More of Ketuanan Rakyat cracking: ‘Bagi bunga kepada beruk’

Previously, we discussed about MB Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s days are numbered and probable very sticky sucession plan as there are infightings within Pakatan Rakyat (PR) strange bedfellows and intra party ‘sibling rivalry’. It seems the problem is worsening, especially taken on the official front.

The Star has the story:

Wednesday September 23, 2009

Hasan Ali a thorn in Selangor, say Pakatan Rakyat reps


KLANG: Trouble is brewing in Selangor Pakatan Rakyat with its members turning on PAS, specifically Datuk Dr Hasan Ali, who has become increasingly isolated over the last few days over his many outbursts.

Speaker Teng Chang Khim, who is from DAP, has singled out the Selangor PAS commissioner and exco member as the “only problem” in the partnership that was forged after the March 8 general election.

“There is no communication breakdown among coalition members. Hasan Ali is the only problem in the coalition and he has been consistently inconsistent on various issues,” he said, adding that as exco member, Dr Hasan could have brought up his dissatisfaction through the right channels.

Dr Hasan’s most recent outburst was the calling for a revamp of the Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat), which had come under fire from him for their “grilling” of senior civil servants over allocations.

He had argued that members of Selcat — which is currently staffed by legislative assembly members from both Pakatan and Barisan Nasional — should be made up of eminent persons without political inclinations.

Prior to this, Dr Hasan had also quarrelled with DAP exco member Ronnie Liu over the sale of beer in the state and had wanted to impose a blanket ban on alcohol sale in retail outlets in Muslim majority areas.

Teng, who heads Selcat, said the executive council had weekly meetings.

“There is no reason why he should attack Selcat in the open. He’s trying to take advantage of the situation to gain politically,” he alleged.

DAP Klang MP Charles Santiago was more blunt, calling for Dr Hasan to be disciplined by his party leaders and removed as both state commissioner and exco member.

“We will be stronger and better in Selangor without him. PAS should remove him to protect our best interests.

“He is wrongfully giving the impression that things are not well. There always appears to be two voices to everything with him around,” he added.

“He wants to send a message that he is the one who will protect the Malays in Selangor,” claimed Santiago.

Even Dr Hasan’s party colleague Saari Sungib, who is a Selcat member, has distanced himself, saying that the former should be referred to the House Privileges Committee for making public outbursts.

PKR exco member Yaakob Sapari denied any cracks, saying the group practised freedom of speech and encouraged people to speak up.

“We are allowed to say anything we want and air our views. There’s no problem among us,” he said, pointing out that Dr Hasan’s voicing of opinion should not be misconstrued as trouble.

PAS exco member Iskandar Abdul Samad said it was natural for Pakatan members, who were from three different political parties with different ideologies and philosophies, to have opposing views at times.

“That doesn’t mean there’s a rift between us, because at the end of the day, we can all sit down together, discuss the matter amicably and arrive at a single decision,” he said, adding that any final decision rested with the state’s executive council.

Dr Hasan was not available for comment at press time.


Maybe DAP Selangor DUN Speaker Teng and MP Santiago ‘conveniently forgotten’ that Dr Hasan is not only ‘thorn in Selangor ‘PR’s bottoms’, despite DAP has this really prickly ‘unholy marriage of inconvenience; with PAS. Especially when DAP Chairman Karpal Singh sounded out PAS Leadership via mainstream media. When DAP elected representatives were ‘entangled’ with law (pertaining to linakges with Lords of the Underworld Vices), it was PKR Gombak ADUN who called for State Exco to be revamped. Another PKR representatives, who was a former DAP MP lauds the call. To falsely maintain ‘unity’ within PR is pertinent at this junction, as bigger agenda for that looms defacto PR Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim is more damning.

This ‘freedom of speech’ excuse is really unbelievable as the bickering is taken out in the open and sundry. This is what you get strange bedfellows with totally opposite dreams, aspirations and ambitions get married for the ‘inconvenience’ and all the wrong reasons.

Not only PR Leaders spend too much resources playing politics against BN, they play politics amongst themselves. All these are at the expense of the general interests of the rakyat of Selangor. Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad always reminded Malaysians that they “Deserve the Government they elect”. Within eighteen months, so many  conundrum and scandals developed. Of course the failure of party-less Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leader” Ibrahim to deliver promises is the push-factor that the support for PR should be reviewed at this juncture.

