Ezam to PKR President: “Please Kick (the) Repulsive”

Former Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s closest aide and political secretary Ezam Md. Noor has asked PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to kick her husband out of PKR.

The Star has the story:

Saturday October 31, 2009

Kick hubby out of PKR, Ezam tells Wan Azizah


KUALA LUMPUR: Former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Nor has challenged party president Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to kick her husband Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim out of the party.

He also called on Anwar to stop hiding behind Wan Azizah’s skirt.

Ezam said it was high time Wan Azizah made a choice, as she should not serve the interest of her husband at the expense of the party as Anwar is facing sodomy charges.

“Azizah should resign as president if she does not have the heart to sack her husband from the party,’’ he said yesterday.

Ezam was commenting on Port Klang assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah’s decision to quit PKR on moral grounds.

Ezam said Wan Azizah should support Badrul’s decision to quit if she is consistent in upholding the principle of morality.

“As a wife, Wan Azizah has a responsibility to her husband, and she cannot possibly tell all to the public.

“But Wan Azizah should remember that she also has a responsibility to the party and its members,

“If there is conflict of interest, Wan Azizah should just resign,’’ he said.

Badrul, when announcing his decision to quit PKR on Thursday, said Wan Azizah knew what was happening in the party and asked why she had been evasive.

He also said Wan Azizah was willing to cover up her husband’s weaknesses for the sake of her family but at the expense of the party and the rakyat.

He said as a PKR member and an elected representative, he had a right to ask for the party president’s explanation on the matter.

Wan Azizah’s failure in fulfilling her duties and in addressing the serious moral problems affecting the party, was the main reason he quit, Badrul claimed.


Ezam’s request has its merits. Tarty party leaders and prolific personalities such as Zaid Ibrahim, Jeffrey Kittingan and Christina Liew left within a space of two weeks. Two days ago, PKR ADUN for Port Klang Badrul Hisham quit the party for “Loss of confidence on Anwar”. This is reflective by a series of PKR elected representatives already scuttled their support for PKR, in the likes of Osman Jailu and Jamaluddin Radzi of Perak, Radzi Salleh of Lunas, Kedah and Badrul Hisham of Port Klang, Selangor. This is too far from last year’s 16th September promise of “31 BN MPs ready to jump ship and Pakatan Rakyat was to take over the Federal Government”.

This is nothing new. KeAdilan, then formed as a political entity Parti KeAdilan Nasional (PKN) and now Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR – after the merger with Parti Rakyat Malaysia, which evolved from Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia) which was structured as a political entity to legalise the original ‘Reformasi’, was formed purely to Anwar’s personal agenda and making then Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad the rakyat’s persona non grata. ‘Reforms’ and ‘Social Justice’ were then ‘thrown in’ as a cover  to legitimise the cause, which was all about Anwar’s rage after being sacked as the Deputy Prime Minister on 2 September 1998 and Deputy President of UMNO and UMNO member a day after.

Many leaders who gave Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim the faith, respect and solidarity, even during the ‘Reformasi’ mobstreet anarchy political movement left and evolved. Personalities which made it in the Government which include Dato’ Seri Zahid Hamidi (Now Minister of Defense), Dato’ Seri Dr. Zambry Abd, Kadir (Now MB Perak) and Dato’ Ahmad Maslan (Now Deputy Minister in charge of FELDA and UMNO Information Chief). Others are Dr. Chandra Muzaffar (Former Deputy President PKN), Abdul Rahman Osman (Former Deputy President PKR), Datin Marina Yusoff (Former PKR Wanita Chief), Lokman Noor Adam (Former PKR Youth Chief), Ezam Md. Nor (Former PKR CWC and an extremely close ally of Anwar), Ruslan Kassim, Dato’ S. Nalla Karupan (Former PKR Treasurer and a very close ally of Anwar) and Nell Onn. Even defense lawyer Zainur Zakaria called him a “traitor!”.

The disintegration in PKR is envitable. The fact is that Anwar “The Compulsive Liar” Ibrahim as the party adviser and the purpose and cause the ‘Reformasi’ movement was born and evolve till today is not even a party member. It is dangerously clear that  he is keeping his option open. Regardless, his Anwaristas are still keeping the ‘anarchy’ agenda open for Anwar to realise into power from the chaos and confusion they managed to create. This ‘anarchy game’ is now extended towards deflecting and creating a diversion on upcoming Anwar’s second sodomy trial, something he mastered since the 70s and seen back in Malaysian streets the moment he is no longer in power.

