kene mengena dengan dia meliwat manakan sama. Inikah keadilan ikut cara Islam? PAS dulu lain, sekarang dah lain. Semua nakka kuasa punya pasal.

      Kacang nih memang dok pelek sikit. Apa la magic si nuar nih dah pekena kat dia, tu dia takda salah belaka. Setahu saya nuar tu kalau toreh tangan berdarah, merah ja, macam kita nih. Yang maksum ada sorang ja, Rasulullah, takda orang lain. Takda pulak saya dengar orang panggil nuar nih al-amin ka, macam Rasulullah.

      Bila tengok2 kembali, apa la sumbangan nuar nih pada negara? Pada bangsa melayu? Pada agama Islam? Takda pun, takda masjid dia bina pun, takda sekolah dia bina pun, takda dasar ekonomi yang dia dok kasi perbaik pun. Nasib baik tak di jualnya Malaysia nih, baik dengan IMF punya pasal. Yang paling best sekali, semua orang yang dok kepala parti2 politik nih, jadi kepala pun sebab NEP. Tak payah la nak tipu. Silap2 si kacang nih pun jadi kacang sebab NEP. Rumah kalau bumbung bocor, takkan nak peruntuh satu rumah. Repair bumbung tu.

      Bila nengok kes kacang nih la, dengan yang lain2 rasa nuar nih suci macam nabi, taksub tak tentu pasal, memang saya rasa nuar nih ada kuasa magic kot. Even orang2 UMNO kat sini boleh kritik pemimpin sendiri. Sebagai umat Islam, magic yang saya tau, magic sesat ja. Apa2 pun Pak Mohamed, pendatang tak pendatang, rakyat itu adalah rakyat. Cuma rakyat ni tak patut jadi rakyat jika dia gagal dengan rela mematuhi undang2, menghormati perlembagaan, menjaga kemaslahatan antara kaum dan kemakmuran negara. Kacang nih dah lupa agaknya, kalau tak mau ikut semua tu, pi duduk negara lain.

      Jangan suka melaga2 kan orang kacang, hang kalau tak suka apa ditulis hang tak payah lah baca. Tak bolehkah hang bagi komen yang membina, bukan menghina. Hang pi la blog taksub nuar ka, pi laga kat sana la. Apa hang buat dok sini? Sapa pulak bagi mandat kat hang nak kena bersuara kat sini? Pak Nik? Nuar? Hang nak jadi lawyar sangat, tu pi blog persatuan peguam tu. Pi lawan kes hang dengan diaorang. Mai nengok hebat tak hang nih. Jangan dok belit kat sini la.

      • Setuju bebenor, Pak Dollah (Nyaris lagi tulis “Pak Lah” – saya banyak tak setuju dengan dia!)

        Kacang tak mahu ke blog persatuan peguam sebab dia tak boleh goreng kat situ.

        Kat sini dia ingat dia boleh kelentong kita. Dia kata lah kita yang mengatakan Anwar “so powerful”. Powerful untuk street demonstration tak tahu lah. Pangkat “Perusuh yang hebat” boleh beri dia.

      • Saudara Pak Dollah
        Terima kasih diatas pandangan Pak Dollah yang panjang lebar lagi jelas.
        Amat benar kata-kata saudara.Biar lah nuar dengan magicnya. Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi untuk Ugama,Bangsa dan Negara yang tercinta. Hanya bersatu sajalah jalan yang baik untuk kita membela nasib.

        Pak Dollah kata,”pendatang tak pendatang, rakyat itu adalah rakyat” Saya setuju bangat.

        Bukan mereka meminta dilahirkan sebagai anak kaum pendatang. Bayangkan kalau Negara ni hancur dan kita menumpang diNegri orang, apa aka jadi pada anak-anak kita?



      • hahaha Anwar tu powerful menipu adalah , dia ngan penyokong dia memnyalak pasal 16 sept dulu … tapi terus kena batang hidung dia terus buat macam-macam fitnah kat org yg melompat tu .. sama juga dengan penyokong dia jilat ludah sendiri akhirnya

  11. Dear Nutcase
    “I have no issue with that.”

    Thank you very much.

