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Nik Aziz a 'thumbs up' endorsement to anti-Malay/Islam Singaporean Supremo Lee Kuan Yew

Kelantan Menteri Besar and PAS Spritual Leader Dato’ Nik Aziz Nik Mat has been admitted in IJN. Sources close to the Kelantan Supremo said that he was brought in at IJN last night for coughing blood.

It was reported that MACC offcials visited PMBK yesterday, a controversial Kelantan GLC now headed by Nik Aziz’s son-in-law Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman. It was said the cronyism practices within PMBK is making Kelantanese very unhappy.

Nik Aziz is known to have heart ailments and was seriously hospitalised last year. A team of IJN specialists were flown in to assist the USM Hospital cardiac team. His response to PM Najib’s announcement of ‘Compassionate Payment’ be accorded to Kelantan instead of the ‘royalty’ demanded is “Grateful but not satisfied. Hence, the Kelantan State Government budget for 2010 would be the least on the minds of Nik Aziz and Azizistas at this point of time.

He is currently in Kuala Lumpur for the Rulers’ Conference. He is expected to deliver an address at the PAS political seminar at their Taman Melewar centre which was decided by the PAS Exco last week to replace his original suggestion to have an EGM and eventually ‘cleanse’ (sack) Deputy President Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Secretary General Dato’ Mustapha Ali and Selangor PAS Commissioner Dato’ Dr. Hassan Ali who are pro-‘Unity Government’, with UMNO.


Nik Aziz in a Chinese Chauvinists anti-Islam/Malay DAP function with Lim Kit Siang

Ten days ago, Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad urged Nik Aziz to step down because “It’s about time he goes. Like me also lah, when you become old, you become nanyuk (senile),”.  Nik Aziz has been on the helm of Kelantan stewardship since the 1990 PAS’s success to wrest the state from UMNO/BN. Ten years ago, he created a national controversy when he proclaimed “Allah also swear (mencarut)”  in support of PAS life member Shahnon Ahmad outragous book “Shit”. Later, to justify PAS working with Chinese Chauvinist and anti-Islam/Malay DAP, he proclaimed “Its alright to work with syaitan (devil)”.

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NST reports the latest on Nik Aziz being IJNised:

Nik Aziz expected to leave IJN tomorrow



KUALA LUMPUR, Fri: The Mentri Besar of Kelantan, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who is receiving treatment at the National Heart Institute (IJN) here is expected to be discharged tomorrow.

His private secretary, Rosdi Abdullah, said Nik Aziz was admitted into the IJN about 10.30am yesterday due to fatigue from lack of rest over a week.

“His condition is stable and he is expected to leave the IJN tomorrow morning and will continue with his duties as usual,” Rosdi said when contacted here today.

He said the Pas spiritual leader will attend the Pas Political Seminar at Markas Pas in Taman Melewar, Gombak tomorrow. — BERNAMA

*Updated Saturday 7 November 2009 1200noon

Despite being ill with cardiac related illness which causes fatigue for Nik Aziz , he insisted that he would show up at PAS Political Seminar organiseat Markas Tarbiyah PAS, Taman Melewar, Gombak this morning.

The Star has an update:

Published: Saturday November 7, 2009 MYT 10:49:00 AM
Updated: Saturday November 7, 2009 MYT 11:50:24 AM

A frail Nik Aziz leaves PAS seminar (Update)

KUALA LUMPUR: Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat attended the PAS political seminar but had to leave at 10.12am after listening to party president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang’s keynote address citing health reasons.

The PAS spiritual leader was earlier hospitalised at the National Heart Institute due to fatigue as a result of not getting enough rest over a week.

The seminar was a result of a call by Nik Aziz to hold a special muktamar to discuss issues caused by “problematic leaders.”

He had been unhappy with the pro-Umno stance of these leaders and wanted the party to make a clear stand regarding its role in Pakatan Rakyat.

Nik Aziz has been in Kuala Lumpur since Monday for the Rulers’ Conference.


This is most probably he needed to show his supporters that he is still very much able to ‘hold his fort’, as the event was PAS Exco’s compromise and substitute to his suggestion of holding an EGM ‘to cleanse (sack) some Leaders’, namely Deputy President Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Secretary General Dato’ Mustapha Ali and Selangor PAS Commissioner Dr Hassan Ali. The trio have been seen as “insincere in co-operating with Pakatan Rakyat partners” and ‘leaning towards working with UMNO/BN’.

The Murshidul Am has been seen as the ‘patron’ to the ‘Erdogan faction’ within PAS. The Erdogan faction such as Dato’ Kamaruddin Jaafar, Senior Kelantan Exco Dato’ Husam Musa and former DAP-puppet MB Perak Dato’ Seri Nizar Jamaluddin are PAS’s linkage with party-less Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim.  Hence, this explains UM lecturer Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah’s presentation on his survey that before the 8 March 2008 12th General Elections youths prefer the leadership of Nik Aziz over PAS President Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang. In another study, it was found that majority Young Malaysians lost faith in PAS’s ability to lead.

Nik Aziz was said to have gone to Rumah Kelantan to rest. The 78 year old MB Kelantan plans to show up at Bukit Jalil Stadium this evening to lend support for the Kelantan team in the Malaysia Cup Finals. If he is able to make it, then he would have amassed enough energy. It was told that if his health deteriorates as he rests in Rumah Kelantan, then he would have to be brought back to IJN for more treatment.