For one, he very well know PKR with the complicated diversity of multi ethnic demands is never strategically viable to serve Malaysians effectively. He has been known to address and promise different angles and perspective  to different people on the same subject matter, which is obviously contradictory.

Another point is that, Anwar is very ambitious. He just want to realise his dream to become Prime Minister. It is obvious that he can only realise that via UMNO and BN. Since 2007, his focus has not been the attack on UMNO and/or BN but Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak when the latter was still UMNO Deputy President. It was pertinent to Anwar for UMNO be kept  intact and dent BN via the component party here and there. Hence, the character assassination against PM Najib was the game. “Kill the Captain but keep the vessel intact”. Even Neo Con Jewish controlled foreign media was game to that.

UMNO has something that Anwar could never realise from elsewhere no matter how hard he tries; the fixed deposit of Malay votes. Not even PAS can deliver him that many absolute support. Ths is the most crucial element for him to realise into power as the Prime Minister. That is why Anwar and his Anwaristas, which include Opposition Leaders such as Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Hj Hadi Awang, Nik Aziz, Mahfuz Omar et al and sundry, never took a single swipe against then  PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Most of Anwar’s men and women who left ‘Reformasi’ PKN and PKR, went back to UMNO.

At the moment, it has been widely known that many PKR Leaders are having second thoughts about being part of PKR as a politician. One is Selangor Exco Elizabeth Wong, who was a social activist. As a PKR elected representative and Selangor State Exco who saw a controversial sex scandal, she is no longer able to realise her idealism. Two PKR ADUNs Fairus Khairuddin of Penanti, Penang and Arumugam of Bukit Selambau, Kedah resigned. Of course, PKR pitted a completely useless personality such as Low Gwo Burne for Kelana Jaya, purely for making a political statement (with regards to the Linggam video episode). This is on top of Selangor PKR’s conundrum, which is about favourtism and personal relationship.

PKR is now a ‘sinking ship’. Ezam being a former but one time very close aide to Anwar, who is curerntly plagued with personal issues even within the party is giving a good advice to Wan Azizah to keep her party intact, at least for part of the better elected representatives that the rakyat already voted in such as Sg. Petani MP Johari Abdul, Telok Kemang MP Dato’ Kamarul Bahrin Abas, Seri Kembangan ADUN Nik Nazmi and Taman Medan ADUN Haniza Talha.

Anwar Ibrahim, who is the ‘darling of New Con Jews’ here in Malaysia is in Dubaii now.



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34 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. In the era of new media,the worst enemy of any regime in the world is their own rakyat’s awareness of the corrupt practices..leading to internet balackout & censorship in China,Myanmar..to cite a few examples,while mainstream media potraying a rosy scenarios..

    The result of PRU 12, to some extent proof these point

    The “Anwar’s factor” is purely coincidence,with the mass movement jumping into this bandwagon,mushrooming in the form of splinters party,human right movement,watchdogs etc

    These so-called paradigm shift happen throughout the world,with the traditional govt regime of the day clinging to power,reshuffle,rebrand,distort,deceit..buying time,hoping that this setback will dissolved into public’s loss of memory power

    The clash between different ideologies,belief,doctrine as expected,’teething problem’,claimed a number of casualties,as new & young pragmatic leaders emerged

    The movement in our soil is considered young compared to the evolution took place in US,emerged in the form of Obama (black slave),Mandela in South Africa (Apartheid) and the epic of Mahatma Gandhi in India

    Off course Anwar won’t be inducted into the same hall of fame due to flaws in the public’s image dept and wrong strategic alliances,but the spark that he ignited,like it or not will turn into wildfire in decades to come

    It’s reverse psychology.Time will tell that cybertroopers act like catalyst to the cause,as their bombardment backfired…remember ‘the boy cried wolf’?

    Meanwhile,sit back & enjoy your popcorn!

    “Don’t kill the messenger”

    • yeah

      but shoot to kill the brainwasher, the misinformer, the negative propaganda, the doomsayer, the false prophet

      heh heh

    • “but the spark that he ignited,like it or not will turn into wildfire in decades to come”

      Oh yeah? Decades to come may be..but at the moment,it is more like his wild fire is burning his “own back side! ” .

      If not why are those people leaving?


      • Bro mohamed,

        pls read again para 5

        “Don’t kill the messenger”

  2. i would be wary of this Ezam. be very wary, very very.