The future of Malaysians and progress of tanahair should not be gambled, for the sake of emotions and confidence based on false hopes. For what ever the short comings of the previous administration, it is proven gravely wrong that the support has been given to the wrong people just like Selangorians should no longer give ‘flower to the monkey’ (Beri bunga kepada beruk). On top of that, some of theese damages caused by ‘giving the rat to fix the pumpkin’ (Bagi tikus membaiki labu) would definitely take years if not decades to undo and get things on the right track, all over again.


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  1. do you ever wonder if whether RPK still a muslim? PKR and PAS have been supporting this man. sigh

    • are you still dr sidd? is there something intelligent you wanted to say or are you just a dickhead?


    • Apa kamu cakap ni, Kaga. Aku tengok banyak kamu menyenyeh macam budak kecik. Kalau tak ada yang berfaedah yang nak cakap, jangan lah menyibuk di sini buang masa orang membaca kata kata karut kamu.

      Selalu sangat mengarut, orang tengok nama kamu sahaja dah bosan, tau tak? Kamu mencabul semangat orang nak baca tulisan tulisan yang ada isi. Kamu ha nya “distract” pemikiran orang.

      Mungkin kamu ada penyakit. Pemikiran kamu tidak waras kalau kamu berkali kali komplen hal yang sama – komen kena buang. Nasihat aku yang ikhlas: pergi jumpa doktor pakar sakit jiwa (psychiatrist). Bila sudah di rawat boleh ambil bahagian dalam perbincangan di sini. Aku janji akan layan kamu bila kamu keluarkan pendapat yang berpatutan.

      • Setuju dengan pendapat Che Abu.

        Kalau dah gunakan “caps” terasa macam dah jadi pekak sebab si kaga ni suka menjerit jerit.

  3. Thats the problem with PR.. too many Nakhodas as TGNA once mentioned.

    Satu nak belayar kelautan Cina
    Satu nak belayar kelautan India
    Satu nak keMekah

    Kapal takleh move, so asyik bunyi hoooot hoooot honk, sementara itu anak kapal takde kerja, apa lagi, TAKE BEER dan FREE SEX dan PELACURAN le..

    This ship will take years to sail…

    • Yalah Che Anchor

      Lebib baik turunkan aje anchor kapal tu, sebab asyik pusing kiri, kemudian kanan, ke DEPAN kemudian ke BELAKANG.

      heh heh …

      Tak maju setapak pun, ya? Rugikan minyak je.

  4. Berlakon aje, pasai Pilihanraya dah dekat.

    Ni Asan mmg pandai wayang motivasi.

    Sehari dua sblm p.raya depa baik2 semula.

    Create something out of Nothing

    (APA YG JASA PR dekat 2 taun ni?)

    Create something out of Nothing

    36 Stratagem plus Tsun Zu AOPig…

    Malang berkali2 BN tertipu lagi melatah bagaikan beruk kelaparan projek.

  5. Ni sapa punya barua si Kaga ni..melalak mcm anjing menyondol mcm babi merata2 tempat.

    Dog & Pig Kaga..stopla meroyan.

  6. Let the PR crack and crumble. It has done enough damage already to the voters of Selangor.

    Let’s remember that many of those who voted them in did so not out of love for them but out of frustration against former PM TAAB and his administration. Now they already know what they are getting, a number have even voiced out their regret for having done so.

    The party-less PR leader is so embroiled in his Sodomy No.2 Trial that not much is heard from him these days. The PR Selangor leader, the MB, is also embroiled in his personal problem of RM67 million debt being sued by the bank that his coalition is getting farther and farther apart.

    In any case, it looks like the infighting is uncontrollable. Indeed, one wonders if fellows alleged to be linked with the Underworld, one of whom was seen shouting here and there, banging MACC and Klang Hospital mortuary doors, can work together with a serious looking, religiously inclined anti- beer, anti-massage parlour PAS Exco member. DAP Lim Kit Siang himself has said he has been disappointed with the “internal conflicts” which are “unresolved”. Let them be unresolved and continue the fracas until they are thrown out of power.