    “With your permission, this time I will paraphrase your earlier comment, ‘only a fool will not accept that UMNO views Kaum dan Lain Lain as Pendantang.’
    Am I correct?”

    I dont know. when you put it like that it is sad to call you pendatang. Indians Chinese and Malays are like “minyak dengan air”. It is impossible to mix. So many formulas put foward: such as unity in diversity.
    Over 50 years it does not work. Latest one is Satu Sekolah untuk Semua. Perhaps we can give it a try.

    At the last GE the Indian and the Chinese appeared to have abandoned BN. It was only UMNO left standing. Is BN still relevent in the eyes of the Malays? Most Malays dont think so. No. Therefor current movement now is to unite all the Malays under one group.The grass roots wants this. The Malay leaders may not for some reasons. There lies the problem.

    Nutcase, you are the citizen of this country. I respect you for that. When our position as a majority stake holder in this land is threatened, we feel uncomfortable. Try to understand.

    Please bring back the old formula that your forfathers and my forfathers had graciously agreed upon.


  12. Dear En. Mohamad,
    I am actually very cool guy, and I also feel guilty sometimes poking here and there especially during Ramadan month. So I probe here and there, and if I pissed off anybody, I would like to apologize.

    Now after long consideration, maybe Big Dog has a point. Serious. Especially the argument of the constitution and the loci standing of the Malays vis a vis the other races. Sp I accept without argument.

    I dont see Anwar as some sort of magic wand. But I also feel its weird when so much blame is assigned to him. So I question the core assumption. Furthermore, when I am down, I listen to Anwar it picks me up.

    To me, no matter how pissed I am of the BN government, I have never voted for or against. I rather not waste my time standing in queue, when I know both alternatives are suspect. BN alternative is suspect because the country is getting progressively worse. Pakatan alternative is suspect because its a marriage of convenience.

    I am open to a good argument. Eventhough now my bengang level with UMNO/BN is lets say 80% and my bengang level with Pakatan is lets say 55%, I will read and see what UMNO bloggers are saying.

    Unfortunately, every time its the same thing, no UMNO blogger says something which is different, I go to all the blogs – Rocky, Big Dog, Another Brick In Wall, RBF, Parpukari, Jebat Must Die and the message is – that whether or not one should chose UMNO is dependent on whether Saiful was sodomized. I wanted to put the description in a more direct language but out of respect for Ramadan, I choose my words carefully.

    The other same message is on ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ and NEP. As to the NEP and Ketuanan Mekayu – well… To me its a propaganda tool, but I can still survive, so the real stakeholders to determine whether NEP is good or not should be the Malays. If the Malays think its good, then continue. If the Malays think its bad, then discontinue. If UMNO wants the NEP to be tightened, and lets say more conditions are applied, I can still survive. But I feel the economy will suffer, and in the end, I leave it to the readers to judge for themselves what they feel is the best decision.

    Last point:
    Nutcase, you are the citizen of this country. I respect you for that. When our position as a majority stake holder in this land is threatened, we feel uncomfortable. Try to understand.

    Hey I totally agree with you on this one. I even wished UMNO good luck in Bagan Pinang. I am 100% with your objective.

    My question is, if you want to go to from KL to Ipoh, why not take the direct route. Why start to find a new way going first to Tg. Karang then to Bagan Datok and then to Teluk Belanga and the such.

    And that you must figure out for yourself. To me, currently UMNO is going the wrong way.

    • Dear Nutcase
      From my heart I accept your apology. I am wrong too to be so presumtious. I apologise.

      You said “Hey I totally agree with you on this one. I even wished UMNO good luck in Bagan Pinang. I am 100% with your objective.” I believe you and so do I.

      Remember when our country was “attacked” circa 1997. We all close rank? We survive hansomely! Perhaps we can do it again.

      Thank you.


      • Why not. U have my support.