    • Give Ezam a Chance…He’s trying very hard to get accepted into UMNO. Now he’s just using UMNO to get back at Anwar…Personal.

  3. The message Anwar purportedly brings is nothing new; it’s a message of destruction, chaos, anarchy, modern colonialism under the name of greater freedom and liberty, propagated widely by the US Administration since their forefathers wiped out the native Indians of their rights and heritage. Presently under the pretext of such wisdom, the US extends its hegemony across the world through deceit, false pretenses, disinformation and wars.

    This touch bearer under the auspices of the US Administration can only be up to no good in this country, he’s proved to have almost sold the country at dirt cheap prices during the 97 Asian Crises and morally he is condemned being a lover of the butt.

    Anwar is no messenger; he’s “Dajjal” and a mere pawn in US international politics. We have to distinguish this bearer of false hopes, of utter deceit and propaganda from the positive attributes of democracy and liberty. History has shown the double edged ramifications of democracy and liberty since the days of ancient Greece. Only those Malaysians who are blind to world and the country’s history are indeed lost souls. These blinded citizens are like the key characters in the movie “Surrogate” who won’t accept reality that life is but predetermined; these “surrogates” want to enjoy and continue living through false pretenses. Such are people who are deceived in believing Anwar as a “messenger”. His false message (s) will cause the eventual downfall of Pakatan and PKR.

    • A very good material to be adapted into movie,good job bro..but sudah basi,don’t you feel tired of parroting the same ‘ol cliche – western conspiracy?

      Read between the line laa..look at the bigger picture,it’s not about Anwar or Nik Aziz or Najib..it’s maturing democracy,bukan lagi ’70an & ’80an,zaman Utusan Melayu dan RTM dah berakhir..alahai,tak paham2..

      “Don’t kill the messenger”

      • Bro Surrogate

        I love to read and agree to what whackthembugger wrote and of course The Big Dog himself.

        “don’t you feel tired of parroting the same ‘ol cliche – western conspiracy?”

        For me, no, for what it is worth, I don’t feel tired.

        The Dajjal, shaitan and iblis will be here till kiamat. Are we to put down our guards. As Muslim,we must not. We are always reminded that the battle with them never ends.

        We fight in which ever way we can. If Bro Surrogatr is not a Muslim I can understand.

        I thank Allah for the exposure of Anuar’s sexual preferrences.I am not judging him. But may those Malay who supported him blindly can see him for what he is.

        To say the least, Anuar and Nik Aziz are the distractors to Malay unity.. bordering pengkhinat bangsa dan ugama Islam.

        Remember those days before Anuar and Nik Aziz? Under the leadership of TUN Mahathir and the leaders before him, we ordinary Malays have a life, a dream..to be at par with kaum pendantang! This is our country for Heaven sake.

        United Malay National Organization (UMNO)is real to me.

        It is a dream of my ancestors.

        We do not want to evolve yet.

        Perjuangan kami belum selesai.


      • Memang Anwar Al Juburi ni barua & tali barut Yahudi & Barat diMalaysia ni!

        So whats your problem????

        Tak boleh terima hakikat????

        Hanya pengharap Fuckatan Riot saja yg tak sedar Anwar Al Juburi ini MEMANG DAJJAL BESAR!!!!!

      • Did Pakatan Rasuah its really practise democracy .. hahahaha … They will curse the rakyat who did not vote them .. hahahahahaha

      • Dont feel uneasy laa Surrogate , its Pakatan Rakyat who plays old cliche … Just we dont write good about the people who you like to lick their ass . huhuhu . Its democracy not just who a cowards to runaway like RPK

    • Pengikut Fuckatan Riot yg benci pemimpin UMNO & anti Melayu/Islam mengharapkan Anwar Al Juburi utk membawa pengharapan idealism mereka. Ini semua org moden/berpelajaran/kunun kunun wrga global yg berangan Malaysia akan maju atas idealism mereka semata mata tanpa sandarkan kpd praktikalism & keadaan nyata.

      Akhirnya, pemimpin Fuckatan Riot pun kecundang! Yg rasuahlah, yg salah guna kuasalah, yg ada skandal sekslah, yg salah guna kedudukan & peruntukanlah. Pemimpin Fuckatan Riot antara mrk berbalah depan org & dlm media. Lihat diSelangor, Penang, Kedah.

      Anwar Al Juburi GAGAL!!!! Kita semua tahu Anwar Al Juburi ni KAKI WAYANG! Tak boleh deliver!

