Many ways of skinning a cat and yet….

There are, many ways of ‘skinning a cat’ and yet, some chose to do it in this manner. It is not clearly why it was done in this way. However, one could only guess there is an ulterior motive to make a ‘fast one’, out of the circumtances on the ability to turn and manipulate perception of the whole incident and misfortune of others.

The fact still remain. There was a ‘bar brawl’ and one party walked away. Regardless what one says in a media conference, the fact is that one actually went to the other party’s hotel not so long later when the latter actually already walked away from what could escalate into an ugly scene.

At one of most preferred inn address in town, the ‘unsatisfied party’ was stopped from proceeding. Maybe they were in ‘an undesirable state of presentation’ (being sons of gentlemen and sundry) at the point of time. Maybe they were ‘influenced’ by some substance, when led to their ‘apparent’ agressive state. Regardless, at wee hours in the morning, inn keepers were ‘very reluctant’ to allow persons in such state to ‘proceed further’.

Then the  ‘interrupted bar brawl’ which should have been avoided was continued.

The outcome of the incident at the Sultan Ismail hotel is not really certain. The fact still remain the call for the Dang Wangi Police was made by the ‘occupants’ of hotel instead  of the ‘agressors’. If the ‘agressors’ were ‘held against their will’, then the ‘captors’ made a lousy job of allowing them to hold on to their mobile phones and thus making calls and sending smses. The agressors should have gone to the Police and requested assistance to free their ‘abducted’ sons but non avail.

Why did hours later, then only the aggrieved party came forward to make a statement to the Police? Is it becuase thy wanted the affect of certain ”substance” and wear of first before they could present themselves and make an official complaint to the Police?

Eighteen statements were recorded by the Police from the persons who stayed at The Crowne Plaza, which include  second heir to the throne of state (whose statement was recorded by the Police in Kelantan, where HRH was under going airborne practical course). Regardless what people stated in their media conference which eventually built a public perception; the occupants of the Crowne Plaza were miding their own affairs in the comfort of their suites when ‘trouble’ came to them. Naturally, they have the right to protect themselves. More over if it involves a second heir to a state throne.

The mother claims her son is “priceless”. At yet at the media conference, contradictorily she admitted that her lawyer demanded a whopping sum of RM 50 million and an apology.

We are not sure why after 11 months, the case did not progress further. Probably the statements recorded were contradictory to each other and yet making the process difficult. Regardless, going to the press and media is a grave mistake. After all, it came to public attention that the “aggrieved party” did demand a RM 50 million ‘settlement fee’, it almost sound like an organised extortion and a ‘Royal Black Mail’.

Lets see what will develop from this and the Johoreans’ next step of action.  Never the less, making a media circus by washing dirty linen in public three days before Hari Raya Aidil Fitri is utterly distasteful. What more if it was called by a daughter of a former SPB YDP Agong.

*Updated 830pm

The Malay Mail scooped the story on HRH Raja Muda Johor who thought the RM 50 million was “unreasonable and shouldn’t be entertained”.

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