    • bro Nut,

      those bloggers you mentioned they are all paid prostitutes for Najib. That sour pussy Parpukari is the worst of them all..


      • Here’s another one talking thru his nose.

      • Another Pakatan Rasuah paid prostitutes bloggers and commenters .

        You cannot talking about them and you will get a wild accused . The symbol of democracy of Ketuanan DAPigs

  13. On September 12, 2009 at 12:55 pm mohamed Said:
    Saudara Wan

    “Yang padat saperti di atas biasa nya ahli statistik,saintis dan loyar sahaja yang senang menyerap nya”. Saya agak mereka pun susah nak faham.

    Yang saya faham si vivo ni nak suruh Big Dog hantam Najib, Khir toyo, Rosmah dan lain-lain.

    Ini mesti barua PKR atau PAS yang hanyut kat sini


    jangan tuduh melulu..aku tak penah kisah dengan pkr dan pas..yang aku kisahkan ialah umno..pendekatan macam ni lah yang melemahkan melayu umno..tak boleh nak tegur cadang langsung..aku cadangkan kepada anjing supaya tulis pasai najib, rosmah, dan anak-anak mahathir yang kaya-raya..tak semestinya benda tak baik (hentam)..mungkin anjing boleh kaji, tulis dan perbetulkan tanggapan orang pasai manusia-manusia ini, dari mana datang kekayaan dsb..pasai anwar, serang macamanapun, sokongan kepada umno tak meningkat pun lagi..macamana nak ambil balik kuasa..itu saja..jangan gopoh tuduh melulu..aku taktau hang sapa..aku tak peduli hang sapa..dan hang pun taktau aku sapa..tapi aku cuma nak tengok kuasa kembali kepada yang asal..

    p/s: mohamed ini nama nabi ka nama mamak??

    • Vivo, hang nak “cadang” BigDog tulih “pasai najib, rosmah, dan anak-anak mahathir yang kaya-raya..” tu buat apa? Apa maksud hang, apa tujuan hang?

      Kalau hang kata depa kaya raya, atau curiga depa rasuah, bagi bukti lah. Atau maalumat yang orang boleh rujuk atau periksa. Atau hang pegi kat blog anti-rasuah, atau hang buat blog anti-rasuah sendiri. Kumpuikan bukti, bukan tomah menomah saja.

      Hang mau di “perbetulkan tanggapan orang pasai manusia-manusia ini, dari mana datang kekayaan dsb..” Sapa dia orang yang tanggapan nya mahu di perbetulkan tu?

      Dah tu, hang kata “pasai anwar, serang macamanapun, sokongan kepada umno tak meningkat pun lagi..macamana nak ambil balik kuasa..” Lagu tu, tentu orang ingat hang pengikut Pak Sheikh.

      Pulak, hang pangge Big Dog “anjing”. Dia pakai nama lagu tu hang tak boleh lah terjemah sebagai anjing. Itu nama dia. Las las hang sindik nama Mohamed tu babi. Dia kata hang barua PKR – barua tu macam perkataan tali barut, bukan menghina. Tapi babi tu sangat tak baik bagi orang Islam.

      Awat hang ni? Tulih jangan semua sekumpui lah, orang keliru kat hang. Dah lah maksud hang tu nampak curiga.

      • Saudara nono
        Ribuan terima kasih. Saya sunggoh terharu diatas sokongan saudara. Terima kasih sekali lagi.

        Untuk Saudara vivo.Sekali baca tulisan saudara macam minta bonkarkan “rashia hitam” mereka. Rupanya dari penjelasan saudara, niat saudara baik.Saya pohon maaf.