      Tapi set set Fuckatan Riot ni biasalah, spt pungguk berangan mat jeninn & merindu bulan jatuh keriba. Akhirnya, dgn Anwar Al Juburi SEKALI TERJUN DGN LABU LABUNYA!!!!!


      BigGuy mmg tepat. Tengok berapa ramai & bertapa power org org kanan Anwar Al Juburi sendiri yg dah abandon dia!

      Set set Fuckatan Riot kini kesempar! Muka tengi! KENA KENCING DGN ANWAR AL JUBURI BIG TIME!!!!!!




      (sukanya hati aku baca artikel ni!)

      • My dear friend Anak Watan,

        Why the shouting,vulgarities?Is this what you call intellectual discourse?Which part of my writing that offend you?Did you find any word that idolized Anwar?

        There will be thousands Anwars come and go but the momentum is not going your way,I’m sorry..

        The open sky policy backfired.Get out from your cocoon and enjoy the wind of change..

        I know what’s in your mind: “How nice if the only media is Utusan Melayu and RTM,and orang kampung vote could be secured using a couple of kain pelikat and packets of rice”

        I wish you could digest that facts

        “Don’t kill the messenger”

  4. Bro mohamed,

    If you go to Puduraya,don’t take the WRONG PLATFORM,lest you’ll end up at the wrong destination..

    Civilizations as great as Rome collapse from within-the pillars were built by greedy,envious,corrupt leaders


    The syaitan and iblis as you mention?No..No..I won’t stoop that low.More like a munafik as a bonus

    So Malays are superior compared to ‘pendatang’?Like Ku Klux Klan to Negros?

    Final sermon by Mohammad S.A.W delivered on the Ninth Day of Zulhijjah 10 A.H (c. 630 AD)
    point no.3:

    “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. You know that every Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. Remember, one day you will appear before Allah and answer for your deeds. So beware, do not astray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.”

    See?No mention about Malay or UMNO or Pas..

    If you care to read history,there a quite a number of “Anwars”,”Nik Azizs”,”Najibs” as a bit part in jigsaw puzzle

    The waves is coming our way..

    Wa’llahhu A’lam Bisssawab

    “Don’t kill the messenger”

    • you can rest assured, sensible and responsible people will SHOOT the false prophet

  5. Surrogate says, “So Malays are superior compared to ‘pendatang’?Like Ku Klux Klan to Negros?”

    See here, this is his sore point. No one actually claimed that the Malays are superior. In fact, they need positive and affirmative actions to LEVEL the playing field.

    Why deny and resent proactive schemes to help the needy? If this is seen as manifestations of superiority by surrogate, then we know he has no in-depth knowledge of history and the current economic positions of the Malays vis-a-vis the chinese and the indians in MALAYSIA.

    Do not bring the little red dot into this argument.

    • Salam and Thank you ray

      I think this surrogate person is not normal. Lain orang tulis lain dibacanya!!!!!


    • You know , this kind of people dont care .. they will said again and again even we telling about no one is superior . DAP cyberbadut just like theirs leaders , plain stupid … just power hungry .

  6. “Civilizations as great as Rome collapse from within-the pillars were built by greedy,envious,corrupt leaders”

    Sigh …

    surrogate, it is precisely this wisdom that forms the premise of Malaysians REJECTING anwar ibrahim, an ex-convict of sodomy, power abuse and corruption

    he is also facing a sodomy2 trial

    knock knock, is surrogate’s brain at home, hello??

    • Bang,

      Biasalah. Org yg amat berharap dgn idealism tapi tak bleh terima hakikat.


      2. Fuckatan Riot is on the way to self destrcution!

      Teh Beng Hock bunuh diri kena tekan sesama DAP pun nak salahkan org. Sampai sanggup bawak pathologist entah entah mana mana (dgn rambut cam Mamasan) utk bagi pendapat & mintak autotopsy sekali lagi. Apa,
      satu Malayia ni pathologist tak professional ke????????

      • Bro,

        Of course there are a lot of local pathologist,but the different is you can’t force foreign pathologist to sign a statutory declaration..

        “Don’t kill the messenger”

      • SD is popular among Pakatan Rasuah hahaha even a false one , orr please not even SD from them is real , thats so hillarious about Pakatan Rasuah

  7. Bro,

    Ku Klux Klan is just a reminder for us not to fall into Ketuanan Orang Putih kinda extremism,I believe Malays are nice,gentle people

    Ketuanan Islam sounds better,so not to offend our non-Malay brothers who are also Muslim.Furthermore majority of Malaysian are Muslim.Deal?

