Mukhriz: Don’t invite war mongers to our home

“Be mindful of who we invite to our country”, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir reiterated today “Can you believe we invited (Former British Prime Minister Tony) Blair to come to our country and lecture us on ‘peace’?”. In 2003, Tony Blair lied to the British public in justifying Britain’s involvement in the Invasion of Iraq, which saw the destruction of once a very productive oil producing country.

In his rebuttal, he also ask to put pressure that nuclear aircraft carriers and the carrier groups should not be allowed into our waters. “When they invite us to board their aircraft carriers (even for goodwill when they call on our ports), it is a subtle way of them to (flex their muscle) of telling us they are a superpower”. Mukhriz, who was the immediate Former Executive Director of Perdana Global Peace Organisation and Co-ordinator of Peace Malaysia, was a panelist on a session titled ‘War and Civil Societies – Perspectives’ which was chaired by Former Chief of Army Jen. (Rtd). Dato’ Azumi Mohamed. Mukhriz was the co-organiser in the last Kuala Lumpur Conference to Criminalise War in February 2007.

When talking about the ‘new media’, “Allow civil socities to function in many ways. Not only to rally people against war, but to change mindset of the people”. He also stronglty reitirated Tun Dr. Mahathir’s call yesterday for people to use democracy and elect the right leaders, who will not use military as an offensive tool.

Earlier, Exco of  Brussels Tribunal Dirk Adriaensens stressed that he was in Baghdad in 1992 (a year after the February 1991 US, Britain and allies’ Dessert Storm Operation to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi invasion) and saw the country was being rebuilt. “Everything (utilities and services) was installed within six months. Now, after six years, Iraq is still like a war zone”.

He also itirated that “US and their allies had no business to invade Iraq (in 2003). Saddam was a legitimate leader of a ligitimate government in a legitimate country which is legitimate member of the UN. He was tried illegally and then murdered!”.

He also said that they are no neutrality in the issue of war. “Either you are for peace or against principles of humanity”. He is perplexed that leaders like Former Vice President Al Gore who supported the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 is now trying to make the ‘world a safer place’ by championing enviromental issues such as climate change. “One day of war cost USD 700 million per day, over USD 500,ooo per minute. That money could be used to build 84 schools. Imagine how many schools could be build in an under developed country? We could make the earth a better place!”.

One of the partcipants raised the issue of  ‘Jihad’ has often been misconstrued by Western media as ‘Terrorism’.



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