      • nono,
        macam ni..yang sokong umno tetap dengan umno selalunya..macam tu jugak dengan yang sokong pembangkang..tanggapan orang atas pagar itu yang penting..mereka ini dah tersulam idea bahawa pemimpin umno semuanya ada kaitan rasuah, maka undi tidak lagi dibagi kepada umno/bn..jadi itulah datang cadangan aku itu..aku tak sehebat yang lain sampai nak berblog..tapi cuba bayangkan senario dimana undi diberi kepada bekas pesalah jenayah dan rakannya berbanding orang yang disyaki rasuah..dengan kata lain undi diberi kepada yang terbukti bersalah oleh undang-undang berbanding kepada mereka yang sekadar cakap-cakap dengar..bagi aku ini amat berat untuk diubah..makanya teknik meyerang anwar macam dah tak berkesan..pasai nama muhamed tu, baca bagi betui..nabi la bukan babi..

        p/s: bigdog marahkah dengan “anjing”?

    • vivo,

      Bagus lah hang bagi penjelasan. Minta maaf lah aku salah baca pasai babi. Aku salah aku ngaku & minta maaf. Tak tau lah Big Dog marah ke tidak hang pangge dia anjin. Dia sporting kot. Tapi aku baca rasa tak kena di Bulan puasa ni.

      Aku pun cukup marah pasai rasuah. Banyak rosak negara dan takut jahnam Melayu sebab rasuah. Tapi tak ada bukti, aku coba kritik dengan hati hati. Kot orang silap faham kat hang sebab hang tulis panjang sekumpui tu. Mohamed pun rasa begitu kot.

      Tapi, to be fair kpd pemimpin UMNO sekarang, depa dah ambik tindakan tukak cara mengundi, moga moga boleh cara “direct election”. Syarat minima pencalunan Bahagian tu ada lah punca besak politik wang. Nak beli undi, depa bersaing cari duit – melalui rasuah. Tapi belom nampak banyak “big gun corruption prosecution”, ha nya “small fries” la ni.

      Yang banyak dapat perut buncit dari rasuah tu aku rasa di musim lalu, termasuk masa Pak Lah “Mr Clean” yang akhir nya nampak tak begitu “clean”, masa pegang portfolio Kewangan biakkan yang lain2 rasuah.

      Aku rasa banyak Melayu nak beri peluang kpd pemimpin sekarang ambik masa sikit nak kawal rasuah. Banyak hal bercelaru terutama sejak masa Pak Lah. Pehak pembangkang mesti tentu terus kata macam2. Biak pi lah depa. Jenis “anarchistic”, macam kata Big Dog. Semua nya depa kata tak betui. Depa anti-establishment, anti-authority. Kita sokong mana yang betui dan coba buat “constructive criticism” mana yang boleh.

      • vivo

        Aku pakai 2 nama – Abu di atah pun aku. Tak jadi hal bukan? Ada depa pakai berpuluh nama pun. Kita semua pakai nama penulisan, melainkan 1-2 orang macam Chedet.

      • Saudara Abu

        Saudar kata “Mohamed pun rasa begitu kot.”

        Ya saya rasa begitu. Secara sepontan.


  14. orang umno gaduhs esama umno? bila nak merintahnya?

  15. Nutty

    Don’t twist your words and don’t be a false prophet. Perhaps our economy will go down vis a vis the NEP/ Social Contract, maybe not; sometimes it’s better to be slow rather than jump the gun. Our way forward during the 97 Asian Crisis was substantially to protect the interests of the Nation from falling into the hands of unscrupulous foreigners. Although other Asian countries recovered more quickly than us by taking the medical prescription of the IMF, these countries practically sold some of their key assets to foreigners for a song. The economies of the US, Britain and many of their counterparts now are generally in deep shit because of over indebtedness i.e bankrupt and also because of the uncertainty of the US currency. These countries as you are so aware have no such NEP and yet they suffered most and not out of the woods yet. Not only that, they are also the primary responsible for the current world predicaments. Closer towards home, remember how cautious/ pessimistic the Singapore PM said about the prospects of his nation. In short, to strive forward in these uncertain times, we as a Nation must be united and not be distracted by irresponsible forces within and outside the country out to create uncertainty albeit chaos and anarchy under the name of greater freedom and liberty whist undermining our Constitution and Rule of Law. This in essence is Bro Big Dog’s argument with specific reference to the Fallen One.