  7. Jitu, I couldn’t have said it any better. As Kedahans say, “BIAQ PI DEPA.” Sooner or later they’ll tertonggeng sendiri without any push from us..

    • Kama, I wouldn’t mind them pushed, to get to the state of “tertonggeng” sooner, rather than later. I’ve had enough of them.

      Their group is divisive to Malaysians in general. The “Chin-Peng-is-a-nationalist” thing is subversive nonsense.

  8. At least, in Pakatan, members are free to speak. Cakap la, aku lawan hang, hang lawan aku. tak apa la. Lawan cakap, bukan lawan bertumbuk

    Unlike UMNO, baru MIC rep cakap sikit, hangpa tibai kiri kanan. Nazri Aziz tibai Tun M buleh pulak. Lepas tu, dalam DUN, Mat said ajak bertumbuk. DUN kelantan pun ajak bertumbuk.

    • Diriwayatkan dari Jabr bin Abdillah ra dari Nabi saw sesungguhnya beliau bersabda kepada Ka’ab bin Ajrah, “Semoga Alah menjauhkan kamu dari pemimpin yang bodoh.”

      Ka’ab bertanya, “Siapakah pemimpin yang tolol/bodoh itu, ya Rasulullah?” Rasulullah menjawab: “Yaitu para pemimpin sesudahku yang tidak mau memberi petunjuk seperti petunjukku, tidak pula mau menerapkan syariat (peraturan, undang-undang) seperti ajaranku. Barangsiapa membenarkan perilaku pemimpin tersebut dengan segala kebohongannya dan membantu segala perilaku zhalimnya, maka mereka bukan termasuk ummatku dan aku terbebas dari mereka. Mereka tidak akan pernah mencicipi telagaku (di surga). Sebaliknya, barangsiapa tidak membenarkan segala kebohongan yang diperbuat pemimpin tersebut dan tidak pula membantu perilaku zhalimnya, maka mereka termasuk ummatku dan akupun meridhainya. Mereka akan minum air telagaku (di surga)”.

      • Kamu nak khutbah ke? Sini bukan tempat nya oi.

        Dah renong dan pikirkan tingkah laku sendiri ke? Kalau nak khutbah, jangan lah mengata orang lain, parti lain.

        Tok Guru di Kelantan pun tak habis habis dendam dengan UMNO. Dah berpuluh tahun. Kata biar “jahannam” UMNO dan sebagai nya. Kamu berlajar dari dia ke? Padan lah.

  9. Khalid Al Gagap,your days are numbered,Sungai Buloh or Kajang Prison is waiting for you !

  10. A thorn indeed he is, if standing for what is right is deemed to be wrong and but of course, will invite waves of allegations that he has been paid by the BN.

    Anyway, what his problem is, is this not exactly what PR has been championing for… the right of expression? I think the people voted him in because of who he is, not so much the party. He is after all a motivational speaker and I think a lot of people can be taken for a ride when they hear him talk.

    Anyway Big Dog, just wondering what’s your take on Jeff Ooi’s recent tirade against Ridhuan Tee? If I read it correctly, Jeff actually labelled Ridhuan a munafik… I find it a bit peculiar as since when was this egotistical maniac became a Muslim? All Ridhuan wrote was merely his view and to label him as a munafik is a bit too much… After all, freedom of expression… Is this the beginning of times for false prophets or the Islamisation of DAP?

  11. Such is the simple manifestation of the truth on the ground; DAP, Pas and PKR cannot work together for obvious reasons! What ever comradeship the top leadership in Pakatan tries to portray, in reality their members just cannot compromise their divergent ideologies. I believe there are more Hassan Alis than Tok Gurus in PAS. Let us wait patiently for more stinking developments in Pakatan Selangor.



  13. Well now that anwar is kept occupied at self defence in his sodomy2 trial, he won’t have much time to be peacemaker to the 3 strange bedfellow parties.

    So like they say, Better the devil you know than the “angel” you just met.

  14. […] This will prove further PKR’s serious internal problems. This strengthen the proof that Pakatan Rakyat Selangor is crumbling. Published […]

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