Anwarista techno-anarchists deflecting

Of late, we here at BigDogDotCom have been intensifying the highlights of Pakatan Rakyat Primates failures, non deliverances, blatant wrong doings and abuse of power. On top of that, party-less Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s sordid attempt to deflect his much waited second sodomy trial, which was supposed to have started.

It seems that we have struck nail in some peoples’ skull and wreck their nerve to a point of responding, if not retaliation.

One is fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who jumped bail and fled the country for criminal defamation charges. Recently, a pro-anarchy news media portal Malaysia Kini published a recording of Raja Petra’s claim that he has been wrongly prosecuted for his statutory declaration (SD). In actual fact, Raja Petra posted his article “Lets send Altantuyaa murderers to hell” on 25 April 2008 and was charged under Seditions Act on 6 May 2008, a good six weeks before he wrote and filed the SD.

The fact is that, being an Anwarista techno-anarchist, Raja Petra fabricated stories about Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s indirect involvement with the murder of Mongolian national Altantuyaa Shaariibuu. His approach of mixing some facts and made up stories (which seemingly looked ‘realistic’, in the context of previous build up case on the subject matter) incredibly worked, especially after able to prove himself in previous anti-PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and co.’s abuse of power and corrupt practices expose’s.

First, he dragged and exploited the good name of HM SPB YDP Agong by lying that ‘consent was given’  explicitly to the Royal Malay Regiment based in Sg. Petani to ‘provide cover’ for the “Yellow Shirt” demonstrators in the event the Police were to act on the 10 November 2007 illegal march, in his writting “What the eyes does not see” (Malaysia Today cowardly and conveniently moved this article out from their archives).

Then he went from acusing wife of Prime Minister Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor’s involvement from his writing online to making a statutory declaration about it. When charged, like typical Anwaristas, he played the ‘drama’ of refusing bail and instead went online to raised “RM 1.00 per reader” collection, to demonstrate that Malaysian cyber citizens are very sympathetic to his case of ‘victimisation and selective prosecution’ and part of the Anwarista complex agenda of creating anarchy via the ‘snow balling effect’. Now that the second sodomy charge filed by former aide Mohd. Saiful Bahri Azlan is coming closer to the world finding the truth, Former-Power-Abuse-Convict Anwar Ibrahim is reactivating the ‘anarchy game’ to deflect attention on the criminal case at hand.

The attempt to create anarchy and weakening the country went as far as the  Director of Military Intelligence Lt. Gen. Dato’ Mohd. Salleh Hj Ismail had to call for a media conference on 4 July 2008 to explain the actual situation from the lies Raja Petra created.

It is pointless to take Raja Petra to court because he will simply ignore every judgment and whenever the charge is criminal in nature and time to face the music, he would simply run away and cry foul from abroad rather than take it in the face like a man. Other Anwaristas like Ezam Mohd. Nor and Abdul Rahim Ghouse have been known to react and operate in the same manner.

The fact still remain; Raja Petra is a ‘Compulsive Liar’ and techno-anarchist, playing the role of disstabilizating the confidence and faith of educated, professional and urbanite internet savvy Malaysians, on behalf of Master Anarchist Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim. Anwar already got his Neo Con Jews controlled media to assist in the ‘political assassination’ PM Najib.

As William Shakespeare said “The bigger the lie is, the more people will believe in it” and Hitler’s Chief Propaganda Joseph Goebbels “When a lie is continued as a lie, it eventually becomes the truth”, are the propaganda maxim which the Anwaristas hanged on to and practiced to perfection.

All these are clear illustrations of desperation by Anwar and his Anwarista techo-cyber-anarchists.


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