    An enemy within our midst? We all know the enemy within is the greater danger than from without, what more when your suggestions appears to have covert motives. Bro Big Dog is aware of his focus; don’t try instilling your evil suggestions. UMNO’s is in better hands compared to the last administration and there are “numerous ways to skin a cat” in relation to UMNO tackling its own shortfalls. Also UMNO is not in the Blind Syndrome as it focuses to drive BN and the nation forward while some of its party members are in a state of flux. However, the Pakatan leadership is not focus in administering for the betterment of its constituents; rather they continue playing sentiments to antagonize the Rakyat against the Fed dreaming foolishly the Rakyat will follow the ways of the Yellow and Red shirts in neighboring Thailand. The enemies within our midst are already plentiful in wanting to make Malaysia another colony of foreign powers, don’t therefore pour more oil; United we stand, divided Malaysia will fall.

    • whackthembugger,

      if giving suggestions put one to be labeled as enemy, i guess its not worth to discuss about anything anymore..i am giving my opinions based on the perceptions of some of the fence voters, they do not care about umno anymore as they associated its leaders with order to gain back the power is gaining back this fence voters vote..give them information that can counter attack the claims made by opposition regarding umno leaders..everybody knows that being rich is not a sin but the way of getting it needs to be clarify..remember that opposition is playing these sentiments to the voters..if you do not agree with that and let umno/bn leaders continues to govern with this perception from the umno suppose to gain back the power??by attacking anwar??its has been 10 years of attacking and he still can pull a huge crowd to his else is dirty while not showing how clean umno are is not working anymore..anyway this is just my opinions..

      p/s: am i still an enemy??if i am then biarlah luncai dengan labu-labunya..

      • vivo
        You said…. in order to gain back the power is gaining back this fence voters vote..give them information that can counter attack the claims made by opposition regarding umno leaders..everybody knows that being rich is not a sin but the way of getting it needs to be clarify.

        This is just emotions belying immaturity.Nobody is perfect, this include both the leaders in oppsition and the goverment and including anuar himself. But what people should look for is, can they deliver? Can they full fill their election manifesto and promises? Rhetoric alone cannot bring food to the table.

        In anuar “rakyaat” system of justice whatever anuar said it the truth. Some rakyaat believe him in total. A rock star status.They are the most vocal. What these people has done for him is a recorded history.

        Another thing anuar has over the years done was to systematically undermine what ever the trust the people have in the Goverment, Police, Judiciary and anything else he seemed fit. Why? Because he wants to become untouchable. He wants to go round the country to do things and say things including spreading malicious rumours and accussation while these elements of the Goverment just watch and are very tetative as what to do. So far he has been successful.

        This is an anarcy in the making. Will the Goverment stop it.No! Pilihan raya kecil! Can’t touch him people might get angry BN will lose! For heaven sake BN has already lose all except for the one in Serawak

        By the way some people are wondering why so many death and so many pilihan raya kecil? plus a resignation or two. Coincidence?
        Who knows.

        The present Goverment don’t have to do much to stem this anarcy. Just follow the “rule of law” with a large dose of moral courage.

        The silent majority is behind you dear Goverment


      • mohamed,

        “Nobody is perfect, this include both the leaders in oppsition and the goverment and including anuar himself. But what people should look for is, can they deliver? Can they full fill their election manifesto and promises?”

        so right now what we do is admitting that some of our umno leaders are corrupted..meanwhile we still attacking anwar over what happened inside his pants..and we wait until the opposition led state government make mistakes or unable to delivered promises and then we used that to win back peoples that your suggestions??

        p/s: anybody from kedah, penang or selangor here??did your state government start to make mistakes nowadays??

    • Hey why this venom? I just said my opinion, I thought we can have freedom of opinion. I clearly mentioned whether NEP is to be continued or not is up to the Malays. Let them decide.
      You attack for no reason!
      I even gave my support to you Mohammad and you are still whacking me?
      Whats wrong with you!
      (I wont argue with you on your opinion. No point, I am not too smart in economics)

      • I am referring to whackthemugger.I am not that IT smart when it comes to using the reply tool in bigdog blog.