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Heuristically hydrocarbon

Petroleum or hydrocarbon is the most precious natural commodity in the modern world today. It is the bloodline of many communities, economies, countries, regions and even trading/economical/political bloc. Wars have been fought for the sourcing and control of the ‘black gold’. In Malaysia, it has been a political tool and agenda, especially now. Access and control of it will determine the political standing and clout.

Recently, the announcement of dishing out ‘Compassionate Payment’ (wang ehsan) to PAS controlled Kelantan is the hottest political issue for the week. For years, PAS has been asking Federal Government to dish out what they perceived as ‘royalty’ from the proceeds from the oil and gas extracted from fields off the coast of Kelantan.

Why Prime Minister VI Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak announce this and now, it is still not clear. The Federal Government is dishing out the ‘Compassionate Payment’ to Kelantan via the various Federal Government agencies and not directly to PAS controlled Kelantan Government and/or their agencies.

The fact is that, Federal Government is not compelled to give any part of the earnings from oil and gas to any of the states, including Kelantan. The Petroleum Development Act does not provide such provisions but instead named Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) as the sole custodian to all matters pertaining oil and gas. As per reported, the agreement signed between the Petronas and Kelantan State Government dated 9 May 1975 still falls under the Petronas Development Act.


The state borders have been determined at lesser than three nautical miles from the shores. The international boundary is set at 12 nautical miles. The oil and gas fields of the Eastern Coast of Peninsular Malaysia is hundreds of kms from the shore. The drilling operations are actly carried out in Malaysian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which is 200 nautical miles (370  km radius) from the shore. Legally, that area should not be regarded as any part of any state. Hence, the right of claims made by the PAS Kelantan Government is invalid.

How the RM 1 billion demand was derived is still elusively unclear. If the amount is 5% of the ‘royalty’ from oil and gas extracted from Kelantan, it means that the oil and gas fields must have produced RM 20 billion worth of raw commodities.

Nineteen years under Opposition PAS control, Federal Government had not neglected Kelantan as per claimed by PAS. Social and economic development had been ongoing. Example is education. Not only MARA built another 3 MRSMs more, Kelantan now has it own university on top of the Kelantan branch of the UiTM and two polytechnics. Even the USM medical school and teaching hospital had been developed in Kubang Kerian.  It is a known fact that Kelantanese lead the admisision entrance into heavily subsidized IPTAs  and sponsored into IPTS.

The strength of retail as a tool to increase aggregate demand of the local economy is duly appreciated. To facilitate economic growth, Kelantan is the only state where Islamic and syariah compliant gold pawn system has been promoted and practiced. The Sultan Ismail International Airport also saw a brand new terminal. The petrochemical hub project in Pantai Senok, Bachok and fisherman wharf in Tok Bali, Pasir Putih are examples on how specific districts are being developed based on the suitable industry.

If PAS Kelantan controlled State Government has high hopes banking on the ‘royalty’ of oil and gas exploration as their ‘easy way’ but seemingly desperate attempt to generate income for the state coffers, then they would not go far with this bet. The truth is that, the oil and gas depository within Malaysia is actually depleting. Petronas is now extracting a little over 500,000 barrels day as compared to 650,000 barrels per day 10 years ago. This had been calculated to only another 8 years of productive explorations within existing fields. New fields is expected to be in deep waters and costlty. Petronas income from exploration is now at a 50:50 ratio between within Malaysia and abroad. If it is determined that the cost of production from these deep water deposits is high and demand for consumption is increasing, then it would not be too long that Malaysia becomes a net importer of oil as opposed to now, a net exporter.

Kelantan State Government should be examining their laws of prohibiting the transfer of land to non Kelantanese first. The liberalisation of land ownership and development restriction would be a catalyst for economic growth to spur and be generated. Recent commercial development projects within Kota Bahru illustrated the market sustainability for retail business is strong. Selangor has the history of how the state government, via PKNS manage to promote growth in new townships such as Shah Alam, Bangi, Klang, Kelana Jaya, Selayang and Ampang-Keramat since mid seventies.

The way forward for nation  alternative and renewable energy. Despite the quantum of oil and gas exploration has been reduced significantly, Federal Government is still subsidizing RM 15 billion worth of gas annually for domestic consumption. Power generation accounts 60% of this subsidy. It is time that a thorough and comprehensive review on oil and gas subsidy given for the domestic consumption, taking into consideration the hike of electricity tariff will affect the industry, cost of production and eventually household spending. The profitablity of TNB should also be considered.

It is doubtful that PAS could gain productive legal grounds on this ‘oil royalty’ demand even they take the matter to court. What it probably do is to capitalise the issue and earn political mileage, as a precursor to the 13th General Elections (13 GE), expected within the next 30 months. This will probably ensure PAS still manage to retain Kelantan despite UMNO’s ability to regenerate it under the helm of PM Dato’ Seri Najib with his ‘1 Malaysia’ agenda.

Kelantanese should accept the ‘Compassionate Payment’ and move on with the Federal Government agenda to develop the state and rakyat. In the final analysis, PAS is at their best to play politics and manipulate the sentiments through endless polemics. The ‘Compassionate Payment’ is a good issue to ride, at least to sustain their  existience into power by the 13 GE.

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