    About affirmative action to “level the playing field”,I totally agreed.In fact why ask for paltry 30% when you deserve more,like 60-70%.Think big!

    The issue here is NEP failed.Placing equities quota tu KWSP,LTAT,TH etc is a definite NO-NO.. We need a better mechanism to restructure,to at least mirror the demographic diversities and needs

    In other word it must involved all races.Najib notice the need by announcing special package for Indians.Last ditch attempt to win back the vote.Politics come first.In the long run these ad-hoc hurry-burry wont work..

    Anwar rejected by the people?Might be.No wonder this “Anwar factor” has been buzzed in SOPO blogs,cabinet meeting,kedai kopi.But do you know Najib garnered only 43% of popular vote?And how about the “access baggage” he carried,which has been highlighted by Asia Sentinel?Why not sue the portal in the court of law?

    If the result of recent Bagan Pinang by-election considered a gauge that BN win back the support,it’s cheap cock-stand..definately you could do better in Lumut,Butterworth,Kuantan where military bases located..

    Any sensible person could smell which side are collapsing!

    “Don’t kill the messenger”

    • Pakatan Rasuah democray is will curse all rakyat if they didt win the election … hahaha

    • “Why not sue the portal in the court of law?”

      Hey surrogate, that is anwar’s favourite hobby. What, I repeat, what has anwar and pkr done?

      Najib on the other hand has PERFORMED well ever since he took over the reins.

      Najib is a true-blue intellect who will not be swayed or side-tracked into taking USELESS actions, like sueing others for money.

      Remember MI’s photo of him in Hindu garb performing so-called prayers as a practising Hindu? He did not sue as it’s a TRAP.

      You need a brain scan, as most Malaysians are not as gullible as you.

      We will SHOOT to kill any false prophet.

      • Ray,

        Let me rephrase that:

        Why not bring to book Asia Sentinel for alleged false reporting?

        He would do it not for monetary gain,he won’t need it

        EURO$117mil is a lot..even if u divide by 2


  8. Surrogate,

    We welcome comments here. However, we do not allow people to do their propaganda in this blog. Just because some of the postings here garner a lot of bloggosphere surfers’ attention. Please take your propaganda elsewhere.

    Stop this “Don’t kill the messenger” stuff. Last warning!

  9. Bigdog

    No problem bro
    Thanks for your attention


  10. Lompat melompat hal biasa
    Lompat parti akibatnya bisa
    DUN Perak dulu P R kuasa
    Tapi kini ke tangan BN pula

    Lompat parti, anwar peraga
    Lepas PRU12 gegar negara
    Napi BN majoriti duapertiga
    Dakwa 16.09.08 P R kuasa

    Lompat ke P R hebat usaha
    Bukan 31 YB BN derhaka
    Tetapi dari P R keluar pula
    Hajat anwar, BN nikmatnya

    Kecohan P K R merata-rata
    Begitu nasib parti mi segera
    Sendiri akui YB tak wibawa
    Demikian syed husin berkata

    Muslihat beliau mudah baca
    Yang lompat keluar lebelnya
    Kategori wibawa yang setia
    Macam politk bebudak gaya

  11. if we don’t take heed from lessons from the past, uncertainties will continue to plague the present, and the future remains bleak.

    let’s not allow emotions to cloud our judgement.
    let’s not forget all men are brothers, we are all descendants of adam and eve. Let’s not be divided by race, religion and colour of skin. We are all humans, created by GOD. the Earth is nothing but a stage where GOD will judge us by our character and deeds.
    He who allows greed and lust into his life are the ones who have chosen the demon’s path of destruction.
    The ones who launch war against terror and terrorists are demons in human form. Let’s not follow the ways of demons that are all out to make humans fight against each other and kill each other.

  12. […] week, former Anwar political secretary Ezam Md. Noor made the call. Ezam who went to jail for his conviction of supporting Anwar, recently described the […]

  13. […] recent, Dato’ Dr Jeffrey Kittingan. Despite being staunch Anwaristas, Dr. Chandra, Zainur and Ezam have since hit very strongly against their […]

  14. Do UMNO leaders understand methods to argue? I assumed they solely understand how you can shout down other people and smash any opposition. Even within Parliament UMNO parliamentarian don’t understand the way to debate and as a substitute begin utilizing racial slurs once they can’t obtain their statement across.

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