  16. The NEP detractors often use the argument that it will make the economy go down. Do they realise that causes for the economy to go up and down can be a thousand and one things? Do they know that economists the world over are still not agreed on the real causes of the Great Depression of the global economy in the 1930s? Even some 80 years after the event?

    They must realise that talking about good prospects and about doom, done by people in the right position, can cause stock market sentiments to go up and down. That’s why Governors of Central Banks the world over hardly give their opinions in public. People like Nutcase may be of no consequence to the Stock Market but they have to be responsible with their statements. Especially those who appear to be educated.

    Opinions are tolerated if they are substantiated with solid facts and arguments, or at least verifiable information. Especially on subjects like NEP which is held dear by the community that forms the majority of the population.

    • What is wrong with you people. I have already MADE IT VERY VERY CLEAR – LET THE MALAYS DECIDE WHETHER NEP IS GOOD OR NOT!.

      This is what I said:
      If UMNO wants the NEP to be tightened, and lets say more conditions are applied, I can still survive. But I feel the economy will suffer, and in the end, I leave it to the readers to judge for themselves what they feel is the best decision.

      Since you are obviously a moron – let me explain it in simple language. I said IF THE NEP IS TIGHTEND then I feel the economy will suffer, BUT IT IS STILL FOR THE MALAYS TO DECIDE!. My opinion is irrelevant but you and the fool whackthemugger come and pick on the phrase “feel that the economy will suffer” and use it to paint that I am anti Malay!

      What crap!
      I withdraw my support.
      Hopefully UMNO suffers and gets trashed in Bagan Pinang!
      Let UMNO be consigned to the trash heap of history as what Dr. Mahathir said!
      This the UMNO mentality, Must support 100% like a COW only then you can be tolerated as a pendatang, if not you will be accused of many things!
      HIDUP PAS anytime!

      What crap are you talking about the stock market?

      • hey chill man

        you support freedom of speech right?

        now if you express your opinion in an unclear manner that leads to misunderstanding, just clarify without being frustrated lahhhh …

      • Pity this fellow. He talked so much, appeared to be clever, didn’t make his points clear, when people counter-argue he blames the entire Malay race!

        Nobody even said he is anti-Malay. I am not even a member of UMNO, in fact, not of any party.

        He is a real nutcase.

  17. Anwar has been trying so hard to delay his 2nd sodomy trial. All sorts of spanners are thrown into the works, all sorts of objections to what the Prosecution has put out.

    His erstwhile lead defence counsel, Haji Sulaiman Abdullah, withdrew on medical grounds but people are not convinced of the reason. A former PKR colleague, Dr Chandra Muzaffar, suggests that Anwar is afraid of being found guilty.

    But why in God’s name does he not want to get it over with? No doubt he has joined the DAP anarchistic chants questioning the integrity of judges and everybody in authority. But surely he can’t be believing that, even if he can become PM one day, he cannot be assured of having judges who would make judgments favourable to him? Or is he hoping that if and when he becomes PM he’ll have the charges thrown away?

    This man has the temerity to doggedly believe he can become PM despite his lompat lompat tactic failing to produce results in September 2008, the BN lompat tactic did produce results in Perak, PR Selangor appearing to be in a mess, Lim Kit Siang himself being worried about the “unresolved internal conflicts” within PR, Anwar himself being party-less now, DAP old hand Karpal Singh has not been accepting him as PR leader.

    He is a desperate man.

    • Besok genap setahun selepas 16/09/2008. Mana dia kerajaan pusat PR ni?????

      Mana 31MP yg nak lompat keluo BN ni??????

  18. […] Now that the second sodomy charge onto Mohd. Saiful Bahri Azlan is coming closer to a closure, Former-Power-Abuse-Convict Anwar Ibrahim is reactivating the ‘anarchy game’ to deflect attention on the case at […]

  19. vivo
    “and we wait until the opposition led state government make mistakes or unable to delivered promises and then we used that to win back peoples that your suggestions??” YES,that is roughly the idea. That is what any opposition should be trying to do, isn’t? (Presently in some states BN/UMNO are oppositions.)

  20. Banggang betul la penyokong FUCKATAN RIOT ni!

    Anwar Al Jubs tu dah sahih kaki liwat (yg panggil dia Al Juburi ialah Mat Sabu, bukan org UMNO!), banduan, sahabat yahudi Zionis, taik betina, taik sosial, kaki pembohong…..

    Apasal pergi dengo lagi ckap org cam gitu?????

    Tak da akai ka????????????

  21. […] lauds the call. To falsely maintain ‘unity’ within PR is pertinent at this junction, as bigger agenda for that looms defacto PR Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim is more […]

  22. […] open for Anwar to realise into power from the chaos and confusion they managed to create. This ‘anarchy game’ is now extended towards deflecting and creating a diversion on upcoming Anwar’s second sodomy trial, something he mastered since the 70s and seen back in […]

  23. […] his own personal problem of the second time sodomy trial crystalizing, one would expect Anwar “Anarchists Agent” Ibrahim would turn into the anarchy again (with the deployment of the Anwarista cyber-anarchists), as a tool to divert the rakyat’s […]

  24. […] this afternoon, bloggo-journo Rocky scooped the story about party-less Opposition Leader Anwar “King of Anarchy Politics” Ibrahim was invited by Communist Party of Malaya Secretary General Chin “Butcher of […]

  25. […] conservative majority. Politically bankrupt politicians such as former abuse-of-power-convict Anwar “King of Anarchy Politics” Ibrahim attempted to ride on the controversy that looms from the attempt to bring the numero uno […]

  26. […] Buat masa ini, ‘Keadilan’ sedang di’Korban’kan dengan tindakan Anwar “Politikus-Anarkis” Ibrahim ini kerana “Pengadilan yang dilengahkan adalah pengadilan yang dinafikan” […]

  27. […] Anwar “King of Anarchy” Ibrahim also needed another ‘diversion’ against his second sodomy case, which has been […]

  28. […] This peculiar pattern of high turnover of leaders in one political party, should be a worrying concern. These are the facts rakyat must consider. Exodus of high profile leaders and the magnestism on rejected leaders. They also should be reminded that Anwar announced the ‘Black 14′ “Ketuanan Rakyat” and “16 September 2008 take over the Federal Government” promises, which have yet to be materialised. In the final analysis, this is all about Anwar “Master Anarchist” Ibrahim and what leaders close to him eventually discover. Again now that he is facing another recuring sodomy charge, ten years after the first, Anwar is turning back into ‘anarchy’ as his pre-emptive defense mechanism. […]

  29. […] keyakinan rakyat kepada agensi pernguatkuasa seperti Kehakiman, Polis, SPRM dan sebagainya,  anarki merupakan strategi Anwar untuk mengalihkan pandangan terhadap kes, yang mungkin akan mengakibatkan Anwar dipenjara sekiranya […]

  30. […] also finds the ‘shooting of Aminulrasyid’ could be conveniently used to generate some degree of anarchy, to deflect the attention from the second sodomy trial against party-less Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim, which the […]

  31. […] gagal merebut jawatan Presiden MCA, Chua mengambil keputusan untuk meninggalkan MCA dan menyertai parti yang menjadi agen anarki dan politik ‘benci membenci’ […]

  32. […] Then again, Anwar’s politics is all about assuming power at all cost, even anarchy. This is the very tactic he tried to deploy in his current sodomy trial. […]

  33. […] agencies and authorities such as the Police, MACC, Attorney General’s Chamber and Judiciary. Anarchy is also part of this big […]

  34. […] strategy. Besides trying to rise into power and Putrajaya from the ashes of a nation in turmoil, anarchy is also an ‘immediate solution’ for his current Sodomy II […]

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